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Alex: Hey, auntie mags?

Maggie: Alex, honey, what is an eight-letter word for… naked?

Alex: Topless?

Maggie: That’s seven letters. Disrobed–disrobed will work, though.

Alex: My bad. Anyway, I need your advice. I am running late to a dinner date, and I need you to help me pick which shirt to wear.

Maggie: Well, it must be an important dinner. So are you going out with lisa again?

Alex: Who?

Maggie: The young lady that I found you entertaining in your bedroom?

Alex: Oh, right, right, right, no, not her.

Maggie: Okay. So who’s the lucky girl?

Alex: Well, actually, it’s two lucky girls.


Chanel: Allie! Sorry I’m late, but we gotta get a move on if we wanna make it to the bar.

Allie: Wow, you look amazing.

Chanel: I got this back when I was in south beach, but I think it still works. And I take it you agree?

Allie: Yeah, I definitely have to borrow it.

Chanel: Speaking of which, um, why aren’t you dressed yet? Time’s a flyin’, horton.

Allie: What do you mean? I’m wearing this.

Ej: Pity your friend, gwen, came down with that headache.

Ava: Yeah, well, they just hit her like that sometimes.

Ej: Hmm, and after harold went to all this trouble to make a gourmet meal for three. But the upside is, now that it’s just the two of us, it’ll give me a chance to get to know you a lot better.

Ava: Wonderful.

Johnny: Ahh, dinner, great. What are we having? I’m starved.

[Eerie music]

Kristen: [Sighs] Well, stefan, it looks like the rumors of your demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Li: So, rolf, did you have any trouble convincing kristen stefan suffered a setback on his road to recovery? I’m glad to hear it. Because the last thing I need is stefan O. Dimera returning to the land of the living.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Li: Gabi just walked in. I’ll have to speak to you later.

Gabi: Did you forget something?

Li: Oh.

Gabi: Mmm, mmm, nope, not that, although that was nice. Um, well, did you forget to say I love you?

Li: To you?

Gabi: To your mother. I’m assuming that was her on the phone?

Li: Oh, uh, no. That was just business.

Gabi: Hmm. Hmm.

Li: So how was your day?

Gabi: It was long. And, uh, it’s not over yet. I need to discuss some dimera business with you.

Li: What sort of business?

Gabi: Just some stuff that came up today, including the job that I promised ava.

Ej: Actually, son, this place was for ava’s friend, gwen.

Ava: But she had to leave. It–it’s okay if–if johnny joins us, right? I mean, harold went to all this trouble to make dinner for three. I’d hate to see any of it go to waste.

Ej: Of course. Please, johnny, join us.

Johnny: Don’t mind if I do. I’m surprised we’re eating in here instead of the, uh, dining room, though.

Ava: Oh, that was my idea, actually. I thought we could keep it casual for tonight.

Johnny: Ah. We certainly can. It’s nice to have a, uh, change every once in a while.

Ej: Oh, forgive me, son. I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but ava is going to be living with us. Since your uncle jake died, I thought the least I could do was allow his widow to stay in our family home.

Johnny: Yeah, I’m sure her dimera shares had nothing to do with it.

Ej: What was that?

Johnny: Hmm? Oh, no, I just, uh, I just said that I already knew she had moved in. In fact, auntie ava and I have seen quite a lot of each other.

[Soft dramatic music]

Maggie: Did you just say that you have a date with two girls?

Alex: That’s right. I met them this afternoon, and we hit it off immediately.

Maggie: And they agreed to go out with you together? Huh, how modern of them.

Alex: Relax, auntie. It’s not a date-date. However, I wouldn’t have a problem with it if it were.

Maggie: [Sighs]

Alex: Look, you’re not gonna have to worry about finding either of these girls in my bed. Trust me, they only have eyes for each other.

Chanel: That’s what you’re wearing?

Allie: Yeah. Why? What’s wrong with it?

Chanel: Nothing.

Allie: This is what I always wear to the bar.

Chanel: I know, and you always look great.

Allie: But?

Chanel: Well, but tonight, we’re going with alex kiriakis.

Allie: So? You’re worried I won’t make a good impression?

Chanel: No, of course not.

Allie: Okay, good. ‘Cause honestly, after working at sweet bits all day, like, the last thing I wanna do is put on a pair of heels.

Chanel: Well, what about those really cute platforms that you just bought?

Allie: Are you serious?

Chanel: Well, okay, you don’t have to wear heels. Just wear flats, but put on something fun, sexy.

Allie: Wh–why? Why does it matter what we wear? Chanel, are you, like, lusting after alex? Is that why you want us to impress him? We women are in the know about everything. Who are already

Maggie: So, um, you have a date with two women who are already a couple?

Alex: And to be honest, auntie, when I first asked them, I thought I still had a chance, but they turned down. But they’re both really cute, really fun, not to mention both of them are kickass businesswomen.

Maggie: Well, I’m sure enjoying women’s company outside of the bedroom will be a nice change of pace for you.

Alex: Variety is the spice of life, right? So which one of these shirts says, “drinks with the bisexual girls.”?

Maggie: I think that you should worry less about which shirt to wear and more about respecting these girls enough not to label them.

Alex: You know what? You’re absolutely right, auntie. So which one of these shirts says, “drinks with two lovely young women whose sexual orientation does not define them”?

Maggie: Better.

Alex: Thank you.

Maggie: [Chuckles] I-I would go with that one.

Alex: Ahh, that’s what I thought too. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Maggie: No need.

[Jazz music]

Chanel: Are you seriously asking me if I’d drag you out on a date with a guy I was attracted to?

Allie: Okay, yeah, probably not.

Chanel: No, definitely not. And I’m not dressed up for him. I’m dressed up for you.

Allie: For me?

Chanel: Mm-hmm.

Allie: But I see you all the time.

Chanel: Exactly. I see you all day, every day, when we’re both covered in sweat and flour and our makeup is sweated off. And since your grandpa, roman, has henry for the night, and we can stay out as late as we want to, I thought, you know, why not just make it a thing, you know, make it a date night?

Allie: A date night?

Chanel: Uh-huh.

Allie: With alex kiriakis?

Chanel: Okay, look, we–the three of us will have fun, and then you and I can peel off whenever we feel like it.

Allie: Okay, fine. I’ll go change, and, um, I’ll meet you there. Okay?

[Soft dramatic music]

Kristen: Ha! Tony!

Tony: Kristen. I hope we’re not disturbing your evening.

Kristen: Oh, no, not at all. I was just not expecting you. Anna.

Anna: Well, it was tony’s idea to come here.

Kristen: And I’m sure you objected to it.

Anna: Well, I’m here, am I not?

Kristen: Anna, what exactly is your problem with me?

Anna: [Laughs] Oh, where do I begin? Aside from the fact that you kidnapped abigail, who happened to be my favorite sister-in-law, you married tony when you were posing as nicole, and then you wouldn’t give him a divorce.

Kristen: Okay, sorry I asked.

Anna: Not to mention the fact that you were responsible for making tony kill that poor ted person, and then you took your sweet time getting him off the hook.

Kristen: Okay, okay, okay, I get the idea. All right, um, but assuming you didn’t come just to have anna recite the litany of my crimes, why are you here?

Ej: What are all these looks between the two of you? Is there a private joke I’m not privy to?

Johnny: No, just, like–like I said, I-I already knew that ava had moved in.

Ej: And that’s amusing, for some reason?

Johnny: Uh, well, there’s more to it, but I’ll leave it at that.

Ava: Oh, no, it’s okay. You can explain.

Johnny: Oh, okay, well, since it’s okay with you, ava. Uh, earlier this afternoon, I was looking for uncle chad, and so I stopped by what I thought was his bedroom, and then I walked in on ava naked.

Ej: Oh, I’m so sorry, ava. Please allow me to apologize on my son’s behalf.

Ava: There’s no need, considering that i saw johnny naked too.

[Jazz music]

Li: This is ava vitali we’re talking about here?

Gabi: I told you about the deal I had to make with her, how she demanded a job or she wouldn’t agree to pretend to be married to jake.

Li: She was clearly determined to get her money’s worth out of the bargain.

Gabi: You don’t know the half of it. She demanded a seat on the board, but don’t worry, I put the kibosh on that one.

Li: Why do you have to give her a job at all?

Gabi: I told you, she insisted.

Li: Oh, I-I understand the agreement, but why do you have to honor it? Ava’s only leverage is that she can expose your fraudulent claim that she and jake were married, but if she exposes you–

Gabi: She’ll be exposing herself as well.

Li: Either way, ava ends up with nothing.

Gabi: You’re right. I-I do hold all the cards.

Li: No doubt about it.

Gabi: But, you know, ava’s a very shrewd woman, okay? She was the head of the vitali crime family. I mean, she’s living under ej’s roof, which I’m sure she’s gonna use as some sort of advantage.

Li: I see what you mean. Who knows what they could be planning over there?

Gabi: Besides, the whole point of this was to keep control of jake’s shares. If I blow ava out of the water, then there’s a possibility ej could have them, and the–then I’d be really screwed. Even though I don’t want to, I may just have to give ava a job, or maybe just string her along long enough to take control of the shares.

Li: Why do I have the feeling that that’s something you’re particularly good at?

Gabi: It’s because you know I’m a woman of many talents.

Li: Indeed, you are. And I have no doubt that you will outsmart ava vitali. She may be shrewd, but she’s no match for you.

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Gabi: I must say, being with you like this gets better and better.

Li: I feel the same way. Mmm. And I must say, as much as I’m enjoying this very lovely and satisfying part of our relationship, I’m glad to know that you’re open to it being about more than just this, uh, lovely and satisfying part. You are, aren’t you?

Gabi: I am, sure.

Li: Well, if that is, in fact, the case, then maybe it’s time you stop wearing your dead husband’s ring around your neck?

Kristen: Let’s all just sit down.

Tony: Hey, it’s quite comfortable here.

Anna: Is that motor oil I smell?

Kristen: Yes, anna, indeed it is.

Tony: Well, we’re not staying long, anna.

Anna: No. Darn sure, we’re not.

Kristen: All right, with–in the interest of being brief, can you tell me why you dropped by?

Tony: Well, when I heard that you were staying at our dead brother’s apartment, I thought I should at least try to convince you to come back home, where you belong.

Kristen: Aww, hey, you know, that’s really kind of you, tony. And I need no convincing. I’d prefer that. But ej refused to welcome me back into the family home unless I gave him my shares.

Tony: Yes, well, it seems that our dear brother has gotten a bit power mad in the wake of jake’s death.

Kristen: Ahh. So you understand the position I’m in. With the balance of power so precarious, one person’s shares represents a lot of control. And I am not willing to give that up.

Ej: Putting aside the discussion of your mutual nudity–

Ava: No need to change the topic on my behalf.

Ej: Johnny, is there any word on the chanel front? I know waiting in this limbo is very trying, but, while allie is a lovely girl, I have no doubt that she is going to choose you in the end.

Johnny: Dad, listen–

Ej: Look, I know–I know you don’t want to tempt fate by appearing too confident, which is admirable, certainly, especially after everything you’ve gone through these past few months. But having seen you and chanel before things went awry, I could tell that the woman was head over heels in love with you, which is why I have no doubt that she–

Ava: Okay, ej, enough. Chanel already chose allie. They’re very happy. So just give it a rest, will you?

[Soft dramatic music]

Chanel: Hey.

Alex: Well, hello there. My god. Let me tell you, as cute as you looked in that apron, this is a big improvement. Oh, my god.

Chanel: Well, you clean up pretty nice yourself.

Alex: Oh, this old thing? Thank you.

Chanel: Mm-hmm, welcome.

Alex: Just threw it on after work.

Chanel: Yeah? Well, I’m glad you didn’t go to any trouble.

Alex: Well, I–it’s not that you’re not worth the effort, because you are. There’s no question about it. And if you give me the chance, I could show you how much effort I’ll put into some of the other little things that might please you. I don’t see your girl with you. Does that mean I get you all to myself tonight?

Allie: Sorry to disappoint, but chanel is spoken for.

[Jazz music]


Chanel: Oh, well, we met back

Alex: So tell me, how did you two get together?

Chanel: Oh, well, we met back when we were both living in london.

Allie: Mm-hmm, and we used to go clubbing together.

Alex: Oh.

Chanel: But we were just friends back then.

Alex: Hmm. And when did you turn into lovers?

Chanel: Not until we both ended up here in salem.

Allie: Yeah, um, we ran into each other, and we went for drinks.

Chanel: Cosmos.

Allie: Yeah, cosmos, a lot of cosmos. And yeah, we were just, like, reminiscing and talking about how much fun we used to have.

Chanel: And then I leaned over and kissed her.

Alex: [Whistles] Wow, and that was it, huh? You just knew you were meant for each other?

Allie: Well, actually, I-I took–I took a little while to figure out, to admit, I guess, but I definitely felt something that night, and then everything changed for me.

Alex: Must’ve been a hell of a kiss.

Chanel: It was.

Alex: You should show me what it was like.

Ej: Chanel chose allie? Johnny, I’m so sorry. And how could you know about all this before I did?

Johnny: Allie stopped by earlier and, uh, she started going off on me. Ava was witness to that.

Ej: I don’t get it. Why would she be mad at you?

Johnny: Uh, I may have spoken with paulina to, um, you know, try and get chanel back.

Ej: After she proved herself unworthy of you? I assume this was paulina’s idea, eager to get her paws in your pockets again.

Johnny: No, it was my idea. But that’s beside the point. Anyway, ava overheard me with allie, and she defended me.

Ej: Apparently, you two know each other better than I thought.

Ava: Well, we’re all living under the same roof now.

Ej: Mmm, true. Thanks to the sad fact that we lost another dimera. I would like to make a toast. To jake, your husband, your uncle, and my brother. I just wish we got to know him a lot better, to know the man that you fell in love with, ava. He must have been very special to sweep you off your feet so quickly that you were ready to marry him after only a few short weeks together.

Ava: Months.

Ej: Hmm. Johnny, I expect you to do your part as well.

Johnny: M-me? Wh–what am I supposed to do?

Ej: Well, now that my brother is no longer here, it is our duty as a dimera to stand in his stead and support ava through her grief. A new bride, just beginning her life with her husband, to see it all slip away before her very eyes. I understand you were actually with jake at the time of his assault.

Ava: Yes, I was.

Ej: To lose jake so suddenly, so–so cruelly–

Johnny: Dad, will you stop it already?

[Tense music]

Gabi: What? Stop wearing stefan’s ring? What–why–why would I do that? I wear it to honor him. What is it? Just–just say what you’re thinking. Say it.

Li: Well, it–it’s just, um, it’s been a few years, hasn’t it? Since you were widowed?

Gabi: But ju–just because stefan’s dead does–look, he was my husband, and he will always be part of me. They–they say that grief is love with nowhere to go, and I still grieve stefan, like I always will. Even when I was with jake and things were getting serious, I still wouldn’t take this ring off.

Li: And that didn’t bother jake?

Gabi: Guess he understood. Maybe even a part of him might’ve wondered if he was just a stand-in for stefan.

Li: Was he?

Gabi: I-I promised him that he wasn’t, and I thought I believed that.

Li: But?


Gabi: But, um, the fact that I never took this off maybe is a sign that jake never really had my heart the way stefan did.

[Soft dramatic music]

Some days, it felt like asthma was holding me back. Because you wanted

Allie: Alex, we thought that you invited us out because you wanted to hang out with us, get to know us a little better.

Chanel: Not to give you material for your fantasies.

Allie: Yeah, you know what? Chanel, we can still have date night. Let’s just go find another table.

Alex: Whoa, whoa, look, look, look, look, I’m–I’m sorry. The idea of you two kissing, appealing to me. But I respect your boundaries. And I understand it was an inappropriate request. So I’m gonna go ahead and pull the foot out of my mouth and ask you to please finish your story.

Chanel: I don’t know if we wanna tell you anything more.

Alex: Oh, please, come on. You told me about this epic kiss. What happened? Just ended up happily ever after?

Chanel: Well, not exactly.

Alex: What happened?

Allie: Uh, well, you could say there were a few twists and–and turns.

Alex: Like what?

Chanel: Like I married her twin brother first.

Alex: Oh.

Ej: Don’t you dare try to shut me up, johnny.

Johnny: Somebody had to. Could you not see you’re upsetting her?

Ava: It’s okay, johnny.

Johnny: No, it’s not.

Ej: Stay out of this, damn it. I am sorry, ava. I had no intention of causing you any more pain.

Johnny: I wonder then, what–what did you think you were doing? Going on about how her husband just died? He just died. You’re talking about how–how tragic of a loss it is, like she doesn’t already know that or feel that.

Ej: I was simply conveying to ava that I understood the magnitude of her loss.

Ava: And I got that, ej. I did. It’s just that, um, I’m feeling a little bit vulnerable right now.

[Soft dramatic music]

Ava: It’s okay, johnny. Really, it is. I know that your father didn’t mean any harm.

Tony: Perhaps I can talk to ej on your behalf.

Kristen: Oh, no, don’t trouble yourself, tony.

Tony: No, no, no, it’s no trouble at all. After all, he moved ava vitali into the mansion without demanding that she hand over jake’s shares.

Kristen: Yeah, but give him time.

Tony: Kristen, listen. I understand your desire to hold on to your position in the family power structure, but surely, you can’t be comfortable here.

Anna: Darling, I think you underestimate your sister’s ability to adapt to any circumstance. And who are we to interrupt her in her adventure?

Tony: Surely, there must be other accommodations that you could find that you could comfortable in.

Kristen: No, I-I’m–actually, I’m quite comfortable here, in the home my brother made before he died. Makes me feel, uh, close to him.

Anna: Well, is that why you’re reading his obituary? To feel warm and comfortable?

Kristen: Give that to me.

Anna: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. This isn’t jake’s obituary. This is stefan’S.

Gabi: I–I did love jake. Don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t love him the way I loved stefan.

Li: From everything you’ve told me, he was the love of your life.

Gabi: He was.

Li: He was very lucky to have you.

Gabi: I did love stefan with all my heart, but he’s gone now, and he’s not a threat to us. And I–I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to love somebody the same way again, but I-I hope so. I hope it’s a deep, passionate love.

Li: I’m glad to know that door’s still open.

Gabi: It is. And when I’m ready to walk through it with somebody, I’ll take this ring off. I just–it’s just been a lot harder to, um, I guess, let go of stefan’s heart.

Li: A fact that julie williams knows all too well.

Gabi: Mmm, that old bat got what she deserved. It’s not like I wasn’t punished for it. I mean, you, you helped chad oust me from dimera over it.

Li: Which I will forever regret. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t know you then the way I do now.

Gabi: So it’s okay that I still wear this?

Li: [Chuckles] Of course. As you said, stefan’s no threat to us, since he’s dead. Time. It’s life’s most precious commodity,

Alex: So, chanel, after you divorced allie’s brother?

Chanel: I decided I’d rather be with allie after all.

Alex: Wow.

Allie: Yeah. So that’s basically the cliffnotes version.

Chanel: Yeah, but that’s pretty much it.

Alex: Wow, it’s gonna make for some interesting thanksgiving conversation.

Allie: Oh, yeah, you don’t even know the half of it. Johnny actually already enlisted chanel’s mother to break us up.

Alex: Oh, the plot thickens.

Chanel: Yeah, no. But that’s not gonna happen. I already told my mother to back the hell off, that nobody, not johnny, not anyone, is gonna come between allie and me.

Alex: Whew.

Allie: You really said that?

Chanel: Yeah. Nobody can.

[Jazz music]

Alex: Wow. So in love. So hot.

Ej: If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go see what’s keeping our next course.

Ava: Well.

Johnny: [Chuckles] Why do I get the feeling harold is about to get raked across the coals? What could possibly be the reason for this interminable delay?

Ava: [Chuckles] Well, your father certainly runs a tight ship.

Johnny: Oh, yeah.

Ava: Controlling much?

Johnny: Well, controlling always. He can also be pretty insensitive at times. I’m sorry about him going on about jake before.

Ava: Nah, don’t worry about it. Thanks for having my back.

Johnny: That seemed only fair. After all, you had mine with allie.

Ava: Well, like I said, we’re all living under the same roof now, and in my book, that means we take care of each other.

Johnny: Especially since we’re all dimeras.

Ava: Oh, most certainly.

[Soft dramatic music]

Anna: Kristen?

[Chuckles] Why are you reading stefan’s obituary?

Kristen: Uh, well, anna, it’s a natural instinct, isn’t it? Since jake and stefan were twins, when jake died, I couldn’t help but think about stefan and the tragic way his life ended.

Anna: Yes, stefan’s death certainly was tragic, but I’m surprised you’d wanna relive it, especially since your good friend, lani, is the one who killed him.

Kristen: Okay, that was an accident. Lani didn’t mean to shoot stefan. If it was anyone’s fault, it was vivian’S. Stefan was a fool to jump in front of that bullet to sacrifice himself for that wretched woman.

Tony: Yeah, it really is something, though, to have two brothers cut down in their prime and leaving two widows behind. I recall how devastated gabi was when she found out that stefan had died. And–and I recall how she was imploring dr. Rolf to bring him back to us, but there are certain circumstances that even dr. Rolf can’t circumvent.

Anna: Well, as lovely as this has all been, uh, we should be going.

Tony: Well, yeah, yeah, let’s go. Yeah, you take care. But listen. Um, we’ve all had a bit of a checkered past, but we’re all family, so I’m gonna do my best to see if I can get ej to, convince him, allow you back into the mansion.

Kristen: Well, I won’t hold my breath, but thank you. Oh. Bye, anna.

Tony: Take care.

Li: Is there a problem?

Gabi: Only that i am starving. How ’bout we go get, um, fortified and then come right back to what we just started?

Li: Oh, actually, I promised my father I’d call him tonight, give him an update about dimera. I–I’m afraid it might take a while.

Gabi: It’s okay. I don’t mind going solo.

Li: You sure?

Gabi: As long as I get to see you later.

Li: Only see me?

Gabi: We’ll start there.

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[Phone ringing]

Johnny: Oh, um, I’ve been waiting on this call. Do you mind if I take this? I might have a line on my next project.

Ava: No, no. Take it. Take it.

Johnny: Johnny dimera here.

Ej: Dessert will be ready in five minutes.

Ava: Well, if it is half as delicious as dinner, then I cannot wait.

Ej: I think you’ll be very pleased with what harold’s come up with. I must apologize if I was insensitive before.

Ava: No. No, no, there’s no reason.

Ej: There’s every reason. You’re my sister-in-law. And I know just how much you’ve been grieving jake. I hope you know that I didn’t want to cause you any more pain. I do hope you believe me.

Ava: Of course, I do.

[Soft dramatic music]

Alex: Wa–wait. Do–don’t–don’t–don’t stop now.

Allie: Oh, okay. No, I think we’ve given you enough of a show.

Alex: Enough of a show? Are you kidding me? How could anybody get enough of two people being crazy in love? This is good for my heart.

Allie: Your heart, huh?

Alex: Mm-hmm.

Chanel: You know what you need?

Alex: Another drink?

Allie: A woman.

Chanel: Mm-hmm. That way, you can do your own kissing instead of staring at us.

Alex: Okay, well, if you guys got one for me, I’ll take it.

Allie: I don’t know. I don’t–I don’t know if I wanna subject anyone that we know to, um, you.

Alex: Wow.

Chanel: I don’t know, maybe. I mean, some of our friends are pretty hard up.

Alex: Me too.

Allie: Oh, okay, all right, so, alex, besides my girlfriend, what is your type?

Alex: I don’t really have one.

Allie: Okay.

Chanel: Not helpful.

Alex: Well, I don’t–what do you want me to say? I’m not that picky. I like beautiful women, like everybody else. Like her.

[Jazz music]

Tony: You know, with any luck, maybe I can change ej’s mind about kristen. Can you imagine as many dimeras as possible under one roof? Oh, but they’re scattered to the four winds, and–um, you have no comment?

Anna: Have I not made myself clear, tony, how I feel? The last thing any of us needs is kristen hanging around in this house making trouble. But god forbid you should listen to me.

Tony: I realize she’s made our lives difficult on a few–

Anna: Ahh?

Tony: Well, all right, many occasions. But that’s all ancient history now, isn’t it?

Anna: Well, yes, except for the present, you know, the here and now. And if you weren’t so oblivious and so determined to be loyal to your horrible sister, who’s loyal only to her nasty, amoral self, who’s meaner than a junkyard dog–

Tony: Okay, okay, anna, I get it. I get it.

Anna: Do you, tony? Do you? Do you realize that that woman is hiding something?

Tony: Like what?

Anna: Well, how would I know? I just know that she was acting very suspiciously to me.

Tony: Well, maybe she was just kristen being kristen.

Anna: Oh, come on, tony. Your brother, stefan, died years ago. And now suddenly, she decides to read his obituary?

Tony: But she explained that. She was thinking how stefan had died so similarly to jake. I thought it made sense.

Anna: Well, yes, maybe it does make sense. And maybe it would make sense if she was a normal, sane human being, but this is kristen dimera we’re talking about. And I don’t know what it is, tony, but I’m darn sure she’s up to something.

Kristen: Rolf? Rolf, are you here?

[Dramatic music]

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