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Paulina: Oh, if I keep patronizing my daughter’s bakery, I gonna have to buy myself a whole new wardrobe.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Oh, same here. You know, but I, in healthful– healthful solidarity, am gonna take these treats to lani, as I’m meeting her for dinner at the pub. You wanna join us?

Paulina: Oh, no, no. I don’t want to intrude on your father-daughter time.

Abe: Well, she is bringing my adorable grandchildren. I know how much you love them.

Paulina: Oh, those sugar plums, they are my weakness, but no, no, I think I’ll let you spoil them solo tonight because I have an errand to run.

Abe: Can i drop you somewhere?

Paulina: No, no, no, no, no. I don’t want you to be late for your dinner, okay? Now, you enjoy now, okay?

Abe: [Chuckles]

Marlena: I’ll be home very soon. I just got slowed down because johnny came by. Yeah, it was good to see him. Uh-huh. Well, it wasn’t entirely a social visit. He came by with a proposition. Oh. Well, okay. Tell me something: How would you feel about investing in a film?

Johnny: Perfecto. Who knew video calls would make me a better cinematographer?

[Laptop ringing] Hey, bro. How’s it going? Great to see you.

Will: You too, man. You too

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]


Johnny: So how is everything in arizona?

Will: No complaints. I’ve been covering some great stories for the paper. Sonny and his brothers are doing great work at their biotech company.

Johnny: Do you have any time for fun?

Will: Yeah, we took a little road trip at the end of the summer. Had some nice family bonding time, and now ari’s back in school.

Johnny: She like it?

Will: Loves it.

Johnny: That’s great.

Will: So what about you? I was very surprised to hear you moved back to salem.

Johnny: Italy is amazing, but it was time for a change. That said, if I’d known how much pressure my dad was gonna put on me to work at dimera, might’ve thought twice before coming.

Will: Your father is a hard guy to say no to.

Johnny: Yeah, no kidding. But I’ve got plans of my own. I’m gonna make a movie, and that is where you come in.

Abe: Well, hello, sweetheart.

Lani: Aww. Hi, dad.

Abe: Well, look at those angels over there. They are fast asleep. Hey, and grandpa brought you a very special treat.


Lani: Which their dad will have to eat because they don’t have enough teeth yet, dad.

[Both laugh] And I still have some baby weight to lose.

Abe: Oh, nonsense; I’ve never seen you look more beautiful.

Lani: Aren’t you just the sweetest father ever. Where’s paulina? I just assumed that she would be joining us.

Abe: Well, I did invite her, but she had something she needed to do.

Marlena: I do. I do realize it’s a lot of money, and so does johnny. That’s why he understands we have to think about it.

[Chuckles] Yeah. You know, I would like to support him in this, only if you’re comfortable with that.

[Knock at door] Oh, I’ve got somebody here. I will talk to you about it at home. Yeah. Love you too. Bye. Come in. Oh.

Paulina: Special delivery. I thought you’d enjoy a sample of what my daughter and your granddaughter have created.

Marlena: [Laughs] Come to mama.


Chanel: Oh, my god.

Allie: Please tell me we didn’t lose money. Dupree, tell me we at least broke even.

Chanel: We made a profit. A big one. Look.

Allie: Oh, my god. We made that much?

Chanel: On our first day!

[Both giggling]

Limu emu & doug

Tripp: Am I interrupting?

Allie: Tripp, hi.

Tripp: You two seem happy.

Chanel: We were just celebrating that we made a profit on opening day. There’s nothing romantic going on, in case you were worried.

Tripp: Who said I was worried?

Allie: No one. I don’t know why chanel said that, because she knows you and I are together.

Chanel: Yeah, horton’s made that clear. But I’m a little less clear on whether she’s really okay with me dating her brother.

Johnny: Yeah, I’ve been looking around for material, and when I went to talk to grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I should talk to you, and that’s when I remembered that you wrote that script about mom’s life, and that just feels like something I could connect with, you know, ’cause it’s about our family.

Will: [Scoffs] You wanna make “the sami brady story”?

Johnny: Do you still have the script?

Will: Man, I haven’t even thought about that in years. But I save everything to a hard drive, so I probably have it somewhere.

Johnny: Could you send it to me?

Will: Yeah. Sure. But have you asked mom how she feels about this? If she’d be cool with you making a movie about her life?

Johnny: I would if she would return any of my calls.

Will: Mom’s ghosting you?

Johnny: No, she left town after she cheated on my dad with yours. Went off the grid. Apparently, she needs some space.

Will: Yeah, I got that text she sent. I feel bad for her, her marriage ending. I hope she’s okay.

Johnny: Yeah, me too. And I feel for her, but she really has no one to blame but herself.

Will: Sounds like the whole thing was pretty dramatic.

Johnny: Mom’s whole life has been pretty dramatic, and that is why I know her story will make a good movie.

Kayla: Hello. Sorry for the delay. I got an emergency appendectomy.

Julie: Oh, darling, that’s all right. Doug has been working his crossword puzzles. He does them every day. Keep his mind sharp.

Doug: 16 across. Humdinger.

Kayla: I’m sorry? Doug: That’s the clue. Nine letters.

Julie: I haven’t the foggiest.

Kayla: And neither do I.

Doug: Oh, I got it. Don’t worry. Bees’ knees. That’s you, baby.

Julie: [Laughs]

Kayla: Doug, in cases like yours, where you’ve experienced some confusion and some memory issues, we like to start with a very basic test. It’s about 30 questions that will assess your cognitive function. And then when we get the results of that, we will know where you stand, and we can take it from there.

Doug: If I don’t pass this test, does that mean I’m losing my mind?

Lani: Too bad auntie p couldn’t join us.

Abe: Yeah, I know, I know. But yeah, I really enjoy having the one-on-one time with my daughter.

Lani: [Laughs] I’m really sorry eli and I had to run out so quickly last night.

Abe: Don’t apologize. Duty called.

Lani: It was a really good meal, though. And you and auntie p were so cute, cooking together and making little inside jokes.

Abe: Ah. But, you know, thank you for making peace with your aunt.

Lani: She’s family. And I know she is crazy about you, dad, and she’s obsessed with the twins. Oh, and thank you so much for babysitting last night on zero notice.

Abe: No. No thanks are necessary. It was a pleasure. And, you know, I think that your aunt paulina loves these babies more than you realize.

Lani: What do you mean?

Abe: Well, after you left, she referred to herself as jules and carver’s grandma.

Marlena: Oh! Yummy. Thank you for this.

Paulina: Well, after the mess I made almost turning the square into price town, I should have bought every item in that bakery and passed them out for free.

Marlena: Well, you did the right thing, and now it’s all behind you.

Paulina: Well, if only i could fix all my mistakes so easily.

Marlena: What does that mean?

Paulina: Something is weighing on me, marlena. And it’s a very heavy, emotional burden. And I hear that you’re the best when it comes to helping people out with these kinds of issues.

Marlena: I’m glad to listen to you. Have you tried talking to abe about it?

Paulina: Oh, goodness, no. No. He is the last person who can know what I’m about to tell you.

[ “The addams family” theme playing ]

Julie: Of course you’re not losing your mind, darling.

Doug: Well, I might be, if I don’t pass the test.

Kayla: Why don’t you try not to think of it is pass or fail? It’s really just a diagnostic tool. And depending on what we learn, we might order more tests, like an mri, just so we can rule out any physical causes of what you’re going through.

Julie: So we’ll try to be positive.

Kayla: Absolutely. You ready to get started?

Doug: Yes.

Kayla: Okay. So first off, I’m going to tell you five words, and at the end of the session, I’m gonna ask you to repeat them to me, okay?

Doug: Yes. Fire away, kid.

Tripp: I saw johnny earlier. I ran into him, actually. I asked him to fill me in on what happened the other night when you went over to his place.

Allie: Why didn’t you ask me?

Tripp: I did, but you didn’t have time to talk. And I thought it was important to know where we all stood.

Chanel: What did johnny say?

Tripp: He definitely doesn’t appreciate his sister butting in on his relationship with you. Allie: That is not…forget it.

Chanel: No, finish.

Allie: You know how I feel about this whole situation. Now it is up to you if you wanna decide to continue on your… whatever with johnny. Look, I don’t wanna talk about it anymore, okay? I just–I’d really much rather focus on sweet bits being a huge hit.

Tripp: Right, right, which is why I’m here. I wanted to celebrate with both of you. So why don’t we get a table and order some champagne?

Chanel: Sure, and with the bank we just made, I can finally afford to buy the bubbly.

Allie: We’ll split it.

Tripp: No, no, no. Neither one of you is gonna pay, okay? And to avoid any confusion and to be clear, I would like to congratulate my girlfriend and her business partner on being on their way to building a baking dynasty, okay? So the champagne is very definitely on me.

Johnny: Hey, thanks for sending me the script. I can’t wait to read it.

Will: Just keep in mind, I was pretty young when I wrote it.

Johnny: Yeah, it’ll need some tweaking, but let me take a look. We’ll discuss.

Will: I gotta say, it’s impressive. You have a dream, and you’re making it a reality. Allie is too. I heard she just opened a bakery with a friend.

Johnny: Yeah. It’s an… interesting partnership.

Will: Meaning what?

Johnny: Do you ever get the feeling allie might play for your team?

Will: Why would you think that?

Johnny: Never mind. Just send me the script. Can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s full of family secrets that no one’s ever told me.

Lani: Why would paulina say she’s the twins’ grandmother when she’s their great aunt?

Abe: Well, you know, I think it’s aspirational. I mean, you know, she said she could see herself being their grandmother at some point down the line, since I’m their grandfather.

Lani: [Scoffs] “At some point down the line.” Dad, you’re confusing me.

Abe: [Chuckles] Well, what I think she meant was that she would be the grandmother if she and I were married.

Paulina: I know you’re close with abe. Maybe this was a mistake.

Marlena: No, if you’re– if you’re looking for some professional advice, anything you tell me would be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. I couldn’t breathe a word of it legally.

Paulina: Really?

Marlena: Yeah. I could be sued. I could lose my license

Paulina: In that case, I guess I can talk. Abe and I are getting serious, which is wonderful. There’s something I’m feeling very guilty about. And it’s not dating the man that was involved with my sister, if that’s what you’re thinking. No, he–tammy and abe, they were over decades, decades ago. But there are things that I know about the family history that they’re tearing me up inside, and if they ever come out, then they would just tear the whole family apart.

Marlena: [Exhales] That is a heavy burden.

Paulina: And I care about abe a lot. Last night, we said I love you to each other for the first time. I have just regained his trust

Marlena: Wouldn’t that convince you that he would understand?

Paulina: Not about this. Not about this. If abe knew, he would hate me forever.

Marlena: No, I don’t believe that’s true.

Paulina: I do. I know. Because… the truth is, abe is not lani’s father. – Hi sabrina! – Hi jen!

Paulina: You’re shocked, aren’t you?

Marlena: Well, just a little bit, I guess I am. My understanding is that lani came to salem because tamara told her that abe was her father. Why would she lie about a thing like that?

Paulina: Because abraham carver is a kind and decent man. And having him be the father was far better than the truth.

Marlena: So tamara passed lani off as abe’s child because she didn’t want the biological father to think that he had a child. That doesn’t seem like a thing she would do.

Paulina: That isn’t what she did.

Marlena: I don’t understand.

Paulina: There are two secrets. Abe is not lani’s father, and tammy is not her mother.

Marlena: How can that be? Tamara raised her.

Paulina: Yes, she did. But I gave birth to her. I am lani’s mother.

Lani: You and aunt paulina are thinking about getting married? That’s kind of fast, dad.

Abe: Well, it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen tomorrow or even necessarily happen at all. How would you feel if it did?

Lani: I mean, it’s not really up to me.

Abe: Sweetheart, you’re my daughter. Your opinion means a lot to me, and even more so since I know how much she hurt you,

Lani: [Sighs] I will never forget how paulina treated me as a kid. And it’s so– I hate that she betrayed so many people that I care about and that she used you the way that she did

Abe: Well, now you see how important money is to her.

Lani: True. And this time is different. She didn’t disappear. She stuck around, and she tried to make things right.

Abe: And she apologized to both of us.

Lani: And I do think that she was sincere, which is why I forgave her

Abe: Well, forgiving someone and being comfortable around her all the time are two different things

Lani: Dad, I’m comfortable around aunt paulina.

Abe: As your aunt. But what if she becomes your mother?

Allie: Thank you, tripp.

Tripp: Mm-hmm.

Chanel: Mmm. Oh, yeah. This is the good stuff.

Tripp: I would like to propose a toast.

Johnny: Is this a private party, or is there room for one more?

Kayla: Okay. Just a few more questions. What is this?

Doug: That’s your watch.

Kayla: Okay. And what is this?

Doug: That’s a pen. By the way, I do all my crosswords in pen.

Kayla: Oh, you are a very brave man. Okay, repeat after me. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Doug: No ifs, ands, or buts.

Kayla: Okay. Now I want you to–let me give you a piece of paper. I want you to– are you right- or left-handed?

Doug: Right-handed.

Kayla: Okay, I want you to take this paper with your left. All right. I want you to fold it with both hands and then place it right here on the bed. Okay. That’s it. We’re done.

Julie: Oh, he did really well, didn’t he?

Kayla: He did great. Okay, doug, I need you to tell me what the five words are I asked you to remember at the beginning of the session. Can you tell me what they are?

Doug: Well, the five words… five words…. I got ’em. Yeah. I know. I know I know them. Did you know faded, dingy, and rough fabrics

Doug: Five words. Five words. They’re right on the tip of my tongue. Wanna give me a hint?

Kayla: I’m afraid I can’T. But just take your time. Relax.

Doug: Person. Person is the first word.

Kayla: Okay. And the others?

Doug: They’re woman, man, camera, and tv.

Julie: Yes! Yes! He not only got every single word right, he got them in the perfect order. Tell me, does he get extra points for that?

Kayla: Well, it’s not a competition.

Doug: Well, I do get a score, though, right?

Kayla: Oh, yes, you do. And from that, I can tell you that I don’t think there’s anything serious going on with you.

Julie: Oh, thank god. Thank god. I’m so relieved.

Doug: I’m relieved also. But I still don’t understand why I locked julie in the freezer.

Kayla: Well, that i cannot explain.

Doug: Okay. You want me to stick around? Take more tests?

Kayla: I don’t think you need to do that. If you have another incident of any kind, give me a call. Otherwise, you are free to go. All right?

Julie: Thank you.

Kayla: Uh-huh. I’ll see you later.

Doug: Thanks, kayla.

Julie: Everything’s all right, darling. Perfectly, perfectly all right.

Johnny: Since you weren’t responding to my calls or texts, I realized I needed to up my game to get your attention. Congratulations on your grand opening.

Chanel: Oh, thank you, G.

Allie: No flowers for me?

Johnny: Maybe if you’d apologized.

Allie: For what?

Johnny: For trying to come between me and chanel like a psychopath.

Allie: I thought confronting johnny… I thought doing that really was just to protect you. I guess I didn’t realize consciously the real reasons that I was doing it. I don’t know, I felt it when you told me that you met a guy you liked, so maybe…maybe I should have known that I didn’t just go running over there because I was blindsided and worried and upset. Maybe I also did it because I was jealous. Chanel and I talked about that, and she understands that there was history that she was not aware of.

Johnny: Ancient history.

Allie: I was just trying to protect her.

Johnny: She doesn’t need you to do that.

Allie: I get that now. And I get that my brother’s love life is not something I should be involved in. And believe me, I don’t wanna be.

Johnny: Look, I know that I don’t have the best track record when it comes women. I could be a real jerk. But that’s in the past now. I’ve learned from my mistakes. I’m a different person. And I hope you know that. ‘Cause I’d really like to stay.

Chanel: Of course you can stay. My friends and I are celebrating a very exciting, very promising new beginning. And you should be a part of it.

Lani: To be clear, aunt paulina could never take the place of my mother. And if, dad, if you were to marry, she would be my stepmother.

Abe: Oh, of course. Of course. But my point is that if she became my wife, I would want us all to be family.

Lani: We are a family,

Abe: Of course, but a stepmother would have a bigger role in your life than an aunt. I mean, you’d see her all the time. Is that something you could handle, or is that too much to ask?

Lani: You put on a really good show, dad. You’re the mayor. You’re a father. A grandfather. You have great friends. But dad, I know when you come home at night to an empty house, you’re lonely. And ever since you met aunt paulina, there’s been this spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Abe: It’s a wonderful feeling.

Lani: And I want you to feel this as long as you possibly can. Okay? So if you wanna marry aunt paulina, you have my blessing.

Abe: I’m sorry.

Lani: [Laughs]

Abe: Ah! Mm.

Paulina: If my boyfriend had known I was pregnant with his child, he never would’ve let me go.

Marlena: So you escaped?

Paulina: Barely. I had just enough money to get away before he ever found out that I was pregnant. I was young. I was scared. I didn’t know what to do, but mama did. She told me I had to give my baby to tammy.

Marlena: Oh, and you agreed?

Paulina: I didn’t have a choice; none of us did. Ray, he was rich. He was resourceful. He could find me.

Marlena: Were you afraid that he was going to abuse your daughter as he had abused you?

Paulina: Take her, kill her, kill us both.

[Sighs] So when tammy agreed to raise lani as her own, it was a godsend. I knew she’d make a wonderful mother, and then we’d all be safe. But there was a catch.

Marlena: What was the catch?

Paulina: Lani was to be hers and hers alone. Anything else would be too confusing and too dangerous. So I became auntie paulina. I promised to keep my distance, never say a word.

Marlena: That must have been so difficult for you.

Paulina: The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. The pain of not having her in my life, all those years of longing to tell her, it just– well, it just killed me.

Marlena: How did you handle all that?

Paulina: Well, not well. I wanted a relationship with my child, but it couldn’t be one that I wanted. And any effort I made, it only ended up disappointing her, and it infuriated my mama and tammy. They wanted me to stay as far away from lani. And for a while, I did.

Lani: But then you came to salem.

Paulina: The other day, I almost told lani who I was, but mama warned me how devastating that could be. Finding out that her whole life was a lie.

Marlena: Look, I know that would be difficult to learn. But surely she would understand that you had done it to protect her.

Paulina: But lani, she wouldn’t understand why I have lied for all these years. I mean, I’ve grown older. I’ve got my own money. I have my own resources, and I still, still kept it a secret. If she and abe found out that I did that, they would never, ever forgive me.

Marlena: I’m not sure that’s true. And in my life and in my career, I’ve learned that sometimes things that you think can’t be forgiven do get forgiven. It’s just a–look, think about this: No pressure, but if you decide you wanna tell abe and lani the truth, I will help you facilitate that.

Paulina: No, no. No, marlena, you’ve got to– you’ve got to promise me, promise me that what I have shared with you here today, you’ve gotta keep it– just keep it between us. This is the sound of an asthma attack…

Marlena: Paulina, you don’t have to worry. Everything you say to me is in strict confidence. I just–oh, I can see how much pain you’re in. I wish I could help.

Paulina: Just unburdening myself to you has been a help. Oof. Lord knows I cannot talk to my mother. There is no more judgmental woman on the planet.

Marlena: Well, there is no judgment in this room. You can talk freely here about anything without having any fear and maybe… maybe even find some solutions.

Paulina: God knows I could use a solution.

Marlena: Well, I would suggest that you book some appointments with me or someone else.

Paulina: You mean going to therapy? I’ve never tried it. How long does it take, you know, to be cured?

Marlena: Well, that changes from person to person. There’s no set time on that sort of thing. What’s important is that you show up and you do the work.

Paulina: Hard work is not a problem for me.

Marlena: Okay. Should we set up a schedule? Okay. And maybe one day, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your secret with abe and lani.

Paulina: I don’t know about that, but sitting here sharing this with you, I do– I feel better. Thank you. You’re good. Thank you for listening, marlena.

Marlena: It’s my pleasure. Glad to help.

Paulina: Oh, honey, please. I’m a hugger.

[Both laugh] Thanks so much.

Marlena: Mm-hmm.

Lani: So when are you popping the big question?

[Both laugh]

Abe: I just haven’t given it much thought. But I’m glad that I was able to share my plans with you. And I’m very grateful you gave me your blessing.

Lani: I just want you happy, daddy. That’s all I want

[Both laugh]

Tripp: To the success of sweet bits.

[Allie and chanel giggle]

Johnny: Cheers. You guys really inspire me. You worked hard to make your dream come true. And I’m gonna do the same thing with my film.

Tripp: Did you ever talk to your grandma about investing?

Johnny: I did, yeah. I haven’t heard back yet, but got a good feeling.

Allie: Do you even have a script?

Johnny: I do even have a script, allie, yes. When I went to see grandma marlena earlier, she suggested I talk to will about his hollywood experience. And I remembered that he wrote a screenplay about mom’s life.

Allie: Yes. “The sami brady story.”

Chanel: Hold up. Someone wrote a movie about your mama?

Johnny: Yeah, our brother will did a long time ago. I called him earlier and he said he’d send me the script.

Chanel: Oh, my god. My mother would love to have a movie made about her life.

Allie: Yeah, our mom loves the spotlight too. But what you’re doing feels way too personal.

Johnny: What I’m doing is making a great film.

Allie: You don’t even have the script yet. I mean, how do you know it’s gonna be great?

Johnny: Look, message received: You hate the idea. My dad does too, which makes me love it even more.

Tripp: Kind of strange to think you’d have actors playing people in your family.

Allie: Totally. Besides, I mean, who could do justice to sami brady?

Johnny: What about you?

Julie: Paulina price, what are you doing here? Is everything okay?

Paulina: Oh, I’m fine. I’m perfectly healthy. This is a purely social visit.

Julie: Oh. May I inquire who you were socializing with?

Paulina: Oh, marlena. You know, I know how busy she is, so I delivered some cookies from sweet bits.

Julie: Oh, we were at the opening of the bakery. And oh, everything was so delicious. Especially those donuts. Those girls really got that recipe right.

Doug: Alice’s recipe.

Paulina: Oh.

Julie: Exactly.

Paulina: So what brings you by the hospital?

Julie: Well, doug was taking some tests, and he passed them with flying colors.

Paulina: I’m sure he did. You can tell this silver fox, he takes good care of himself. You are one lucky woman, julie. Enjoy your evening.

[Laughter] Doug williams, did you just grab my ass?

Julie: Doug! Your mission:

Julie: Paulina, I am so terribly sorry.

Paulina: Does your husband– does he make a habit of feeling women’s derrires?

Julie: God, no, he’s never done anything like this before. Ever. But you see, he hasn’t been himself lately. He’s been a little off. I’m mortified.

Paulina: Oh, no. Don’t you worry girlfriend, no. You know what, in a way, it’s sort of a compliment.


Allie: You want me to play mom in your movie?

Chanel: I think your brother’s just trying to get back on your good side.

Johnny: No, I’m serious. I mean, you look a lot like mom when she was young, and I think you’d make a great sami brady.

Tripp: I agree; I mean, you do resemble your mom. And if you need anybody to play my dad, I’m in.

Johnny: Okay.

Allie: Right, because as a med student, you have so much free time on your hands. My schedule is just wide open these days.

Johnny: Oh, we’d find a way to make it work.

Chanel: You should do it, horton.

Tripp: I agree.

Allie: No. No, I’m a baker and a single mom. I’m not an actress.

Johnny: Think about, sis. I can make you a star.

Kayla: You paged me?

Julie: Yeah. I’m afraid doug had another little incident.

Kayla: A memory lapse?

Julie: No. No. It was totally inappropriate behavior. We were standing talking to paulina price, and suddenly he reached out and grabbed her– grabbed her behind.

Kayla: What?

Julie: So I think we better run that mri after all.

Marlena: No, darling, I’m sorry. I was about to leave when a patient showed up and really needed a session, needed to talk. Well, in fact, it was pretty serious, and I just needed to take some time to digest it all.

[Both laugh]

Abe: Well, you know, when the time comes, can you help me pick out an engagement ring?

Lani: Just pick out the biggest ring in the store. The most flashiest that makes a statement. That is what aunt paulina likes.

Paulina: What is it I like?

Abe: Well, jules and carver, of course. You know, I knew when I told you that lani would be bringing the babies to dinner, that you would not be able to stay away.

Paulina: Well, you know I love to dote on my grandniece and grandnephew. But we’re all family no matter how we’re related, right? And tonight, I needed to be with my family.

Abe: Well, to family.

Paulina: Mm-hmm.

Lani: To family. Yeah.

[All laugh]

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