B&B Short Recap Thursday, May 9, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

At the cliff house, Finn tells Steffy that Sheila is alive, but she has trouble believing him.

Sheila and Deacon, at home and happy to be reunited, joke around and look forward to their future (getting married). He suggests they go to Vegas. She feels a little dizzy, so he insists that she go to the hospital. She gives in. When Deacon goes back to the car for a minute, Sheila hears Li’s voice outside and decides to play a prank on her. She asks the nurse if she can see “Dr. Finnegan.” The nurse tells Li that a patient named Sheila asked for her specifically. Li freezes at first, but then relaxes because she knows that Sheila is dead. She goes in to the room, but Sheila has covered up her body and face. Li asks her to take the sheet down. Underneath, Sheila is smiling devilishly. She pulls the sheet up to reveal her toes. Li looks terrified and demands that the patient take the sheet down now.

Hope is still lost in thought in her office at Forrester about Sheila being alive. Ridge and Liam walk in, chatting. They notice that Hope isn’t saying anything, so they ask her what’s wrong. She tells them that Sheila is alive. They don’t understand why she’s saying that.


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