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[dramatic music]

Luna: What happened to me last night? I– I wasn’t sick or tired. It was those!

Poppy: I’m so sorry, baby.

Luna: The reason why I ended up with zende and thought it was rj is because of– is because of you, mom? Because of you and your mints?

Liam: Hello, rj.

Rj: Liam! Hey, what’s– what’s that?

Liam: Uh, it’s kelly’S. She, uh, she left her soccer stuff in my car. I’m dropping it off for her mom.

Rj: Oh, steffy’s in a meeting.

Liam: Yeah, no, I know. Can I leave it here?

Rj: Yeah, yeah, put it right there.

Liam: Actually, I was kind of hoping I’d run into you.

Rj: Uh, me. Why– why me?

Liam: To pick your brain about something potentially awkward, namely the fact that my dad is super into your girlfriend’s mom.

Eric: Well, I know I’m the old married man here, but I do remember what it’s like to be your age, rj’s, ridge’s, for that matter. Going out on the town, never knowing how any particular evening was going to end up. It’s an exciting time. Although, I know that sooner or later, you start to wonder if, uh, you might be able to find something more fulfilling. Maybe find that one special person. Or maybe you already have.

Eric: Anyone new in your life?

Zende: I thought so, but, um, I think I read the situation all wrong.

Eric: Well, that can happen.

Zende: Nothing like this has ever happened to me. Luna?

Luna: Hi, you.

Zende: You’re here.

Luna: Waiting for you. I don’t understand. This doesn’t make any sense. Oh, my god, what have I done?

Zende: I am so sorry about whatever it is that is happening right now. I would never take advantage of you.

Luna: Yes, I know that. I know. I believe you. I remember enough to know that. How could I? Rj loves me and– and– and trusts me and this is what I do to him?

Zende: You were right. I did meet someone special. But, it’s not going to work out.

Liam: You should, uh, you should hear the way my dad talks about poppy.

Rj: What’s he said?

Liam: Good things. Only good things. Really, really, really good things, actually. However, despite my constant petitioning, I’ve yet to be granted an introduction with the woman, which is why I’m asking you what your read is on her.

Poppy: I was always so careful. I never wanted anything like this, but somehow you ended up with my mints.

Luna: Except they’re not just mints, mom. I was seeing things. I lost touch with reality.

Poppy: I know, okay? They’re not normal mints. I take them as a way to unwind. You know, like some people have a glass of wine. It’s harmless.

Luna: No, mom, it’s not.

Poppy: I never wanted you to know. I tried keeping it from you.

Luna: I can’t believe it. I was drugged by my own mother? Wanna know how I get this glow?!

Eric: All right. No more questions about the new woman in your life.

Zende: I’m not being coy, granddad. If I was going to talk to anybody about this, you would be top of my list.

Eric: Good. I’m glad to hear it. Just know I’m always here if you need to talk.

Zende: Thank you.

Eric: Although there is something I want to talk to you about. It’s been on my mind a lot lately.

Zende: Not your health.

Eric: No, not my health. That’s going pretty well, actually, although, it is related. When I was first ill, when I was hiding my diagnosis from everybody, um, well, I asked rj and luna to help me out with the collection.

Zende: Yeah, I– I understand. Ridge explained it to me.

Eric: Well, I want you to hear it from me. It was not my intention to exclude you or to keep you out of the loop. Not at all. I have great respect for your talent and your skill and your contributions at forrester. You’re very important to our company. You understand that? I wanna work with you, too.

Zende: I’d be honored.

Eric: Oh, the honor would be mine. I’m very impressed with the young talent we have at forrester. I mean, you and thomas, hope, rj, luna. You know, luna is the most extraordinary intern we’ve ever had at forrester, I think. I mean, she’s quick and she’s resourceful and she’s smart and I think she’s inspired. I want you to do me a favor.

Zende: Anything, granddad.

Eric: I want you to get to know her. I want you to work with that young lady.

Liam: I’m not trying to put you in an awkward position, asking you about your girlfriend’s mom.

Rj: No, no, it’s fine. I, um, I– I don’t mind. I just– I only have good things to say about poppy.

Liam: Yeah, but personality-wise, like kind of a free spirit type, from what I understand?

Rj: Yes. Yeah, no, she totally is.

Liam: It’s just hard for me to picture, like… you’ve heard this, right? The actual story of how they met 20 years ago at a music festival. One single, solitary, magical night. And then decades later, she just shows up in la?

Rj: Yeah, to be with her daughter.

Liam: I– I get that. I know that. I’m just, uh, you know, somebody’s gotta play the role of protective son, right? My dad’s one of the wealthiest men in L.A. And women target him all the time.

Rj: Not poppy. No, I– I totally get, like, the concern. But, no, luna and poppy are two of the most honest people I’ve ever met. Like, poppy’s definitely a free spirit. Granted, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t luna’s rock. Like, when she was working on the collection, poppy was there all the time with, like, take-out or coffee. You know, little pep talks. Whatever luna needed. My point is, is that totally don’t have to worry. I can’t even imagine poppy doing anything to hurt anyone.

Poppy: It was an accident, luna, okay? I usually keep them in my bag. I take the mints to help me relax.

Luna: Stop calling them that. They’re not mints, mom! I was hallucinating. I was with zende thinking that he was rj.

Poppy: Yeah, well, they don’t usually do that.

Luna: They did it to me! I mean, how did I even end up with them?

Poppy: Okay, I don’t know. Somehow, there was a mix-up before the party, and you picked up my mints instead of yours.

Luna: I was out of my mind, mom. I ended up in bed with another man. How could you do this, mom? How? Sleep more deeply.

Zende: Luna has a boyfriend, granddad.

Eric: Yes, I know. She’s been seeing rj. Yeah, I’m not suggesting anything like that.

Zende: That could cause big problems.

Eric: Yes. No question about that. No, I want you to work with luna as a mentor. Now, rj knows a lot about this business. He has a great deal of potential talent there. And he’s learned a great deal working with me lately, but, uh, he can’t touch what you know about it. You can teach luna things that– that he never could. I think you would enjoy each other. The two of you have a great deal in common.

Zende: You think so?

Eric: Yes. Look, I think it’d be really great for her. I really do.

Zende: She’s learned so much from you already, though, I–

Eric: Well, I need to start concentrating on other things in my life. Like my recovery. Spending more time at home here. Wanna concentrate on donna. It’s gonna be a while before I get behind the desk again at forrester. So, I want to keep luna engaged. And I want you to do that for me. Find out what excites her. What really turns her on, all right? I think that would really be good for her.

Liam: So, luna’s mom coming to town like right after you two started dating, that’s not– that hasn’t been an issue?

Rj: No, no, not at all. Luna’s, uh, she’s really close with her mom. She missed her, actually.

Liam: She’s definitely not the reason you want a little more privacy lately?

Rj: No. No, no, it wasn’t that. I needed– I needed my own space. It’s very hard to have a moment of privacy when you live with your parents, so…

Liam: Yeah, I’m– I’m aware. Yeah.

Rj: But anyways, though, poppy, I mean, she’s been so supportive of luna with her career goals. I mean, telling your mom that you wanna be in fashion isn’t like saying, “hey, I want to be an engineer or a doctor.”

Liam: Yeah, yeah. Unless you’re a forrester.

Rj: Right. But anyway, I really do think poppy would’ve been supportive of luna in whatever she decided to pursue because she’s just, honestly, she’s just a really positive person. And she just really sees the good in like every situation. Luna has like, uh, she has a similar attitude.

Liam: Yeah, takes after her mom?

Rj: They’re different. They both have the same set of values, you know? They’re both very kind and they both work really hard. They care about taking care of other people. Um, and they don’t let situations that are out of their control make them anxious.

Liam: That’s good advice.

Rj: Yeah, it’s just luna’s definitely not as laid back as her mom. Poppy’s definitely a free spirit, but that doesn’t mean that luna can’t depend on her mom.

Luna: I thought I was with rj last night. I mean, I saw his face. I heard his voice.

Poppy: Luna, I am so sorry.

Luna: You’re sorry? Mom, turns out I didn’t know where I was or who I was with. I love rj. I mean, I saved myself. I– I– I waited until the right guy came into my life. Someone that I trusted. And I don’t just do that with anyone. Like you. I haven’t been with anybody else before rj. He was my first and it was beautiful and pure and– and now it’s tainted. It’s not pure anymore, mom. Because of what happened. Because of what you did to your own daughter.

Poppy: Luna, I would never.

Luna: Maybe aunt li was right about you. You know, I– I didn’t wanna believe it. I– I didn’t see you the same way that she saw you, but maybe I was just naive. Because all of your talk about freedom? I think that you’re just irresponsible. And selfish. You do whatever you want, never minding the consequences of whoever it could hurt. Does aunt li know about the drugs? And is that why she doesn’t want me in L.A. Or around finn or working at forrester? Because she thinks I’m a druggie just like you.

Poppy: Luna, you know your aunt has never been fair to me. She doesn’t know us.

Luna: Or maybe she knows exactly what you are, mom. A druggie.

Luna: I thought that I was with rj, zende. I saw his face. How could I make that up?

Zende: I can’t explain it. But you do know that what happened between us, what we shared… it was consensual, right? I would never.

Luna: I know that. It doesn’t change how I feel. The shock and– and the horror. I love rj so much and we have something so special. Or we did.

[ Phone rings ]

Luna: It’s rj.

Poppy: Don’t answer, okay? You’re too upset.

Luna: Well, he’s been texting me because I told him that I didn’t feel well when I left the party last night. Hi, rj.

Rj: Hey. How are you doing? Are you feeling better?

Luna: Not really.

Rj: I’m sorry. Do you have any idea what happened?

Luna: Yeah.

Rj: Well, it wasn’t food poisoning, was it?

Luna: Um… yeah, I definitely ate something bad.

Rj: Can I bring you anything? Maybe tea or crackers or…

Luna: No, no, it’s fine. I really don’t need anything.

Rj: Okay. Maybe me just being there then? I want to see you. I missed you last night.

Luna: I missed being with you too last night. Um, more than you know.

Rj: You’re at home, right? With your mom?

Luna: Yeah, um… look, it’s– it’s really not a good time right now, rj.

Rj: Okay. All right. Well, um… if you’re feeling better, uh, you’re welcome to come by my place later. And we can make up for the time that we missed last night.

Luna: Yeah. I need to see you too.

Rj: You need to see me? Well, that sounds serious.

Luna: Yeah, it’s, um, it’s pretty serious. Look, I, um, I love you so much, okay? Never forget that.

Rj: I– I love you too. And, uh, we’ll have plenty of time, together. You don’t have to worry about last night.

Luna: Okay. Bye. Well, rj wants to see me.

Poppy: Okay, that’s good. When are you gonna see him?

Luna: As soon as I figure out what I’m gonna say to him.

Poppy: Wait, luna. You can’t tell him.

Luna: I have to tell him?

Poppy: Okay, but you didn’t cheat. It wasn’t a betrayal. You were in an altered state.

Luna: I slept with another man, mom. How it happened doesn’t matter. Look, I know– I know I’ll probably lose rj after this. Like, zende and rj are– are rivals and there’s no way rj’s gonna accept this. I mean, how could he? I can’t even blame him.

Poppy: Please, luna, don’t do that. Don’t tell him.

Luna: Oh, my god. What kind of a mother are you? One night, I’m tripping off of your drugs, and the next day you’re telling me to keep secrets from the man I love?

Poppy: Okay, okay, luna, please, listen to me, all right? You are in an emotional state right now. Okay, you’re freaking out.

Luna: Uh, don’t I have every right to be?

Poppy: But you love rj so much, and he loves you. You two could have a beautiful relationship and future together. The relationship doesn’t have to end.

Luna: Oh, my god.

Poppy: Rj doesn’t need to know anything about what happened last night, okay? It was an accident. You did not mean to sleep with zende. Please, luna, I am begging you. Do not tell rj.

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