B&B Short Recap Friday, March 8, 2024

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Recap written by Suzanne

Finn and Steffy make up at her work, and he says he’s coming home. They hug and kiss. Back at home, Finn looks at the spot where Sheila died as Steffy explains that she had the place cleaned. Steffy goes to take a shower while he naps on the couch. They have the night to themselves while the kids are away. Finn has a nightmare about Steffy stabbing Sheila. He wakes up, yelling. Steffy runs to him to comfort him.

RJ and Luna kiss at the office, too, while Poppy and Zende watch. Poppy admires them. RJ notices that Luna doesn’t seem to be acting like herself. She’s about to tell RJ the truth about sleeping with Zende when Poppy intervenes, saying that Luna doesn’t like PDA. RJ buys it, and they arrange to meet at his place. Luna really wants to be honest with RJ, but once again, Poppy and Zende urge her not to, or she’ll lose RJ. Zende makes a snide remark to Poppy about her mints, and they have a short discussion. He makes it clear that he’ll replace RJ in a heartbeat if he can, but she thinks that Luna and RJ are too much in love.

RJ and Luna go for a night swim at his place. Luna isn’t sure that she should, but he talks her into it.

Thomas asks Hope how Steffy seemed when she saw her earlier. Hope tells her that Sheila is horrified and feeling guilty. Thomas doesn’t feel much sympathy for Sheila, or Finn’s grief. Hope informs him that Finn knows that Steffy isn’t responsible, but he’s having a hard time dealing with everything. She tells him that she tried to get Steffy to understand Finn’s feelings.


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