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Leo is on the phone with Gwen, hoping that she has come to her senses. Gwen responds that her answer is still no as she will not betray Xander and help send him to prison. Leo knows how much Gwen cares about Xander but suggests she always look out for number one. Will then enters the Kiriakis Mansion and remarks that Leo sure as hell abides by that.

Allie and Chanel talk about Allie’s son Henry being wound up. Chanel feels that Henry senses that Allie is wound up. Chanel says she’s sorry for everything Allie is going through. Allie talks about going through old pictures and she can’t believe Kate and Kayla are gone. Allie cries that she can’t lose Marlena too. Chanel hugs her and says she wishes she could take her pain away. Allie assures that she’s just grateful to have Chanel by her side.

Sonny tells Chad that Stephanie shouldn’t blame herself for not being there for Kayla since it wasn’t her fault. Chad says he tried to tell her that but she won’t stop beating herself up for turning off her phone. Sonny then reveals to Chad that Stephanie didn’t turn off her phone. Chad asks what he means. Sonny informs Chad that Stephanie wasn’t the one who turned off her phone.

Stephanie asks Alex to tell her the truth as she asks if he’s the reason that she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother.

Leo hangs up with Gwen and greets Will. Leo thought Will returned to LA while Will thought Sonny would’ve seen through Leo’s act by now. Leo hopes he’s not upset that Sonny let him crash her a while longer. Will says he can’t stand the sight of Leo and thinks Sonny is being incredibly naïve by giving him the benefit of the doubt. Leo argues that Sonny is just helping a friend in need. Will says that he knows Sonny is a good guy which makes him an easy target for guys like Leo, who always look out for number one. Leo claims he was just finishing up a job interview on the phone. Will asks if he really expects him to believe that. Will decides he doesn’t have time for this as he just came by to drop off his luggage. Will tells Leo that if he sees Sonny, to tell him that he’s at the hospital visiting his grandma.

Chanel encourages Allie not to give up hope as Marlena is strong, brave, and battled Satan twice. Allie argues that Kate and Kayla were strong and brave too but now they’re gone. Allie declares that she has to get to the hospital to see Marlena. Chanel wishes she could go with her but says she will stay with Henry. Allie thanks her and says she loves her. Allie kisses Chanel and tells her that she will call if there’s any change as Allie then exits. After Allie leaves, Sloan shows up at the door.

Chad doesn’t get how Sonny can be so sure that Stephanie didn’t turn off her own phone. Sonny tells Chad to just trust him on this. Chad argues that they are best friends and questions what he’s not telling him. Sonny then reveals that he’s sure Stephanie didn’t turn off her phone, because Alex did.

Stephanie tells Alex that Chad called her multiple times and left messages about her mom being gravely ill that she didn’t get and she doesn’t remember turning her phone off, so the only possible explanation is that Alex did. Stephanie asks Alex again if he turned her phone off on the night that her mother died. Alex then admits that he did.

Will joins Allie at the hospital. Allie hugs him and says she’s so happy that he’s there. Will says his plane landed an hour ago. Allie mentions that Sami said she’s doing everything she can to get here. Will asks if there’s any update on Marlena. Allie says the doctors are doing everything they can but it’s not looking good. Will wants to see her. Allie says she does too but John and Eric are in with her now and they are restricting her visitors, so they will have to wait and pray. Allie repeats that she’s really glad Will is there so they can wait and pray together as they hug.

Leo goes to see Gwen and apologizes for hanging up so abruptly since Will showed up for a surprise visit. Gwen asks if Will overheard their conversation. Leo says he only heard him say that his motto is to look after number one but he covered his tracks. Leo assures there’s no way that Will is going to find out he had anything to do with Xander’s cover up. Leo knows that if he did, he would go running to Sonny so fast that he’d lose his only other friend.

Chad doesn’t get why Alex would turn off Stephanie’s phone. Sonny guesses that Alex didn’t want to be interrupted. Chad questions Alex admitting to Sonny that he turned Stephanie’s phone off because he didn’t want someone interrupting their alone time. Sonny explains that Alex specifically didn’t want Chad interrupting them.

Stephanie orders Alex to explain himself fast. Alex says it happened when she went to the bathroom to change as her phone started ringing and it was Chad calling again. Stephanie questions Alex deciding to turn her phone off. Alex argues that he didn’t know why Chad was calling. Stephanie asks why it matters and says it’s none of his business. Alex says he knows and that’s why he is so sorry. Stephanie tells him that sorry doesn’t cut it. Stephanie questions Alex policing her phone calls. Alex tells her that he only did it because they had wanted to be alone for a long time and then Chad starts calling, so he figured it was work again or the kids and he had just interrupted them at Christmas. Alex assumed incorrectly that the phone call could wait this time. Stephanie argues that it wasn’t his decision to make and now she didn’t find out her mom was dying until it was too late to say goodbye to her. Stephanie declares that Alex robbed her of that and she will never forgive him for it.

Chanel tells Sloan that it’s a bad time as she’s dealing with a family crisis. Sloan compares it to the crisis she put her family through when she killed her mother and seduced her father. Chanel argues that her mother’s death was an accident and she feels horrible for everything that happened to them. Chanel reminds her that the courts in the UK declined to press charges and suggests they both get on with their lives. Sloan questions it being that easy for her. Sloan declares that Chanel’s life is over because she made a promise to make her pay for what she did to her family, so she’s going to do exactly that.

Allie asks Will about his flight. Will admits it was terrible as he couldn’t sleep or eat while worrying he wouldn’t get there in time. Allie is glad he did since Marlena is hanging on. Allie asks where Sonny is. Will says he doesn’t know since he wasn’t home, but unfortunately Leo was there to greet him.

Leo wants to continue he and Gwen’s conversation. Gwen repeats that she won’t turn Xander in. Leo argues that the cops already know Gwen helped him by creating the website for the fake company. Gwen argues there’s no proof linking her to any crimes. Leo worries that they won’t stop digging until they find something that leads to him. Gwen realizes that Leo isn’t worried about her and is just worried about himself. Leo argues that Xander kidnapped the two women, not them. Gwen argues that the police don’t know that while Leo brings up that they already have evidence of the muscle bound bodysuit that fits him perfectly. Gwen says she’s sorry but she can’t turn her back on Xander. Leo asks if she’s prepared for her father to turn his back on her then. Gwen argues that it won’t happen but Leo insists that when Jack finds out that Gwen helped Xander, he will disown her. Leo reminds Gwen that she’s worked so hard to regain Jack’s trust, but all that goes away if Jack and Jennifer find out that she was Xander’s accomplice. Leo urges Gwen to at least agree to meet with a lawyer to figure out their options. Gwen reluctantly agrees and asks if he has anyone in mind. Leo responds that he does.

Sloan hands Chanel an envelope and says she wanted to deliver this to see the look on her face. Chanel opens it and sees that Sloan is suing her for wrongful death. Sloan adds that Paulina is a co-defendant for her role in covering up her mother’s death. Chanel calls her mother’s death an accident but Sloan says she’s tired of hearing her say that and calls it a lie. Sloan complains about Chanel making it sound like she’s the victim. Sloan warns that she can still make them pay and when she’s done in civil court, the only thing left of Paulina’s fortune will be the crumbs of Chanel’s bakery. Sloan then storms out of the apartment.

Chad questions Alex turning Stephanie’s phone off because he was afraid of him interrupting their romantic evening together. Sonny admits it was a very selfish thing to do but notes that Alex had no idea Chad was calling about Kayla. Chad complains that Alex can’t handle his friendship with Stephanie so now she didn’t get to say goodbye to her mother. Sonny points out that Alex feels terrible about it. Chad argues that he should because Stephanie is agony over the fact that she could’ve been there but she wasn’t because Alex was afraid of him interrupting his latest conquest. Sonny argues that Alex didn’t know what Chad was calling about. Chad shouts that he doesn’t care as it wasn’t his place to turn off her phone and now he has to go break her heart. Sonny stops Chad and reveals that Alex is already telling Stephanie himself.

Alex tells Stephanie that if he had any idea why Chad was calling. Stephanie argues that it doesn’t matter as he had no right to turn off her phone. Alex says he knows that and he just wanted to be alone with her. Stephanie responds that Alex got his wish, so instead of being with her mother while she was dying, they were having sex. Stephanie asks if Alex has any idea how disgusted that makes her feel. Alex responds that he does and he gets why it would and that’s why he would do anything to go back in time and change what he did. Stephanie argues that he can’t and now her mother is gone and so are any feelings that she had for him. Stephanie declares that she never wants to see Alex again and opens the door for him to leave.

Will tells Allie about Leo living under the same roof as Sonny and how it’s driving him crazy. Will argues that people like Leo don’t change, they just figure out ways to get more devious to prey on their victims. Allie agrees and is surprised Sonny would give Leo another chance. Will says that’s what Sonny prides himself on. Allie guesses they have to admire that. Will says he would if the person in question was worthy of second chances, but insists that there is no good in Leo and he doesn’t deserve Sonny’s forgiveness or friendship.

Chad guesses Sonny had to convince Alex to come clean. Sonny admits he strongly suggested it but Alex agreed. Sonny insists that Alex is not a bad guy and wants to make amends. Chad argues that Alex should’ve grown a conscience instead of turning her phone off before robbing her of the chance to say goodbye to her dying mother.

Stephanie questions why Alex is still there since she said she never wants to see him again. Alex argues that she doesn’t mean that. Stephanie tells him not to tell her what she means. Stephanie complains that Alex only hears what he wants to. Alex cries that he was coming here to admit he made a mistake. Stephanie mocks the idea of it being an innocent mistake when he purposely turned off her phone because he’s jealous of her friendship with Chad. Stephanie cries that his pathetic insecurities are the reason why she couldn’t be with her mother when she needed her the most. Stephanie adds that the worst part is if she hadn’t figured it out, he was never going to tell her.

Leo calls Sloan over to the Horton House to meet he and Gwen. Sloan says she almost didn’t show up since Leo doesn’t pay his legal bills on time. Leo argues that she got her money and reminds her that she got to steal back her file on Paulina and Chanel because of him. Sloan thanks him for being careless enough to not catch her. Sloan still doesn’t understand why Gwen wouldn’t publish her story about Paulina and Chanel. Gwen says she had her reasons. Sloan tells her that she missed out on the scoop of the decade. Gwen argues that any charges are not being pursued so her scoop is nothing. Sloan tells her that she’s wrong and says just because they skirted justice, doesn’t make them innocent. Sloan then asks Leo why she is here. Leo says they need legal advice. Gwen adds that they need to make sure the conversation is strictly confidential. Sloan laughs at Gwen sweeping another crime under the rug. Gwen asks if they have attorney-client privilege or not. Sloan says that will require a retainer so Leo tells Gwen to pay her.

Paulina goes to see Chanel at her apartment. Paulina says she rushed right over after getting her message and asks what’s wrong. Paulina talks about praying for Marlena and asks what is the matter. Chanel informs her that Sloan was just there. Paulina asks what the hell she wants. Chanel reveals that Sloan is suing them both.

Sloan goes over that Xander kidnapped Susan and Gwen helped cover it up, then roped Leo in, and now Leo is worried that it’s only a matter of time before he’s implicated as well. Gwen asks what their options are. Sloan goes over the crimes and laughs at the thought of them having options. Sloan declares that they are pretty much screwed.

Julie goes to the hospital and hugs Allie and Will. Julie asks about Marlena’s condition. Will informs her that she’s still in the ICU but it’s not looking great. Julie cries that she’s so sorry. Julie mentions bringing sandwiches since Eric is leading prayer in the chapel for family and friends. Julie then realizes she forgot her rosary.

Sonny tells Chad that he’s not proud of what his brother did. Chad accuses Sonny of making excuses for Alex. Sonny says Alex might be arrogant and full of himself, but he’s got a really good heart and will do whatever it takes. Chad questions how to make it up to someone when you kept them from saying goodbye to their mother. Chad shouts that you can’t make that up. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Chad adds that even if Alex was stupid enough to try, he doubts he will ever get the chance.

Alex knows Stephanie has no reason to trust him right now, but he came here to tell her the truth himself, because he is riddled with guilt and regret. Stephanie asks if he wants her to feel sorry for him. Alex says he’s just doing his best to be honest. Alex insists that he came on his own to tell her the truth and that he’s sorry for what he did and about her mom. Alex adds that if she doesn’t believe him, she can ask Sonny. Stephanie declares that she knows all she’ll ever need to know about the kind of man he is. Alex knows she is upset, hurt and grieving. Alex begs her not to throw away what they have. Stephanie says she didn’t throw it away, he did when he invaded her privacy, disrespected her and lied to her. Alex says he will always regret that as he wanted them to have a romantic night together but he made this thoughtless mistake. Alex swears that he’s learned from it and it will never happen again. Stephanie questions that making her feel better and argues that she’ll never have another chance to say goodbye to her mother. Stephanie asks if he doesn’t get that. Alex responds that he does, but he knows they could get past this if she allows him to make this up to her. Stephanie repeats that there is nothing he could do as every time she looks at him, all she sees is her mother lying in the hospital, cold and dead.

Chad tells Sonny that his problem is he spends too much time seeing the best in people. Sonny questions that being a bad trait. Chad argues that there has to be exceptions as some people are irredeemable. Sonny disagrees and asks if it’s more honorable to think everyone is dishonest and cruel. Chad thinks it’s more self-protective to distrust everyone. Chad brings up Leo and insists that he’s going to cause Sonny problems and let him down because that is who he is and what he does.

Leo tells Sloan that there has to be something she can do since this is small compared to getting him off from murder. Sloan argues that was a murder he didn’t commit so it’s very different since they actually did help Xander in these crimes. Leo insists that if anyone can get them off, it’s her. Leo praises Sloan as a lawyer. Sloan calls it a pipe dream to get them out of this unscathed. Sloan offers to cut a deal where they will testify about Xander in court. Leo tells Gwen that he told her they should flip on him. Leo explains to Sloan that Gwen doesn’t want to turn on Xander because she’s in love with him. Gwen insists that they are just friends but she is not selling Xander out no matter what. Gwen decides if there is nothing more, she’s leaving and they can see themselves out. Gwen then exits. Sloan remarks that she can’t make them take the plea deal so she’s out too. Leo stops her and says he has a proposition for her.

Julie tells Allie and Will that she was rushing to get there that she forgot to pack the rosary. Will offers to go get it but Julie says he needs to be there for Marlena. Allie points out that they are restricting Marlena’s visitors right now anyway. Will insists that he will go get the rosary and be back soon. Julie thanks him as he exits. Julie knows how much Allie loves Marlena and how hard this is for her, but encourages that she’s strong just like Marlena and Sami, so she will get through this. Allie responds that she has to be strong for her son, Henry. Julie says their children and all the people they love need them as they hug. Allie has one of Julie’s sandwiches which she says hit the spot. Julie guesses that’s the first time she ate today and advises her to take care of herself. Julie asks how things are going with Allie and Chanel. Allie says Chanel has been amazing through all of this and been her rock even while dealing with her own family drama. Julie thought things were better for Chanel and Paulina after the murder charges were dropped. Allie says they have been, but she’s worried that Sloan is going to continue to cause trouble because she is determined to get revenge.

Paulina complains about Sloan not knowing when to quit. Chanel worries that this is bad and Sloan isn’t going to stop until they have nothing left. Paulina assures it’s not the end of the world. Chanel thought she’d be more upset about the lawsuit. Paulina says with as much money as she has, lawsuits come with the territory. Paulina insists that her attorneys will make mince meat out of Sloan.

Sloan questions Leo having another proposition. Leo asks what if they leave Gwen out of the plea deal and he can testify against Xander alone, saying he hired him to wear the clown suit, not Gwen. Sloan calls that a lie but says she doesn’t have a problem with that. Leo says the only problem is that he needs to testify anonymously. Sloan says she’s sure Gwen will still find out. Leo says he’s not worried about that as they always go back and forth but at least they would be free. Sloan questions why be anonymous if he’s not worried about Gwen finding out. Leo responds that it’s because of Sonny. Sloan questions what he has to do with this. Leo states that Sonny is his friend who believed in him when no one else would. Will appears in the house as Leo tells Sloan that he can’t have Sonny finding out that he’s involved in something like this.

Sonny asks if Chad sees him as a pathetic tool stumbling around to be taken advantage of. Chad says he just meant that he’s too trusting. Sonny says he chooses to give people like Leo and Alex the benefit of the doubt because they could all use a little redemption from time to time. Chad says they do once in awhile, but in this case, Alex deprived Stephanie of her last goodbye to her mother, so he doubts Stephanie will be as forgiving as Sonny is.

Alex apologizes to Stephanie for robbing her of her last moments with her mom and says he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for it if she lets him. Stephanie says he can spend eternity trying to make it up to her but nothing he ever says or does will give her back what he took from her. Alex pleads with her but Stephanie declares that she’s done and wants him to leave. Alex tries to argue but Stephanie tells him to respect her wishes and go. Alex then exits as Stephanie breaks down crying.

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