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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric went to the pub. He talked to Roman about Sloan’s disappearance. Roman couldn’t believe she got the jump on EJ. Eric said he was surprised to see EJ on the ground. Roman couldn’t believe Sloan took the baby. He told Eric things would get better. Roman asked Eric to move back in the pub so he could start over. Eric agreed to do it and left the pub. At the DiMera mansion, EJ read an article about Paulina. He insulted her to Jude. Chanel walked in while he was insulting Paulina. She said she wasn’t happy about the way he was trying to go after her mother. EJ said he was doing it because Paulina risked her and the baby’s lives. Chanel told him Paulina wouldn’t have risked their lives if she knew what would happen. When Chanel reminded EJ that Paulina fired him, she asked if he was really trying to protect his grandchild or get revenge. EJ said it wasn’t about revenge. Chanel said the tests say the baby is fine. When EJ said the tests could be wrong, she told him she was having the baby. When Chanel left, EJ talked to Jude about his true paternity and how it could cost him Nicole. Eric showed up at the mansion. EJ told him Nicole wasn’t there. Eric said he needed a lawyer to help him with his divorce from Sloan. He said he needed a lawyer who hated Sloan as much as he did. EJ agreed to help him. He said there was a way around needing Sloan to file for the divorce. EJ suggested they put something in the paper attempting to look for her. Eric said he wasn’t sure he would take the case.

Paulina talked to Abe about costing Chanel, Johnny, and the baby their lives. Abe told her their tests came out fine. Paulina was worried that the results could change. She said she and Chanel weren’t in a good place. Paulina said she would never forgive herself if something happened to Chanel and the baby. Abe got a call from a friend who told him people want Paulina to step down as mayor. He said there was an organization that wanted her to step down. Paulina said she was going to find out who was behind the organization. Johnny went to see Marlena to talk about his future. He told her about the job he was offered. In order for him to do the job, he had to move. He said Chanel didn’t know about the job offer and wasn’t sure if he should go for it. Johnny said he didn’t want Chanel to feel like she was sacrificing with the baby coming. Marlena asked how he thought Chanel would feel if she found out he turned down the job and never told her. She said it was up to Chanel to decide for herself. Johnny said he would talk to her. Marlena said she thought he should take the job even though she wanted him to stay in Salem. While they were talking, they talked about Eric, EJ, and Jude. Johnny said he felt bad for Eric but was happy for EJ and Nicole. He left for an appointment with Chanel. While Chanel was waiting for the doctor, Johnny showed up. She said she had an interesting talk with his father. When she told him what she and EJ talked about, Johnny was upset. She said she didn’t want him and his father to argue. When Johnny was about to tell Chanel about his job offer, the doctor walked in. They talked for a while.

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