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what’s going on with the elevator? It’s hello?! Can anyone hear me?! Is everyone okay?! This is police commissioner ashford. I’m alone. I’m alright, just stuck. Find a maintenance guy.

[ Alarm buzzing ] Glad I’m already where I’m supposed to be. Avoiding the stairs for a while. Commissioner, we’re gonna get you out! Thanks, cabrera. Take your time.

[ Buzzing continues ]

[ Monitor beeping ] Oh, my god.

[ Exhales shakily ] Ooh, okay. Oz haggerty. Can you hear me? Joss. Oh, good. I was just about to text you again. Where’s, uh — where’s trina? Uh, she left for G.H. Diane thinks that the jury is close to reaching a verdict. Apparently, they worked all through lunch. They don’t need a dinner. I-I can’t remember if it’s better if the verdict comes in quickly or worse. I-I just can’t believe that this could all be over tomorrow. Well, the trial maybe, but what about trina’s life? Even if she’s found innocent, I mean, her life’s not just gonna snap back to normal. Did you let spencer know? Well, I haven’t spoken to spencer since he admitted escaping from spring ridge, but I’ll let him know. Well, I guess spencer and trina’s futures are up in the air right now. So, how did she take it? You know, the fact that spencer was secretly working to trap esme all along? Um… she doesn’t know. I didn’t tell her. Thanks for coming. Yes, of course. Will ava be joining us? Ava’s staying at the metro court at the moment. Oh. Problems? Nothing we can’t work out. Well, then it’s just us. I was hoping spencer invited me here to share some good news. So did martin grey come through for you? He was able to secure a plea deal, yes.

[ Sighs ] Ah! That’s wonderful! I turned it down. I need you to wake up.

[ Alarm buzzing ] Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Let’s do this.

You take the plea?What exactly did the D.A. Offer? Another stint at spring ridge for 10 days. And you refused? Spencer, that makes no sense! The price was too high. Well, can you be a little more specific? What price would you have to pay to secure the plea deal? They wanted me to name names, tell them who assisted me in escaping from spring ridge. My son’s covering for you.

[ Alarm buzzing stops ] Sit tight, commissioner. We have maintenance working on it. Thanks for managing things, cabrera. I’m good. I can check my e-mails. No need to rush. Hey, guys. The elevator was down yesterday, too. Finn: Elizabeth. Hey. Elizabeth. Hey. Hey. What happened? Are you okay? Elizabeth: I have to get back to work. Um, I’m sure it’ll be up and running soon. Are you sure you’re alright?

[ Chuckles ] Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not the one stuck in the elevator. Thank you, um, for walking me to work. Anytime. I have to go over my — my shift notes. Mm-hmm. Curtis: You thinking about the trial? Thinking about my mom. She should be back by now, especially since the alarm stopped. Well, she said she had to see about a patient. Yes, I know. I just — it feels like there’s something else she’s not saying.

[ Rapid beeping ]

[ Portia sighs ] Please. Please, please, please.

[ Rapid beeping ]

[ Dull beeping ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, thank god. Oh, my god.

[ Beeping continues ] Um…

[ Door opens ] Look. It’s not like I was deliberately holding back. A lot’s been going on. And trina and I didn’t even talk until the next day. So spencer wasn’t mentioned. I feel like that would be topic number one. Well, believe it or not, a few other things have been going on with both of us. And look, we were about to get into it, and then sonny came over to talk to me. Wow. So spencer hasn’t talked to trina either? Not that I know of.

[ Groans ] Are you upset? No. No, I’m not upset. I just — I feel bad for spencer. Right? I mean, what he did was huge. And I, selfishly, would love trina to know that he was on her side and that I was also helping him. Yeah, I get it. Are we good? Y-you must still be upset with me. Well, it shook me up, yeah. I’m not gonna lie. I even talked to my mom about it. But I don’t think you’re like sonny.

[ Chuckles ] No. You were helping spencer. I get it. Just don’t do it again. Joss, I wanted to tell you. I threatened that I would tell you so many times. But spencer was adamant that we couldn’t risk tipping off esme. Well, esme’s a psychopath, and she had spencer under her thumb for far too long. Thank god trina has rory. Yeah, that guy seems to be hanging around a lot. Yeah, well, she really likes him. I mean, he’s the only one that’s gotten her to smile lately. I guess so. I really like rory, too. I mean, based off what I’ve seen and what trina’s told me, he seems like a really good guy. Well, spencer is a good guy, even if trina hasn’t realized it yet. Well, I am just glad to know that spencer didn’t fall for esme’s act or was blind to her cruelty and manipulations. Leave it to spencer to do everything backwards. What do you mean? Well, I mean… spencer pretended to be on esme’s side, and that was really hurtful to trina. And now we know that his heart was in the right place, but it was still devastating. Meanwhile, rory has been so kind and supportive. Hey, josslyn. I just wanted to check in. Is trina alright?

[ Steady dull beeping ] Ohh! Elizabeth, I heard the alarm.

[ Beeping continues ] How are his vitals doing? Uh, is he in distress? No. He seems to be waking up.

thank you.

[ Knock on door ] Come in. Finn! Hi. I already know about the elevator. I just got off the phone with maintenance. Oh, good to know that’s being handled, but that’s not why I’m here. Is it biz?

[ Sighs ] What happened? Another episode of vertigo? No. She seems physically fine. That’s what I thought, too. When I saw her this morning, she seemed like her old self. You’re making me feel like that’s not true.

[ Sighs ] She’s really incredible, you know? And we all want her to be better. And she puts on this great face. But she’s — she’s not. I-I-I-I can’t get her to open up to me. About what? I don’t know. She’s acting like the panic attack in the stairwell never happened. Wait. Panic attack? Biz just told me she felt dizzy. Terry, when I found her, she was completely unresponsive. Sounds like the fugue state she experienced before she went to shadybrook. I think elizabeth’s issues stem from more than just sleeping pills. That guard you hired to watch spencer at spring ridge. He’s the one that helped spencer sneak out and back in without getting caught, isn’t he? Well, you let him take the fall, you put the fear of god in him so he doesn’t name you. Because that’s ultimately what you’re concerned with, right? Saving your own hide, even at the expense of my own son?! Father, anything that uncle victor did for me was only what I asked him to do. Well, then you let him help you now!

Anything could happen to you at pentonville. You could be killed! It’s too late. I’ve already signed the deal. It’s happening.

[ Scoffs ] Uncle sonny visited me and told me that his people on the inside would look out for me as much as they can.

[ Chuckles ] That’s great. We’ve gone from victor’s goons to sonny’s thugs protecting you from other thugs! How’s that for irony? Why don’t you say something?! I… I commend you, spencer, for your loyalty, and I’m very proud of you for facing up to the consequences of your actions… like a man. And I’m sure this experience will only make you stronger. Thank you, uncle victor. Just one thing. Can I ask a favor? Of course, dear boy. Anything. Find esme.

How do you know trina? Uh, cam, this is dex heller. Uh, he works for sonny. And, dex, this is cameron webber. You know, I was with trina when she got the voicemail from her lawyer that the jury might be coming back soon. Is there any more news? We haven’t heard anything. It’s very nice of you to be concerned over someone you just met. I hope everything works out for your friend. Someone should tell that guy that trina’s seeing a cop.

[ Chuckles ] Well, I don’t think he’s interested in trina that way. So he’s interested in you. What?! No. Why would you say that? Well, why else would he come and talk to you? Josslyn: Look, I despise sonny, but I do not believe for one second that if you went to him and you asked to quit that he wouldn’t let you go. No offense, but you’re his ex-stepdaughter. That gives you privileges you don’t even realize you have. No! No, we’re not doing this, okay? This is not about me. This is about you. You are here. You’re talking to someone from trina’s jury. You think that’s a coincidence? Did sonny send you? I got nothin’. There is another reason why dex is interested in trina’s trial, and it has nothing to do with me. Mr. Haggerty? Oz? Can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes. Can you do that?

[ Monitor beeping ] Hi. You’re at general hospital. I’m nurse baldwin. Can you tell me your name?

[ Weakly ] Henry.

[ Coughs ] But only my mom calls me — oz. I’m oz. Okay, oz. You’re doing great. Can you tell me what year it is? 2022. What happened? I’m gonna get your doctor for you, and everything will be explained.

[ Groans ] Elizabeth. Elizabeth, wait. I need to talk to him. Please. It’ll — it’ll only take a few minutes.

[ Sighs ] Thank you. That didn’t take too long. They were just working on this elevator yesterday. I don’t know why it got stuck again. I couldn’t find a problem. Must’ve been a glitch? I’ll get back to my post now.

[ Cellphone rings ] It’s diane. Hello? Trina, this is it. The jury is back in. So get down to the courthouse right away. Po rtia, you’re not evensupposed to be in here.

[ Sighs ] I’m no danger to that man. Trina — trina’s the one who’s in danger. And that man in there is the one who can save her.

[ Exhales sharply ] Well, it might take me a minute to locate dr. Davidson, you know, because the elevator’s out. And I can monitor him and make sure that he’s okay. Thank you. Are you my doctor?

[ Coughs ] I am a doctor, yes, here, um, at the hospital. But I’m not your attending. I’m trina robinson’s mother. You remember trina? She’s a college girl, and she came to find you at the highsider? She was asking you questions about a black-market phone that you sold. And I just — I just need you to tell me the truth. The tru– truth? Yes. Yes, mr. Haggerty. Starting with, who did this to you?

call me backas soon as you get this. Hey, you know, I’m sure she just got hung up with a patient. Yeah, I know. But she needs to know that the jury reached a verdict. I have to go to the court and face them! I need my mom! Portia: All I need you to do is tell me a name. Why do you care what happened to me? Because I believe that esme prince drugged you. Because she didn’t want you to testify that you sold her a black-market phone. A phone that she used to frame my daughter. Drugged? I was drugged? You were given a very strong narcotic a-and you overdosed, yes. No way. I don’t use. Listen. Listen. You were rushed here and treated. And you had to be put into a medically induced coma. From which you have just awakened. Do you remember anything that happened to you? Anything. Please. A-an innocent girl — she could go to prison. I’ll go find dr. Robinson. No. I’ll go. Okay. Thank you. Um, I need to call my dad a-and text joss. Trina, you need to go home right away. You need to get changed and go to the courthouse, like your attorney said. Oh, my god. You’re right. Officer cabrera, drive trina home and then to the courthouse and then come right back. I need you here. And do not — I repeat — do not go inside. You understand? Yes, commissioner. The jury’s seen who you really are. It’ll be okay. Now let’s go. Can’t have you being late. Look. Um, you go. I’ll get your mom. We’ll be right behind you, okay? Okay. Good. Do not worry. Look, I already knew that dex worked for sonny because I had seen him a couple of times. Anyway, I was at kelly’s with my mom, and I walked outside and I saw dex talking to some guy, but I recognized him, and that’s when I realized he was one of the jurors. So I asked them what they were doing. The juror took off, but I asked dex, “what’s going on?” And he refused to answer. The same way that sonny and all of his guys refuse to answer when you ask them about anything potentially illegal. So you’re saying sonny bought off the jury? Well, that’s what it looked like to me. Damn. I mean, look. I know tampering juries is illegal, but if it helps trina… I know, I know. But trina shouldn’t need sonny’s help. She’s innocent, and the jury has to see that.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, my god. We’re about to find out. That was trina. The jury’s back. Then let’s go. Okay. Think! Please. What’s the last thing? The last thing that you remember? The man that found you. H-h-h-he saved your life. You told him that a woman gave you something. That little bitch. Hi. You made it out of the elevator. Nurse baldwin, any change in the patient’s condition? As a matter of fact, he just woke up. He is stable, and I’ve already — who?! Who — who did this?! N– tell me! Who did this to you?! Just tell me! Please!

Know elizabeth’s been worried about cameron’s friend, trina. Dr. Robinson’s daughter. Yeah. I’m — that trial’s been hard on everyone. Yes, but I keep circling back to something that’s been gnawing at me for a while. Which is…?

[ Sighs ] I’ve noticed that any time someone mentions elizabeth’s parents, she either walks away or she changes the subject or she just sort of shuts down completely. And I know I’ve asked you this before, but can you think of anything when elizabeth was growing up that might have really upset her? I’ve racked my brain ever since you mentioned it, and nothing comes to mind. Biz clearly didn’t get along with her parents, but at the time I just thought she was being a typical rebellious teen. Hm. What about her sister?

[ Chuckles ] Biz thought sarah was a suck-up, always trying to please their parents. I have to admit, I didn’t disagree. But you know there’s a whole chunk of biz’s life that I wasn’t a part of, so if something happened, it could’ve happened then. Hm.

[ Knock on door ] Come in.

[ Door opens ] Good news! What are you doing here? Talking. Hospital business? It’s me, isn’t it? You’re talking about me. Step away from the patient, dr. Robinson. No! No, no, no, no. He remembers. He remembers. I-I know that he does. Just — just t-tell us who drugged you. She tried to kill you! Let me do my job. Please! You want me to do my job, don’t you? Okay. Portia, trina needs you. Trina? Yeah. W-where is she? W-what’s going on? Diane called. The jury’s in. So it’s too late for his testimony to help trina? Well, it’s not too late until the verdict is read. Tell you what. I’ll call diane. I’ll let her know what’s going on and see if she can get a continuance. I’ll be outside. Mr. Haggerty, I’m commissioner ashford. Can you tell me what happened to you? If someone attempted to kill you, I need to know. Really? You’re telling me the pcpd cares about me as a citizen? I care about every victim of crime. And I will work to bring your would-be killer to justice. Just tell us who drugged you! We don’t have time for this! You — you can save my daughter. You can save my little girl. Please just make the damn statement. Here’s my statement. I want a lawyer. Oh, thank goodness. Where are curtis and your mom? Are they parking? Um, they will be here shortly. We were at the hospital, and I left to go home and change. Good thinking. How are you feeling? I am shaking inside. Okay. Look at me. Even if the jury finds against you, this is not over. We will appeal. But I have to go to prison in the meantime, right? Spencer: You’re not going to prison. What are you doing here? I made sure to know when the verdict came in. Translation — you bribed someone. Hey, give me a break on this one, trina. I had to be here. I only wish that I could have done more. Why did you admit to leaving spring ridge? I had to. I could not let them think that you made that video. But that was a risk. The ada shut it down anyway. And when did you think I was innocent? Cassadine. Get away from my daughter. Yes, sir. I was just going to tell trina — now. Hey! I’m here, baby girl. Unh! I love you.

[ Chuckles ] Where’s your mom?

[ Cellphone rings ] Curtis? Well, I’m at the courthouse getting ready. Where are you and portia? What?! Trina. Oh, my gosh. I’m so glad you’re here. Oh. Me too. Me too. Cam wishes he could be here so bad. Aiden got stranded somewhere, and elizabeth wasn’t home, so cam had to go grab him, but he’s sending his best wishes. It’s okay. I-I’m taking all that I can get right now. I’m really scared. No. Just focus on your breath, okay? No matter what happens, keep breathing, and it will all be fine. Bailiff: All rise!

[ Sighs ] Well, spencer certainly took off in a hurry.

[ Scoffs ] A little early, isn’t it, even for you? Yeah, well, since my son’s about to be dragged to that hellhole of a prison, I don’t give a damn. You know, sonny corinthos isn’t the only one with connections at pentonville. Spencer will be well looked after. Wow! Yeah. It’s too bad he can’t get reward points. You know, spence is being a lot more mature about this than you are. Because he’s too naive to resent the fact that you’re putting your own self-interest over his well-being.

[ Chuckles ] Ohh! Like you did when you had sex with his girlfriend? You turned positively green after spence had asked me to help him find esme. Why is that? I’d be happy to never see esme again. But is that likely? Oh, come on, nikolas. You’re hiding something. We both know it. So come on. Fess up. Tell me. Where is the charming esme prince? Bailiff: Be seated. Your honor, before the jury is brought back in, new evidence has just been brought to my attention, which is pertinent to my case and which will prove my client’s innocence.

Objection, your honor! Defense counsel has already rested her case. The jury is literally waiting to be brought into the courtroom to render their verdict. The time for presenting new evidence has passed. Your honor, this trial is not meant to demonstrate that we can stick to some sort of procedural timeline. It is to determine the guilt or innocence of this defendant. I have literally just been told that one of my witnesses, oz haggerty, who was comatose, has regained consciousness and is ready to answer questions. My objection still stands, your honor. This trial is over. Procedurally, it’s not. Basic law 101! The verdict has not been rendered. The court has not concluded in this matter. I would agree. If evidence that was heretofore unavailable to the defense but is now available, the jury could hear new evidence if i deem it pertinent. Well, I came here to share some good news about the patient who might be a witness in trina’s trial waking up, but instead I have found the two of you talking about me behind my back. I’m not talking behind your back. I’m happy to talk with you in the room. I am worried about you, and I’m guilty of expressing those concerns with your best friend. That’s right. She is my friend, but she is also our boss. How would you feel if you walked in on me expressing my “concern” for you to your boss? I have told you 100 times I’m fine. Why are you getting defensive? Because you’re second-guessing me! Clearly, you’ve already decided that something is wrong with me, and nothing I do or say is gonna change your mind. Biz. We don’t want anything to be wrong with you. But if there is something going on — see, that — that’s just it. Stop acting like you know more about what’s going on with me better than I do. That’s what friends do. Alright? We just want to help you get to the bottom of what’s happening, what’s still happening to you. Nothing is happening with me. It’s over. Your vertigo in the stairwell says otherwise.

[ Sighs ] Finn told me you were having a panic attack? Yeah, well, maybe I’m averse to stairwells. Maybe I have reason to be. Whatever it is, do you think it’s best to ignore it? I just want to move on. The way you moved on from your parents? I assume esme left town. All of her things are gone. And none of your staff saw her leave? Nope. Well, seeing as ava has moved out, I’m assuming your telling her about esme didn’t go down so well. I didn’t tell ava. I got to the courthouse in time to stop esme from saying anything. Then why is ava not here? Well, when I got to the courthouse, I found esme and ava together. I was rattled, so I didn’t cover well. Ava assumed that I was taking esme’s side, which she’s accused me of doing before. With good reason, by the looks of it. Ava will be back. She just needs time. Why did esme take off like that? And why so suddenly and without a trace? Uh, it happened after her testimony at the trial. She realized spencer was onto her. I suspect that she ran because she was guilty and she was afraid of being found out. Oh, it’s too bad she didn’t take off before she testified. That would have avoided the “misunderstanding” between you and ava and your secret would have been safe forever. Well, spencer seems keen for me to help him find esme, so I better get on it. You can’t find her, and you know good and well why! Your honor, I challenge the relevancy of the defense’s so-called key witness. Counselor, it was one of your own witnesses, officer rory cabrera, who brought up oz haggerty in testimony. He made my witness relevant. Your honor, oz haggerty would have been subpoenaed and called to testify, but he’s been in a medically induced coma. Your honor, if mr. Haggerty has been in a coma, he hasn’t been deposed, he hasn’t given a statement. How can defense counsel know that his testimony will be relevant? Ms. Miller, have you questioned mr. Haggerty directly? Huh? He’s — he’s been in a coma, your honor. No, I-I have not had a chance to question him. Then what testimony do you hope to present that will significantly impact this case? We know oz haggerty was the individual who sold the phone used in the commission of this crime, and he can tie it to whoever he sold it to — not my client, but esme prince. And you’re certain his testimony will support your assertion? Your honor, he just woke up an hour ago. I have not been able to take a statement, but if we could have a brief adjournment, then i will be able to take his statement. So that’s a no. You don’t know if he’ll be able to provide relevant testimony. I have every reason to believe. The defense is grasping at straws, wasting the court’s time and dragging out a case that is practically settled. Ms. Miller, is mr. Haggerty medically cleared to be questioned? I can find out if I’d just have a brief recess. Ms. Arden, your objections are sustained. The defense cannot say with any certainty that this eleventh-hour witness’s testimony will exonerate the defendant… or even if the witness will cooperate. I’m sorry, ms. Miller, but the court will not delay on a “hail mary” pass by the defense. Bring in the jury.

You know my parents haven’t been part of my life for a long time. You also know I choose not to talk about them. Yes, I’m aware. Then why can’t you respect that? I meant no disrespect, but it keeps coming up. Even jake was afraid to tell you that he’d been in touch with them. No, no, no. Don’t — leave — leave jake out of this. And no more irrelevant questions about my family. Yeah. I’m — I’m serious. Finn… bring this up again, and…we’re done. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t respect my boundaries. Understood. Yeah. I have work to do.

[ Sighs ] That was definitive. If this has anything to do with biz’s past, with her family, I have little to no hope of her opening up about it. So what do we do now? Talk to someone else. Esme didn’t leave on her own volition. I paid her off. And she accepted? Oh, I find it hard to believe she’d be so…agreeable. I told her I’d make it worth her while. If she left town and she never came back, I would throw in a yearly bonus. Well, that’s very generous of you. I want to make sure that ava and spencer never find out that I made the mistake of sleeping with esme. Everyone is better off with her gone. Except trina robinson. Spence was convinced esme was behind everything, was so desperate to help trina that he put himself at risk. I’d hate to see his sacrifice be in vain. No, I have to find this troublemaker. And soon. She’s gone, uncle victor. Let her go. I’m sure with my resources, it shouldn’t be that hard. Now, tell me, when was the last time you saw esme? Oh, it was the, um — it was the day she and spencer testified at court, wasn’t it? You can’t find her! You will never find her. Oh, and why’s that? Because. She’s dead. This is taking forever. You’re not at the courthouse yet? I just dropped trina off there a little while ago. The jury’s in. Yeah, we know. We were hoping to find something here that might help the case. How’s trina doing? Is she scared? She’s pretty nervous about it. Which is to be expected. Yeah. Right. Well, there might be some good news coming. Oz haggerty just regained consciousness. Does the commissioner know? She’s in there with him now. Excuse me. I shouldn’t have pushed oz so hard. I made him clam up. And now my baby’s alone, I’m wasting my time being here. Honey. Don’t do that, okay? If it weren’t for you, he wouldn’t be awake at all or — or — or even talking. I need to go. I got to be with trina. And oz won’t do anyone any good unless he’s willing to come forward and admit that esme is the one who bought the phone from him and that she tried to kill him. And what if the jury finds trina guilty and I’m not there? I won’t be able to — to hold her one more time. I want to tell her that I love her. I know. Okay. Please don’t worry, okay? I’ll get you to the courthouse. We can go righnow. Alright? Okay. Jordan! Jordan, what happened? Mr. Foreman, in the matter of the state of new york versus trina robinson, has the jury reached a verdict?

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