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Nicole visits Abe in the hospital and brings him more flowers. Nicole brings up his engagement to Paulina and asks if he’s happy. Abe confirms that he is. Nicole mentions seeing Lani and Theo dragging Paulina to the elevator. Abe says she had been there for 2 days and needs the rest. Nicole asks if he’s not up for company but Abe assures he’s always happy to see her. Nicole tells him that she was so scared. Abe says he was too and that the gun came out of nowhere. Nicole asks why Jake DiMera would do that to him. Abe responds that he just told Rafe, Jake didn’t.

Rafe brings Gabi to Jake in the interrogation room. Rafe announces that Abe just confirmed Jake’s statement and identified Carmine by photo. Rafe talks about Carmine having a rap sheet with major mobsters in Philadelphia and they found his prints on the gun. Jake was afraid that Abe would forget everything that happened. Rafe adds that Abe overheard Carmine admitting that he’s the one who whacked Zanetti, not Jake. Gabi asks Rafe to take the handcuffs off Jake now but Rafe says not yet.

Carmine barges in to Rafe’s house to see Ava. Ava questions what he’s doing at the police commissioner’s house when he’s supposed to be lying low. Carmine complains about being in the town dump. Ava points out that no one would find him there. Carmine questions if he’s supposed to hide out in sewers for the rest of his life. Ava says it beats prison and that’s exactly where he would be headed. Ava warns that Rafe could come home any minute. Carmine doesn’t think Ava gets what he’s saying. Carmine warns Ava to find him some five star accommodations or she will wind up in the cell right next to his.

At the hospital, Tripp invites Allie to a walk through the cemetery on Halloween as he always thought a ghost tour would be cool. Allie blows off Halloween as no different than any other night…

In the cemetery, Devil Marlena brings up Allie not believing in the supernatural and guesses he’ll just have to make her a believer. The Devil then stands over Charlie Dale’s grave and calls for Allie’s rapist, Charlie, to rise up and prove that his powers are real. A hand then emerges from Charlie’s grave. The Devil laughs and declares he’s still got it. Charlie then rises from his grave and tells the Devil that he is at his command.

Gabi questions Rafe not letting Jake go when he’s innocent. Rafe says that Jake is innocent of attempting to murder Abe but he is guilty of bringing a loaded firearm to a public park which is against the city law and the district attorney will also want to speak with him about his priors from Philadelphia. Rafe suggests Jake roll over on Carmine and reveal who he deals with. Jake swears he hasn’t dealt with him in years. Gabi reminds Rafe that she told him that Carmine’s mob boss is Ava, so if he wants answers, he should talk to her.

Ava tells Carmine that she had nothing to do with him shooting Abe and didn’t even know he was in Salem. Carmine argues that she and Philip wanted him to help frame Jake, all so she could steal her boyfriend’s sister’s company. Carmine warns Ava to wait until she hears about all the stuff she pulled in Philadelphia. Ava says he won’t hear about anything but Carmine says if he goes down for shooting Abe, he’s taking her down with him. Ava asks if he’s threatening her which he admits to.

Tripp and Allie walk through the town square on their way to the cemetery but Allie stops and says she can’t do it. Allie says she’s not superstitious but the cemetery creeps her out as she doesn’t like being surrounded by a bunch of dead people, especially on Halloween.

The Devil informs Charlie that Allie needs to be taught a lesson. Charlie responds that he’d like to teach her a lesson himself. The Devil thought he’d be perfect for the job. Charlie remarks that he has scores to settle with lots of people in Salem. The Devil tells him the more mischief he makes, the happier he will be, so he tells him to get to it.

Allie tells Tripp that he can check out the graveyard if he wants but she’ll wait here. Tripp decides he’d rather be with her and thinks they can come up with something else to do. Tripp asks if Allie is upset with him. Allie says no and then admits she’s a little upset because when she went to the hospital, she saw him talking to Chanel and she said they were talking about Abe but she guesses they were talking about her.

Nicole tells Abe that she’s so sorry that it took him getting shot for her to come see him. Abe feels he should’ve checked in with her and asks how she’s doing. Nicole says Abe got shot and he’s asking how she’s doing. Abe mentions hearing that her and Eric split up and says he should’ve called her. Nicole guesses he figured out that she never sent the e-mail that would end her marriage. Nicole admits that she was unfaithful and should’ve known it would come out. Abe asks if she’s going to try to work this out. Nicole says no and confirms they are getting a divorce because they realized they don’t belong together. Abe says that makes him sad. Nicole talks about lying awake at night thinking about why it happened. Nicole knows Eric loved her but she wonders now if he really wanted to be married. Nicole says she worked a lot with him at the church and he loved being a priest. Abe brings up that it was taken away from him. Nicole feels Eric never stopped missing that life and that his work in Africa made him feel closer to who he was then. Nicole says she isn’t saying the divorce is his fault but she’s just trying to forgive herself so she can move on. Nicole then reveals to Abe that she is seeing someone. Abe asks if he’s worthy. Nicole doesn’t know how to answer that and informs Abe that it’s EJ. Abe asks if she’s kidding. Nicole apologizes if that upsets him because she knows he can’t stand EJ. Abe thought she couldn’t either. Nicole admits she couldn’t and when things blew up between them, she was sure she’d never be in the same room as him. Abe asks what changed. Nicole explains that he started to pursue her, not the other way around, and he helped her get over someone else that he would’ve approved of. Abe asks what went wrong. Nicole says her timing was lousy so by the time she figured out he was the one, another lucky woman snapped him up.

Gabi questions Rafe not telling Ava anything. Rafe explains that he didn’t go home as he was directing the manhunt for Carmine. Gabi argues that Ava knows where Carmine is but he continues to harass Jake. Gabi tells Rafe to do his job. Rafe informs her that he tried calling Ava. Gabi argues that Ava doesn’t want to answer because she’d have to admit that she was Carmine’s mob boss. Gabi bets that Ava is the one who helped Carmine get away.

Ava questions Carmine threatening his boss. Carmine says she used to be the boss but she traded that life in, so he’s not afraid of her anymore. Ava warns that he better be.

The Devil points out that Charlie hasn’t thanked him for bringing him back from the dead. Charlie then thanks him. The Devil tells him that he knows what he wants him to do, so he orders Charlie to get out there and wreak some havoc for him. Charlie agrees to with pleasure and walks off as the Devil laughs.

Rafe tells Gabi that it’s a huge leap to accuse Ava of helping Carmine get away. Gabi insists that Ava and Philip started this whole mess by bringing Carmine in to get dirt on Jake. Gabi adds that Philip told her that if she didn’t sign over her company, he would use that crap to get Jake. Rafe asks why Ava would want to help Philip. Gabi says that Ava wants to run Gabi Chic. Rafe questions her not telling him this. Gabi says she didn’t want to make more trouble for Jake and she didn’t think Rafe would believe her. Jake adds that everything she’s saying is true. Rafe questions why Philip would want to get rid of Gabi. Gabi claims he just wants to run Gabi Chic his own way. Rafe tells her to tell him the truth for once. Rafe decides he’s going to see Ava and will have someone take Jake back to lockup as he exits the room.

Tripp questions what makes Allie think that he and Chanel were talking about her. Allie says she knows them both really well and they clammed up as soon as they saw her and then they seemed guilty. Tripp then admits it and apologizes. Tripp says it’s not his favorite subject but it’s him being more in to her than she’s in to him. Allie guesses it’s because he said I love you and she didn’t say it back. Tripp didn’t know she told Chanel about that. Allie explains that Chanel is her best friend and she only told her because she feels so awful since Tripp is cute, sexy, smart, and takes care of Henry. Allie calls herself the luckiest girl in the world to be with a guy like him but saying “I love you” is not about him. Tripp assures that she doesn’t have to explain anything and he didn’t even want to bring it up because he doesn’t want to pressure her. Allie reminds him that she’s never said “I love you” to anyone, and after what Charlie did to her, she’s glad he’s dead because it’s so much easier to put him out of her mind when she knows he’s out of her life forever…

Devil Marlena stands over Nick Fallon’s grave and disregards a note that Julie had left there. The Devil talks about Nick bringing down the Horton family and declares he has one more job for him now..

Carmine warns Ava that if she isn’t going to help him out, he’s going to have to take the situation into his own hands. Ava tells him to get out. Carmine tells her to shut up and grabs a rag, threatening to wrap it around her neck. Charlie then appears and stabs Carmine in the chest with a knife. Charlie then declares to Ava, “Mother, I’m home”, leaving her in shock. Ava says he can’t be there as he’s dead. Charlie responds that now he’s undead while Carmine is dead. Charlie says he just saved Ava’s life and suggests she thank him, so she does. Charlie asks if this will make her love him. Ava says she told him she did on the night he died. Charlie thinks she was happy that he was off her hands and says he heard what she said about him. Charlie guesses she’ll never love him and he’ll never be perfect like Tripp. Charlie adds that she doesn’t exactly seem happy to see him. Ava argues this has to be a nightmare and can’t be happening. Charlie says it will be as he wants her to see the hell that he calls home. Charlie approaches her with a knife but Ava shoves him and runs out of the house.

Abe questions Nicole about the man that got away being someone he approves of. Abe assumes that means he knows him which Nicole confirms. They get interrupted by Rafe entering the room. Rafe says he’s sorry to interrupt but he needs to get Abe’s statement and then he’ll be out. Nicole decides that she was just heading out to let Abe get some rest. Abe quickly signs his statement for Rafe and admits his eyes are getting heavy. Abe tells Nicole that he was so glad to see her and not to be a stranger. Nicole promises not to be. Rafe tells Abe that he’ll see him soon. Rafe asks Nicole if she has time for a coffee, which she agrees to as they exit the room.

Gabi cannot believe Rafe left Jake in handcuffs while not saying a word to Ava. Jake understands Rafe loves Ava so it’s probably very hard on him. Gabi questions Jake being so nice about Rafe. Jake acknowledges that Rafe is right that he’s not innocent since he brought Carmine to Salem and brought a loaded gun to their meeting in the park. Jake adds that Carmine took the gun from him and shot Abe. Gabi argues that Jake didn’t shoot anybody and doesn’t have it in him, unlike her, as she killed Nick Fallon not once but twice and remarks that he had it coming to him both times.

The Devil rises Nick Fallon from his grave and remarks that this is not his first undead rodeo. Nick calls Marlena “Dr. Evans”, but the Devil says not to call him by her name. The Devil says Nick was struck down in his prime but he’s still so young, handsome, and tempting as Devil Marlena then grabs Nick and kisses him. Nick asks if that’s why he was risen from the dead. The Devil says that was just a little diversion and remarks that John must be turning over in his crypt. Nick asks what he is to do. The Devil asks how Nick would spend it if he was given one day on Earth. Nick guesses he would avenge his death. The Devil calls that a good idea and suggests starting with Gabi. Nick thought Marlena liked Gabi. The Devil says that Marlena likes her and he’s alright with her when she’s doing his bidding. The Devil decides he might need one more person to join his Army of the Undeads, but she would have to die tonight…

Gabi argues that Jake did nothing wrong since Carmine had the gun and shot Abe while Rafe is just too embarrassed to admit that he got suckered by Ava, but she knows he’s thinking that she’s right. Jake asks if she really thinks Ava helped Carmine go underground. Gabi asks who else could make Carmine disappear like that. Gabi argues that Ava has not changed and calls her pure evil. Gabi says when Rafe confronts Ava, she will beg and cry, but this time Rafe won’t let her squirm her way out of this, so she will be out of the house for good and on her way to prison.

Rafe and Nicole have coffee at the hospital. Nicole jokes that she thought Rafe meant going to a place with decent coffee. Rafe says he thought about that but remembered Nicole saying they should keep their distance for Ava’s sake, but he does need to ask her some questions about a police matter that’s also personal for him. Rafe tells her that he has reason to believe the woman he’s living with might be indirectly responsible for Abe getting shot. Nicole asks if he’s kidding. Rafe wishes he was. Rafe asks her if Ava gave her any indication about the mob life she left behind not actually being that far behind her. Nicole questions what got him thinking about that. Rafe admits it was Gabi, so he has to be careful because Gabi hates Ava and they know what she’s capable of when she hates someone. Rafe adds that after talking with Gabi tonight, he has to think maybe there’s a chance she’s telling the truth this time and he’s been a damn fool.

Tripp tells Allie that he doesn’t have to explain or apologize for anything. Allie wants him to know this because those three words have been on the tip of her tongue and now she feels like maybe. They get interrupted by Tripp getting a call from Ava, begging him to help her.

Nick asks the Devil if he wants him to kill Gabi or not. The Devil wants him to do whatever creates the most misery for the most people. The Devil says he will need one more person like him to create this unholy energy and asks who that could be. Nick looks over at the grave of Deimos Kiriakis and calls him the Greek God of Terror. The Devil tells him to never say the G word around him. The Devil then says he’s thinking and tells Nick to go do his job. Nick is confused whether to call the Devil ma’am or sir. The Devil responds that he’s not a real person so he doesn’t have a pronoun. The Devil is tired of talking and instructs Nick to go make evil so he walks away. Devil Marlena then looks down at the grave of Deimos and calls him another person that nobody wants to see again, so he’d be a perfect instrument to carry out his plans. Deimos is then risen from his grave. The Devil feels a certain energy from him. Deimos says it’s where his heart used to be before the coroner put it in a jar. The Devil rips open Deimos’ shirt and recognizes his mark on Deimos’ chest. Deimos explains that Victor carved it in to his chest and said he was the Devil. The Devil says Deimos was much hated in life but will be adored in the afterlife. The Devil then instructs Deimos to right all the wrongs done to him, starting with Nicole, because she never paid for killing him and didn’t even tell many people that she did it. The Devil says that Nicole used to be one of his, then she fell in love with Marlena’s son, but now Eric has left her so she is ripe for the picking. The Devil orders Deimos to go reap his vengeance. Deimos declares that he’s waited a long time for this…

Nicole tells Rafe that she talked to Ava a lot and she hasn’t done anything to make her wonder if she’s still in contact with her family. Rafe asks if Nicole heard anything from Philip. Nicole says nothing at all since Philip and Brady are at war over Chloe. Rafe suggests maybe Gabi is making up stories again and remarks that living with Gabi and Ava is like never knowing which spark is gonna start the fire. Nicole thinks the best thing Rafe can do is just talk to Ava and try to have an open mind. Rafe agrees and thanks her for everything. Nicole responds that Rafe is her friend and she just wants him to be happy. Rafe wants the same for her and asks if she’s doing something with Holly tonight. Nicole says that Holly has a sleepover with her best friend Rebecca and Rebecca’s mom is taking them trick or treating. Rafe asks if she has no plans then. Nicole mentions being behind on work, so she’s going to the office to try and catch up. Rafe guesses she can find peace and quiet there. Rafe tells her it was good seeing her. Nicole adds that she really hopes Gabi is wrong about Ava. Rafe says he does too.

Tripp asks if Ava is okay. Ava asks Tripp to meet her at the Pub because he’s after her. Tripp asks who is. Ava says she has to go and hangs up. Allie asks Tripp if something is wrong with his mom. Tripp says he could barely understand her but she wants him to meet her at the Pub. Tripp thanks Allie for understanding. Allie hopes she’s okay. Tripp says he’ll call her as he rushes off.

Jake tells Gabi that the cop will be in soon to take him back to lockup, so she should probably get going. Gabi wants to see what’s going on with Rafe and Ava. Gabi swears to Jake that this will be over tomorrow and he won’t see the inside of a jail cell. Jake hopes she’s right. Gabi says she loves him. Jake says he loves her. Gabi can’t wait to give him a real kiss tomorrow as she then exits the room.

Devil Marlena walks through the cemetery and comes across Tom and Alice’s graves. The Devil remarks that they must be so proud since their great grandson is back in town, wreaking havoc on the place they cherish, and there is nothing they can do about it. The Devil suggests planning a family reunion, then says just kidding as they can keep pushing up daisies for eternity.

Rafe goes home looking for Ava but finds Carmine dead on the floor with a knife in his chest.

Tripp meets Ava outside the Brady Pub and asks what’s going on. Ava says he won’t believe her. Tripp tells her to just tell him. Ava responds that she saw his brother.

Allie answers the door at home and is shocked to see Zombie Charlie.

Nicole goes to work at the Basic Black office. She opens her drawer and pulls out her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke. Nicole says they both know she should get rid of Duke but she’s not doing that and asks why that is. Nicole then questions why she’s talking to a stuffed bear. Zombie Deimos then appears in the doorway and remarks that talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity. Nicole screams and falls over in shock.

Gabi walks through the park, finishing a call with her daughter Arianna. Gabi has her put Will on the phone and talks about how grown Arianna looks. Gabi says she just wanted to wish he and Sonny a happy Halloween and notes that she will be visiting very soon. Gabi hangs up and then remarks that she feels like someone walked over her grave. Gabi then runs in to Zombie Nick, who says he knows the feeling.

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