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Recap written by Christine

Ashley went to the main house to say goodbye to Victor and to let him know Jack would be coming along. Victor revealed that he and Devon found a military pin in Abby’s room that must be Chance’s. Victor said that it wasn’t necessary for Jack to go, because Victor was going instead. Nikki was walking in, and she overheard Victor’s plans. Nikki entered and said hi to Ashley. Victor was going to delegate his office work to Adam so that he could leave for Spain right away. Nikki didn’t understand why Victor changed his plans. He said he was afraid Abby would take unnecessary risks because once Abby got something into her head, she didn’t let it go. Ashley didn’t think the military pin changed their agreed-upon plan, and she didn’t see the point of them both going to Europe. Victor was adamant that he wanted to be there. Nikki suggested that Abby might be more receptive to her mother. Ashley was afraid that if they both went, Abby would feel ganged up on. Victor thought Jack’s presence would do the same, but Ashley said that she’d be speaking with Abby alone. Nikki said that if Victor stayed, he’d have all his investigative resources at his fingertips, so if Ashley ran into trouble, he could call in a favor with one of his many connections. Ashley promised that if Abby was in Spain, she’d find her and bring her home. Victor relented and told Ashley to call when she made it to Spain. Nikki told Ashley to call day or night. Ashley agreed and left. Victor guessed he’d just stick around and help Devon with the baby, if necessary. Nikki said this was a change for Victor – normally he wanted to control everything. He said he still did.

Nick was at Devon’s house. Devon revealed that Abby might be in Spain. Nick asked if there was any chance Chance was alive. Devon said Christine and the State Department didn’t think so. Nick said that when Abby accepted the truth, she’d be even more devastated. Devon said it’d be devastating for Dominic too. Nick considered going to Spain to find Abby. Victor showed up and brought Nick up to speed. Nick was surprised Victor didn’t go to Spain, given how important family was to him. Victor said he thought he could do more good at home. Victor asked how Noah was doing and he mentioned that he hadn’t seen much of his grandson. Nick noted that Noah still had the same number, so Victor could call him. Nick said he and Devon could wrap up their business later, and he left.

Devon asked about the tension he sensed between Nick and Victor. Victor said Nick seemed to think he manipulated his children and pitted them against each other. Victor hated having tension between him and his kids. He grew up without a father and didn’t know his mother well, and he’d always been very protective of his children, apparently unbeknownst to the children. So this bothered him enormously. He said being protective was part of being a father, as Devon would one day find out. Devon said he’d never been a father, but he could only imagine. Victor said that when Dominic grew up, Devon would understand. Victor stated that Dominic would need a strong father figure now that Chance wasn’t around. Devon said he’d do anything in the world for Dominic. Victor was happy to hear that.

At the cottage, Sharon told Noah that she was going to Crimson Lights. He didn’t respond until she yelled his name. He apologized and said he was just thinking. Sharon noted that this had been happening a lot. She was concerned, and he insisted he was fine. He left for a run to clear his head. Sharon texted Nick that they should talk about Noah.

When Sharon got to Crimson Lights, Tessa was there. Sharon asked about Mariah. She’d been calling, but Mariah was hard to get a hold of. According to Tessa, Mariah was throwing herself into work. Mariah was caught off guard when Abby left the baby with Devon. Tessa thought Mariah was feeling lost again. Tessa was trying to be there for Sharon, but she was busy too – she was finishing her first LP. Noah told Sharon that Tessa asked him to collaborate on the artwork. Sharon hoped Noah said yes, because he’d been a little down, and she thought a project would be good for him. She thought he’d gotten his heart broken in London.

Jack ran into Phyllis at Crimson Lights on the patio. She invited him to join her, saying they could work on getting back to normal. He had to decline because he was on his way to Spain with Ashley to look for Abby. He said that Abby might be trying to prove Chance was alive, which broke Jack’s heart. He wanted to be there for Ashley and Abby. Phyllis thought Jack’s family was lucky to have him. Sharon walked out with an order of coffee and sandwiches for Jack and Ashley’s plane ride. She threw in some free cookies and said she hoped he found Abby. He said he and Ashley just wanted to bring Abby home so she could heal. Phyllis lent her support, and then Jack left. Sharon gave Phyllis a knowing smile.

Phyllis didn’t want to play games, so she told Sharon to just say what she had to say. Sharon wondered what was going on with Phyllis and Jack. She noticed that Phyllis and Jack seemed so close, and just a few short days after Phyllis and Nick broke up. Phyllis said her relationship with Jack was none of Sharon’s business. Secondly, Jack had been a great friend to Phyllis during this breakup, as she was sure Sharon had been for Nick. Phyllis told Sharon to zip it. Sharon thought that was a vehement reaction to a simple question, unless Phyllis had been asking herself the same questions. Phyllis didn’t need Sharon’s analysis. Sharon would hate to find out that Nick got hurt because Phyllis decided to rekindle an old relationship. Phyllis thought that was a cheap shot. She was heartbroken over how things ended with Nick, and she thought it’d be best if they just moved on. At that moment, Nick arrived.

Nick asked what was going on. Phyllis said Sharon thought they broke up over Jack, and she told Sharon to keep her nose out of it. Phyllis said everyone seemed to have an opinion on why they didn’t last, but she thought she and Nick could agree that it was no one’s business but theirs. Nick asked why Phyllis was so upset. “Because we failed. I failed and nobody but us should pass judgment. That’s for sure,” Phyllis said. She left. “Methinks she protests too much,” Sharon said. Nick stated that he wasn’t going to discuss this with Sharon, for obvious reasons. Sharon thought they should talk about Noah. Sharon said he was moping, and it wasn’t like him. She was beginning to think it was serious. Nick thought every breakup at that age was serious. Sharon wasn’t sure about that, and she couldn’t get any details out of Noah. Nick said guys were like that sometimes – he didn’t want to talk about Phyllis. Sharon thought something was different here. She was starting to think that whatever happened in London hurt Noah more than he was willing to talk about. Nick said Noah was a grown man and he was smart, so he’d figure things out. Sharon wanted to help her son, no matter how old he was.

Noah came home, and Faith walked downstairs and teased him about smelling bad after his run. He returned the banter, saying at least he’d gone outside today. He thought that she was just waking up. She clarified that she’d gone to school and the coffeehouse. She asked what was bugging him, and he asked when she turned into Mom. He admitted he wasn’t great at hiding his feelings, and she said that was because he was a terrible liar, which wasn’t a bad thing. She suggested that he unburden himself to her. Faith thought Sharon might calm down if she knew Noah had confided in someone. He asked if she was an expert, and Faith said after last year, she had a PhD in Mom-handling. She promised that she wouldn’t tell anyone what he said.

Noah met a girl in London, a fellow artist, and he fell pretty hard. Faith thought that was nice. She mentioned that she and Moses had a lot in common too. Noah said he and this girl were competitive in a healthy way – they critiqued each other’s work and celebrated each other’s success. Living the dream. He wasn’t exactly sure what went wrong, and he’d been preoccupied by trying to figure it out. The only thing he could think of was that he started becoming more successful than she was, and he thought she started resenting him because he was getting more openings, commissions and good reviews. Things got ugly, and they had bitter nasty fights. He was in love with this girl, but she left, and he was crushed. Faith was sorry. She thought he deserved someone who’d support him, not get petty and jealous. He said people were complicated and so was success. Once you got success, you realized it changed you very little. He’d tried to explain that to his ex, and she accused him of patronizing her. London became a place filled with memories he didn’t want to relive. Faith asked if he wanted the woman back. He didn’t want the turmoil back, but he didn’t want to make the same mistakes again. “Then don’t,” she said, and he laughed at the idea that it was that simple. She suggested that instead of stewing, he came to Crimson Lights with her, but she insisted that he shower first.

Back at Crimson Lights, Tessa tried to record a fun video for Mariah, but she thought it was cringey, so she deleted it. Noah and Faith came in and joined her. Sharon and Nick watched from the patio and he said that Noah looked okay to him. Inside, Noah asked what Faith wanted to study when she went to college. He hoped she’d be an artist. Tessa joked that there was a lot of money in that – which was why they were called starving artists. Noah countered with a joke on musicians’ salaries. Faith wanted to focus on the present, where her biggest decision was what dessert to have. Noah wanted a brownie, and Tessa suggested a blondie. Faith went to the counter and saw her parents peering in. Sharon waved Faith over and asked how her brother was doing. Faith said Noah was okay, and they had a good talk about this girl in London. Faith didn’t want to go into detail and break Noah’s confidence. Faith went back inside. Nick said that just because Noah wasn’t talking to his parents didn’t mean he wasn’t opening up to someone. Sharon smiled – their little girl was old enough to be a confidant to her brother.

Noah told Tessa that talking to Faith made him feel better. She was having ups and downs and she was beginning to realize that was just part of an adult. She now knew she didn’t have to plummet into despair over every bump. You surrounded yourself with people who made you laugh, and you kept going. That made sense to him. When he was with her, he didn’t feel like he was trying to be okay. She was happy and she said friends cheer you up. She asked him to help her with her video, and he said sure. She made a video for Mariah that teased Noah. Faith looked over and saw Tessa laughing.

Adam and Sally had a meeting in his office. The social media team had told Adam that Sally was a hot commodity. She confirmed the rumors – she had a lot of new followers and her email was blowing up. He thought they needed to capitalize on this. He thought it was an opportune time to follow through with Chloe and Sally’s early idea to make Sally an on screen personality. He asked if she was still interested in that kind of exposure. She was excited by the opportunity and she asked what the budget was. He told her to come up with a proposal and then they’d talk. She already had a lot of ideas, because this was kind of her plan from the beginning. He always suspected she had one, since she was too driven to leave anything to chance. He assured her that was a compliment. She said her big master plan went through one big change – she’d given up on the idea of them seeing each other outside of the office.

Sally had been thinking about Tuscany, when Adam put the brakes on and said he wasn’t ready for a new relationship. At the time, she’d held out hope that he’d come around. She was poised to have an incredible career thanks to him and Chloe, and she didn’t want to mess it up. She was drawn to him, but she’d come to accept boundaries at work. She was glad to be colleagues and friends and to focus on her impending success. She left.

Victor went to the office and told Adam that he wasn’t going to Spain after all. Ashland arrived, and he stood in the hallway listening to the conversation inside the office. Victor said that Billy came to him and offered to step away from ChancComm if Newman Media backed off and left Lily alone. Victor liked the idea of watching Billy publicly resigning. Adam asked what Victor planned to do. Adam didn’t think Victor was seriously considering the offer. Ashland walked in and said he was curious as well. Victor said that Billy’s offer came as a surprise. Victor didn’t think Billy had it in him. “Humility?,” Ashland asked. “No. knowing when to fold,” Adam replied. Victor said exactly. Victor stated that Billy never knew when to fold. Adam didn’t see why they’d waste all this work to ruin ChancComm and scooping it up just for the fun of ruining Billy. “You don’t understand how long that man’s been a pain in my side,” Victor said. Victor enjoyed seeing Billy dangling in the wind.

Ashland said he had a run in with Lily earlier, and she had no idea about Billy’s proposal. Ashland added that Lily suggested that this was all about animosity toward Billy and that Ashland was being used as a weapon. Adam said that Ashland was his own best weapon. Ashland agreed that this was personal for all of them. Ashland got what he wanted – the pleasure of seeing Billy twist in the wind after trying to destroy Ashland. Ashland was happy about how htings were going and he was going to repay the favor by going along with whatever they decided. Victor said they’d let Billy think they accepted the offer – call a temporary truce then let him have it. Adam said that when Lily gave up or Jill ordered a sale, Newman Media would buy it at a deep discount.

Ashland left. Adam asked when they would take Billy down, and Victor said they’d let him dangle over the fire a little further.

Ashley and Jack were on the plane. She was down because they weren’t going to have the holiday she thought they would – gathered around the table celebrating Dominic’s first Thanksgiving. He promised they’d have that celebration, even if it wasn’t on the actual day. She was thankful for him.

Ashley called Victor. Adam offered to help, but Victor said it was all covered. Ashley told Victor that she, Jack and Victor’s security people were on their way to Spain. Ashley’s instincts told her that Abby was going to Spain. Victor told Ashley to be safe and bring their daughter home.

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