Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 1 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Abby’s parents were there for her after Chance was thought dead. Sharon tried to help Abby work through her emotions. Mariah, Tessa and Devon talked about Abby’s predicament and vowed to be there for her. Mariah was worried about what effect Abby’s stress would have on Dominic. Adam had to turn down Sally’s lunch invitation because he had a meeting. Sally theorized that Adam’s meeting was about Jesse Gaines. Sally asked if Chelsea would be working at Newman Media. Adam didn’t know, but he hoped so. A tabloid posted some pictures of Sally and Adam together an insinuated that they were a couple. Chelsea called Adam, and he declined the call. Nick and Phyllis put their talk on hold and went to lunch. While out, Nick saw Adam meeting with Victor’s PI. Phyllis and Nick disagreed on whether or not Nick should get involved. Nikki and Jack joined Nick and Phyllis. Nick told Jack a bit about Jesse Gaines. Nikki said that Victor blackmailed Gaines into leaving Ashland alone. Nikki and Jack saw the tension between Nick and Phyllis. Phyllis made up an excuse to get out of lunch and leave. Nick went after Phyllis. Phyllis told him this wasn’t going to work.


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