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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie helped Steve and Kayla celebrate their anniversary. John set up a Valentine’s Day surprise for Marlena. He wanted to show her that he appreciated her. John said he downloaded the pictures Johnny had. He wanted to look at the pictures under different circumstances. Theresa was excited about Alex proposing to her. He wanted to take her for a walk. While Abe and Paulina were talking, Johnny and Chanel showed up. Paulina wanted to know what was going on. Johnny and Chanel told her they were getting married. Steve talked to Kayla and Stephanie about the first time they got married. There was a flashback of their wedding. Paulina asked if Johnny and Chanel were getting married in her room. Johnny said they were. Paulina was excited about them getting married. Stephanie asked Steve and Kayla if they were married four times. Steve and Kayla told her they were. Stephanie said she gathered pictures from their weddings. While they were looking at the pictures, they flashed back to another wedding. While Alex and Theresa went on their walk, they ran into John and Marlena. Marlena asked if they wanted to join them. Alex said they didn’t want to intrude. He agreed to join them because they didn’t have any plans.

Abe officiated Johnny and Chanel’s wedding. John and Marlena talked to Alex and Theresa about their romance. Theresa asked what the secret of staying madly in love. John said it was trust, respect and staying romantic. Marlena and John told them about the hospital Valentine’s Day dance. There was a flashback of the dance. Theresa pulled Marlena away from the table. She told Marlena that Alex was going to propose to her. Theresa told her about finding the ring and why she thought he was going to propose to her. Marlena told her she didn’t know if Alex was proposing to her. She asked if Theresa wanted to get things with her son in order before making a life change. Theresa said she would tell Alex they would have a long engagement. She said she didn’t want to upset him by saying no to his proposal. Alex told John that he felt pressured to be romantic the way John was with Marlena. John told him to be honest with himself and Theresa. Alex agreed that he had to be honest with himself and Theresa. Johnny told Chanel how he felt about her. Chanel told Johnny how she felt about him. When they got married, a nurse came to take Paulina to have her surgery.

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