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Brooke: I know you’ve been trying to reach Thorne and Kristen and Felicia. So, have they gotten back to you yet?

Ridge: No, not yet. I’m dreading this. I– I don’t want to tell them about Dad. I don’t want to talk about it. How did we get here? I– I know– I don’t want to lose my dad.

Brooke: I know that. And Eric is everything to all of us.

Ridge: Okay. Um, Rick and Bridget, did you get in touch with them?

Brooke: No, actually that’s something I would like to tell them in person. Haven’t told Hope yet either. What about Steffy and Thomas?

Ridge: I texted them. They’re on their way over. They deserve to know about their granddad.

Eric: No, no, Aldo, no, no, no. I was the driving force behind the new Couture line, not Ridge. Uh, of course, I had– I had the help of my wonderful grandson, RJ. I couldn’t have done it without him. Sorry, Aldo, I’m gonna have to call you back. Yeah, ciao. I’m okay. I’m fine. I’m fine.

Luna: Your grandfather and you, you guys are uber talented.

RJ: Well, it’s no secret, Eric Forrester has been king of the fashion world for decades. And uh, he still has so much more beauty to create. It’s just not fair what’s happening to him.

Luna: Look, you’re right about your grandfather. His amazing talent and the gift that he’s given the world with his elegant designs throughout the years, but I’ll bet if you asked him, he’d say that his greatest gift is you and his family. The Forresters. It’s the family he adores who adores him. Look, I know how much you love and respect him, RJ.

RJ: I do. It’s just– I just don’t believe this is it for him.

Luna: Mom! But I thought you left.

Poppy: I was about to, but I got detained by your Aunt Li.

RJ: Hi. I’m Ridge Forrester, Jr. RJ. It’s– it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard so many good things about you from her.

Poppy: Well, it’s lovely to finally meet you. I’ve heard a lot about you from my daughter.

RJ: You have? Good things, I hope? Yes? No, she’s– she’s been an incredible addition to Forrester Creations. I’m so happy she’s here.

Donna: You need to call your doctor.

Eric: Why? So he can tell us what we already know? That my time is running out.

Donna: I wish you would stop saying that.

Eric: It’s the reality, darling. It’s a reality that we all have to face together. I’m sorry.

Katie: Hello. Hi.

Eric: Hey.

Katie: Um, everything okay?

Eric: Yeah, it’s fine.

Donna: Yeah.

Katie: I’m not interrupting anything?

Eric: No, not at all. You’re always welcome here.

Katie: Okay. How are you doing?

Eric: I’m fine. How are you?

Katie: I’m well. I’m actually here because I have an update regarding the fashion challenge. As you know, no one outside the building was aware that you and Ridge were going head-to-head.

Eric: And that I beat him. Taught my son a lesson.

Brooke: You made a beautiful sacrifice, allowing Eric to win the fashion challenge.

Ridge: I just wish I could change things.

Brooke: I know.

Thomas: Hey. Got your text.

Steffy: Yeah. What’s– what’s going on?

Thomas: What’s up?

Ridge: Well, there’s something we both need to know about your grandfather.

Luna: I’ve always wanted to be where I am right now. Interning at a major design house like Forrester Creations. Learning from the best. I’m just– it’s all a dream come true.

Poppy: Well, your mother couldn’t be any prouder of you. To see my beautiful baby girl realizing her dream, it brings me such joy.

RJ: Oh. She’s– she’s been a wonderful addition to everyone here at Forrester. And the other day she, uh, she found my granddad’s stapler. Which is– which is a long story, which I’m not gonna get into, but she’s great.

Luna: Um, RJ’s grandparents founded Forrester Creations like many years ago. And his grandfather is highly revered by everyone.

RJ: Yeah, me especially. He’s, uh, he’s taught me a lot.

Poppy: About fashion?

RJ: Yeah. And life. He’s a– he’s one of the strongest people I know.

Poppy: I can see how much he means to you.

RJ: He does. So, does she. She’s– she’s been amazing here. Truly. No, truly. I mean, it. She’s been incredible and uh, I’d hate to lose her.

Eric: I really feel vindicated, you know. I think I proved a point. I won the fashion showdown fair and square.

Donna: Oh, you certainly did. You poured everything of yourself into that. You worked so hard. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so driven and focused.

Eric: I don’t think Ridge thought I could do it. And I couldn’t have done it without RJ’s help. The boy’s a godsend.

Katie: You two make quite a team.

Donna: Yeah.

Eric: He’s a great kid. I hope he continues on at Forrester. I really do. Honing his skill and his talent. The fact is he can do anything in life, actually. He’s gonna– he’s gonna shine whatever he does.

Katie: I don’t think anyone would disagree with that.

Donna: Well, certainly not his parents.

Eric: Yeah.

Donna: I know Ridge and Brooke are so proud of him.

Eric: I hope he finds somebody in this life to love him and stand– stand with him, support him, the way you do with me. I hope he does. Although, I must say, maybe he’s already found it with Luna. I’ve seen them together.

Katie: How would you feel if that were to happen?

Eric: Oh, oh, this– this wonderful, wonderful new, uh, intern who– who found my old stapler for me? Oh, my God.

Katie: Okay. I guess that answers that question.

Eric: Yeah, it does. It does, doesn’t it? It just feels so wonderful to have proven to everybody I still have it. And to prove the naysayers wrong.

Donna: Well, you certainly did that, didn’t you?

Eric: Which is why I need to get into the office. I need to get into the office. I have all these ideas going around in my head, you know?

Donna: What?

Eric: I– I can’t– I can’t control when– when– when the creativity hits. You know that.

Donna: Wait, wait. You have more designs?

Eric: Yeah, I do. I’m gonna, you know, at least I have to flesh out this Couture line of mine.

Donna: Okay. All right, honey bear. I’m– I’m just a little bit confused here. You– you– you won the show and you got your office back.

Eric: I did.

Donna: You– you had your grand finale, your final line.

Eric: Well, I’m not gonna just sit in my office and stare at the four walls. This was a wonderful success. And every Couture line deserves an encore.

Donna: Okay. But what about taking care of yourself? Remember the– spending time together as a family? And travel?

Eric: Yeah– yeah, we’re gonna do all that. We will. But the irony is here I am at the end of my life and I feel more alive and vibrant than I ever have.

Thomas: Okay. So, what’s up with Granddad?

Steffy: Yeah. Does it have to do with the fashion challenge?

Thomas: It probably does. I mean, Granddad won, you lost.

Steffy: We were both kind of surprised about that.

Thomas: Yeah, totally. We thought that you’d end up on top.

Steffy: Okay. What’s going on here? What is this look?

Thomas: Yeah. Did Granddad upset you or something?

Brooke: Uh, no. No, he’s not upset with Eric. It’s quite the opposite.

Steffy: Okay. So, can you tell us what’s going on?

Ridge: Well, first of all, he– he didn’t win the challenge.

Steffy: What do you mean? Everyone was congratulating Granddad. He said he won.

Ridge: That’s how I wanted it.

Thomas: Okay. Um, catch me up here, ’cause you worked for months, really, really hard to– to beat Granddad, and then at the last minute, you’re gonna give it away to him. Why would you do that?

Steffy: Yeah. Tell us. We need to know.

Poppy: I’m sensing you have something else you’d like to say, RJ.

RJ: No. Yes, actually, I should tell you something. I did, um, exchange a few words, uh, with your sister, Li, somewhat recently.

Poppy: About?

RJ: Luna and– and just, I don’t know, I just didn’t understand why she didn’t want her niece working here at Forrester. I mean, with all– with all due respect, it’s just not her decision whether she works here or doesn’t work here.

Poppy: You told Li that?

RJ: I did. Was I– was I overstepping at all?

Poppy: No.

RJ: No?

Poppy: No, no. That was very sweet of you, standing up for my daughter. Thank you. But still, as I said, I was detained by Li earlier. Your aunt’s not backing down, sweetheart. She’s even more adamant about you not working here.

Eric: Donna, you– you support me in this, don’t you?

Donna: That is not fair. You know, I do. I, um, okay. Okay– okay, this is just a lot to process and I really think you need to call your doctor first because that cough is getting–

Eric: The cough is not a big deal. It’s not a big deal.

Donna: What?

Katie: Okay. Eric. I– I don’t know. You should take it from somebody who knows. When you’re being faced with a life-threatening situation, you should seek out specialists.

Eric: I already have.

Katie: No. Here in Los Angeles, maybe, but there has to be someone. There are specialists all over the world who could possibly help.

Eric: And give me false hope? That’s the last thing I want or need in my life right now.

Katie: Okay. What about Bridget? You have a highly respected physician for a daughter. Have you even talked to her?

Eric: No.

Katie: Why not?

Eric: I still don’t want people knowing about my diagnosis, all right?

Steffy: What about Granddad?

Thomas: Yeah, I– I still don’t get it. So, why would you let Granddad win? I mean, did you feel sorry for him?

Ridge: No. Did I? No. I never loved him or respected him more than when I told him that he won.

Thomas: Okay. But?

Steffy: What are you trying to say?

Brooke: Please understand, this isn’t easy for your father. For any of us.

Ridge: You need to know that– that Granddad, he’s– he’s going through some stuff. He’s got tremors and– and, uh, he can’t hold a pencil. Can’t sketch.

Steffy: Well, how did he– how did he create those designs?

Thomas: RJ. That’s why Granddad was working with him.

Ridge: Yeah.

Brooke: Yeah. That’s right. RJ sketched your grandfather’s vision.

Ridge: My dad didn’t want anyone to know, so RJ kept it a secret.

Steffy: How did you find out?

Ridge: Couldn’t keep the secret any longer.

Brooke: It was tearing RJ up inside.

Steffy: Okay. So, what is Granddad exactly dealing with?

Thomas: Yeah. like, what does he have? Is it like arthritis or something?

Ridge: Yeah. No, it’s not that. Um, it’s not good. It’s a– he’s really sick.

Steffy: How sick?

Ridge: He’s dying. Dad is dying.

Luna: Why can’t Aunt Li just stay out of this? I mean, she’s a doctor. That’s her world, not fashion.

RJ: Did– did it get, like, heated between the two of you in– in the past?

Poppy: My sister has very strong opinions. She likes– she expects to get her way.

Luna: No, Mom, you cannot let Aunt Li do that. This is my life. Plus, I’m your daughter, not hers. She doesn’t get to dictate where I work.

RJ: Maybe if I talk to her–

Poppy: No! Thank you. Thank you, RJ, but I don’t wanna put you in the middle.

Luna: Yeah, well neither do I, but we can’t let Aunt Li ruin our lives, okay? We have to stand up to her.

Poppy: I am so sorry this is happening, sweetheart. I hate it.I see how happy you are here. I think I know a big reason why. But your Aunt Li, I don’t see her backing down or giving in. If she keeps this up, she’s going to ruin everything for you.

Donna: We understand how you feel, Eric. Why you wouldn’t want this going public.

Eric: I don’t want pity. I will not be pitied.

Katie: No one is going to pity you. We just all love you so much.

Eric: All the more reason to let the people I love and the people who love me live their lives, not spend their time prematurely mourning the loss of mine.

Donna: But you have to understand, everyone would want to be there for you.

Eric: That’s exactly the point. I don’t want people gathering around with teary faces and sad eyes. I don’t want that. Not the way I live my life. It’s not the way I want to end it, either.

Steffy: Granddad’s dying?

Thomas: I don’t– I don’t understand. It doesn’t make sense. I– I’ve seen him, right? He’s seemed– he’s– he’s been happy and motivated.

Ridge: Well, he’s really good at covering what he doesn’t want other people to know.

Thomas: Obviously. Finding finding this out… now, it all makes sense. That’s why Granddad was so determined to get out his, uh, grand finale.

Steffy: Who else knows?

Brooke: Donna and Katie. I haven’t told Hope yet.

Steffy: What about Uncle Thorne and the rest of the family?

Ridge: I– I called them. Um, and I’ll deal with that. The important thing now is that Dad doesn’t want anyone to know.

Thomas: Wait, does– does he understand that you and Brooke know?

Steffy: What– what can we do? Is there any hope for him at all?

Ridge: I talked to his doctor. He said give him love and support.

Steffy: No, I– I want to see him.

Ridge: I know. I– I understand that, but for Dad’s sake, we have to keep up the charade.

Thomas: You know when I, uh– I think about Granddad.

Steffy: Oh.

Thomas: He’s– he’s always been there for me. As a man, as a designer. This can’t be happening.

Steffy: No. No, it can’t be happening. I can’t imagine our lives without him. I can’t– I can’t imagine him not being here and I– oh, man, I want Kelly and Hayes to spend more time with him. I wanna spend more time with him.

Ridge: We all want that. We’ll be there as a family and we’ll give him all the love and laughter he can have.

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