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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John wanted a miracle so Gabriel appeared to him. He knew he couldn’t help, but he wanted to know how to find Marlena. Gabriel revealed that Marlena was at the Horton house. He gave John a St. Benedict medal which invoked God’s blessing. Gabriel said it would help him get the strength he needed to get the devil away from his friends. Gabriel go with him, but assured John he could do it if he didn’t lose faith. Mardevil set the Christmas tree on fire. She told them that she was there for her present. She looked at Ben and Ciara. Julie used the extinguisher to put out the fire. She said the house was no place for Satan. She said their goodness would prevail over Mardevil. She laughed at her. She told Julie that she always got what she wanted and she wanted Ciara’s baby. Ben stood in front of Ciara to protect her. He ordered her to stay away from Ciara. He said she would have to kill him before he let her get to Ciara or their baby. Mardevil was willing to kill him. Julie helped Ben protect Ciara with their love.

Mardevil continued to argue with Julie, Ben and Ciara. Mardevil raised lit torches and mocked Julie for thinking their love could stop her. The torches blew out suddenly. John walked in the house and realized he got there just in time. She reignited the torches, but John put them out by using Gabriel’s medal against them. John thrust his hand at Mardevil and she flew against the wall. Ben helped John put Mardevil in the car. He went back to the house by himself. He assured Ciara that she was safe now. Julie knew John would be able to help Marlena. She thought he and his love would be enough. Doug thought they showed the devil that their love would be enough to stop her. Shawn sat up in the bed when the real Belle walked in the room. They were confused and looked at the other blonde. They watched her turn into Jan. He swore she was Belle as he got dressed. Belle couldn’t believe that he didn’t make sure before he jumped in bed with her. He said he checked with Rafe first. Jan smiled while he tried to explain himself. She said she had a partner. She said Kayla and Steve saw someone else in her hospital bed. Jan teased Belle about having sex with Shawn before he arrested her. Later, Shawn took Jan to the police station. Belle demanded to know where Mardevil was. Jan didn’t know and wouldn’t tell her anyway. She didn’t want to say because the devil gave her a glorious day. Shawn had to stop Belle from attacking Jan. Jan continued to tease Belle about having sex with Shawn. She said they were bonded for life now. Shawn apologized to Belle for getting fooled by Jan. She didn’t blame him, but she couldn’t get the image out of her head. He hated that Jan took their anniversary from them. Belle told him that Jan tried her worst, but they were still together.

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