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Jack: I love september. Always have. Back to school, leaves on the trees changing, fire in the hearth.

Diane: And now, we’ll have another reason to adore autumn.

Jack: Our wedding.

Diane: Yes. But, do you think kyle and summer will have resolved their problems by then?

Jack: Well, they have managed to weather a number of challenges in the past and survived.

Diane: Yeah. Every hurt leaves a scar.

Jack: Yeah, but that scar tissue is sturdy stuff. It’ll make them stronger. It’ll make them champions. Don’t worry. Look, they– they’re not kids. They can solve their own problems. You and I have to focus on each other. I wanna lavish you with all the love you deserve.

Diane: Hmm. And tonight, you’re all mine all night.

Jack: Just us.

Diane: It’s a deal.

Jack: Oh, damn.

Billy: Hey, there. Just the woman I was looking for.

Chelsea: Ah. Well, if you’re looking for the confused, exhausted type. I’m your girl.

Billy: Well, I was just about to get myself something sweet. I’ll grab you an espresso. I’m looking forward to the movie night. Been looking forward to it all week. You’ll fall asleep on my shoulder and connor and i will keep it down.

Chelsea: Well, that’s the problem. Connor.

Billy: What is the problem?

Chelsea: He’s announced he’s not coming out of his room.

Billy: What?

Chelsea: Yeah. Not for a movie. Not for a trip around the world. Not even for the latest sneakers.

Billy: No movie?

[ Chelsea exhaling ]

Chelsea: No nothing.

Sally: Actually, I’m not.

Adam: I was, uh, talking to the other lady in the room. Wait ’til you see what I’ve got for you. Your old dad’s here to expand your palate. But in order for you to taste the world, you need to eat.

Sally: [ Grunts ] How can I? Nick was just arrested for assaulting that maniac.

Adam: Wha– cameron? Uh, well, that tracks.

Sally: Wait, you’re not surprised?

Adam: Uh, nick can be a punch first, ask questions when you get around to it kinda guy. But you know that already.

Sally: What do I know?

Adam: The whole story. What happened with ashland. And the news article you refused to run in newman media’s publication.

Sally: Well, yeah, I know that.

Adam: Yeah. I’m just saying that nick can be his own worst enemy, even when when there’s a hint of danger surrounding someone he loves, he can take it to an extreme.

Sharon: You promised me that faith would be safe. You swore to me!

Chance: We are doing everything that we can to find her, sharon. I promise.

Sharon: Great. Call me when you find something.

Chance: Whoa! Whoa! Where are you going? Where are you going? Stop. Stop.

Sharon: To find my child!

Chance: We have people out there doing their jobs. Let them do their jobs.

Sharon: No, I have to go. I have to go. I have to go.

Chance: Listen to me. Listen to me, before you go. I cannot imagine how terrified you are right now. And yes, faith does need you, but she needs you to be smart.

Sharon: I know. I know. I am. I am.

Chance: Okay, take a breath. All right? Think about this. What happens if you run out there without a clue what’s going on and no backup?

Sharon: I put myself in danger.

Chance: Let me do my job. Okay? Trust me.

[ Door opens ]

[ Nick sighing ]

Nick: I just made bail. What’s going on?

Sharon: It’s faith. He took her. He took our baby.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Nick: How’d he get his hands on her?

Chance: Look, I know you’re upset but I have no idea.

Nick: Tell me what happened.

Chance: We are trying to piece this together still, man.

Nick: I told you from the beginning, these battery charges were a setup. He knew I would die before I would ever allow him to touch a hair on faith’s head.

Sharon: Nick, it doesn’t matter! We have to find her now!

Nick: How did he even know where she would be?

Chance: I mean, he’s gotta have someone on the inside.

Nick: You think my family had something to do with this?

Chance: Who had access to that information? Who knew she was on that flight?

Sharon: No one. I booked that flight myself today. No one on the outside knew anything about it.

Nick: It was cameron. He was here. He poisoned the cat.

Sharon: You said that he never came into this house, but that cat, remember, never went outside. It was in here the whole time until faith found him dead on the doorstep.

Nick: I know what you did! You hear me? I know what you did. You had me set up so you can grab my kid because you’re not man enough to come out here and face me! So you hurt a defenseless kid and hurt her cat. I will find you. Do you hear me? I’m going to find you! And when I do, there’s not gonna be enough left of you for the cops to arrest. Do you hear me? Are you still listening?

Sharon: Oh, my god. You wanted my attention. You got it. You bring my daughter home, you bastard. You bring her back home!

Jack: Champagne’s on us. Enjoy.

Diane: Yes. We should toast to true love. The kind that never dies.

Ashley: Ugh. So morbid. Sounds like a rotting corpse dragging itself out of the cemetery. You know what I mean?

Diane: No. No. And no one ever does. And yet everyone continues to listen to your opinions.

Tucker: Ugh. How about we switch to a fun little rose from 2000? It’s a little bouncy for my taste, but can’t have everything.

Jack: Some of us can.

Diane: Yeah.

Ashley: I think that’s a great idea, honey. So, we haven’t decided what to toast to.

Tucker: Righting old wrongs.

Jack: Wow. There’s a cherry toast. How about rekindling old flames?

[ Ashley laughing ]

Diane: Hmm.

Ashley: Oh!

Jack: What? What’s so amusing?

Ashley: Oh, well, kinda reminds me when diane burnt down the pool house.

[ Chuckling ] Seriously, she did that to trap a man. I mean, who does that? Well, diane does because she’ll do anything to get what she wants. Right, jack?

Jack: Why would you bring–

Diane: No, no, no. Let’s not let anything spoil our celebration. To the abundance of love that’s found its way into the abbott family. May we all be so lucky.

Jack: Oh, I like that.

Diane: Hmm.

Sally: This is an entirely different case than what went down with ashland.

Adam: Show your work.

Sally: Well, he protected his sister from a mad man.

Adam: He protected sharon from a lunatic.

Sally: Who shouldn’t even be out on the streets after all of the crimes he’s committed. And ashland fell. That was an accident.

Adam: And after a round in the ring with nick, what befell cameron was probably a left hook.

Sally: Is this a conversation you really wanna be having with a woman whose borderline pre-eclampsia?

Adam: It is all part of the plan to get you to expose and expunge those sticky feelings so we can get to the candy coated core. Lighthearted topics. Eating, for instance.

Sally: I’m still not hungry.

Adam: Okay. Okay. Then we will simply sit here in silence. No, that’s too awkward. Um, we could, let’s see. Let’s see. Ooh, we could listen to an audiobook.

Sally: Oh, that’s fun.

Adam: Well, not me and you. Me and the kid. Ah-ha! Sun tzu’s art of war or machiavelli’s the prince.

Sally: Wow.

Adam: Well, she’s gotta learn somehow. I want our girl to be ready like a warrior.

Sally: Well, she’s ours, so she has no choice.

Adam: Grow up watching her old man work day and night to build mccall from bones to something valuable.

Sally: Why are you working so hard? It’s not like you have to prove anything to yourself or anyone else.

Adam: Well, I’m doing it all for the love of a girl who potentially could be the greatest love of my life.

Sally: Adam–

Adam: Some as of yet, unnamed beauty, who has a mind for business and a heart as big as a kansas cornfield.

Sally: So what’s the plan? Polish mccall until it sparkles, and then you pass it along to connor and the unnamed beauty?

Adam: Ooh, this is the best part. Is once I make it a contender again, I’m gonna take back what’s mine. Newman media.

Sharon: He was here. He found a way into my home. Took my daughter. He took my sense of security. He knows our plans. He knows our fears. And– and we thought we were being so careful.

Chance: With a guy like this it doesn’t matter how cautious you are. He’s probably been planning this for a long time now.

Sharon: He knows what we’re doing. He knows why. And– and we have no information. We still have no idea what he wants.

Nick: I know what he wants. He told me when I confronted him at the athletic club.

Chance: What’d he say?

Nick: He wants sharon. He thinks that he and her belong together and that he’s gonna make her fall in love with him again.

Sharon: I was never in love with him! He is deranged, okay?

Nick: But if he wants sharon–

Chance: He took faith as leverage.

Nick: She’s the bait.

Chance: To get you to him.

[ Chance sighing ] Dispatch. Yeah. Make sure we got cars in between here and the airport, okay? Thank you. All right. I issued an apb on officer swift’s vehicle and a bolo on cameron. We’ll see what that does.

Sharon: Where could he be keeping her? Where is he keeping her?

Chance: Well, if he wants you, he knows he has to be close, right? I mean, he’s still gotta be in the area.

Nick: What should we do?

Chance: Stay put. He’s gonna try to contact you and set up a time and a place to meet, okay?

Sharon: Okay. Where will you be?

Chance: I’m gonna leave some guys on the property, but I wanna go check out his room at the athletic club, see if he left anything behind that might tell us where he is now or what he’s gonna do next.

Sharon: Chance, please find our faith. Find her.

[ Sharon sobbing ] (Wheezing)

Tucker: I don’t know. What do you think of this rose?

Ashley: Oh, it’s delightful, honey.

Tucker: All right. Maybe we should serve it at the wedding.

Diane: Don’t stop there. Why don’t you buy the vineyard, become vintners and move far, far away?

Ashley: Oh, we can’t do that. We love genoa city too much, don’t we?

Tucker: Yeah.

Ashley: We love it here. Could never move. Although, we could probably do some modifications on the house.

Jack: Wait, my house?

Ashley: Our house. Because sometimes it’s a little inconvenient to run into certain people when you just wanna grab a quick snack from the kitchen.

Diane: Certain people?

Ashley: Yeah. I don’t wanna point fingers, but–

Diane: Yeah. Well, what do you propose we do about it? What? Build a wall down the center of the house?

Ashley: How stupid is that building a wall? Come on. No. I mean, a fence would do perfectly fine.

Tucker: Yes.

Jack: Don’t be absurd.

Tucker: No. An electric fence.

Ashley: Right.

Tucker: You know what though? The increase in the utility bill makes it impractical.

Ashley: We can’t afford that.

Diane: When will you two stop acting so childish?

Ashley: Oh, maybe when your bus leaves the station out of town.

Jack: Could we just have one evening that doesn’t involve sniping and bickering?

Both: She started it.

Jack: Well, apparently not.

Diane: How can you say this started with me? You’re the one who moved tucker into the house. You’re– you’re the one who started this asinine wedding charade.

Ashley: Why is my wedding asinine and yours is perfectly normal?

Diane: Because you’re about to marry that ass.

Tucker: Wow. Are you gonna let her talk to me like that?

Ashley: Well, she’s not really talking to you. She’s talking about you. And no, I’m not. You know, I could throw this perfectly beautiful glass of rose in your face, but that would be a waste of a very expensive glass. But still I’m somehow tempted to maybe just–

Tucker: Can we get a less expensive rose?

Diane: Oh, really, ashley? I dare you. I dare you.

Ashley: You dare me?

Jack: Calm down!

Abby: What fresh hell is this?

Chelsea: I left a message for sharon. She still hasn’t gotten back to me.

Billy: Well, devil’s advocate, kids go through things. We know that.

Chelsea: Yeah. This just feels different, billy. What if it’s the start of something hereditary, that connor’s gonna have to struggle with his entire life?

Billy: That’s possible, okay? That– that could be true, but we don’t know yet. Okay? So one step at a time. Yeah? I’ll go talk to him.

Chelsea: Oh. Uh, just, uh, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.

Billy: Hmm. I can handle a moody teenager. I was one not that long ago.

Chelsea: Hmm… it’s kinda long ago.

Billy: Okay. Watch yourself. Uh, look, we get along well. Let me go talk to him. And who knows? This might be about some girl he doesn’t wanna talk to his mom about.

Chelsea: That kid would talk to me.

Billy: Let me go upstairs. See what I can do.

Chelsea: You’re quite confident.

Billy: I got this.

Chelsea: Good luck.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Nick: I should have been there. I should have been with faith.

Sharon: Nick, you can not blame yourself.

Nick: I should have driven her to the airport.

Sharon: Well, then he would’ve gotten both of you. Or waited until she was alone someplace else and taken her then. This is not your fault, okay? She had a police escort and that maniac still managed to take her.

Nick: I cannot stop thinking about how bad I’m gonna hurt this guy.

Sharon: All right. Well, we need to focus on the problem. We need to wait for a phone call or some other kind of communication from him.

[ Nick sighing ]

[ Nick sighing ]

[ Phone ringing ]

Sally: Nick, are you all right?

Nick: Better now that I get to hear your voice.

Sally: It’s really sweet of you to say. Please tell me everything. What’s going on?

Nick: Well, I got outta jail, so things are working themselves out.

Sally: Are you being vague for medical reasons?

Nick: What do you mean?

Sally: It’s like there’s something going on and you don’t wanna tell me. Look, I’m– I’m fine. I’m– I am serenity itself.

Nick: Well, I intend to keep it that way.

Sally: Do you know why I was so good at newman media? Because I suffer from fomo. Chronic fear of missing out. I need to know things.

Nick: Well, you’re gonna have to get used to taking a backseat for the next few months. Listen, can you do me a favor? Can you put adam on the phone? I need to talk to him and promise me that you’re gonna take care of yourself until I get there and do it for you.

Sally: I can’t wait. And same to you.

[ Sally sighing ] And for the record, I hate being left in the dark.

Adam: Anyone that’s spent 20 seconds with you will know that. Before you ask, she’s fine. I’ll make sure she eats her veggies. How are things?

Nick: Is this on speaker phone?

Adam: Of course not.

Nick: All right. I need you to pretend like you’re not hearing bad news and definitely keep this to yourself.

Adam: I can do that.

Nick: Cameron has faith. He took my little girl.

Adam: I see. Um, what now?

Nick: I’mma take care of this. That’s what’s now.

Adam: Well, don’t worry about sally. I will take care of her, um, while you handle that issue.

Nick: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm. What are brothers for? Do what you have to do.

Nick: Oh, I will. Count on that.

Diane: You have been attacking me since I came back to genoa city.

Ashley: Who asked you to come back, diane?

Abby: Okay. Wait, wait. Stop. Just stop whatever this is.

Jack: Hey. Look who’s here.

Diane: Hi, honey.

Tucker: Just in time

Abby: For what? World war iii?

Jack: Actually, we were celebrating.

Abby: Oh, is that what you call this? Because it looks like you were trying to resolve this great wedding conflict by attempting to smash each other’s heads in.

Diane: Oh, no. There’s no conflict. Your uncle jack and I were just mulling over the idea of a september wedding.

Ashley: [ Fake coughing ] Oh, no, not september.

Tucker: Yeah, we had our eyes set on august.

Ashley: Yeah. ‘Cause we just, we can’t wait.

Jack: Please put an end to this ruse. You could save face and walk away from the whole thing.

Abby: I think what uncle jack is trying to say is that august just seems so soon.

Tucker: Well, I would marry her tomorrow if she’d have me.

Ashley: Isn’t it tremendous news, jackie? I mean, really, isn’t it? We have a couple months here of just, oh, it’s just gonna be filled with planning and fittings and all the excitement that goes into new beginnings.

Tucker: Oh, I can’t wait.

Ashley: Yeah. Me neither. I can’t wait. I mean, really it’s more than just a wedding though, don’t you think tucker? It’s more of like a wedding experience.

Tucker: Experience.

Ashley: Yeah. And I think– I mean, I hope that the people on your guest list aren’t wedding-ed out after all the events that we have planned. I mean, it’s truly an extravaganza.

Tucker: Extravaganza. Truly.

Diane: Jack, why don’t we find a table closer to the music?

Jack: Excellent idea.

Ashley: Bye.

Abby: You’re children, you know that, right? Worse than children.

Billy: It could have gone better. At least, now I know my sense of humor works better on his mother.

Chelsea: What happened?

Billy: Well, um, I did my best and, uh, he wasn’t really having it. He used homework as an excuse, asked me to shut the door while I was on the other side of it. But he was very polite about it.

Chelsea: What do you think this is?

Billy: I don’t know.

Chelsea: I don’t think this is just the usual dark cloud that’s gonna blow over. I really don’T. I mean, why would it? Between my genetics and adam’s weird self-loathing, me against the world thing, I mean, it’s no wonder this kid wants to lock himself in his bedroom.

Billy: Okay. I’ve known you for a long time. You’ve been many things, but licensed physician, not one.

Chelsea: I’m his mom.

Billy: I know. I get it. And as a parent, you think you know all the right answers. Best thing you can do is love him, continue to support him, and know that sometimes, a professional is the best person to ask about stuff like this.

Chelsea: Yeah, you’re right. You’re right. I’m just gonna tell him, “listen, if you, you know, sprained your ankle, you’d go see a doctor. Depending on your unique genetic makeup, some of us are more prone to sprained ankles than the rest of the world.”

Billy: Look, the best thing he can do to take care of himself is allow the people that love him to help him.

Chelsea: And if sharon can’t help, I will find someone who can.

Billy: Sounds like a plan.

Sharon: You know, when faith was born, they told me she didn’t make it. That never felt right to me. Sometimes, I could feel her out there, like my missing part needing me.

Nick: Then, she was in your arms like cassie predicted.

Sharon: Someone’s been looking out for her. She has a guardian angel.

Nick: She does. Everything about that girl is a miracle

Sharon: From the very beginning. And that’s not gonna end now. Type 2 diabetes?

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. I used to pre-rinse dishes cause my old detergent

Adam: Well, look who, uh, had an appetite after all?

Sally: Oh, it was so good. Where’s it from?

Adam: What?

Sally: Where’s it from? Where’s it from?

Adam: I’m not telling. Don’t look at the address on the receipt. Okay? Guy’s gotta keep a secret. What if I go in there one night and you’ve made it yours and nick’s new favorite spot?

Sally: Well, it was delicious.

Adam: That’s what new york tastes like to me. Stumbling home after a late night, passing all the closed shops and empty taxis, having a grilled cheese while the city comes alive again.

Sally: The grilled cheese is perfect. And that story was distracting in all the right ways. And it’s a good thing that you like late nights and early mornings because I have news. This one is a free spirit.

Adam: Well, I am glad to entertain.

Sally: Just which stomach churning event are you distracting me from? My blood pressure and the baby, or this thing with the guy from nick and sharon’s past and just how serious is it?

Nick: Yes, faith is a miracle. You know what else she is? She’s your daughter. That means she’s a fighter and a survivor. Wherever she is, she’s gonna be okay. She’s gonna come back to us.

Sharon: She still has so much she needs to experience, nick.

Nick: I know that. And she knows she has two parents who will move heaven and earth to bring her back home. Our daughter is made of steel. Do not shed a tear for her. If anything, you feel pity for the bastard who made the mistake of messing with our girl.

Sharon: I wish I had a slice of her strength right now.

Nick: Sharon, that is what’s keeping her going. She knows that she is front and center in your mind. That connection that you have, that love that you have is so strong and real. I need you to dig deep and access that part of your connection. That is what is going to keep her alive.

Sharon: Yeah?

Nick: Yes. We need the sharon that kicked cancer’s ass. That helped our daughter through that terrible car accident and got her through rehab and the kidney transplant.

Sharon: She was so brave then.

Nick: Then and now. We need the mom who studied day and night to get that degree. One I know she sometimes feels like she’s not using. But sharon, it is time for you to do the most important thing you’ve done in a long time. Find our little girl. Get inside his head.

Sharon: I can’t, nick.

Nick: Yes, you can. Yes, you can. You can do this. You know how he thinks. Just take yourself out of the picture, all right? This is just another case study in one of your textbooks. It is suspect versus survivor. Tell me what he’s gonna do next.

Sharon: He’ll play mind games. He’ll try to get inside of her head and get her to believe his lies. That’s what he did with me and he will try the same with her. We’ve gotta find her, nick, before it’s too late.

Jack: I am so sorry. You do not deserve any of this abuse that ashley is heaping on you.

Diane: Oh, your sister doesn’t scare me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the ladies. Be right back.

Abby: Uncle jack, what’s going on?

Jack: What’s going on? I am in love about to marry the woman I am meant for. Everything else–

Abby: Could be devastating.

Jack: Okay, abby, what is it you wanna say?

Abby: What is going on with my mom’s behavior? It’s crazy. I mean, she’s saying she’s doing all of this because she’s trying to protect you and jabot from diane’s diabolical designs, but doesn’t it bother you?

Jack: Tell me this. Do you think your mother really wants to expel me from jabot or she just wants me to think that’s what she’s doing?

Abby: Either way, all of this is troublesome. I mean, arguing in public, all of it.

Jack: Well, I’m a man in love. What trouble is it to me? Tucker is exploiting your mother. He’s taking advantage of her. He’s manipulating her. Whether he’s doing it for fun or for profit, I don’t know. But he’s the one who needs the talking to.

Abby: You think so too?

Jack: Oh, if there is some master plan to take over at jabot, tucker is the engineer. And any talk that your mother is making this move to protect the company from diane, that is garbage. This is a power grab. Pure and simple.

Abby: Uncle jack, I–

Jack: It breaks my heart that she is even considering it, but I am unruffled because even if tucker, god forbid marries her, he will never get his hands on jabot. I told myself I was ok with my moderate

Adam: I am not certain I understand your question. Are you asking me if nick and sharon past is a threat or the guy from their past is a threat to you?

Sally: Okay, now I’m confused. Although that’s probably what you were going for, wasn’t it? Look, just answer me this one question. Should I be worried about nick and sharon’s past?

Adam: No.

Sally: Should I be worried about the guy?

Adam: That’s two questions.

Sally: Okay. Adam, look, what are you saying?

Adam: You are not supposed to be worried about anything right now. You know nick would never let anything happen to you.

Sally: There’s something you’re not telling me, I know it. But I am more tired than curious, so I’m just gonna go rest my eyes.

Adam: I support that wholeheartedly. Here, let me help get in there. All cozy and calm while you dream of– of– where is your happy place these days?

Sally: Oh, well, going over color palettes for the job at chancellor-winters.

Adam: You know, the idea is to relax, keep your blood pressure low.

Sally: Is your happy place on a beach, on an island? Or is it taking your private elevator up to the top floor of your building, saying, “good morning, to your assistant and sitting behind your custom made desk?

Adam: You got a point. Go wherever you’re happy. But you have to do it from this room and this bed.

Sally: Mm, wild horses could not drag me away.

Adam: Good. Because I would lose my job.

Sally: Well, you always have mccall.

Adam: Hmm. Oh, that’s just a shiny toy that’s, um, nowhere near what I really want.

Sally: And what is it that you really want?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Everything.

Sally: Adam, wait, can you do me a favor?

Adam: Anything.

Sally: Will you wake me when nick calls?

Adam: I promise.

Billy: Look, I know this is tough. No parent wants to see their kids struggle, whether it’s a math equation or emotions.

Chelsea: If this were algebra, I’d just hire a tutor.

Billy: There’s no shame in getting help. We know that. And connor is a bright, smart, funny kid. He loves life and he adores his mother. He’s just got some things swirling around in his head right now and it’s clouding his vision. And we’ll do everything we can to make sure that he gets clearheaded again.

Chelsea: Back to the real connor.

Billy: Exactly.

Chelsea: Date night for single parents is supposed to be a lot more fun than this. I promise I’ll make it up to you.

Billy: Any night I get with you is as good as it gets.

[ Abby sighing ]

Abby: Are you so bored now that you don’t have your own company to run that your new hobby is sowing discord?

Tucker: No, abby, the only thing that would leave me bereft is if I were to lose your mother.

Abby: What do you want from diane and uncle jack?

[ Tucker sighing ]

Tucker: Peace. Sincerely. I was hoping to find our own little corner of the world and start something new with your mom.

Abby: Or that could just be something you’re saying to cover your true motives. Do you really think my mom would start over again with you? Of course not. She’s not gonna walk away from her family’s business and you know that. This is just putting you in the perfect position to snatch jabot and make it seem like my mom’s idea.

Tucker: I see. The real thing is that you just don’t trust me.

Abby: No, I don’T.

Tucker: Okay. I’m gonna make her happy, abby.

Abby: You’re gonna break her heart. You always do.

Tucker: You know, abby, I sure hope you’re not teaching that grandson of mine that people can’t change. Hey.

Ashley: Uh-oh. What did I miss?

Abby: Oh, nothing. You know, just a round of getting to know your mom’s former and future husband.

Ashley: Who’s winning?

Abby: I’m not sure yet.

[ Abby scoffing ] I’m gonna pull over and stretch my legs.


Abby: Well, I– I have to go. I have a beautiful little boy to rush home to.

Ashley: Okay.

Jack: Family.

Diane: Where would we be without them?

Ashley: I can think of a few places you’d fit right in.

Abby: Okay. Stop.

Ashley: Sorry.

Abby: Seriously? You’re adults. Act your age. Respect the people around you. Now I am gonna go cuddle the most handsome man in town and I will see you guys later.

Jack: Bye, abby.

Diane: Bye.

Ashley: Very good. Um, I think maybe I wanna go cuddle the handsomest man in town too.

Diane: I think that’s the next thing on my to-do list.

Jack: I think we should get started on that. Do you think we could do what abby asked? Act our age and show a little respect toward each other.

Ashley: Anyway, let’s go.

[ Phone pinging ]

Sharon: No!

Nick: Sharon?

Sharon: No!

Nick: What is it?

Sharon: [ Sobbing ] My baby. Oh, my god, my baby. How could he do this to me? How could he do this?

Nick: When I get my hands on him–

[ Phone pinging ]

Sharon: What? What is it now?

Nick: “Join me where our old love died and a new love can be born. Come alone. Same motel, same room. Some things you can never forget.”

Sharon: It’s the motel room. The motel room where I killed him. I thought I killed him all those years ago, nick. Oh, my god! Oh, my god!

[ Sobbing ]

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