Days Short Recap Friday, October 23, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle was creeped out because she had to be at the house by herself when Jan showed up. Jan said she had something for her and reached in her pocketbook. Clyde told Ben how he didn’t answer him about going with him. Ben didn’t want to leave because he wanted to get revenge on Vincent. He wanted him to feel the pain he felt. Sarah talked to Philip about Xander when he showed up and saw them together. Jan had an object and Belle thought she was about to hit her with it. Jan let her know she had a crystal for Claire, but Belle didn’t want it. She wanted her to go. Sarah couldn’t believe Xander was upset to see her talking to Philip. Sarah tried to explain why they were talking to each other. Clyde told Ben how he was the only family he had left and that’s why he was there. Jan wanted to make sure Claire got her gift. Belle told her that she would give it to her, but she didn’t believe her. She thought Belle was jealous of her relationship with Claire. She thought she was too old to be friends with Claire. Jan thought her relationship with Philip was inappropriate. Clyde tried to convince not to kill Vincent, but Ben snapped and said he was why Ciara was dead. Clyde told him to live the life he was meant to live.

Belle told Jan that Philip was her client so her relationship with him wasn’t inappropriate. Jan reminded her how she was married to Philip and cheated on Shawn multiple times with him. Belle wanted to know how long she was obsessed with Shawn. Belle told her that he would never want to be with her. She thought Jan lied about having a gift for Claire, but she said she did have a gift for her. Belle told her how Shawn would never love her. She kept pushing Jan until she snapped and raised the crystal over her head. Shawn showed up while Jan had the crystal in the air. He demanded to know why Jan was in his house. She explained why she was there. Clyde told Ben that Ciara would be mad at him if she knew what he was doing with the gun. He told him to move on with his life. Ben couldn’t believe he was lecturing him. He wanted to know what he was doing, but he wouldn’t tell him. Sarah told Xander that she was going to sleep on the couch if he had to be in the room. Belle and Shawn wanted Jan to get out of the house. Jan finally decided to leave. Shawn wanted to know what she wanted.

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