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Theresa wakes up at home and calls out for Alex but there’s no answer, so she knocks on his door and finds out he is not home and wonders where the heck he is.

Paulina is in the hospital, on the phone with Rafe. Paulina thanks him for checking in and says she’s doing alright but she’s frustrated that she can’t be available to him 24/7. Paulina says getting the drugs off the street is a start and says to thank the police department for the flowers as she hangs up. Abe arrives with white roses and wishes Paulina a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Johnny and Chanel arrive at the hospital, dressed for their wedding and talking about how they can’t wait to see Paulina’s reaction. Chanel tells Johnny that it was very kind of him to do this. Johnny says he loved the idea just as much as she did and he would do anything to make her happy. Chanel adds that Paulina will be over the moon.

Steve wakes Kayla up in bed with a yellow rose and wishes her a Happy Anniversary. Steve tells her that she’s even more beautiful than when he first laid eyes on her. Steve talks about having so many years together and adventures. Steve states that as crazy as some of those adventures have been, they brought them to where they are now and he’s so grateful for each one. Kayla says she is too as they kiss until Stephanie opens the door to surprise them with breakfast in bed, but apologizes for interrupting.

John and Marlena kiss in the park. Marlena is glad John insisted on this. John calls it a beautiful day. Marlena says it really does help to get out in nature and the fresh air. Marlena hopes that Harris will be alright and worries about what the Hortons are going through. John assures that Doug and Julie know they will help them any way they can. John then surprises Marlena with a Valentine’s Day picnic setup in the park.

Kayla and Steve come out from the bedroom as Stephanie continues to apologize for interrupting. Steve says it’s their fault for not locking the door while Stephanie blames herself for not knocking. Stephanie wishes them a happy anniversary anyway and calls them the sweetest, most romantic couple she knows. Stephanie says the food can wait but Kayla insists that they want to enjoy it.

Theresa wonders if Alex at least left a note but finds that he did not. Theresa then remembers finding the engagement ring in Alex’s jacket pocket, so she checks his jacket and finds the ring is no longer there. Theresa then guesses that means Alex is going to propose today because it’s Valentine’s Day so maybe he’s going to put the ring in a dessert for her. Theresa decides that Alex is going to surprise her by popping the question. Theresa then excitedly goes to get dressed.

Marlena comments on John going above and beyond. Marlena calls it a perfect Valentine’s Day. John hopes it makes up a little for them being apart on last year’s Valentine’s Day but says that gave him a greater appreciation of every day with her. John tells Marlena that their Valentine’s Day celebration is just beginning, explaining that he downloaded the montage of pictures that Johnny put together that he showed her on the rooftop. John suggests tonight, they lie in bed and look at those pictures again under different circumstances which Marlena says she would love. John says it doesn’t seem like a year since they were up on the rooftop. Marlena responds that time goes by so quickly. John says they are too busy making memories like today as they toast their champagne.

Alex comes home where Theresa says she was starting to get worried as he doesn’t usually leave without a note or a text. Alex apologizes and kisses her. Theresa says he’s forgiven this once and asks where he was. Alex responds that there was just something he needed to take care of. Theresa tells him that he’s just in time for a very special breakfast and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day as they kiss. Alex tells Theresa that he’s not really that hungry and asks if she’d be up to go for a walk instead, so Theresa goes to get changed.

Paulina talks to Abe about the white roses as Chanel and Johnny arrive. Paulina says they didn’t have to come but they insist there is no where else they would rather be. Paulina sees they also have white roses and starts to feel this isn’t a coincidence, so she asks what’s going on. Johnny informs Paulina that her surgery is not the only reason they are all here today. Chanel announces it’s finally time to let her in on a surprise as she reveals that it’s her bridal bouquet and they are getting married today. Paulina is shocked as she thought they postponed the wedding. Johnny tells Paulina that she’s going to be there as Chanel declares that they are getting married right here.

Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla eat breakfast as Stephanie asks them which of their weddings was their favorite. They agree that it was the first one on the yacht. Steve calls it a beautiful day and recalls how the day before, Kayla had her hearing restored but hadn’t spoken in two months until then as they flash back to that moment. Kayla states that Steve gave her the courage to finally talk again, calling it a glorious moment with everyone they love there to witness it as they flash back to their wedding vows. Kayla declares that celebrating their anniversary with the love of her life and their daughter, reminds her of how lucky she is and how her life is better than she ever could’ve imagined.

Paulina questions Chanel and Johnny getting married in this hospital room. Johnny confirms that Abe will be officiating. Paulina questions them planning all of this as Abe explains that he had all the flowers sent for the ceremony. Paulina realizes that’s why Rafe didn’t know what she was thanking him for. Paulina asks if they are sure. Chanel assures her and asks Paulina to be her matron of honor while Johnny asks her to be his best person as well. Chanel says Paulina can also give her away. Paulina calls it a lot of jobs but says she’s up for it. Paulina calls for them to get the show on the road.

Stephanie, Steve, and Kayla talk about Steve and Kayla being married 5 times. Steve and Kayla talk about exchanging vows in the mountains. Stephanie reveals that she gathered photos from their previous weddings as an anniversary Valentine’s gift. They flash back to their Valentine’s Day wedding from 3 years ago. They talk about meaning every word of their vows.

Alex and Theresa walk to the park and come across John and Marlena, so they greet them and wish a Happy Valentine’s Day. Alex says they know how to celebrate. Marlena invites them to join them. Alex says they don’t want to intrude but John insists. Theresa decides it’s up to Alex. Alex repeats that he didn’t want to impose but Marlena says they would enjoy the company. Alex calls it great since they had no plans, so Theresa goes along with it and they sit down with John and Marlena.

Abe begins the wedding of Chanel and Johnny. Johnny and Chanel then exchange their vows. Abe calls for the rings but Paulina asks if they want to say something personal first. Johnny confirms that he definitely does.

John tells Alex and Theresa about the first time he set up a romantic picnic for Marlena on their first honeymoon which they then flash back to. They comment on still making wonderful memories. Theresa asks what their secret is to staying madly in love for 40 years. Marlena points out that there were a few years they weren’t together while John notes that they always found their way back to each other. John says there is the love, trust, and always staying romantic. Marlena reminds John of the Valentine’s Day dance at the hospital, so Theresa asks for the details. They recall it being 1993. John reveals he won a dance with Marlena for $100,000. Marlena adds that everyone thought they were just friends at that point, but after the dance, they realized they were a lot more as they flash back to that moment. John declares that it was worth every penny. Theresa asks Marlena to show her where the ladies room is so she can freshen up. As they step aside, Theresa informs Marlena that she doesn’t really have to go, but she’s dying to tell somebody that Alex is going to ask her to marry her today. Marlena asks if she’s sure. Theresa explains that she found a gorgeous ring in his jacket pocket and then this morning, it was no longer there which tells her that Alex has the ring with him or he dropped it off somewhere for a surprise proposal. Marlena responds that she’s not sure about this which Theresa questions. Marlena wonders if Theresa doesn’t want to get things with her son in order before making a huge life change. Theresa says she understands that, but she’ll just tell Alex that they can have a really long engagement and they don’t have to get married right away. Theresa adds that she doesn’t want to upset Alex by saying no when he proposes, especially since he bought such a beautiful ring. John asks Alex if he’s okay. Alex responds that he’s good, just feeling a little pressured. John isn’t sure what he means. Alex says it’s Valentine’s Day, so when you are with someone, they expect you to be intensely romantic like John and Marlena. John states that Alex and Theresa’s relationship is relatively new so they don’t have to be intensely romantic as long as he’s honest about it. Alex agrees that he has to be honest with himself and with Theresa.

Kayla thanks Stephanie and hugs her. Stephanie knows Valentine’s Day is very special to Steve and Kayla, so she wanted to honor that. Steve thanks her and asks what Stephanie’s Valentine’s Day plans are. Stephanie responds that she’s going to check in on the Caching Cupid event that kicks off later. Stephanie jokes that she’s going to be gone for hours and mentions that Abe is gone too. Steve and Kayla talk about Abe telling them about his plans to officiate another surprise wedding. Kayla mentions being so happy for Johnny and Chanel.

Johnny begins his own vows by telling Chanel that she’s made him the happiest man in the world today and talks about their journey. Johnny says he doesn’t know where life will take them from here but it doesn’t matter because they will be together. Johnny promises to take care of her and protect her forever. Chanel responds that she loves him with a passion that she can’t express in words, so all she can do is show him and she looks forward to all the years to come. Abe then calls for them to exchange the rings. Abe then pronounces them husband and wife as Johnny and Chanel kiss. Paulina exclaims that it’s such a happy day. Abe congratulates them as they hug. The nurse enters and says it looks like a special occasion. Paulina confirms that her beautiful daughter just got married to her handsome new son in law and for the second time. Johnny assures it’s the last time as well. The nurse is sorry to break it up but announces it’s time for Paulina’s surgery. Johnny says they’ll be right here when she gets back. Abe says he will walk Paulina down the hall. Chanel hugs Paulina and says she loves her. Abe and the nurse then escort Paulina out of the room. Chanel and Johnny talk about how Paulina will be okay and they just have to wait, joking that they are the best dressed couple in the hospital. Johnny tells Chanel how much he loves her as they kiss.

Steve and Kayla talk about Stephanie being sweet and how she won’t be home for awhile. Steve and Kayla then head back to the bedroom.

Alex and Theresa go back home. Theresa talks about it being a treat to run in to John and Marlena and hearing all those romantic stories. Alex says they obviously have a great marriage. Theresa calls that something to strive for. Theresa asks Alex if he wants to go to the geocaching scavenger hunt. Alex says maybe. Theresa asks what Alex had planned for the day. Alex says he was going to go by the office but it’s not necessary for her to come in today. Theresa says she’ll just be here relaxing then and waiting for him. Alex says that sounds good. Theresa adds that she made a reservation at the Bistro because it’s Valentine’s Day and asks if he’s interested. Alex says sure and that he’s going to change for the office. Theresa tells him it’s at 8:00 so Alex says he’ll be there and exits. Theresa wonders if Alex is just trying to throw her off and guesses that Alex definitely took the ring to the Bistro to put it in her dessert or something. Theresa declares that tonight will be the night that she becomes the future Mrs. Alex Kiriakis.

Marlena thanks John for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. John says the pleasure is all his as they kiss. Marlena hopes he didn’t mind her inviting Alex and Theresa to join them. John calls it very nice of her, especially since they obviously didn’t have any other plans. Marlena then informs John that Theresa was expecting Alex to propose and after having spent so much time with Alex, she knows that’s not on his mind. John thinks Alex is doing a little soul searching because he told him that he feels like he’s under pressure to be intensely romantic because it’s Valentine’s Day. John mentions that he advised Alex to be honest with Theresa. Marlena reveals John that she got him something and it’s a keychain engraved “Going Home to Doc”. John calls it perfect because every time they are apart, he’s always going home to her as they kiss. Marlena calls it a combination Valentine’s and birthday gift as she wishes him a happy birthday. John tells Marlena that he loves her now and forever. John jokes that he may not have $100,000 on him but asks her to dance with him which they do.

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