Y&R Short Recap Monday, June 20, 2022

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Recap written by Christine


Billy brought Jill up to speed on Victoria’s move. Jill told Billy it wasn’t his place to interfere, and she told him not to screw things up with Lily. Billy was committed to Chancellor Winters, but he felt restless, like something else was waiting for him in life. Devon and Nate had their first day at the Chancellor Winters office. Nate tried to make sure things were okay between him, Lily and Devon after he went off script at the party. Lily thought it was fine, but Devon seemed more annoyed. Imani chimed in to praise Nate for following his gut instead of playing it safe. Imani told Nate that she thought Amanda was holding her back, and she thought Devon might be doing the same thing to Nate. Billy needed to talk to Lily about his conversation with Jill, but she got called away before they could speak. Amanda and Summer discussed the fact that Phyllis was being evasive when they asked how long she’d be out of town. Summer asked Amanda to join a team devoted toward keeping the peace between Phyllis and Diane.

Diane asked Kyle to help her find a job in public relations. Kyle promised to try. Lauren and Michael had a short date. Nikki interrupted to ask Michael to find dirt on Diane from her time in LA. Michael agreed to look into it, but he thought that Diane had been punished enough. Summer asked Lauren to join the team to keep the peace between Phyllis and Diane. Lauren said she and Nikki also wanted Diane to leave town. Kyle was dismayed when Summer told him about all the people who wanted his mom out of town. He wished everyone would back off.

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