Y&R Short Recap Friday, August 26, 2022

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Recap written by Eva

Lily calls a meeting with Devon and Nate to go over Nate’s research about starting a music festival sponsored by Chancellor Winters. Devon tells Lily the idea is too risky right now and they need to keep the company stable for whatever may happen during their first year in business. Nate tells Lily he has to go to another meeting and leaves Devon and Lily alone. Lily persuades Devon to read the report Nate put together and talk to her later about his thoughts on the idea.

Nate talks to Elena about his frustration that Devon refuses to listen to his ideas. Elena thinks that since Nate is so frustrated he should quit Chancellor Winters and return to medicine. Nate tells Elena that he wants to work with his family and is confident that things will work out.

Billy pulls away from Chelsea’s kiss and tells her he is sorry if she got the wrong idea because they are just friends. An embarrassed Chelsea starts the last podcast with Billy and when they are finished, she tells Billy that she has decided not to do the podcast alone because it wouldn’t be the sane without him.

Adam tells Chance he got his hands on a GCPD laptop and read the report about Ashland’s death and it wouldn’t be good for people to find out he covered up a crime for his father-in-law. Chance tells Adam that he won’t be intimidated by him and reminds him he stole a GCPD laptop and is threatening a police officer. Chance is saddened that Adam has returned to his old ways and only wants revenge against Victor. Chance later tells Nick about the information Adam has about the case and Nick tells Victor.

Adam talks to Sally and gives her all the information to try and persuade her to publish the story. Adam even tells Sally he broke up with her to protect her job and protect her from the revenge he wants to get against his father. Sally is upset that Adam didn’t trust her enough to let her in on his plan, but she is even more angry that Adam chose revenge instead of their relationship.

Nick and Victor have a talk with Adam and he tells them that he wants justice done and he doesn’t care about being CEO of Newman Enterprises.

Chelsea and Adam see each other at the park and they both look depressed, so they talk to each other about their problems.

Billy tells Lily Chelsea kissed him, but he set her straight he thinks Chelsea kissed him because she feels lonely and lost. Lily tells Billy that Devon and Nate are still arguing and having problems. Lily also tells Billy that she likes Nate’s Idea about starting a music festival.

Sally tells Victoria about her conversation with Adam and Victoria has an idea about how to handle Adam.

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