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Jack: Hey, nick. It’s jack. I’m just checking in. I’m still reeling from phyllis’s death. I imagine you’re feeling the same way. If– if you feel like talking, gimme– gimme a call.

Ashley: Wow, how sweet. You’re actually taking a break from fawning all over diane to show compassion for somebody else.

Jack: I don’t know why you’d be surprised. My heart goes out to anyone who cared about phyllis. She was a big part of my life, a big part of this family’s life.

Ashley: Yeah. Seems to me though, you’ve forgotten about all the people you say you care about ever since you got back involved with diane.

Jack: That is not true, ash.

Ashley: I think it is, jack. I almost expected to find you down here consoling her because your big engagement news got overshadowed by phyllis’s dying.

Jack: It is amazing to me even at a time like this, my own sister can’t set aside her vitriol for the woman I love.

Ashley: Oh, god.

Tucker: This where the town pariahs gather to meet?

Diane: I’m not in the mood, tucker.

Tucker: Yeah. I should think not. Things took quite a turn last night, eh? Got the whole town talking.

Diane: Why don’t you go harass someone else?

[ Tucker laughs ]

Tucker: You’re the– by far, the most fascinating person to talk to in town, at least about this topic. Most people have conflicted feelings about phyllis’s death, not you.

Billy: Hey.

Sharon: Hey, billy.

Billy: How you holding up?

Sharon: Well, I’m still working through what’s happened.

Billy: Do you have any therapists secrets on how to cope with grief?

Sharon: I wish there were one. I’m just processing my emotions like everyone else. Such a strange void knowing that phyllis is no longer in the world.

Billy: She was larger than life and it’s funny. Everything seems a little less colorful all of a sudden.

Sharon: That’s true. The question now is how do we fill that absence?

Summer: I know that the flower choice isn’t conventional, but neither was my mother. Quiet and sedate just wasn’t her style. Okay, send me the invoice.

[ Summer sighs ] That takes care of the flower arrangements. Now, I’ve gotta do the programs.

Kyle: Let me take some of this off your hands. What can I do?

Summer: Can you please stop asking so I can stop saying it? This is something that I need to do myself.

Sharon: Phyllis’s passing really makes you realize how important it is to spend every minute with the people you love.

Billy: You thinking about rey?

Sharon: This month will be a year since we lost him.

Billy: Wow.

Sharon: It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long. Some mornings, I still wake up and turn over and expect to see him lying there next to me. Sometimes, I listen to this message he left for me that I haven’t been able to erase. For a few seconds, it feels like he’s still here.

Billy: I’m sorry. He was a good guy.

Sharon: He was a great man with a beautiful soul. And in many ways, I was lucky to find a love like that. My life was made better because I met rey rosales and I know that he would want me to be happy now, so I do my best to find things that make me happy.

Billy: The simple pleasures.

Sharon: Right now, it is mariah and tessa’s new baby girl, aria. I have been video chatting with them from portland. It’s impossible to be sad when you look at that adorable little face.

Billy: Oh, no. Babies are like dopamine hit straight into the system.

Sharon: It doesn’t make up for the loss, but new life is definitely giving me something worth holding onto.

Billy: That’s good. I’m happy for you. I’m happy for– for everyone, and please tell mariah and tessa congratulations. And when I’m having a bad day, I’m gonna hit you up for a baby picture.

[ Sharon chuckling ]

Kyle: You were clear about your wishes. You want to plan the memorial alone.

Summer: Okay, then why do we need to keep talking about it? Alone means that no one can help. Not you. Not my grandma. I haven’t even talked to daniel about the arrangements.

Kyle: You think that’s a good idea? It might matter to him, too.

Summer: Then I will tell him that I’m sorry. This service is my apology to my mom for the pain that I cost her in her final days.

Kyle: Phyllis knew how much you loved her.

Summer: You don’t know that.

Kyle: I knew her and I knew how she felt about you. You fought and had differences over the years and made up. A lifetime of love does not get undone by a rocky last few months.

Summer: It was her last memory of us, of our time together.

Kyle: Summer, I am worried. You are running yourself ragged, handling all of this on top of dealing with your grief and mourning. It’s too much. I am begging you to let me help you.

Summer: I’m not gonna leave the details to anyone else, okay? It’s too important. And if you’re worried about me wearing myself out, then stop making me expend my energy fighting with you about it.

Kyle: No, no. I’m– I’m not trying to argue with you. I am just saying that the way your mom’s life ended is not your fault and it is not your burden to carry.

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Ashley: You brought diane into our company, then into our home, and now you wanna make her a member of our family. When is it enough? When is the damage that she’s caused to all of us enough?

Jack: I am not having this conversation.

Ashley: Let’s just be honest, jack. After all the stress and anxiety that diane caused phyllis all these months, is it really just a coincidence? You announce your engagement to diana and phyllis collapses and then dies?

Jack: You have no evidence of that. That is speculation.

Ashley: I don’t have to speculate about all the misery that she’s brought to us because I have personally lived it. And now, you’re willing to turn your back on everyone and everything that you say you care about and you still wanna marry her.

Jack: That is enough.

Ashley: It’s not enough because I can’t get through to you and nobody can get through to you. I’m worried for you. I’m worried that you’re gonna suffer the same consequences of being involved with diane that phyllis did.

[ Stomping footsteps ]

Kyle: Who doubts that phyllis was loved?

Summer: I can think of two people off the top of my head. My mom’s supposed husband’s, stark, and… his ex-lover.

Kyle: Ex? You mean my mother?

Summer: I’m not gonna forget what she said to my mom the night that she died. That she would be doing the world a favor if she killed her.

Kyle: That was in the heat of the moment. You yourself pointed that out to phyllis.

Summer: I was wrong.

Kyle: You are suffering a terrible pain. I know what it’s like and I understand and am hoping you will come out on the other side realizing no one is happy phyllis is gone.

Summer: That’s not true. Oh, my god. I can’t believe that you still have these blinders on when it comes to your mom. How can you not see it?

Kyle: Okay. Please just stop. You’re spinning out and it’s killing me. I get that you are suffering, but you couldn’t possibly have convinced yourself that my mom would wish something so tragic.

Summer: Not just tragic. Malicious.

Tucker: Were you even able to shed a single tear for phyllis? At least put on a concerned face for jack and kyle and the cops.

Diane: Don’t be perverse. I am not glad that she’s dead and I am sad for those who loved her.

Tucker: Yes, of course, of course. Still, having phyllis dead is gonna make your life a lot easier.

Diane: Well, there’s more of where she came from.

Tucker: Oh, you mean ashley?

[ Diane sighing ]

Diane: Yes. You two seem awfully cozy these days.

Tucker: Mm. Not cozy enough for my liking, but I’m working on it.

Diane: Maybe you could convince her to show jack some courtesy while he’s grieving.

Tucker: Of course, I will. ‘Cause he would show me the same courtesy. So, it’s not even a little tinge that jack is mourning his once great love?

Diane: You’re awful. You know that?

Tucker: Yeah. I’ve heard. Well, I’d wish you a nice day, but I don’t think your day is going to get any better from here.

[ Diane scoffing ]

Jack: I am not gonna play into your guilt trip. Phyllis wasted the last few months of her life fixated on diane, with your encouragement, she chose to spin her wheels spewing hate rather than living her life. Her daughter came back to town, as did her son. She had plenty to celebrate. Instead, she focused all of her energy on rage and spite and vengeance. Her death is a terrible loss! And if stress had anything to do with it, it is stress phyllis brought on herself.

Ashley: Do you hear– you’re gonna blame phyllis, the dead woman? You’re blaming her? Of course, it couldn’t be diane’s fault, right? She’s been an angel during this whole thing. She’s not a victim.

Jack: You think I need to learn a lesson about phyllis’s death? I think you do. Instead of digesting what phyllis did, what happened to phyllis and choosing a different direction? No. You’ve doubled down. You’re gonna get back to the work that you and nikki and phyllis started together. Wasting your days working toward the same spiteful goal, doing exactly the same thing you now claim led to the death of your co-conspirator.

Ashley: I am trying to protect the people I care–

Jack: I don’t need your protect protection.

Ashley: You do! You do!

Jack: Get on with it. Is your life really that empty? Is your heart really that dark?

Ashley: [ Voice breaks ] This is what love is… right here. I’m gonna keep fighting for you, jack, because you’re too blind to fight for yourself.

[ Door opens ]

[ Jack sniffling ] (Man) what if my type 2 diabetes takes over?

Kyle: You’re saying you believe someone killed phyllis.

Summer: It is the only thing that is making sense. Everything surrounding my mom’s death is just too convenient. Like it could have been set up by someone who wanted her gone.

Kyle: Okay. I– I– I think it’s time for us to bring in someone for you to talk to about your grief.

Summer: I’m not crazy.

Kyle: No. No, no, no. I’m not saying you are. I just think it might be helpful for you to talk to someone who’s trained in this, maybe even sharon.

Summer: Sharon? Kyle, you know my mom’s history with her. Why would I talk to her about this?

Kyle: All of that stopped mattering years ago. And sharon knows enough about all of us where she wouldn’t have to familiarize herself with the personalities or situation. Hopefully, she can help us through this huge loss.

Summer: What you’re really saying is that you want her to brainwash me into thinking that my mom’s death was just a series of coincidences.

Kyle: That’s what it was. I know the instinct is to find answers and blame someone, but none of this was planned.

Summer: The more I think about it, the less I think that’s true. And I don’t need you or sharon or anyone else to try to convince me otherwise.

Kyle: All right. All right. Let’s talk about other options.

Summer: I have things that I need to take care of, okay?

Kyle: I’ll come with you.

Summer: No. I’m leaving alone.

[ Footsteps thudding ]

Sharon: Oh, hey, summer. Summer? I don’t mean to intrude, but I just saw summer. How is she dealing with everything?

Kyle: I hate seeing her like this. I don’t know what to do. I suggested she see a professional.

Sharon: But she’s not ready yet to do that?

Kyle: Bad call on my part.

Sharon: It’s hard being the loved one of someone who’s grieving. Just ask nick or faith or mariah. I know that I was pretty tough to deal with at times when we lost rey.

Kyle: I just feel like I can’t win. Somehow, I’m always saying and doing the wrong thing.

Sharon: I don’t know that there is the right thing. Just don’t be so hard on yourself.

Kyle: I just want and need to be there for summer, but I’m dealing with my own feelings. And summer’s personal attacks on my mother, I– what do I say to that?

Sharon: I know it doesn’t seem like it now, but time will help. Heightened emotions will subside. Summer will always grieve her mother, much like you did yours before we knew that diane was alive, but in time, the pain will become bearable.

Kyle: I remember every step of that journey. It’s not an easy road.

Sharon: Now you will go down that road with your wife. And you know what I see happening? You’re going to give summer the best support possible, even when her pain won’t allow her to accept it.

Kyle: What if I am doing everything wrong?

Sharon: Just being there is enough. When I had my family around me, it meant the world to me just to have their support, even if they were just giving me my space. You are summer’s family and the two of you are gonna get through this together.

Summer: How are you doing?

[ Daniel sniffling ]

Daniel: Everything hurts.

Summer: I get it. Talking hurts. Not talking hurts.

Daniel: I– I saw the announcement for mom’s memorial service. You didn’t think to talk to me about it first?

Summer: I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. I just had to make it happen.

Daniel: Right. Right. But I mean, it’s not how this works, you know? I deserve to be involved in those decisions. She was my mother, too.

Billy: I can guess what that was about.

Jack: Our sister has a one-track mind. She’s singularly focused on her loathing for diane above everything else. Her own brother, her nephew, the death of someone who was part of this family.

Billy: Yeah. I’m not gonna defend ashley, jack. I wasn’t here. I was just talking to sharon about the nature of grief in all its different forms.

Jack: You think a tragedy like this would bring us closer together. Seems to be tearing us further apart.

Billy: It’s hard to wrap your mind around. Yeah, I for one, I’m gonna miss her. She was chaotic, but electric, fiery and brilliant.

Jack: Yeah, she was all that.

Billy: And now she’s gone and uh, people are looking for explanations. Someone to blame. It’s not just ashley.

Jack: What does that mean?

Billy: There’s been some comments made, jack.

Jack: About what?

Billy: That maybe diane was involved.

Trelegy for copd.

Tucker: Hi, come in.

Ashley: Why are you here now?

Tucker: Oh, the grand phoenix is being renovated. Got a little noisy. Why are you here? How can I help?

Ashley: I don’t know if you can help. I guess I turn to you like a bad habit.

Tucker: Okay. Well, let’s be bad, then.

Ashley: Are you always like this? Just, nothing affects you ever? Just flip and unaffected?

Tucker: Well, don’t you think one of us has to be, um, levelheaded and emotionally detached to solve whatever the problem is?

Ashley: I don’t have to be unemotional to be effective.

Tucker: Okay. Why don’t you just tell me what’s going on and I– I promise to be as indignant as you.

Ashley: My brother is blind when it comes to diane. You know, I mean, unwaveringly loyal to her. Jeremy stark basically called her a murderer, but it doesn’t matter to jack, you know, it just strengthens his, uh, devotion to her.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Sorry.

Ashley: Well, you should be sorry, because it affects you.

Tucker: Really? How so?

Ashley: Yeah. There’s no point in trying to steal diane and jack’s thunder, their engagement announcement, by saying we’re gonna get engaged. Everybody’s concentrating on phyllis’s death and rightfully so.

Jack: Get to your point. You think diane caused phyllis’s death?

Billy: No, I don’T. I’m just telling you that the implications are out there.

Jack: Name names. Where these rumors coming from? Jeremy stark, a known criminal with an axe to grind? I’m surprised you of all people would fall for that. Jeremy is blaming diane after mysteriously marrying phyllis, a woman he doesn’t even know! This is insanity.

Tucker: I’m sorry you feel that way. I had high hopes for our fake engagement.

Ashley: Yeah. I was kind of warming up to the idea myself.

Tucker: Hmm.

Ashley: If for no other reason than just to get jack to look in the mirror, realize the stupidity and the absurdity of actually forgiving somebody who’s caused you nothing but pain. I mean, just wreaked havoc in your life and then you do something ridiculous like turning around and marrying that person.

Tucker: I think that person should be insulted at this point, but…

Ashley: Did I hurt your feelings?

Tucker: Yeah, no, you don’t think I have any feelings, do you? But you’re wrong. I am a human being, or at least I’m doing my best to become one day by day.

Ashley: How’s that going?

Tucker: [ Chuckles ] You’re not helping. You’re the only one who can penetrate my armor.

Ashley: Ah. Yet to be determined.

Tucker: Yeah. See, the thing is, you would see, eventually, that I’m telling the truth about the fake engagement. It might start out as a– as a union based on spite, but I’m certain it would… it would end up being a union of love.

[ Ashley laughs ]

Diane: Kyle? Oh! Have heart failure with unresolved symptoms?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Summer: I am so sorry. I know that you lost your mom, too, and everybody’s been trying to tell me that I shouldn’t plan this memorial on my own. But… when I think about how I treated mom when she needed me the most, I’m just… I’m so ashamed. And I just… I want…

[ Sighs ] I just want the service to be perfect, as my amends to her.

Daniel: Well, I have a lot to make up for, too. You know, neither of us were particularly good to mom recently. We weren’t exactly the best kids a mother could ask for. I just thought we had more time.

Summer: If I had known that this was gonna happen I would’ve– I would’ve tried so much harder to make up with her. And… it’s too late.

Daniel: Look, I, um… I get why you handled the arrangements yourself. To be completely honest with you, I– I probably wouldn’t have been much use to you anyway. I just haven’t been thinking straight and my mind’s been racing. I know that I need to refocus on omega sphere. I know that mom was really proud of what I was trying to build, but every time I try and focus on work, all I can do is think about her. I couldn’t sleep last night. Surprise, surprise, right? So, I drew this.

Summer: Daniel, this is beautiful. This should be on the programs at the service.

Daniel: Just like it is?

Summer: It’s perfect.

Daniel: Right. But, um… I can make it better. I’ll make it better. That’ll be my gift to her. Do you, um… do you have all the– all the details finalized yet? I mean, is there anything left to do?

Summer: No, I’ve got it under control. I was– I was actually trying to find a photo of mom, but this is so much better. It’s almost divine running into you here and you drew this. You can trust me to take care of the rest. This memorial, it’s gonna be exactly what our mom deserves.

Diane: Hey. Hey, it’s– it’s okay.

Kyle: No, I don’t usually do that.

Diane: No, no. There’s nothing wrong with needing a hug from your mother. I’m sure that phyllis’s death has brought up a lot of painful memories for you. And kyle, I will never stop apologizing for being the source of that.

Kyle: No, I– I know what summer is going through, but she won’t let me help her. She can’t let me in. And I’m wondering if the reason could be that I got my mother back.

Diane: Hmm.

Kyle: And she’s feeling alienated because of that. And say what you want about phyllis, but summer loved her. And I think it hurts her seeing how close we are.

Diane: Well, that’s probably not an uncommon reaction for someone who’s suffered a sudden loss like she has.

Kyle: Yeah, but if she feels that way, I can take it. I can. She can yell at me or cry to me. I will be there for her. But shutting me out like I’m a stranger, it doesn’t help anyone. She’s my wife. We should be working through difficult situations.

Diane: Well, maybe the way she’s acting isn’t all about summer.

Kyle: What do you mean?

Diane: Well, if she’s shutting you out and if she’s distancing herself from you, it might be because of somebody else.

Kyle: Who?

Diane: Me.

Daniel: I am fine with you planning mom’s service. I know you’ll make sure that everything’s done right.

Summer: I’m putting everything I have into it.

Daniel: And I’ll take care of what comes after.

Summer: What does that mean?

Daniel: Let’s just say mom’s gonna get the glorious sendoff that she deserves, and then jeremy stark is gonna get the brutal takedown that he’s earned.

Summer: Okay, so, I’m not the only one that thinks that something’s off? What do you think happened?

Daniel: I don’t know. I think that the whole situation just seems suspicious. You know, stark announces to everyone that he and mom got married, as the ambulance is on the way to the hospital. No one, I mean, no one knew about this. How was that possible? And what– what was the purpose? I’m telling you that smarmy son of a bitch had something to do with mom’s death. And I’m gonna find out what it is. (Vo) purina one has the inside story on your pet’s health.

Summer: Someone was behind what happened to mom. I mean, kyle thinks that I’m crazy, but I know that what happened to mom couldn’t have been just a coincidence.

Daniel: First thing I’m gonna do is follow up on that marriage license. Gcpd’s checking to confirm if it’s real.

Summer: Okay. What if it is?

Daniel: Well, then I think it’s pretty obvious. Stark married mom for the money and then he killed her.

Summer: Kyle was saying something similar, but… you’re both missing the connection. Diane.

Ashley: Well, you seem pretty darn confident how things would turn out if we did get, you know, faux-engaged.

Tucker: Yeah, I have faith.

Ashley: Uh-huh.

Tucker: I have belief.

Ashley: Okay, well, you know me. I like that scientific methodology. So, give me some facts.

Tucker: As much as I admire that big analytical brain of yours, love is not about that. And you know it. You know, you don’t show it very often, but there is a romantic hidden underneath all that armor of–

Ashley: Okay? Give me an argument. Come on.

Tucker: All right. Well, first of all, I would absolutely dazzle you with a incredible engagement party.

Diane: Another party? What are you gonna do this time? You gonna drive a tank in or something?

Tucker: Yeah.

[ Both laughing ] Yeah, I might. I might. But that would be– be the first move. I– I’ve got all sorts of ideas, how to wow you and the whole town. You just ain’t seen ’em yet.

Ashley: Okay.

Tucker: Our wedding announcement alone, it would put jack and diane’s to shame. And the rock I would put on your finger, baby, you could see it from space.

Ashley: I make my own money, baby. And in case nobody’s ever told you, money can’t buy love, so…

Tucker: But it can accentuate it. And our love, my dear, would be accessorized with diamonds.

Ashley: Just one problem. We’re not in love.

Tucker: [ Clicks tongue ] Yeah, one of us isn’T. It’s true. Well, that’s why, uh, at first, the whole engagement would be an act, but we’d have to make it believable. We’d have to sell it. So, we’d have to spend all our free time together.

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