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Diane: Oh, gosh! That wind came out of nowhere.

Jack: Yeah, that’s what we used to call a wicked wind when I was a kid.

Diane: I’ve never heard that phrase before.

Jack: No?

Diane: No.

Jack: Well, it’s an old wives’ tale about summer winds that come in and manage to make things hot rather than cool. It’s a bad omen.

Diane: Oh.

Jack: So, in July, when a wind like this kicks up, well, you know trouble’s right around the corner. And here you are


Phyllis: I’ll tell you why. I had a conversation with Summer. You know what Summer said? She went on and on about Diane and how wonderful she is because I guess she saved Harrison from Ashland. And she was going on like Diane deserved a medal or a parade or something.

Nikki: That’s ridiculous. I was there. She sent Michael a text. That’s the extent of her involvement.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? And you know she probably did it so everybody would fawn all over her.

Nikki: [Sighs] Ashland Locke. The gift that keeps on giving.

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