Days Short Recap Thursday, December 23, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jan was nervous meeting with Shawn. Mardevil thought she needed to freshen up. She waved and she turned into Belle. Mardevil thought his wife was the best person to seduce him. “Belle” opened the door and pulled him into a big kiss. Mardevil watched from the closet before leaving the room. Shawn pulled back from her. He wasn’t sure if she was his wife. She wondered who else she would be. She reached for his belt, but Shawn stopped her. He wanted to know why she called him from a blocked number. She said wanted to surprise him. He wanted to be with her, but he couldn’t because of everything that happened. “Belle” thought that was smart to be skeptical of her. She said he could call Rafe if he didn’t believe her. Shawn called Rafe who confirmed that Belle was planning a surprise. He gave Shawn the rest of the day off and hung up on him. It turned out that Mardevil was the one on the phone. “Belle” pulled Shawn into another kiss. He was still hesitant. He thought it was selfish of them to be together when their family was dealing with a lot. She thought their happiness would make the devil mad. She knelt down in front of him as he sat on the bed. He looked completely unsure about what was happening.

Rafe brought Sami’s guard to the station. Lucas watched him s Belle threatened to make him pay for kidnapping her sister. Rafe was willing to talk to the DA about going easy on him, but he had to give up the name of the person who hired him. Jason looked at Lucas. He asked for his lawyer. Belle and Rafe left the room. Jason told Lucas that he would tell about him unless he gave him a better offer. Rafe talked to Belle about Brady being able to go home to see Rachel. Rafe left and Belle got a text from “Shawn.” Mardevil texted her to tell her to meet Shawn at the Salem Inn. Rafe returned to Jason and he was ready to talk. Later on Jason was ready to talk. Lucas thanked him for hearing him out and going with his idea. EJ decided to rip up the divorce papers. Sami was shocked. She wanted to find out what changed his mind. He assured her that she was the love of his life. She wanted him to forgive her for being with Lucas. He said he couldn’t handle her being with Lucas because of their history together. She assured him that he wouldn’t have to worry about her betraying him again. She reminded him that he was with Nicole. He told her that Nicole was there when he needed someone. He said Sami is the love of his life. She wanted them to be together. Rafe showed up at the mansion to arrest EJ for kidnapping Sami. “Belle” took off her robe and revealed sexy lingerie. She and Shawn began to make love. The real Belle arrived at the Salem Inn. She saw Shawn with a blonde woman.

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