Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, June 18, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Audra figures out that Tucker is faking his heart attack to buy some time so he can stop the takeover of Glissade. Tucker finds out Jack is in Paris to check on Ashley and also take over Glissade. Tucker talks to Jack who tells him he isn’t in Paris to take over Glissade. Tucker’s assistant Dawn tells him that the detectives have been unable to find any information with which to blackmail any of the Glissade board. Tucker tells Audra she has won, she has Glissade.

Nikki has a long talk with Victoria and persuades her to be her second-in-command at Newman Media so she can concentrate on her sobriety.

Victor talks to Adam who tells him that he has to turn down being CEO of Newman Media because he has to concentrate on Connor and helping his son deal with his OCD. Adam tells Victor he will consider helping him if he tells him the name of the company with which he wants to go to war.

Nikki and Victoria talk to Victor about both of them running Newman Media but he tells them he doesn’t want them to do that because he wants Adam to be the CEO of Newman Media.

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