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Alexis: I can’t believe it. I ca– that son of a — he — he got away with it.

Gregory: What are you talking about?

Alexis: No, come over here. Lookit.

Gregory: Who got away with what?

Alexis: Look at this. Look at this. Senator Wilkins, he was acquitted on all counts.

How’s that even possible? He was caught red-handed.

Yeah, ’cause he’s got good lawyers.

No, he’s got — he’s got clever lawyers. He’s got expensive lawyers, because he can afford to pay for expensive lawyers.

Alexis: Oh, this makes me so freaking mad! Not to mention… this is the height of injustice. …Inept prosecutors. Right. Yeah. They were so sure they were gonna win. And they underestimated the opposition.

Alexis: Aah! This makes me so mad! I-I just want to —

Gregory: What?

Alexis: [ Sighs ] I want to break something.

Gregory: Why don’t you?

[ Knock on door ]

Olivia: Come in.

Carly: Hi, there.

Olivia: What can I do for you?

Carly: [ Exhales deeply ] Wow. It’s so weird being in my old office.

Olivia: I’m sure it is.

Carly: Surprised Nina hasn’t taken it over.

Olivia: [ Chuckles ] I would never let that happen.

Carly: Thank you.

Olivia: You’re welcome.

Carly: I heard about everything going on since Ned left the hospital. And I-I just want to say I’m so sorry. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Knock on door, door opens ]

Marshall: Knock, knock. How’s it going?

Curtis: Whatever you do, don’t ask me how I’m doing.

Marshall: Of course. Of course, but, uh, if you change your mind and you decide you want to tell me, I do want to know. One thing I know without you telling me is that time drags in the hospital.

Curtis: Yes, it does. Pop, I couldn’t even watch the big fight tonight. You know why? Because I couldn’t stand to watch those athletes in peak physical condition or even the audience all active and energetic while I’m sitting here doing nothing.

Marshall: Maybe you need to stop thinking about what you can’t do and — and focus on what you can do.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] Like what?

Marshall: [ Scoffs ] [ Chuckles ]

Portia: You can try all you want to push me away, but it’s not gonna happen. We’re husband and wife, and we are in this together, no matter what the odds are, no matter what life throws our way.

[ Lock disengages ]

Portia: [ Sighs ] Sweetheart! You’re home!

Trina: Is that okay?

Portia: Of course. It’s more than okay. It’s the best news I’ve had in a long time.

Jordan: Dante, what are you doing in here?

Dante: Hey. You know, it gets noisy in the squad room. I thought I’d come in here and try and, uh, focus.

Jordan: Ah. Well, what are you working on?

Dante: Look at you. I thought you hung up your commissioner badge for the deputy mayor spot.

Jordan: I did. I did. But, uh, it doesn’t mean I can’t be curious about something.

[ TV shuts off ]

Sonny: Okay, peanut. I liked the movie.

Avery: Me too.

Sonny: But now you got to, you know, brush your teeth, go to bed.

Avery: Can’t I stay with you?

Sonny: All right, five more minutes.

Avery: [ Giggles ] Yay!

[ TV turns on ]

Olivia: Nina, what can I help you with?

Nina: I just wanted to thank you for this morning. But we can talk about it another time, Olivia. Good night.

Olivia: Good night.

Carly: What was that about?

[ Door closes ]

Olivia: I’m helping Nina and Sonny plan their wedding.

Alexis: I won’t say that — that breaking this or that or sweeping my arm across the whole desk wouldn’t feel cathartic, because it would. And I-I want to. But then my office would be all messy and I’d be the one that would have to clean it up. So I’m not gonna break anything. I’m just gonna calmly walk away and not read another word about that miserable son-of-a that’s making me crazy.

Gregory: You took my suggestion way too literally, Alexis. I wasn’t suggesting that you destroy your office. I have a much better idea.

Alexis: Axe throwing? Don’t you think it’s a — it’s a bit violent?

Gregory: It’s not violent. It’s a sport. Hm. And I’m guessing it’s gonna be pretty cathartic in helping you unload all that frustration.

Alexis: You’ve done this before?

Gregory: No, but my sons have. And any time Finn and Chase agree on something, I have to give it a try. They say it’s very satisfying. Besides, it’s something on my bucket list.

Alexis: You have a bucket list?

Gregory: Actually, I have two. Great hit.

[ Indistinct talking on TV ]

[ Ringing ]

Dante: Hello?

Sonny: You watching the fight?

Dante: Uh, no, no, I’m — I’m still at work.

Sonny: You’re missing out. Ferrari’s killing him.

Dante: W-wait. Don’t tell me anything. I’m recording it.

Sonny: Okay, I won’t — I won’t spoil it for you. Why are you at work?

Dante: I’m just trying to get through some cases.

Sonny: All right. Um… I’ll talk to you soon, then.

Dante: All right. Good night. It’s my dad. Fight night. It’s a good fight.

Jordan: So, any updates on The Metro Court pool shooting? The one that paralyzed Curtis?

Dante: Nothing much so far. We just have more questions than answers.

Curtis: You brought a deck of cards. No doubt to play Go Fish . Pop, you know that’s a kids’ game.

Marshall: Well, the way I remember it, this was your favorite game to play as a boy. That and checkers, although you weren’t very clear on the rules. You had this tendency to always declare yourself a winner, even when you weren’t.

Curtis: Oh, I don’t know about claiming I was a winner, but I’ll tell you this. I sure loved jumping those pieces across the board.

Marshall: You sure did. According to Trina, there’s an app on your phone that you can play checkers. Of course, you can’t pick up the pieces, I guess what’s the point, right?

Curtis: Exactly.

[ Laughs ]

Curtis: [ Chuckles ] You know, Pop… I remember when I was a kid sitting across from you, looking up at you laughing exactly like that. [ Sighs ] I loved — I loved hearing you laugh. But what I loved even more was spending time with you.

Marshall: I’m sorry, son. I deprived us both of so many years being apart.

Curtis: You know what, Pop? None of that even matters now. You were there when I was a kid, and you’re here — you’re here now. And I couldn’t be any more thankful.

[ Laughs ]

Portia: And Spencer is here, too, I see.

Spencer: [ Chuckles ] Hi, dr. Robinson. Um…yeah, well, when Trina asked for my help moving back home, of course I said yes because I knew how much it was going to mean to you to have her living with you again.

Portia: Trina, honey, I am so sorry, but I have been using your room as extra storage while you were gone.

[ Laughter ]

Portia: So I’ll make sure to remove all those extra books and towels a little bit later, okay?

Trina: Oh, that’s okay. It’s no big deal. I’ll help you move them right now, okay? I’ll be right back.

Portia: Okay. Okay.

Spencer: Okay, well, I’m gonna take this stuff up to Trina’s room.

Portia: That won’t be necessary, Spencer. I’ll take it from here.

Carly: You’re planning Sonny and Nina’s wedding. Wow. I mean, to be honest, I can’t believe they had the audacity to ask you to do that.

Olivia: They didn’t ask. I offered. And it’s not what you’re thinking. I’m not so much doing it for Nina and Sonny. I’m doing it for me. Carly, I need a distraction. I got to get my head off all things Quartermaine.

Carly: I understand that.

Olivia: I can’t stop obsessing over Ned. You know, I look at him and I see my husband, and then he opens his mouth… and he’s Eddie Maine. And [Sighs] Being in that house — my home — it’s unbearable.

Carly: I’m so sorry, Olivia.

Olivia: Luckily, luckily, Michael is taking care of all things Quartermaine, all things aurora. And Leo, I mean, somehow, that kid is able to comprehend that Eddie is not his dad better than I can, but…he still misses his dad. And how can he not? And now Tracy… [ Chuckles ] Tracy is trying to get Ned committed.

Carly: What? That’s so extreme.

Olivia: You think? And then just when I think I’m getting somewhere, I turn my back and he completely disappears.

Carly: How can I help?

Olivia: How can you even offer that after the way I treated you?

Nina: Hey. What you reading about?

Sonny: Just reading the post-fight commentary on the fight I just watched.

Nina: Oh.

Sonny: Yeah.

Nina: You got a little smile on your face. I’m guessing that your guy must have won.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, he did. It makes me very happy ’cause it went down to the wire. It was a great fight ’cause I hate it when, like, you know, a fight is about uneven — the one guy’s just pounding on the other guy. Yeah. It’s, you know — it’s like I want it to be more competitive… right. …More like — like a dance. You’re not interested in boxing.

Nina: [ Laughs ] As a sport in a whole? No, not really. But anything that makes you so excited and makes you smile means a lot to me.

Dante: The, uh, working theory on the pool shooting is that the target was either Anna or Sonny.

Jordan: That’s two different ends of the spectrum. One spent most of her life fighting crime, while the other spent his life as a criminal.

Dante: Yeah. Here’s the thing, though — the gun that was used was traced back to a storage locker at a WSB facility in berlin. But there’s no prints. Can’t trace the bullets or the shooter.

Jordan: Hmm. What is the WSB saying about the gun?

Dante: Well, they said it was a break in a security breach and they didn’t know how it happened. But there’s no leads, no suspects.

Jordan: Don’t you find it odd that they’re not showing more interest, especially given that Anna was a former agent for them?

Dante: Yeah, except that it sounds like the WSB is washing their hands of Anna Devane.

You got a two?

No. Go Fish .

Curtis: [ Sighs ] So, what’s up with your band?

Eight. You got any eights? Thank you.

Well, we played a couple of gigs around town, plus, there’s a club in Brooklyn that’s showing some interest.

Curtis: Well, it sounds exciting.

Marshall: Yes and no. I don’t think it’s a good time to leave town. Plus, the owner of the club is lowballing us, of course.

Curtis: Well, if they’re lowballing you, why are you still considering it?

Marshall: Well, they can expose us to a brand-new audience. And you know I can talk about the music business for hours. Why don’t we talk about what we’re both thinking? [ Exhales deeply ] I’m wondering what’s gonna happen to you, son.

Curtis: [ Sighs ] I’ll be honest with you, Pop… I’m wondering the same thing.


[ Chuckles ]

I don’t know how the story goes I don’t know how the world unfolds but I know you’re right here with me

[ Laughs ]

I don’t know what tomorrow brings I don’t know much of anything but I know you’re right here with me know you’re right here with me oh, you’re right here with me whoo! Whoo-hoo! Oh, you’re right here with me

[ Both laugh ]

These are the best days of our lives the best days of our lives

[ Both chuckle ]

Sonny: So, who gave you that ring?

Nina: Oh, this one? This little thing? Oh, just some guy. He said he wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

Sonny: Yeah, well, he seems like a smart guy, you know? He’s, uh, showing you how committed he is by putting a ring on it. [ Chuckles ] Why were you late?

Nina: [ Laughs ]

Sonny: Where were you? What were you doing?

Nina: Oh, um… well, I wanted to stop by Olivia’s office and talk to her about wedding plans, but when I went there, she was in her office with…

Sonny: Carly.

Carly: Olivia, you’re in the middle of a crisis, and you snapped at me. [ Sighs ] I get it. In some of the worst times of my life, you have been there for me, and I have come to depend on your friendship, so we’re good.

Olivia: Oh, that just makes me feel worse. Carly, I-I was so overwhelmed with worry that — that Ned was never gonna wake up, that I was gonna be stuck forever with some confused middle-aged rocker, but… but none of that is any excuse.

Carly: Hey, I appreciate your apology, I do. But who else were you gonna dump on? Tracy? [ Chuckles ] You were terrified. And I’m tough, I can take it.

Olivia: Yeah, but you shouldn’t have to.

Carly: Hey. You’re my best friend, and we’re always gonna have each other’s back. And I so appreciate that and I need that. And besides, I come with limitations. You know, I can’t make you a lasagna… [ Laughs ] …Or even make a simple casserole, but what I can do is promise you that I will always be there for you no matter what.

Olivia: Thank you.

Portia: This is always gonna be Trina’s home… no matter what. No matter how old she gets, when she’s done with college, I’m always gonna be here for her. So I am more than capable of helping her move back into her room. So…

Spencer: Yeah, yeah, of course. Dr. Robinson, I completely understand that. I’m just — Trina asked me for my help moving back in, so I think that she’s expecting me to stick around.

Portia: I understand that, you know, I really do, but since my husband is in the hospital and he’s currently paralyzed, I kind of would like some one-on-one time with my daughter. I just don’t think you understand how much I really worry about her. About Trina’s safety and her security.

Spencer: Yeah. Well, my Uncle Victor is dead, so that threat is gone.

Portia: I wish the Cassadines were the only thing I needed to worry about, though. Curtis was shot by a ricocheted bullet at The Metro Court pool, of all places. A place where we should all feel safe, right? And the police say that they think there’s a possibility that the bullet that wounded my husband was meant for your other uncle, Sonny Corinthos.

Jordan: Right before the shot rang out, I remember seeing Anna having a conversation with your dad. Do you have any idea what they were talking about?

Dante: Well, look, I mean, they’ve known each other forever. I mean, they could have been talking about anything. Maybe she was filling Sonny in on what robin’s up to, or — or maybe they were talking about this stuff she’s been going through with the WSB.

Jordan: How is Anna handling that?

Dante: Honestly, I don’t think she’s doing very well. I mean, who would be in that situation, after being put through what the WSB has put her through? I mean, she’s been in law enforcement her entire life, and now she’s on the outside looking in. And on top of that, she was the potential target of a shooting, and she can’t investigate and she doesn’t have WSB resources anymore. I think she’s having a tough time, even though she insists she’s handling it well.

Jordan: Well, Anna always insists she can handle anything.

Dante: We got to find that shooter.

Jordan: Well, if you need me, officially or unofficially, I want to help. I owe it to Anna. And Curtis.

Alexis: You were right. I’m feeling a lot less stressed.

Gregory: See? I told you so.

[ Chuckles ] Oh.

Gregory: [ Groans ]

Alexis: Are you okay?

Gregory: Oh. No, it’s — I’m all right. I just think I need a little break.

Alexis: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have a seat there. I’m just — you know, I could use — I could use some water, too.

[ Axe thuds ]

Oh, well, look at that.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, everything’s taken care of.

Olivia: I love you, too. I’ll see you soon. Bye.

Carly: You remember the day we met?

Olivia: I do, I do. It was here in The Metro Court.

Carly: Mm-hmm. That’s right. You were in town for Sonny and Kate’s wedding.

Olivia: Mm-hmm.

Carly: You grew up with Sonny in Bensonhurst, and he ran into you and he asked you to be the maid of honor to his fiancée, Kate Howard.

Olivia: [ Laughs ] Only Kate Howard was not her real name, and I spilled all of her secrets that her real name was Connie Falconeri, and she was from Bensonhurst, not some snotty blue blood from Connecticut. She was from Bensonhurst just like me, and she used to talk just like me.

[ Both laugh ]

Carly: Wow. God, that was 15 years ago. Can you believe it?


[ Chuckles ] I don’t like women, okay? As a rule. And — and you and I have become, dare I say, friends, and we have a good time hanging out together and talking, and it really bothers me and freaks me out that Jax is trying to take that away.

Jax does not own me.

I’m gonna like having you around here.

Well, good. I’m gonna like being here.

Okay. If no one else in your life is gonna tell you this, I will. You are about to throw away the best thing that’ll ever happen to you.

Carly: Oh, my god. You spent the night with Julian Jerome.

Be quiet.

Carly: Oh, my god!

Who cares if I did?

Carly: What?

Anyways, you’re not immune to him because you went out with him, too.

Carly: No, no. Hell, I almost married Franco. I have no room to judge, but Julian Jerome is a slime. What were you thinking?

Carly: It’s a big risk, but it’s the only way I can buy my half of the hotel back.

It isn’t the only way. You can swallow your stubborn pride and let your friends help you.

Carly: Unless pride is the only thing I have left.

If you think that I don’t appreciate everything we’ve been through here… I mean, you back me as your partner, and… and you love me as your friend.

I’m always gonna love you as my friend, and that’s never gonna change, and you’re making me cry. I told you not to make me cry.

Me too. [ Sniffles ]

Carly: [ Exhales deeply ] I guess we’ll always be connected through Sonny.

Olivia: Oh, come on. You don’t give us enough credit. Sure, we’ll always have a connection because of Sonny, but becoming your friend was one of the best decisions I ever made. I really do value your friendship. And be honest… does it really not bother you that I’m helping Nina and Sonny plan their wedding?

Curtis: When I check out of the hospital, I’m supposed to go to a rehab facility. And I got to say, Pop… I’m dreading that.

Marshall: Why? Aren’t they supposed to help teach you how to get around and go about your life?

Curtis: That’s just it. I feel like by going to that rehab facility, it’s like me announcing to the world that I have given up hope about ever walking again, and that I have accepted that this is what my life is about. Life in a wheelchair.

Marshall: Son. Son, just because you learn to live with being in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to stop hoping that you can walk someday again. I know you. [ Sighs ] I know you’re — you’re a proud man, Curtis. And you’ve had a very active life. Son, I feel your — your frustration, but I’m here. I’m here to remind you… you don’t have to go through this struggle alone.

Curtis: I know Portia — she’s so determined to be with me. To support me. Pop, just seeing her reminds me of the life we’ll never have together. It just makes it worse.

[ Knock on door ]

Jordan: Hello. Am I interrupting, or is this a good time for a visit?

Spencer: I’m so, so, so incredibly sorry for what happened to Mr. Ashford. But as I understand it, the police aren’t yet sure who the intended target was. The last thing that I want to do is to make your life more difficult. But one thing that I can promise you is that I am… Dr. Robinson, I’m nothing like my late Uncle Victor or my Uncle Sonny.

Portia: You’re not exactly a saint, though, are you, Spencer?

Spencer: No, that’s true. That’s true. My track record is far from spotless. And I hope that I earned some redemption for what happened in Greenland. But beyond that, I want you to know that I want Trina to be safe and to be happy. So to make your night easier, I’m gonna go say goodbye to Trina, and then I’m gonna take off.

Portia: There’s no need for you to say goodbye in person. I can let Trina know that you had to take off.

Spencer: Okay, then. Good night, Dr. Robinson.

Portia: Good night.

Trina: Mom. Where’s Spencer?

Portia: He took off.

Alexis: Are you okay?

Gregory: Yeah, yeah. Mostly just embarrassed.

Alexis: Embarrassed? You’re an ex-athlete. Tell me about your bucket list.

Gregory: [ Exhales deeply ]

Alexis: You know you can only have one, right?

Gregory: Says who?

Alexis: Says logic. Says common sense. You have one bucket list, which means that you can keep adding on as often as you want, so you don’t need a second. Your hand hurts, huh? Is it getting worse?

Gregory: Every single day.

Marshall: Don’t worry, son. I’ll be back tomorrow so you can redeem yourself.

Curtis: Thanks, Pop.

[ Door closes ]

Jordan: Go Fish ? Really? And I always thought you played higher-stakes games.

Curtis: Go Fish  reminds my dad of when we played cards when I was a kid. Before he took off. So if it makes him smile, it makes me smile.

Jordan: I got it.

Curtis: I know everyone’s on edge when they come to see me… because no one knows what to say. So if playing a card game, a kids’ card game, puts my dad at ease…

Jordan: Then that’s what you’re gonna do. I see that. Because you want your dad to feel better.

Curtis: Since there’s not much I can accomplish these days, it’s nice to do the one thing I can do.

Jordan: And that’s exactly why I’m here… because I need something from you.

Trina: I wish Spencer stayed. We could have moved everything to my room a lot faster.

Portia: Well, you know Spencer. He’s probably thinking about his baby brother.

Trina: Right. I know how important Ace is to him.

Portia: But besides that, it’s you and me again.

Trina: [ Chuckles ] We managed pretty well, didn’t we?

Portia: Yeah. Kind of like old times, right?

Trina: Yeah. Well, that is the reason why I decided to come home.

Portia: What do you mean?

Trina: I didn’t want you tackling the biggest job by yourself. This house isn’t handicap accessible. So what’s the plan? Are you going to install ramps for a wheelchair, hand grips in the bathroom? Maybe we should move to some place that’s all one level. I-I know how much you love the beach house, but is it really the best place for Curtis?

Sonny: I know, you know, Port Charles is a big city in some ways, but in other ways, it’s a community, and Carly and I share kids, and you’re gonna be running into her a lot, and I don’t want you to feel like you have to avoid her, especially in your own hotel.

Nina: No, I don’t, I don’t. I know — I know that Olivia and Carly, they’re really good friends. And I didn’t need to interfere. And, you know, I didn’t want to make things more tense than they already are. Things are going really great between Olivia and I, and I don’t want to ruin it, especially now, you know? And specifically considering what I went to Olivia’s office to talk to her about.

Sonny: What’d you go to her office to talk to her about?

Nina: [ Chuckles ] Our future. Specifically… setting our wedding date.

Gregory: I have a disease that’s making my world smaller and smaller and taking more and more of my abilities away and making me more and more dependent on other people.

Alexis: You must be scared.

Gregory: Scared? No. No. I’m angry. No, I’m… royally pissed off. But what — what — what good is being angry gonna do me? It’s just using up more of what I don’t have — time. Time with my sons, who I love, and my granddaughter, who brings me endless joy. How could she not? You know, my — my family life is still — it’s still pretty good. I have great friends like you, you know, started a second-chapter career. But lately, I-I… I can’t stop thinking about — no, obsessing… about the inevitable. You know, when I — when I first started getting symptoms, I… I was able to ignore them for a while… until I couldn’t. And then I was diagnosed. And in… that one doctor’s appointment, one little moment, everything changed. Everything. Everything was… taken away from me. And I’m not ready to give it up.

Portia: Curtis is gonna be in a rehab facility for the next month or so, so I have some time to get this place handicap-accessible. And just to be perfectly transparent, he hasn’t even agreed to come back here after.

Trina: I’m so sorry. That must be killing you.

Portia: [ Sniffles ] Well, intellectually, I know what’s going on. I know that patients kind of deal with this kind of thing when they’re facing paralysis. But I believe that this is the time that you show up for the people that you love, so I’m gonna wait for him. I’m gonna wait for him to get through this and — and let me in. [ Chuckles ] And I hope that he’s gonna let you in, too.

Trina: I hope I’m ready if he does, because I’ve been feeling so sad and disconnected.

Portia: And I’m sure that Curtis is feeling the exact same way. Honey, you know, ordinarily, Curtis would love to spend time with you. I think he’s just facing the feelings of being paralyzed.

Trina: I wanted to see him. And — and I wanted to see you, too. That’s the reason why I came home. Because I missed you, mom.

Portia: Oh, honey, I missed you so much, too.

Curtis: Well, as you can see, I’m not really in a position to do you any favors.

Jordan: Well, you might be able to help more than you think. I don’t know if you remember, but I was at The Metro Court pool with Zeke and Portia the night you got shot.

Curtis: Yeah, I remember.

Jordan: Well, the police believe that either Sonny Corinthos or Anna Devane was the intended target of the shooter.

Curtis: Jordan, I already know this.

Jordan: Has anything come back to you about the shooting? Any details or observations that could help us track down the shooter? How are you investigating the shooting?

Curtis: Aren’t you the new deputy mayor?

Jordan: I am, and I’m doing my best, but what can I say? Once a cop, always a cop. Besides, I have a personal stake in your case. And obviously, you do, too, so if anything comes back to you — any memory, any sound, anything at all — please let me know.

Curtis: I can do that.

Gregory: I know I-I-I keep saying I-I don’t want to tell my sons about my ALS because they’d look at me differently and I-I want our time together to be special. But lately, since these symptoms have started getting worse, I-I-I find myself canceling on them, avoiding them. And while my bucket list is getting longer, I’m opting out of things. Not just bucket list, but — but — but day-to-day stuff like hiking with Chase and breakfast with Finn and violet because I’m so scared that I’m gonna have some symptom I can’t hide or explain away.

Alexis: How about if you just start with Finn? I mean, he’s a doctor. [ Sighs ] He can help you.

Gregory: He’s been through so much already. I-I don’t want to be a burden to him.

Alexis: [ Sighs ] All right, you just said that you want to enjoy your life for as long as you can. So do it.

Nina: When you were talking to Brick, I was talking to Olivia about wedding plans…

Sonny: Right.

Nina: …And we quickly realized that we can’t make wedding plans without first setting a wedding date.

Sonny: I already told you that I love you, and I want you to have the, you know — the perfect wedding of your dreams, but I just want to be perfectly clear — I will go to a courthouse and marry you. [ Chuckles ] I will go to Vegas and marry you. I just want you to know that I’m committed and serious about marrying you.

Nina: Mm. But… we got to pick a date tomorrow.

[ Chuckles ]

Carly: I know you love Sonny, and you want him to be happy, so of course you’re gonna support him. And like you said, this is more about distracting you from the Eddie Maine situation, so, yeah, I understand that. I do.

Olivia: I really appreciate that.

Carly: Doesn’t mean I have to like it… but I can learn to live with it. And besides, I have so much going on right now, so…

Olivia: How is Drew?

Carly: He’s okay, given the situation. I’m just so worried about him, and I feel so frustrated because there’s nothing I can do except visit him.

Alexis: [ Sighs ] You want to get out of here?

Gregory: Sure. Where do you want to go?

Alexis: You’ll see.

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