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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe and Paulina had a celebration for Johnny and Chanel as well as for their anniversary. Eli showed up at the party with the twins. Abe wanted to know if Lani was there. Eli said she went to see Chanel at the bakery since she assumed Paulina and Chanel weren’t talking to each other. Paulina was glad they were talking even if it was behind her back. Eli said Lani understood what Paulina did. Paulina let him know that she and Chanel made up. She said the bad news was Chanel was leaving. Chanel put a closed sign on Sweet Bits. Lani showed up and wondered what was going on. Chanel told her she and Johnny were leaving town because Johnny got a job with his favorite director. She said they have to leave town right away. Lani was glad she came for the visit when she did. Chanel was glad too because she needed her support. Lani said moving was a good thing but might be stressful for the baby. Chanel told her she heard the baby’s heartbeat, but they still won’t know about the radiation for a while. Lani asked how things were between her and Paulina. Chanel said she forgave her. Lani said letting go was going to be hard. Chanel told her EJ was going to hate it. Stefan asked EJ how he was going to get his job back to help Gabi. EJ said he talked to Paulina, and it was going to happen. Stefan told him it better happen, or he was going to tell everyone the truth about Jude’s DNA. Once the truth came out, Nicole, Eric, and Jude would go off together. Johnny showed up and wanted to know what was going on. EJ told him that he and Stefan were talking about business. Johnny asked if they were talking about Kristen being the new CEO. Stefan left them alone. EJ asked Johnny about Chanel’s appointment. Johnny said it went well. EJ said Nicole put pregnancy books for them in the library. Johnny said he appreciated it, but they wouldn’t get a chance to read them since he got a job in California. He told EJ he would be working with his favorite director. Since EJ never approved of his dream, Johnny knew he wouldn’t approve. EJ approved of Johnny pursuing his dream. He said he wanted Johnny to be happy.

When Lani went to Paulina and Abe’s place Eli found out that Johnny and Chanel were leaving Salem. Lani said she heard Paulina was having trouble with the people in Salem. Paulina said they were trying to get her recalled as mayor. Johnny showed up to join the celebration. He said one more person was joining the party. EJ showed up at the party. He said it was great of Abe and Paulina to put their differences aside so he could be at the party. Paulina thought he was talking about the recall. EJ said the people were getting jumpy. Paulina wondered how they would feel about a disgraced getting his job back. EJ said he wasn’t disgraced. She fired him over a conflict of interest which didn’t matter anymore because Kristen got the job as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. He said she had a legitimate reason to give him his job back. She said that was blackmail. While they were talking, EJ let Johnny and Chanel know they could use the DiMera jet whenever they wanted to visit. Later on, EJ asked Paulina if she was going to fire Melinda and give him his job back so he could tear up the petition. Jada ran into Stefan at the pub. She said he and Rafe thought Clyde would reveal that Gil killed Li to clear Gabi’s name. Stefan said they hoped, so but Clyde refused to say anything. Jada said he didn’t refuse to help. He wanted his charges reduced. She said she had a way to get Clyde to tell what he knows. Jada told him they shut down the drug operation, but Stefan had to convince Clyde to start it again. Stefan didn’t think that would be a good idea. He was curious as to why she would want him to do something illegal. Jada said to get Gabi out of prison. She said he helped Stefan before. Stefan said he didn’t do it by choice. Stefan wondered what Rafe thought of the plan. She said he doesn’t know about it. Stefan said Gabi was already in solitary so if he turned on Clyde who knew what would happen to her. Jada asked if he would do it if it was Gabi’s only way out. He said it may not be her only way out. Jada wanted to know what else he had in mind. He said he wouldn’t be talking to her if he had a plan. They continued to talk about how they could get Gabi out of prison. Chad and Julie went to the bank in Chicago to look in the safety deposit box. Mr. Mooney, the president of the bank, brought them the box. He said they needed a combination to open it. Chad said they didn’t have it but Clyde gave them permission to open it. Mr. Mooney said the box was registered to Goldman. Chad said she was the dirty cop and Clyde’s girlfriend. Mr. Mooney said he couldn’t open the box without the combination. Julie said they came a long way. She thought he could open the box. Mr. Mooney said he couldn’t make any exceptions. Chad called Rafe so he could give him the code. When they got the code, they opened the box. There was a flash drive in it. They watched the footage on a computer. There was a woman in a cell. They couldn’t see her face so they couldn’t tell if it was Abby. Stefan went back to the DiMera mansion. EJ walked in. Stefan said he was going to call Nicole. EJ told him he didn’t have to because he got his job back. He said he was going to reopen Gabi’s case.

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