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Marlena is reading at home until Chad shows up at the door. Marlena says it’s nice to see him and asks if he’s alright. Chad says he’s fine and that he heard she’s alive but he had to see it with his own eyes. Chad asks how she is and tells her she looks amazing. Marlena says she’s just so happy and thrilled to be back with the people she loves. Chad assures that everyone else is just as happy and calls it a miracle but notes that it’s just too bad that Kate didn’t make it too.

Stephanie is with Tripp at his apartment when her phone rings and she answers hoping it’s Kayla. Stephanie is shocked by what she hears and questions how did this happen.

Kayla opens the locked box she found in the wine cellar in Greece and finds a stack of envelopes. She wonders what could be so important for Victor to keep hidden all this time. Kayla picks one up and sees it’s a letter addressed to her mother, Caroline Brady.

Steve introduces himself to the cop in Greece and says he’s working with the ISA and needs to see the evidence found in Dr. Rolf’s room. The cop responds that he’s afraid his colleague already made that request as he arrived a few minutes before him. Steve asks if he’s still there. The cop informs him that “Mr. Donovan” is in the other room. Steve questions Shane being there. The cop suggests Steve join him while he checks to see what’s taking so long on their end. Steve goes to the room looking for Shane, but is shocked to find Bo instead. Steve asks if it’s really him and how this can be. Steve questions him being alive which Bo confirms that he is. Steve hugs Bo in shock while asking how this is possible that he’s alive. Steve then questions what Bo is doing in Greece, posing as Shane Donovan.

Hope and Harris show the photo of Thomas Banks around the restaurant until the bartender calls out that he wants to talk to them.

Stephanie says she’ll be there as soon as she can and hangs up. Tripp asks about the call. Stephanie reveals it was a hospital in Seattle as their brother Joey has been in an accident.

Kayla questions Victor keeping this letter to Caroline all these years. Kayla opens the envelope reads the letter where Victor wrote that he had just arrived in Greece and how it was terrible to leave her behind in Salem but that it was for the best after what happened between them.

Steve questions Bo about what is going on, how he’s alive, and what he’s doing here. Bo calls it a long story. Steve says that’s a story he’d like to hear. Steve explains that the cop told him that Bo said he was Shane Donovan and that he was trying to get all the evidence from Dr. Rolf’s room and asks why he would say that. Bo claims that he’s working undercover for the ISA but he can’t go in to detail. Bo says he just has to get some evidence and get the hell out. Steve asks if he’s in some kind of trouble. Bo claims he’s working a case and just has to go. Steve says not until they talk. Bo says he can’t talk as this is a highly sensitive operation. Steve argues that Kayla is missing and some psycho has her which is why he’s in Greece because he’s trying to track down Thomas Banks. Bo asks why Banks. Steve says that he and Hope have reason to believe Thomas is the one who took Kayla. Steve adds that Hope is here in Greece. Steve pulls out his phone and says he has to call Hope to tell her that Bo is alive. Bo grabs Steve’s phone away from him and says he’s not calling anyone.

The bartender in Greece introduces himself as Konstantin and says he’s the owner. He acknowledges that Hope might not mean any trouble but he recognizes seeing Harris on the news, being arrested for many crimes including trying to kill Hope on their wedding. Hope tries to explain as Konstantin questions how Harris got out of prison, assuming he must have escaped and is now a wanted man. He asks Hope if Harris is holding her against her will and then says she must be too scared to say so. He declares that Hope is safe now because he will make sure Harris never hurts anyone again.

Tripp asks Stephanie about Joey’s accident. Stephanie notes that he’s fine but pretty banged up with cracked ribs and a broken leg, so he’s in surgery now. Stephanie says that Joey is all alone and going to need help getting around so she’s going to Seattle since Steve and Kayla can’t. Tripp tells her that he will go. Stephanie argues against that, pointing out that Tripp has a job here. Tripp says she does too but Stephanie says she can work from anywhere. Tripp points out that Stephanie hasn’t slept since hearing from Kayla, so she needs to go see Marlena to see if Kayla left any clue as to where she might be. Tripp adds that Joey would want her to focus on finding Kayla. Tripp decides he will book his flight now. Stephanie thanks him and says she really appreciates it, but reminds him about his big date with Wendy.

Chad asks Marlena about Kate being in the lab too. Marlena confirms that Megan was holding all three of them. Chad goes over how now Marlena is home, Kayla is missing, and Kate’s gone. Marlena says she’s so sorry. Chad says he can’t stop thinking about Kate and trying to put all the bizarre pieces together. Chad asks what Megan wanted and what she did. Chad knows she doesn’t want to relive the nightmare, but Kate was like a mother to him and had a second chance but his own sister took it away from her. Chad states that losing Abigail how they did was a shock and having the answers made it a little easier. Marlena understands and wishes she could tell him more, but they were sedated most of the time and there was only one day where they were conscious together. Chad asks how Kate was. Marlena says she was alright and kept demanding to know what Megan planned to do with him but Megan wouldn’t tell them much and then she put them under again. Marlena adds that when she and Kayla woke up, Kate wasn’t there, so they tried to escape and find her but Dr. Rolf stopped them. Chad asks if he told them where Kate was. Marlena responds that Kate was with Megan as she was apparently going to be the first test subject of Rolf’s new serum which he said would be life changing. Marlena mentions that Megan came back and said that Kate had refused to cooperate so she was going to be taking a different path. Marlena adds that she and Kayla remained in the lab and a few minutes later, they heard a gunshot. Marlena assumes it was the same henchman who took Kayla off the island. Chad brings up Thomas Banks. Marlena says she hadn’t considered him and asks if his name came up. Chad informs her that Steve told Stephanie that Megan is claiming that Thomas Banks took Kayla.

Hope stops Konstantin and tells him there has been a misunderstanding. Hope explains that what he saw was old news and shows him an article on her phone that says Harris was cleared and found innocent of all charges. Harris confirms it’s true and says he feels terrible about all the people he hurt. Konstantin apologizes. Harris says he had every right to be upset and he’s glad that he was looking out for Hope. Hope thanks Konstantin and promises that Harris is not a danger to anyone. Hope adds that he’s actually helping her find her sister in law who was kidnapped. Hope shows Konstantin a picture of Kayla and asks if he’s seen her.

Kayla continues reading Victor’s letter to Caroline about how he wanted to stay in Salem but it had become too much of a risk with his feelings for her and that he loved her, so he didn’t want to destroy her life or her family.

Steve asks what the hell Bo is doing and says they need to call Hope and find Thomas Banks. Bo disagrees. Steve repeats that Thomas took Kayla. Bo responds that Thomas didn’t take Kayla, because he did. Steve asks what he’s talking about. Bo says he doesn’t have time to explain. Steve demands to know where Kayla is and asks if she’s alright. Bo says of course and asks if he really thinks he would hurt his own sister. Steve says he doesn’t, but he doesn’t get why Bo took Kayla off Megan’s island without telling anybody when he and John were there searching for her. Steve doesn’t know how they missed him. Bo asks what difference it makes. Steve shouts that Kayla is his wife and argues that Bo had to know how worried everyone would be. Steve questions Bo not letting anybody know and that he couldn’t find a way to make contact. Bo says he doesn’t have time for this. Steve tells Bo that he can trust him. Bo says that’s enough and he has to get this evidence. Bo tries to leave but Steve grabs him. Bo tells him to get the hell off of him.

Konstantin says he has not seen Kayla. Hope shows a photo of Thomas Banks and Konstantin confirms he has seen him but not in a few years. Hope tells Harris they should get back to the hotel and check in with Steve. Konstantin stops them and offers them a meal since he couldn’t provide them any information.

Tripp tells Stephanie that he hates to cancel on Wendy, but Joey needs him and Wendy will understand. Stephanie tells him to call her when he gets there. Stephanie hugs him and says he’s the best. Tripp wishes her luck with Marlena, hoping that she remembers something that helps Steve find Kayla. Stephanie then exits the apartment.

Kayla continues reading Victor’s letter to Caroline where he said he could never hurt her family but dreamed of them having a child together. Victor then wrote suggesting Caroline come there to Greece so they could be together.

Chad asks Marlena if she thinks Thomas took Kayla. Marlena admits it’s possible since Thomas had worked for Megan before. Chad asks if she saw Thomas in the lab. Marlena says she only saw Megan and Dr. Rolf. Marlena then remembers that there was someone else there.

Bo repeats to Steve to get the hell off of him and pulls a knife. Steve doesn’t believe he will cut him and reminds Bo that even if they haven’t seen each other in 10 years, he’s still his best friend in the world. Bo brings up that there was a time they hated each other and he took Steve’s eye. Steve asks Bo to put the knife down and talk. Bo says he’s done enough talking and warns him to let go before someone gets hurt. Steve doesn’t know what’s going on with him or what he’s been through but argues that this is not him as Bo Brady would never hurt him. Bo asks if he’s sure about that. Steve says he is but Bo then hits him and pins him against the wall with his knife held up. Bo declares that he took one of Steve’s eyes and now he’s going to take the other. Bo takes the knife and stabs through the wall next to Steve’s head. Steve laughs and says he knew Bo couldn’t do it. Bo then instead pulls out a gun. Steve says he doesn’t know what’s changed in Bo, but he can’t change 40 years of history and he’ll always be his closest friend. Bo tells him to shut the hell up and knocks him out.

Marlena tells Chad about the fourth tube in the lab and Dr. Rolf was about to tell her and Kayla who was in it, but Megan walked in so they never got a name. Marlena doesn’t think it could’ve been Thomas Banks if he’s been causing problems all around the world. Chad asks who she thinks it was then. Marlena is not sure they will ever know. Chad thanks her for telling him what happened and he’s glad to know that she and Kayla were with Kate in her last days and that she went out fighting. Marlena is glad he came by as they hug. Marlena tells Chad to call if he has any more questions. Chad says he appreciates that. Chad goes to leave and opens the door right as Stephanie arrives.

Kayla continues reading Victor’s letter to Caroline, saying he’s come to learn that nothing is more precious than time with the people you love and that he could send her a plane ticket so they could be together for awhile.

Hope tells Konstantin that she would normally say yes but they have lots of work to do. Konstantin encourages them to keep up their strength and calls Hope his best customer, saying he can’t let her leave without taking good care of her. Konstantin recalls Hope and Harris being there on the day they met and how happy they looked. Konstantin says that everyone there loved Hope and encourages them to have a seat, so they do. Konstantin announces he will recreate the magic of that night.

Wendy comes home and sees Tripp’s bag is packed. Tripp comes out of the back on his phone, booking his flight to Seattle. Wendy questions him going to Seattle. Tripp confirms that he is going this afternoon. Tripp apologizes but says his brother Joey was in an accident.

Stephanie tells Marlena that she knew she was back but it’s wonderful to see her as they hug. Stephanie asks how she’s feeling. Marlena says she’s fine and her family is taking very good care of her. Stephanie wasn’t expecting Chad to be there. Chad explains that he wanted to see a miracle with his own eyes and Marlena was kind enough to tell him what happened to Kate. Marlena repeats that she’s so sorry and asks Stephanie if there’s any news about Kayla. Stephanie says not yet, but that’s why she’s here because she was hoping Marlena might be able to help them find her. Marlena asks how she can help. Stephanie explains that Kayla called her but there was a lot of static and she could only make out that she was in Greece. Stephanie adds that Tripp thinks maybe her subconscious mind heard more, so maybe if Marlena hypnotizes her, she might remember. Stephanie knows the chances are slim but she will try anything that might help her mom. Marlena says she will too.

Hope and Harris get their dinner. They talk about this being a dead end with Thomas Banks. Harris suggests they finish their meal and then get back to the search. Harris jokes that Konstantin hopes for Hope to have an encore of smashing plates from their first night together. Harris recalls seeing Hope the same way everyone else did, as the beautiful American that everyone fell in love with.

Bo drags Steve back out to the main room of the Greece police station and asks the cop about the prisms. The cop hands over a bag with all three prisms and asks about Steve, thinking he was his colleague. Bo claims that Steve just told him that to get access to the prisms but he’s a con artist. Steve starts to regain consciousness. Bo claims that Steve came after him so he had to bash him in the head. Bo says he has to get him to a secure facility as Steve tries to say not to listen to him. Bo then drags Steve out of the room.

Wendy asks Tripp if Joey is going to be okay. Tripp says he has a broken leg but he should be just fine. Wendy asks if Joey is in surgery now. Tripp says that’s why he’s leaving now, to be there when he wakes up. Tripp tells Wendy that he’s really sorry that he’s going to miss their dinner. Wendy tells him not to worry as his brother needs him. Tripp thanks her for understanding. Tripp doesn’t know exactly when he’ll be back, but asks for a rain check on dinner. Wendy tells him to count on it and to tell Joey that she hopes he gets better soon. Tripp says he will see her soon and kisses her goodbye as he then exits.

Marlena begins to hypnotize Stephanie. Stephanie remembers talking to Kayla on the phone but there’s too much static. Marlena encourages Stephanie to block out all the static until all she hears is Kayla’s voice. Stephanie remembers that Kayla told her a name of who took her. Chad asks who it is. Marlena asks if she still hears the sound of her mother’s voice but she doesn’t so Marlena brings her out of the hypnosis. Marlena asks how she feels. Stephanie says she’s fine and asks if it worked. Chad worries that he messed it up by asking who’s name Stephanie heard and thinks he threw it off. Stephanie confirms that she did hear Kayla say a name. Chad asks if it was Thomas Banks, but Stephanie reveals that she’s pretty sure it was Victor Kiriakis.

Kayla continues reading Victor’s letter to Caroline, saying he knows it may be impossible but he hoped she would consider it. Bo returns and says he got the prisms she needed and another present. Bo then drags Steve in to the wine cellar which shocks Kayla. Bo tells her to stay back and that maybe Steve will live.

Harris and Hope enjoy their dinner and people in the restaurant begin dancing. Harris recalls Hope dancing on a table the last time. One of the men invite Hope to join them. Hope tries to decline but gives in and dances with them. Hope then joins in their tradition of smashing plates. Hope declares she’s not dancing alone and brings Harris into it as well. Hope and Harris hug in the center and end up kissing.

Bo tells Steve and Kayla to behave themselves and leaves them locked up in the wine cellar. Kayla then rushes to wake Steve up as they are reunited.

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