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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Johnny talked to Chanel about his job offer. He said he had to give the director an answer by the next day. The job is in Los Angeles. Chanel said they didn’t give him enough time to give an answer. When he told her he knew about the job for weeks, she was upset that he didn’t tell her. She wondered if he was going to tell her when he was on the plane or turn it down without telling her. When he said he was trying to avoid her getting stressed, she didn’t believe him. She said they were supposed to be a team and wondered how he could keep her in the dark about it. He apologized to her. She was angry again when he said he talked to Marlena about it. He said Salem was their home and they built a life there. She said if he wanted to turn down the job he would have. He said he was conflicted about the job. She said if he wanted to take the job, she would make a life there too. He said he wasn’t sure if he could cut it there and his dream would be over. While he was talking, he said he couldn’t fail her and the baby. She said he wouldn’t fail, but he wouldn’t know unless he tried. They could always come back if things didn’t work out. She said she would follow him anywhere. They apologized to each other. At the pub, Roman told Kate that Eric moved back in. Kate was happy about it, but worried about Lucas. While she was talking, Lucas showed up. He apologized for not talking to her. The FBI wanted him to keep quiet until Clyde was back in Salem. Kate was upset but said he should be free since he did his end of the bargain. Lucas said he didn’t know what was going on with the deal. He said he was still a fugitive. When Kate tried to get him to leave, he said he didn’t want to go to the monastery. He said he would rather go back to prison. When Lucas left, Kate told Roman about Lucas going back to prison. She wanted to know if Roman would be upset about it. Roman said Lucas learned his lesson and it wouldn’t be right if Harris didn’t hold up his end of the bargain.

Chad told Julie about Clyde. He told her that Clyde said Abby was alive. Julie was happy about Abby being alive, but Chad thought it was a lie. He said a part of him hoped it was true. He said Abby came back before and Stefan was walking around with Jake’s heart. Julie asked if it was possible that Rolf brought Abby back to life. Chad said he wasn’t sure. He said he was going to go see Clyde. Chad didn’t want her to say anything to Jack and Jennifer, so they won’t get their hopes up. When Chad left, Lucas showed up. He told Julie he couldn’t go back to prison without seeing her. She asked him what he thought about Abby being alive. He said he wished it was true, but he didn’t know if it was possible. Rafe questioned Clyde at the police station. He asked Clyde where Li was. Clyde didn’t answer him. Rafe reminded Clyde that he broke Gabi’s leg in prison. Clyde still pretended not to know anything. Rafe said Clyde knew Gabi didn’t kill Li but knew who did. Clyde said he didn’t know Li and had no reason to know who killed him. Rafe brought up Gil and the black book. He wanted to know what Gil told Clyde about the murder. Clyde wanted to know what was in it for him. Rafe said he couldn’t promise him anything. Clyde said he needed to get something out of it if he told what Gil did. He reminded Rafe that he covered up for Hope years ago so he could help him. When Rafe left, Chad walked in. Chad told Clyde to start talking. He said he was with Abby the night she died and there was nothing Rolf could do to save her. Chad asked how Abby could be alive. Stefan told Kristen he was busting Gabi out of prison since no one could help him. Kristen said she couldn’t let that happen because he was supposed to help her become CEO. She said she did plenty to help Gabi so she couldn’t risk him not helping her. If he broke Gabi out of prison, Kristen threatened to expose that he slept with Ava. He said she promised to keep the secret. She told him she wasn’t at war with him, but he had to decide what side he’s on. Rafe showed up while they were talking and told them Clyde may know something, but he wasn’t talking. When Lucas went back to the pub, Roman told him he pulled some strings with the ISA. He said the deal was a go so Lucas was free. Chad threatened Clyde. Clyde said he would tell Chad the truth, but he had to help him. Chad wanted to know why he would go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Clyde said he was going to tell him something big.

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