GH Short Recap Friday, May 17, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Chase and Brook Lynn’s wedding reception continues and the bride and groom share their first dance as husband and wife. Brook Lynn and Chase’s family and friends make several toasts to the happy couple.

Violet catches the bouquet and is very happy that she caught the bouquet.

Sam interrupts Spinelli and Maxie’s date to persuade Spinelli to hack into the FBI computer to find out what information the FBI has on Jason that would force him to work as an informant for the FBI.

Sasha and Cody have dinner and a dance at the Quartermaine mansion since everyone is at the reception. Brennan stabs a prisoner at Pentonville with the shiv that he made himself. A few minutes later Brennan gets jumped by two men and stabbed in the stomach. Anna gets a call to let her know that Brennan is on the way to the hospital.

Kristina finds Sonny kicking Dex who is on the floor. Michael arrives and grabs Sonny from behind so he can stop kicking Dex. Kristina is stunned by what she is seeing and then Sonny shouts your both traitors I am going to put a bullet inside your heads.

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