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Leo sits in the town square, practicing a speech to deliver to his mother until Alex appears, shirtless, and asks if he’s going to drink his water.

Brady and Theresa chaperone the prom. Brady asks Theresa how Tate and Holly could be up to something when Holly just found out she was going to the prom. Theresa reveals to Brady that when they were taking pictures at the house, Sophia came to her and told her that she overheard Tate and Aaron talking about their secret plan. Theresa says she knows it was Holly’s idea and tells Brady that Tate and Holly are sneaking out tonight to be together.

Aaron and Holly join Tate and Sophia at the punch bowl. Aaron and Holly complain about the DJ while Sophia says it’s lame to complain while everyone else is having fun. Sophia then drags Tate away to go dance, disappointing Holly.

Steve lays in his hospital bed and talks to Tripp on the phone. Steve assures that he’s following doctor’s orders most of the time. Steve says to give his best to Wendy and that he loves him too. Steve hangs up as Justin arrives and asks how Tripp is doing. Steve says he’s doing great and that Tripp just told him that he and Wendy are going backpacking through Thailand and Vietnam next month. Justin asks how Steve is. Steve says he’s fine and the doctors say he’s on the mend. Justin is sorry this happened and asks if he has any idea when he’s getting out. Steve says he was ready yesterday but Kayla can be stubborn. Justin says Kayla is actually why he’s here since she said Steve might be in need of a lawyer.

Kayla orders food from Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman guesses that means Steve is feeling better. Kayla talks about this being why she didn’t want Steve to go to Montana to help Ava. Roman comments that Ava has missed an entire week of shifts now. Kayla hopes that means Ava has finally said bye for good this time. Ava then returns to the Pub and says she’s sorry to disappoint. Roman assumed she had been back after Clyde’s capture. Ava apologizes for being out of touch since reception was spotty in Montana and then she went to China to see Tripp and Wendy to tell them in person that Clyde was no longer a threat to them. Roman acknowledges that was good of her. Roman tells Kayla that he’s sure she wants to get back to Steve at the hospital, so he goes to put her order in. Ava questions Steve being in the hospital. Kayla informs her that he’s been shot. Ava asks if he’s okay. Kayla responds that he will be. Ava asks if it’s somehow her fault. Kayla admits this time it’s not but notes that now that Clyde has been captured, she’s hired Steve a lawyer so she hopes Ava has a way to cover her own legal mess.

Justin asks Steve to fill him in on why Kayla said he needs a lawyer. Steve tells Justin he’s hired and reveals the long story short is that he broke Clyde Weston out of prison. Justin asks why in the Hell he would do that.

Leo guesses Alex forgot his water bottle and asks if it’s a practical joke. Leo tells Alex and his sweaty abs to get lost. Alex says he has no idea what he’s talking about but he is thirsty. Leo says he’s not the only one.

Holly tells Aaron that the prom kind of sucks. Tate comes back and says Sophia went to fix her hair so Aaron steps away. Tate asks Holly how it’s going. Holly tells Tate that he might want to step back or else Theresa might rip her head off, mentioning that Theresa had just warned her to stay away from him. Tate says he’s sorry that she’s acting like that and suggests to Holly that they go back to the original plan they came up with when Nicole wasn’t going to let her attend prom.

Theresa complains to Brady about the vaping in the restroom and mentions that Sophia was bawling her eyes out in there, questioning how Holly could do that to her best friend. Brady points out that Sophia doesn’t look that upset to him so Theresa suggests she’s put it together since then. Theresa insists Sophia was crying really hard and asks if Brady doesn’t believe her. Brady says that first Theresa thought Tate and Holly were up to something, but now they are all hanging out and they are all still here so maybe it’s just teen drama that she should see her way out of. Theresa says she would love to be wrong but guarantees that by the end of the night, Tate and Holly will get busted big time and Holly won’t know what hit her.

Leo allows Alex to have his glass of water and explains that he had a very similar run in the day before with Dr. Greene. Leo adds that he also ran in to Theresa this morning and they were talking about Alex. Alex asks if he should be worried. Leo admits he was looking for a story so he asked Theresa how she bedded such an eligible bachelor and she said sparks were flying from the moment they met. Alex says that’s very true as it was almost immediate. Leo warns Alex that he could never be too careful. Alex questions what that means. Leo says that people would come out of the wood work to get even the smallest crumbs of his fortune, but admits that Theresa seems legit. Alex mentions having a similar conversation with Marlena earlier. Leo informs Alex that he’s also in therapy with Marlena. Leo asks if she’s helping Alex. Alex confirms that she seems to be as she’s a great listener and she gets it. Leo decides maybe there’s hope for him after all.

Theresa asks Brady if they should peek in on Tate. Brady doesn’t want to embarrass him even more in front of his friends when it’s tough enough that they are chaperoning. Tate comes over to them and tells them that he’s suddenly not feeling well. Brady calls that strange since he was fine a minute ago. Tate claims he has a headache. Theresa offers him ibuprofen but Tate says he feels like he should just go home and chill out for a bit. Theresa says she can drive him but Tate reminds her that the school is counting on her to chaperone. Tate says he will just take a walk and get some fresh air. Theresa and Brady tell him to get better then as Tate exits. Theresa tells Brady that she told him so.

Aaron tries to talk to Sophia at the punch bowl but she shuts him down. Holly asks where Tate is. Sophia tells her that he said he had a headache and left which Holly says is awful. Sophia asks what Holly is waiting for and if she’s going to run after him. Holly asks what she’s talking about. Sophia tells her to cut the crap as she knows Tate doesn’t have a headache and that he just made up a lie so they could go sneak off together. Sophia tells Holly to tell her she’s wrong.

Kayla tells Ava that for all her shortcomings, she would’ve thought she’d have the good sense to avoid the consequences coming her way when Clyde reveals that she spearheaded the whole plan to break him out of prison. Kayla wonders what is in Salem for Ava now that Tripp is gone except a bunch of bad memories and Steve.

Steve tells Justin that he had no choice since Clyde was threatening Tripp’s life in order to pressure Ava in to doing his dirty work and now he’s worried that Clyde will throw him under the bus. Justin calls it a valid concern with Clyde but points out that he hasn’t said anything yet. Steve says he’s not going to sit around wondering if he will or not which Justin questions. Steve declares he’s not going to live in fear, he’s gonig to turn himself in.

Aaron tries to cover but Sophia reveals that she heard him and Tate talking at the Pub earlier about how Tate only asked her to prom because his parents wouldn’t let him see Holly. Holly tries to apologize as Sophia argues that she could’ve told her that she and Tate were a thing. Holly says she wanted to but she was afraid that she would tell her mom and then her mom would tell Theresa. Sophia asks if it was just easier to break her heart and make her look like a complete idiot. Holly says it’s not like that and she feels terrible for hurting her. Holly says she’s her best friend and she loves her but things have been terrible at home which she knows is not an excuse. Holly knows Sophia is mad at her and she will continue to apologize. Holly encourages that Sophia is gorgeous and could have any guy she wants. Sophia responds that she wanted Tate, but not anymore, so she can have him. Holly asks if she’s going to tell. Sophia says no and tells Holly to go catch up with Tate. Holly asks if there’s anything she can do or say to make her forgive her. Sophia tells Holly again to go catch up with Tate. Holly repeats that she’s really sorry as she walks away.

Brady agrees with Theresa that Tate’s headache story was suspicious but points out that Holly is still there. Theresa says they can’t leave at the same time or that would be a huge red flag. Holly walks by and says she’s just going to the restroom. Theresa doesn’t buy it and asks if Brady is coming. Brady reminds her that they are supposed to chaperone the dance. Theresa argues that there are plenty of other chaperons and that Tate is what’s important. Theresa tells Brady he can stay if he disagrees, so they leave together.

Alex asks Leo about the speech he has written in front of him. Leo explains his plan to go see his mother to voice all his anger and grievances that he’s been holding onto for far too long. Alex wishes him luck with that and says it sounds tough. Leo thanks him and says his parents tried their best. Leo remarks that it’s not like Alex hit the best with Victor. Alex states that Victor was a complicated man. Leo points out that at least Alex didn’t find out until it was too late for Victor to do any damage. Leo calls Alex very lucky to be raised by Justin.

Justin acknowledges that Steve was trying to save his son’s life and Clyde is back behind bars, so he thinks he could broker a deal for probation with no time served. Steve says that sounds good and thanks him. Justin says he does have one question and asks if anyone else was involved with this prison breakout scheme. Steve says no and claims that it was all him.

Ava tells Kayla that she can’t believe they are back to this when she and Steve have been over for years. Ava argues that she doesn’t have to justify anything to her. Roman comes back with Kayla’s food. Kayla tells Ava that this is not a productive conversation and wishes her luck as she exits. Ava remarks to Roman that she has amazing timing. Roman jokes that they won’t be teaming up anytime soon. Ava admits she did think about staying in China and traveling but she only came back because she needs to know where she stands with Harris. Roman reveals that Harris hasn’t been back since Clyde’s arrest. Ava questions if Harris is moving out. Roman says they only talked briefly about Lucas, but Harris didn’t say anything about when or if he’s planning on coming back. Roman tells Ava that he’s sorry. Ava says it’s okay, but if Harris isn’t coming back, then maybe she should just leave.

Brady and Theresa go through the town square trying to find out where Holly went. They run in to Leo, who calls Theresa his new friend. Leo questions if they are on a date. Brady clarifies they are chaperoning their kid’s prom. Leo recalls his prom. Theresa says they are looking for Tate, who ran off. Leo remembers seeing Tate. Theresa then asks if he’s seen Holly. Leo recalls seeing Holly head to the Salem Inn and giving her a thumbs up. Theresa then asks if Leo knows where Holly went.

Holly joins Tate in a room at the Salem Inn which Tate had decorated with balloons and calls their own private prom. Holly calls it the sweetest thing anyone’s ever done for her. Holly didn’t realize the address he sent her was the Salem Inn. Tate acknowledges that there is a bed there but says he only got them a room so they could be alone without anyone seeing them and there is no pressure or expectations. They declare that it’s finally just them as they kiss.

Kayla returns to Steve at the hospital and apologizes for taking forever. Steve figured she was trying to give him and Justin time to talk. Kayla says she wants them to be prepared for if and when Clyde lowers the boom. Steve admits he’s been thinking about the same thing and he hopes she’s on board with his plan, because it’s not exactly what they had in mind.

Justin goes home to the Kiriakis Mansion and calls the police station, asking to have Rafe call him ASAP because he has a client who wants to make a statement. Justin hangs up as Alex arrives. Justin tells Alex that he’s sorry for everything that went down with Konstantin and how he went after Theresa. Alex says it’s fine and that something good came of it because he realized how much Theresa means to him. Alex informs Justin that he just got done telling Marlena today that he thinks Theresa could be the one. Justin thinks there’s something he should know about Theresa.

Steve asks Kayla if she’s not on the same page about him turning himself in. Kayla can’t imagine him spending a day in prison or losing him again, but she doesn’t want them to live in fear waiting for the other shoe to drop. Steve decides they are on the same page then. Kayla assumes John and Ava will have to come clean as well, but Steve reveals that he told Justin that he acted alone. Kayla understands Steve wanting to protect John but questions why the hell Ava should get off scot free.

Roman states that Ava just traveled a long way, so she is jet lagged and exhausted which is not the best time to make a life changing decision. Roman adds that he needs her help at breakfast. Roman suggests she go upstairs and rest, then tomorrow he can probably put her in touch with Harris. Ava thanks him. Roman declares that he hopes things work out between them. Ava then takes her bag and heads upstairs.

Alex asks Justin what he should know about Theresa. Justin says he’s not one for gossip and normally he wouldn’t bring it up, but Bonnie saw that Theresa moved in to his bedroom and she mentioned seeing Theresa was with Brady the night before. Alex explains that he already knows and that he had a fling with Kristen but it meant nothing and so he and Theresa are even in a way. Justin states that Alex didn’t feel anything for Kristen, but Brady and Theresa have a long history and he’s seen how connected they were when they were together. Justin says he’s concerned as any father would be. Alex then remarks that Justin is not really his father now and even if he was, he’s an adult now so his relationships are none of Justin’s business. Justin says he’s right and agrees to stay out of it from now on. Justin says goodnight to Alex and exits the room.

Theresa asks Leo if he saw Tate and Holly or he didn’t. Leo remembers finding Tate and Holly in the park and supporting them being in love and agreeing not to rat them out. Leo then tells Theresa and Brady that he wishes he could help but he didn’t see anything and rushes off. Theresa doesn’t believe him since Holly couldn’t have just disappeared. Brady doesn’t want to spend the rest of the night looking for Tate and suggests they call it a night and talk to him in the morning. Theresa questions him and reminds him of the last time Tate and Holly had a big night out where some really regrettable things happened. Brady states that a lot has happened between then and now. Theresa argues that Holly didn’t go to rehab and could be doing drugs with Tate right now. Brady argues that Tate isn’t a junkie and is just hot for a girl that he hasn’t been able to see. Brady suggests Tate is probably off in a corner somewhere where he can hook up with Holly. Brady’s eyes then spot the Salem Inn ahead of them.

Holly reveals to Tate that Sophia heard him and Aaron talking earlier and knows they are together. Tate asks how she took it. Holly admits that Sophia is really upset. Tate apologizes. Holly blames herself for not telling her from the start. Tate asks if she thinks Sophia will tell her mom. Holly says she promised she wouldn’t, but she still feels awful about it all. Tate suggests maybe Sophia and Aaron will hook up. Holly hopes so and says they are kind of cute together. Tate says they are too as they kiss. Tate then informs Holly that he made her a playlist with all of her favorite songs. Holly looks it over and they joke about being Taylor Swift fans. Holly then plays a song as she and Tate dance together and kiss.

Sophia says she needs to get out of here. Aaron offers to take her home but Sophia says she’s not speaking to him anymore since he was part of this whole scheme. Aaron apologizes and says Tate is his best friend but he was looking forward to maybe them spending time together here. Aaron reveals that he was going to ask Sophia to prom himself. Sophia asks why he didn’t. Aaron felt like she barely knew he existed, so he thought maybe they could spend time together tonight. Aaron tells Sophia that he gets what it’s like to like someone so much and have them not like you back, so he sympathizes with how mad she is. Aaron calls it really cool of Sophia to not tell anyone about Holly and Tate.

Holly and Tate finish their dance and then they kiss. Holly calls it weird to finally be able to be with each other without looking over their shoulders. Tate doesn’t want it to end. Holly agrees that she wants it to last forever. Tate promises they will figure something out, but until then, they will just enjoy this right here and now. They continue kissing on the bed until Theresa and Brady barge in to catch them.

Alex looks at the portrait of Victor and talks about how Justin used to say he was the kid who gave him the most gray hairs because he never thought twice about going after what he wanted. Alex says now he knows he got that from Victor. Alex declares it took him awhile to figure out, but he now knows exactly what he wants as he looks down at his engagement ring box.

Kayla understands why Steve wouldn’t implicate Ava since she is Tripp’s mother, but she has so many issues with her so this is just difficult and she’s sorry. Steve says he’s sorry and asks if there’s anything he can do to help. Kayla asks for a sip of his milkshake from the Pub. Steve agrees to it if she arranges an early discharge for him. Kayla says maybe tomorrow as they kiss.

Ava goes home to her room above the Pub and Harris then comes in behind her.

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