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[ Sentimental music ]

Ridge: Make a wish.

[ Claps ]

Ridge: Nice job.

[ Steffy laughs ]

Steffy: Dad, you didn’t have to do all of this. This is so sweet. It’s– it’s wonderful. Maybe we can, um, put it in the kitchen or I– I can take it home, okay?

Ridge: Sure. ‘Cause you gotta go, right?

Steffy: Y– yeah. I– I just wanna get ready before finn gets home.

Ridge: Yeah. Oh, you haven’t seen the card yet?

Steffy: What card?

Ridge: Sit down. You have a second. Come on.

Steffy: Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

Ridge: And I– I need to press–

Steffy: Oh, no.

Ridge: I got this.

Steffy: Uh-huh. Yeah.

Ridge: That I think. Yes, right there.

[ Joyous instrumental ]

[ Steffy gasps ]

Steffy: Oh, my god. Dad, you put this together?

Ridge: Yeah. It’s all me. No, I wasn’T. I don’t know how to do that. I found the pictures and then zende did it.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness.

[ Steffy laughs ]

[ Steffy chuckling ] That is so– it’s so sweet. It really is. Thank you. But I– I–

Ridge: But you gotta– yeah. Yeah.

Steffy: I’m gonna be late. I’m gonna be late.

Ridge: So what’s the rush, really?

Steffy: Dad!

Ridge: I just thought, you know, we would spend some father-daughter time. We haven’t done that in a long time.

Steffy: What? Didn’t we just– didn’t we just do that?

Ridge: Yeah, sure. No, I just thought we’d go for a walk on the beach and some sushi. You know, that kind of stuff.

Steffy: But you knew I had plans tonight.

Ridge: Yeah.

Steffy: You did. But look, dad, this is wonderful. Like I said, this is amazing and I really loved it and it was super sweet. And I love you so much, but I gotta go.

Ridge: I love you more.

Steffy: I love you. Okay. Don’t eat all the cake. I will have some later.

Ridge: Okay.

Steffy: Love you. Thank you.

Ridge: Me more. Happy birthday.

Taylor: How did it go?

Ridge: It was– it was good. I wish you could have been here. It was, uh– it was nice. It was really nice.

Taylor: Oh, good. Good. I knew she’d love it. It was so special. And now she is–

Ridge: She’s, um, she not here with me.

Taylor: Because she is with her husband, spending her birthday with him.

Ridge: I know.

Taylor: Okay.

Ridge: Yeah.

Taylor: Okay. I mean, come on. You gotta love that steffy has finn, right?

Ridge: Yes!

Taylor: Because there’s no more heartache. There’s no more drama. It’s the complete opposite of what she had with liam. He was such a fool to let her go. And then finn came along.

Ridge: And everything was perfect. No, look, I get it. She’s gonna spend her birthday with anybody but me, then it– yeah, should be finn.

[ Taylor laughs ]

[ Knock on the door ]

Steffy: Oh, liam. Hi.

Liam: Hi.

Steffy: I thought finn forgot his key again.

Liam: No, no, no. Just me. But I– I know you have birthday plans tonight.

Steffy: I’ve– I’ve got a few minutes. Come on in.

Liam: Yeah?

Steffy: Yeah.

Liam: Okay. So, uh, not gonna stay long. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday.

Steffy: Aw. Thank you.

Liam: Also, I brought your favorite instrument of torture, mr. Quacksworth. Kelly was asking about it.

Steffy: Oh, right.

Liam: And yeah, I could pretend like that was the only reason, but it’s not. I– I don’t know. I’ve been thinking about you all day. I’ve been taking the walk down memory lane. Thinking about our life together. All the stuff we’ve been through and I just– um, we were really fortunate, weren’t we?

Steffy: Mm-hmm. Cha cha cha.

[ Laughter ]

[ Duck squeaking ]

[ Both laughing ] If you’ve had sensitivity, those zingers can really cause

Taylor: This is good.

Ridge: Uh-huh.

Taylor: You know, steffy really has lived two incredibly different lives with two incredibly different men.

Ridge: It’s amazing to me that you keep forgetting the other incredible that she had in her life.

Taylor: Oh, my god.

Ridge: It doesn’t matter. How was your breakfast with steffy?

Taylor: Hmm. It was wonderful. It was fun. It was wonder-fun. Okay. You know, I love being here for– for these celebrations. I missed out on so many.

Ridge: Don’t do that. The kids always knew that you were here in spirit, even when you were out saving people.

Taylor: I know. I know. But it still– it still hurts right here.

Ridge: I get that.

Taylor: Yeah. But can you believe that our little girl, our little steffy, she’s– she’s married. She has two kids and she runs an international fashion house.

Ridge: She co-runs it, but yeah. No, she– she’s very, very ambitious. I wonder where she gets it. I love that kid. And not just because she has achieved so much, but because… because of the person she’s become. We should take some credit for that.

Taylor: Should we?

Ridge: Nah.

Taylor: You know, steffy– steffy deserves all the joy this life has to offer. And you know what? She found it with finn. She’s probably in his arms right now, where she belongs on her birthday.

Steffy: That is so not true.

Liam: It is absolutely true. She was there first. You jumped out of the damn car to stand in the parking space.

Steffy: So, we could be first in the space. I wasn’t gonna be– I wasn’t gonna miss the first song of concert, okay? So you’re welcome. You’re welcome.

Liam: Fine.

Steffy: You’re welcome.

Liam: Fine. I’ll tell– I’ll give you this, there is nobody quite like steffy forrester.

Steffy: I don’t know if I should take that as a compliment.

Liam: Oh, it’s a compliment. Trust me. It’s a compliment. You gotta think. I mean, for a huge chunk of our lives, we were everything to each other.

Steffy: Yeah. The hell we shared. Wow.

Liam: Yeah. It’s funny. At the time, I kinda thought it would last forever.

Steffy: Yeah, me too. But we have the memories.

[“The song that never played”]

Notes on a page

have all been arranged

trying to find

the words to say

what I’ve been thinking

I spent all night

working so hard to write

but, by the time

I got it right

I looked, you were gone

well, the melody was perfect

but all the while

I was blind

without someone to listen

there’s no reason or rhyme

and now I write here alone

so you’ll finally know

how you and I became

the song that never played

Liam: Two, three.

Steffy: I’m okay.

[ Steffy gasps ]

Liam: Yeah, you’re not– you’re not going anywhere. Neither am I.

Notes on a page

have all been arranged

Steffy: Mr. And mrs. Spencer.

Liam: Finally.

Steffy: Forever.

Liam: Forever.

What I’ve been thinking

Liam: Hey, you know something? Our love, it’s– it’s changed, but… it’s never going away. Happy birthday. I love you.

I have type 2 diabetes,

Ridge: She just left.

Taylor: Oh, come on, ridge. It’s her birthday.

Ridge: What? No. No. I don’t mean– kindergarten. Do you remember? She– she just left. All the other kids who were clinging onto their parents’ legs crying and… steffy just left. Just turned, walked into that room and never looked back.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, you knew that was coming because she stood up and started running before she could walk.

Ridge: Our beautiful, independent daughter.

Steffy: How is

everybody feeling?

[ Crowd cheers ]

Taylor: Our wild child.

[ Ridge grunts ] You know, as– as parents, we just want our kids to be safe and happy. She found that with finn.

Steffy: Oh, my gosh. Finn?

Finn: Kelly and hayes are already out for the evening. They already wished you a happy birthday. Now, it’s my turn.

Steffy: You did not have to do all of this.

Finn: What? Ah, you wanted a quiet dinner at home. And if I’ve learned anything being your husband, it’s how to take orders.

Steffy: Hey!

[ Finn laughs ] Our lobster rolls from our favorite restaurant? Favorite pinot grigio. Talk about a celebration, baby.

Finn: Oh, well, we have a lot to celebrate and give thanks for. We made it through some insane challenges that– that would break most people, but, uh, not you.

Steffy: Close. But thankfully, you’re still here.

Finn: Yeah. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to express just how grateful I am that you appeared and came into my life and changed it the way you did. I mean, before I met you, I was committed to my work. I– I had no idea what I was missing. Now, I have this brilliant, beautiful wife who always keeps me on my toes.

[ Steffy laughs ] This wonderful, growing family. You taught me balance, fulfillment. Can’t imagine my life any other way. I love you.

Steffy: I love you. Nicorette knows quitting smoking is freaking hard.

Steffy: We are so lucky. Our love, we skirted death. We danced with the devil. We went halfway around the world. This birthday means more to me just… just because I have you here. You know, you… you saved me when we met. You gave me a second chance at life, love, family. And I couldn’t be more happier and more grateful with what we built.

Finn: I got you a gift.

Steffy: I am looking right at my gift. You. You’re here. You’re home. My incredible husband. Amazing father. So happy you’re here. Especially after everything. Things I’ll never forget.

God, finn, can you hear me,

please? Please, finn. Finn. Took off to monaco. I– I thought you were gone.

Finn: But I wasn’T. And I knew she wasn’T.

Sheila: I am taking care

of you.

Finn: No. I wanna see

my wife. I had to get out of there. Make it free and come find you… in monaco. I looked everywhere for you. I looked and I looked.

[ Church bell ringing ] And then…


It’s me! It’s me!

I found you.

Steffy, it’s me.

It’s really me.

[ Steffy sobbing ]

Honey, I’m alive.

[ Church bells ringing ]

Steffy: Gosh, we heard the bells. That’s when I saw you. I found you. Oh, I couldn’t be more grateful for that moment.

Finn: Yeah. About the present?

Steffy: Baby, forget about the present. I– I wanna be–

Finn: Just… please open it.

Steffy: Okay. What is this?

Finn: Yeah. Press– press the button.

Steffy: Okay.

[ Church bell ringing ] Oh, my goodness. You got the bells? Are you kidding?

Finn: I had an italian craftsman– yeah, I installed them in the tower.

Steffy: Oh, my god! Thank you. Oh, my gosh, finn. I can’t believe this.

Finn: Well.


Almost too good to be real

’cause this is how love

used to feel

and I think most every

moment with you is reverie

every moment with you

is reverie

Finn: Happy birthday.

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