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Katie: Ridge has given Eric an amazing gift, a victory that was meant to be his.

Brooke: Ridge needed to do it. Finding out that Eric is dying, it’s very hard on Ridge. And I– I’m sure he’s going to make sure that these last days for Eric are as beautiful as possible.

R.J.: And you know, telling Granddad that he won the challenge is just the beginning. He’s getting the CEO office ready for him right now.

Brooke: Mm-hm. Yeah. His triumphant return as CEO of Forrester Creations, leading the company that he loves so much.

[Eric coughing]

Donna: Okay. Okay. You know, I, I think we need to call the doctor. Okay? The challenge is over and, and you won, you won, you, you set out to do everything you wanted to do and, and now it’s time to take care of yourself.

Eric: No, no, Donna, no.

Donna: Yes.

Eric: No, I don’t want to think about doctors or hospitals or anything else or what’s to come. I don’t want to do that. I won the fashion challenge. I, I want to enjoy this moment here right now, here with you. I won the fashion challenge. I prevailed over Ridge. I want to savor every moment of it.

Ridge: You found my dad’s old stapler.

Luna: Yeah.

Ridge: I thought it was gone. It was right here in that box with all those memories. You found him.

Katie: It’s so touching. Ridge knew how much winning the challenge would mean to Eric.

R.J.: I’m– I’m gonna hold on to the time that I spent with Granddad for the rest of my life.

Brooke: This is hard for all of us, but nobody’s heart is breaking as much as Ridge’s.

Eric: This was hard. Remember my designs were wonderful. You’re right. But Ridge’s… Ridge’s designs were wonderful too. It wasn’t, it wasn’t a foregone conclusion, but I won. I won it.

Donna: I know, I know you did and you fought so bravely and courageously.

Eric: Yeah. Yeah. Now it’s time for me to take my office back, get my office back and reclaim my position at Forrester Creations.

Sheila: Steffy, I understand why you’re so defensive. But you don’t need to be. I mean, for the first time in my life, I have finally found true love.

Steffy: Oh, please, you’re a sociopath. You’re not capable of love.

Sheila: That’s not true. I, I know that you don’t want to believe that. I’ve got a lot of work to do to prove it.

Steffy: There is nothing you can do to make me buy this. You are pure evil.

Sheila: No. No, I’m in love. I’m, I’m happy. I just, I just want to lead a, a simple normal life.

Steffy: Deacon, are you really falling for this? I thought you were smarter.

Deacon: Steffy, I promise you. Sheila’s not gonna be a threat to you or your children. I’m gonna make sure of it.

Sheila: I, I promise I’m not going to be a threat to you or your, your children. You have nothing to worry about. Just please– just trust me.

Steffy: Trust you? Are you kidding me?

Deacon: Steffy, look, I get why you’re skeptical.

Steffy: Deacon, why are you doing this? Everything you worked for? I can’t imagine what Hope and Brooke are going to think of this.

Deacon: I have worked really hard to restore my relationship with Hope and Brooke.

Finn: Which is why this doesn’t make sense.

Deacon: Okay, I get it. I get that it sounds crazy. I mean, I didn’t really understand it in the beginning myself. I guess ultimately, it’s because I believe that people can change, like I’ve changed.

Steffy: Okay, this fantasy that you’ve created, that Sheila’s changed. It’s a lie. She’s gonna con you, corrupt you and then she’s gonna hurt you because that’s who Sheila is.

Brooke: Ridge is just trying to hold it together and Eric can’t know that Ridge knows he’s dying.

Katie: I, I think we should keep it that way. I, I think that we should let Eric enjoy feeling vital and alive.

R.J.: I agree. He doesn’t want to be seen as weak or– or pitied, and it’s not going to be easy, but I think we should give him this moment.

Brooke: In the meantime, we’ll just support Eric and we’ll love him as much as we possibly can.

Eric: Well, it’s done now. I’m no longer something that’s out of date or something that, uh, can be discarded.

Donna: Oh, honey bear. You never were.

Eric: Damn near.

Donna: No.

Eric: You know, it’s too easy to throw things away, things that– things that are out of date and that don’t actually work anymore. Things that can be forgotten. It’s too easy. It was like my, my old stapler. It didn’t mean anything to Ridge. It didn’t work anymore and he, he just threw it away. It didn’t mean anything to him like me. Well, no more. That’s finished. I am Forrester Creations.

Donna: Yes, you are.

Ridge: These are my dad’s initials. “Love, Stephanie.” See, Stephanie is my, was my mom. She got this for him when they started the business and I thought it was gone forever. I thought I… anyway, you found it. Thank you.

Luna: Yeah, of course. I’m glad I could help.

Ridge: What are you looking for?

Eric: I’m looking for my stapler. My stapler. The stapler that has been here for like 50 years on my desk. My desk. Where is it?

Ridge: I don’t know, probably got thrown out. We got you a new one.

Eric : Thrown out? My stapler? You threw my stapler out.

Ridge: It was old. It didn’t work anymore.

Eric: Like me?


R.J.: Hello? Hey, I’ve been looking for you everywhere.

Luna: Oh, your dad just sent me on a mission to go downstairs to the storage room.

R.J.: The storage room? Why did he send you down there?

Luna: Your grandfather’s old stuff for the office.

R.J.: Ah. Oh, that’s great. He’s putting everything back to the way it was before.

Luna: Hey, um, I know you’re not okay. So I’m not even gonna ask you that question. But if you wanna talk…

R.J.: I did it. I, I told my parents that my granddad’s dying. I, I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t keep it a secret anymore.

Luna: You really did the right thing by your grandfather and your parents. And congrats! Eric won the fashion challenge. Thanks to your help.

R.J.: Yeah… he didn’t actually win. My granddad didn’t win the fashion challenge and my dad heard that my granddad was dying. She told him he won because he, he knew how much winning the challenge meant to him.

Luna: Wow. That is about the greatest thing I’ve ever heard anyone do for someone. He obviously loves his dad so much.

R.J.: Without a doubt.

Luna: Today has been an emotional roller coaster.

R.J.: Tell me about it.

Luna: Hey, if nothing else, you should be really proud of the designs you put out with Eric. Seriously, I’ve never seen anything so beautiful.

R.J.: Well… you had a lot to do with them.

Luna: Oh god, what are you talking about? I’m just an intern.

R.J.: No, come on, you were my inspiration.

Luna: I know you’ve been going through a lot. But R.J., this has been, like, the most exciting experience of my life and I’m sorry if that seems disrespectful to your grandfather.

R.J: No, no. Him, he would want us to live in the moment and savor everything that we can. Hey, this has been life changing for me too. Every second of sharing this with you. It’s been amazing.

Katie: This has been such a crazy day. You must be exhausted.

Donna: No, I’m just, I’m just trying to keep it together, really.

Brooke: Well, it’s also been a wonderful day for Eric.

Donna: Amazing. Amazing. I mean, it’s, it’s one that he’s never gonna forget.

Katie: Where is he?

Donna: He is reclaiming his office.

Eric: Okay for me to come into my office now? You, uh, you ready to give it up?

Ridge: Just about. There you go, all done.

Eric: Wow, look at this. You’ve been busy.

Ridge: Well, I wanted to give your office back the way that you left it. I mean, you, you won the challenge fair and square.

Eric: Yeah. Fair and square.

Sheila: We really are all very excited that you’re home, Steffy, and I’m sure that Finn is–

Steffy: Oh, shut up. I fled my home to protect me and my children, but I realized something when I was gone, I don’t run. LA is my town and I was raised to stand up and fight and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

Sheila: It’s clear that you don’t want me to be a part of your life and I’m gonna respect that. I, I only hope that, that you’ll change your mind.

Steffy: Change my– so, oh, there it is. You still want to be in Finn’s life. That’s laughable. You know what else is laughable? How you think you can actually stop her? You can’t. I don’t need you defending me. But if you come near me or my family again, you won’t answer to deacon, to Finn or my father, you’ll answer to me.

Steffy: I’m not afraid of you Sheila, not anymore. You mess with me and you’ll pay. I’m a Forrester. Remember? I never back down from a fight. That’s what you get for shooting me and my husband. And if you dare to come near me and my family again, I swear to god, you’re gonna wish you were behind bars. You messed with the wrong woman.

[Eric laughing]

Eric: Some of these go back pretty far, you know.

Ridge: Well, that’s what happens when you’re a living legend.

Eric: Yeah. Thank you. Wow. Look at these memories. It’s been a long run, you know.

Ridge: It’s not over yet.

Eric: You, okay?

Ridge: Yeah, I’m, I’m fine. I just don’t like losing anything. I don’t like losing to anyone. But if I do lose, at least it has to be to the best and you are the best.

Eric: I would have said the same thing.

Ridge: Of course. So enjoy, enjoy your office.

Eric: Yeah.

Ridge: Well done.

Eric: Thanks, Ridge. I appreciate it.

Ridge: I got to thank you. You’ve given me everything. You’ve made me who I am and I will never forget that.

Eric: We don’t forget those things, do we? I don’t think you fully understand what this, what these four walls mean to me. When your mother and I first bought this building and then this desk had been moved in here and set up shop. It was monumental. It really was. We were gonna set the world on fire. We were gonna turn the fashion industry on its head. And we did and, and we, we, we wanted to make our mark.

Ridge: You did that.

Eric: Yeah, we did. I’d come in here and sit behind this desk and dream, dream of everything we wanted to dream of and everything I wanted to create. I was hungry, I was hungry. So this desk isn’t just about my memory. This desk is about dreaming, thinking of what you want to do. It’s about– about the future.

Ridge: And the future is important but, Dad, you can’t have future without the past and all I think about when I walk in here, all I see is a little boy sitting over here watching you.

Eric: I see that.

Ridge: Everything was coming out and you just drawing things and I, I wanted to be a designer before I even knew what that was. You gave it that me and it will always be with me.

Eric: I knew you had it. You had it in you then and you have it in you now. It’s been inside you all this time as it’s been inside me, all my life too. Your legacy will be much more than mine. It will transcend mine alone. It’ll be greater than I was. No question about it.

Ridge: That’s impossible.

Eric: No, it’s not. It’s gonna happen. Just not yet.

Ridge: Not yet. Well, okay. Umm. Enjoy your desk, sit down. You deserve it.

Eric: I think I will. I think I will.

Ridge: Congratulations. I love you so much.

Eric: I know you do, son. I love you too, Ridge. Always remember that.

Ridge: Top drawer of your desk. Luna found it along with everything else. I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t realize.

Eric: Come on.

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