Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 22, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victor planned to go to Spain to look for Abby, until Ashley and Nikki convinced him that it would be best for him to lend a hand from home. Victor didn’t mind that Jack was going with Ashley. Devon told Nick that Abby went to Spain. Nick was cool toward Victor when Victor asked about Noah. Devon asked about the tension between Nick and Victor. Victor said that Nick thought he pitted his kids against each other. Victor hated being at odds with his children. He was protective of his kids, and he said Devon would understand that once Dominic grew up. Devon said he would do anything for Dominic. Sharon worried about Noah, who wouldn’t open up to her. Sharon talked with Tessa about Mariah. Tessa said Mariah felt lost again because Abby left Dominic with Devon. Noah opened up to Faith about his breakup. He thought that his ex left him because she was jealous of his success in the art world. Sharon saw closeness between Phyllis and Jack. Sharon hoped that Phyllis didn’t hurt Nick because she decided to rekindle things with Jack. Phyllis said she was heartbroken over Nick, and she wanted Sharon to mind her own business. Nick walked in on this conversation. Phyllis told Nick that the cause of their breakup shouldn’t be anyone else’s business. Sharon thought Phyllis protested too much. Nick told Sharon that he wasn’t going to talk to her about his breakup with Phyllis. Sharon wanted to help Noah, but Nick thought their son could handle himself. They felt better after they learned that Noah confided in Faith.


Faith Noah and Tessa spent time together. Tessa realized that ups and downs were part of adulthood and that you didn’t have to despair over every bump. Noah said he felt better when he was with Tessa. Adam wanted to capitalize on Sally’s popularity and make her an on screen personality. Sally was pleased because she wanted that all along. Sally told Adam that she accepted that he wasn’t ready for a relationship with her. She was happy with her job, and she didn’t want to screw it up. Victor, Adam and Ashland talked about their plot against Billy. Victor intended to make Billy think they accepted the offer to leave Lily alone if Billy resigned. After Billy was gone, they’d go on the attack again and then buy ChancComm for cheap. Ashley and Jack left for Spain.


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