Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 25, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle notices his mother is flirting with Jack and later pulls her aside and tells her to stop doing it because it is wrong.

Adam turns down Jack’s job offer but Jack decides to keep the position open for him in case he changes his mind.

Kyle walks into Jack’s office just as Adam is leaving and Jack tells him that Adam turned down his job offer to be his Co- CEO. Kyle is glad because he doesn’t think Adam is the right person for the job.

Jack tells Kyle that he isn’t letting down his guard with Diane so he should stop hovering over her and concentrate on his job. Summer and Kyle decide to keep an eye on their mothers but not hover over them and relax a little bit.

Phyllis signs the papers to sign the Grand Phoenix to Chancellor Winters and gives the papers to Billy.

Phyllis calls Thalia and asks to meet her to go over some ideas about where to start her investigation of Diane.

Chloe tells Sally that Adam stole Kevin’s GCPD laptop to find out information about Ashland’s death. Sally wonders what Adam plans to do with the information he finds on the computer. The guy that stole Kevin’s laptop is also a hacker and he is able to get into the file about Ashland’s case. Adam reads the file and figures out what Victor did and that Chance looked the other way. Adam calls Chance and tells him it’s urgent that they talk as, soon as possible.

Billy decides to do a farewell podcast to hand the podcast over to Chelsea and after they decide the topic of the show Chelsea gives Billy a kiss.

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