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Recap written by Christine

Nikki and Jack ran into each other at Crimson Lights. He congratulated her on the great job she did at the wedding. They were praying Ashland’s treatments were effective, so that Victoria and Harrison wouldn’t lose him. Nikki had reservations about the pairing at first. Jack assumed that was because of Ashland’s well-deserved reputation as a ruthless businessman, which Jack got a taste of when Ashland went after Jabot. Nikki thought Ashland appeared to be completely devoted to Victoria, which was something that had been lacking in her life. Nikki thought Victoria was being a realist about Ashland’s prognosis. Jack respected that courage. He said nothing was more important than the time spent with those you loved, even if that time was fleeting. With all the whirl of wedding prep and the merger, Nikki wasn’t sure Victoria had the time to really sit and think about what could happen, but it would hit her eventually, and Nikki dreaded it.

Nikki had to get back to the office. Jack tried to convince her to go have a proper lunch with him instead. He wanted to go to this Moroccan place. He said they’d just pulled off one of the most satisfying feats of parenting – launching their children into fulfilling marriages. She wasn’t sure they could take credit for that. He said they could celebrate their good fortune. She agreed to lunch, but she asked to go to Society instead, since that was closer to work. He agreed. He helped her into her jacket, and they left.

Victor, Devon, Mariah and Christine were with Abby at her home. Victor asked if the ring Christine brought was Chance’s. Abby collapsed into her father’s arms. Victor helped Abby into a chair, and Mariah wrapped an arm around her friend. Abby said this couldn’t be real – there must be some explanation. Ashley arrived, and Christine and Victor brought her up to speed. Ashley asked if they’d found anything. Christine explained that, given the force of the explosion, it was going to take time to identify all the remains. Ashley rushed over to Abby and hugged her. At that moment, Dominic started crying, and Abby picked him up and tried to soothe him. Devon now had Dominic, and Ashley asked everyone to give Abby space. Devon said he’d take Dominic for a walk, and Mariah said she’d go too. Abby didn’t want Dominic to go. Ashley said that little boy was loved, and they’d take good care of him, just like she and Victor would take good care of Abby. Devon promised they wouldn’t be gone long. Abby relented.

Victor walked Christine to the door, and they agreed to keep each other updated. He asked if she was going to inform Nina, and she said yes. She knew it’d be rough, since Chance was the light of Nina’s life. Victor had been glad to call Chance his son in law. Christine was sorry for Victor’s loss. They hugged, and she left. Ashley told Abby they could lie down together like they did when she was little. Abby didn’t want to. Ashley told Abby that everyone was gone now, so she could let it all out. Ashley asked what Abby needed. Abby said she needed her husband, and Ashley hugged her. Abby held the ring and said if Chance was gone, she’d feel it. She asked if Nina knew, and Victor said Christine was going to call her. Abby said Chance was Nina’s baby, and just like Abby felt about Dominic.

Sharon showed up at the Chancellor house and told Victor that Mariah texted saying Chance may have been killed. Victor said the place Chance was staying was blown to smithereens, and the only things left were person effects. Ashley joined Sharon and Victor. Ashley said Abby was in shock, and Ashley wasn’t sure Abby registered anything people were saying. Victor said Sharon had been enormously supportive when Victoria was attacked. Ashley wasn’t sure Abby would be receptive, but she said Sharon was welcome to try.

Sharon went to Abby and offered to listen. Abby said if she opened that door, she might start screaming and never stop. She couldn’t fall apart because had a baby to take care of – Chance was counting on her. Sharon didn’t think Abby would fall apart. Sharon said Abby had suffered some really horrible losses, and she survived – Brad, Colleen. “My baby girl,” Abby added. Abby said Chance helped her through that and convinced her to have hope that she could be a mother and they could have a long happy life. She started crying.

Abby hated that she couldn’t control her emotions. Sharon said it was fine. Abby said when Christine brought her the wedding ring, Abby lost it in front of everyone, including the baby. She thought about what Chance must’ve felt like, terrified and suffering. She felt like she was falling. Sharon said that was a normal reaction. Abby asked how to go on without her husband. Her son would never meet his father. Victor started doing something on his phone, and he told Ashley that he was getting Abby support.

Mariah, Tessa, Devon and the baby were at Crimson Lights. Mariah and Tessa were talking about what it must be like to have the person you loved ripped away in an instant, when Tessa realized they were being insensitive to Devon. Tessa apologized and acknowledged that Devon knew exactly what Abby was going through. Devon said Tessa wasn’t being insensitive. He said he did know what Abby was feeling, and it wasn’t something he’d wish on anyone. He talked about grief, which he’d only survived with the support of his family and friends, and eventually Elena. Tessa was thankful Devon survived and found happiness. She said they had to have Faith that Abby would get there too. Devon said things weren’t going to be easy for Abby. Mariah said itw wouldn’t be easy for Dominic either. She said Abby’s emotions affected the baby. She wondered what kind of impact the stress would have on him. Devon hoped Dominic would become Abby’s source of comfort and her reason to get out of bed. Mariah said maybe, but they didn’t know. She said people react to trauma in different ways. Tessa said Sharon could let them know if there was cause for concern.

Adam ran into Sally and said hi. She wondered if he’d be friendly funny down to earth Adam today, or officious Adam, busy CEO who had no time to waste on a peon like her. He admitted that he’d been too abrupt yesterday, though he’d already apologized. She commented that mea culpa Adam was an intriguing new addition to the cast of characters. He thought that seemed fascinating. She invited him to lunch. He wished he could, but he was all booked up, and he was here for a meeting. He hoped she wasn’t taking this personally. She said that this was just a game to her, and she was going for best three out of five. Then she realized this may have been her third rejection. He said it wasn’t, because they agreed to keep things professional. She teased that she was glad, because she wouldn’t get saddled with his chronic mood swings. He wished he could have lunch with her, because that would be more entertaining than the person he was meeting with. She suggested he cancel, but he couldn’t. She asked who he was meeting with. They bantered, and he wouldn’t tell her who he was seeing. She tried guessing, and he kept it vague. She told him he was good at being mysterious. She wondered if this had something to do with that missing man Billy mentioned – Gaines. “Oops. Guess I wasn’t supposed to bring his name up anymore,” she said, when his smile faded.

Adam noticed Sally ordered her food to go, and he hoped that wasn’t on his account. She said she was planning to work through lunch anyway. She told him about all the inquiries she was getting from people who wanted a wedding dress like Victoria’s. She took it as a sign that she was right not to give up on her endeavors. Speaking for Newman Fashions, Adam was looking forward to seeing what Sally and Chloe came up with next. Sally asked if Chelsea would be joining them at the company. Adam didn’t know when or if Chelsea would be up to working again. Sally asked if she shouldn’t have brought that up, Adam said it was fine. He hoped Chelsea returned and picked up her life again. The private investigator arrived, and Sally told him to have fun with his not-at-all-mysterious meeting.

Nick and Phyllis were in her suite. He repeated his question – were they in this together or not? She was thrown that he even had to ask her that. She thought it was clear that she was in this with him, since she was working so hard. She thought that, thought it didn’t feel good now, it’d turn out good in the end. She asked to put this on hold, since she was feeling hungover. He said yeah. He offered to take her out to lunch, since theirs was cold, and she said thanks. She went into the bathroom and stared in the mirror.

Phyllis and Nick went to Society. Nick noticed that Adam was across the room with one of Victor’s most trusted private investigators. Nick observed their body language and concluded that Adam and the P.I. were scheming about something. “Mm-hmm,” Phyllis replied, and Nick asked what that meant. She told him he knew what it meant. She wasn’t going to comment on this situation, because she didn’t want to continue the pattern where she said something supportive, and he misinterpreted it, then they argued. He didn’t want her to feel like she was on eggshells around him. He wanted her unvarnished opinion. She told him to remember that he’d said this. She asked who cared what Adam was up to. She asked if he could let it go and focus on their relationship. Nick reminded Phyllis that he asked her to back off Tara and Sally, and she ended up being right about them. She argued that it wasn’t the same thing, since she was protecting Summer. She asked who cared what Adam and Victor were plotting. He didn’t look at it that way. She wished he’d protect himself and stay out of it. She didn’t expect him to take this advice, but this was how she felt. He’d tried staying out of it more times than he could count, but things always blew up into a massive crisis, and he’d get sucked back in so he could protect the people he loved – his sisters, mother and children. He theorized that it was best to try and avert this mess now instead of waiting for the other shoe to drop. She didn’t think that was best. She’d be happy if, between disasters, he put more attention on their relationship. He suggested they go eat lunch somewhere else.

Just as Phyllis and Nick were about to leave, Jack and Nikki showed up. Nick explained that they were leaving because he didn’t want to be around Adam. Nikki extended an invitation to join them for lunch instead. Phyllis asked if she was included in the invite. She wasn’t sure because of their history. Nikki said they got along in Italy. Nikki was hoping to convince Nick to reconcile with Victoria, and Nikki thought she’d have a better chance at with Phyllis’s support. Nick said he and Phyllis had to talk about some stuff, so he declined. Just as he said this, Phyllis said she’d love it if he reconciled with his sister, so she accepted the invitation.

At their table, Nikki and Nick looked over at Adam and the PI. Jack asked who that was. Nick said that was a PI that Victor had on retainer. He was sure the PI and Adam were talking about Jesse Gaines and his current whereabouts. Jack asked who that was. Nikki only said it was someone Ashland used to know. Nick added that Gaines despised Ashland, and Nick locked him into a room to stop him from disrupting the wedding. Jack had no idea all this happened at the wedding. Nikki didn’t know about it at the time either. She knew very little now, and that suited her just fine. Nick said Gaines hadn’t been seen in days – Victor had Adam take care of him somehow. Jack asked what that meant, and Phyllis said nobody knew. Nikki said that Victor found some compromising information on Gaines and used it to convince him to leave Ashland alone. Jack said that was classic Victor. Phyllis pointedly told Jack that he should be glad he wasn’t involved. Nick got the message and asked Phyllis to drop it. Adam and the PI finished their meeting. Adam nodded at Nikki on his way out. Jack changed the subject and said he was playing an online game with Harrison. Since Nick and Phyllis were gaming experts, Jack asked if they had more recommendations. The tension between Nick and Phyllis was still there, but he asked he about that game she played with Christian. She didn’t know the name, but she said she’d look online. She lied and said she got a message from the hotel manager, and she had to go.

Phyllis left. Nikki asked if everything was okay with Nick and Phyllis. Nick said they were fine. Jack excused himself too. Nikki didn’t meant to pry, but she’d noticed the tension. Nick changed the subject to Jesse Gaines. He thought it’d be a real mistake to look the other way. Nikki said this was behind them. Nick was skeptical, since Adam was meeting with the PI. Nick said Victor was keeping him on the outside of this, but Nikki would be able to find out the details. Nikki didn’t want to be involved. Nick said Nikki was leaving Victoria’s well being in the hands of Victor and Adam. He asked if she was comfortable with that, given Adam’s history.

Nick left, and Jack returned. Nikki hoped Jack didn’t take Nick and Phyllis’s insinuations about Gaines seriously. She said obviously, no harm could’ve come to Gaines. She thought Nick and Phyllis were being over-dramatic. Jack felt for Nick, who wasn’t getting along with Victor, Victoria, or Adam. “Or Phyllis, apparently,” Jack added. Nikki asked what Jack knew. He didn’t think he should say much. He said that Nick and Phyllis hit a bump in the road, but they’d figure it out.

Nick went to the hotel and told Phyllis that he still owed her lunch. She said he didn’t owe her anything. “I knew what I signed up for. I knew your family history. It didn’t matter to me because I love you and the whole thing is worth it. It was worth it,” she said. “You’re right, it was.” he replied. “Who are we kidding? This isn’t gonna work,” she said.


When Adam got to work, Sally walked in and asked how his meeting was. It was tedious. He asked about her lunch. She said it was productive. She showed him her phone. The National Inquisitor got photos of Sally and Adam and insinuated that they were together. He wasn’t surprised. She just wanted to give him a head’s up. Just as Adam said everything was fine, Chelsea called. Sally left, and Adam declined the call.

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