Days Short Recap Monday, November 22, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Devil Kristen tried to seduce John. She was about to take her clothes off. He said he was embarrassing herself. Sami called Marlena. Marlena wanted to know where she was. She told her that she didn’t know where she was. She was taken to a cabin. She explained where she’s been. She said she was gone since August. Marlena told her that she was texting her. Sami said it wasn’t her. Devil Kristen refused to give up on John. He told her that he made her tired. Devil Kristen said that she was stimulated by his rejection. She changed into a different outfit. Nicole asked EJ for his help with her divorce papers. He was willing to take her out in exchange for his help. Sami told Marlena that she was able to steal the phone from someone. Marlena told her that she wasn’t the only one in trouble. Devil Kristen threw herself at John, but he told her that he couldn’t do anything while he was still tied up. She wondered if he really meant that or if he was trying to escape. Ava and Gabi had a mini catfight. They both wanted Rafe to get involved. Gabi and Jake ended up leaving. Ava let him know that she was insecure about him and Ava. He said they were past that. She said Gabi was the reason why she felt that way. She told him that she tried to steal the company away from her. She said she had a hard time rising up. She said that Nicole was her only friend so she shouldn’t accuse her of being with him. Sami wanted to know what was going on with Marlena. Marlena started to tell her what happened. John got out of the cuffs while Devil Kristen tried to seduce her. He tried to get away from her, but she stopped him. He started kissing on her neck.

Rafe told Ava that Gabi only told her about him being with Nicole to get under her skin. EJ saw Gabi and Jake, He noticed the necklace he was wearing and demanded that she take it off. Gabi thought the necklace proved that Nicole was with Rafe. She said she found it was Sami’s necklace. Sami was shocked that Marlena was possessed by the devil again. Devil Kristen tried to get John to remember what they were like together. He remembered their time together. She wanted him to remember their past and make love to her. He kissed her. He bit her lip and she got mad. She knocked him out. Sami tried to find out more about Marlena’s possession when Devil Kristen took over the call. She let Sami know that Marlena was in enough trouble. Devil Kristen tried to make it seem like she made love to John. Marlena said that she knew they weren’t together because she would have felt it. Sami called EJ to get his help.

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