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Hey, do you want to, uh, do you want to switch chairs? I think this one might actually be a little more comfortable than, than that one. No, this, this chair is fine, Johnny. You sure? Yeah. I guess it is pretty much the same. Mm hmm. It’s, it’s exactly the same. Right. Um, Okay. So are you, are you hungry? Do you want me to go down to the cafeteria?

I can get you a muffin. I can get you a sandwich. What do you Right. I am, uh, I’m, I’m hovering again. Aren’t I? I’m sorry. You know what? But I am not going to lie. I actually kind of like all the extra attention. Well, you’re used to it. Hey, by the way, my dad said that the perinatologist that he’s flying in is, like, world renowned.

She actually consulted with Nicole for her pregnancy. I’m really, really grateful that your dad went to all this trouble. Yeah. Holly! Oh. Hey, I thought I should know. Hi, uh, what’s going on? Is everything okay? Yeah, I just came from therapy. Uh, how about you guys? Oh yeah, just, uh, here for a checkup. Right? Well, I’ll see you both at the house.

Okay, see you later.

You said you wanted to see me? Ms. Trask? Take a seat. Got

breaking news for you. And what news would that be? I just fired EJ DiMera. I’m going to be needing a new TA. Okay. You want your old job back? I appreciate you thinking of me, Madam Mayor. But I’m gonna have to say no. Well, somebody was hungry. Now that you’re fed, mommy needs her dinner too. Your father was supposed to be home by now at takeout.

I wonder what’s keeping him so long.

Cole, you can’t do this.

I know, I know. I’m, I’m, I’m so sorry. Hey, are you okay? Oh, God, no. The room is spinning like crazy. Okay, okay. Let’s get you to bed. Nicole?

What’s going on here?

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Remind me to check the kitchen at Sweet Bits for the industrial mixer. Uh, why? Because I feel like it’s in my stomach. Is that bad, huh? Here, um, try these. Oyster burgers? Yeah, my mom, she practically lived on those when she was pregnant with Sidney’s. Thanks. So, you just travel around with these in your pockets at all times, huh?

Uh, well, I took a case from, from the Brady Pub. Don’t tell my awful Roman. Is there anything else I can get you? I don’t know, um, distract me. Okay. But no stories about food. Well, unless it’s oyster crackers, because I actually think these are helping already. Oh, I’m glad. Um, okay, well, you know how we’ve been talking about me getting a job in the film industry?

Uh huh, no, we’ve been talking about that a lot. Well, I finally put my resume online. You did? Mm hmm. Okay, any luck? Uh, yeah, I’ve gotten some views from some local companies, and given that the entire industry is basically in L. A., And I want to stay close to home. I kind of feel like I should just take what I can get.

Unless I can, you know, find funding to do some kind of project here in Salem. Mrs. Tamira, the doctor will see you now. Alright, You got this.

Are we sure that this place is safe? I mean, we already got caught here once by my Aunt Kayla and Stephanie. Yeah, well, they kept it to themselves. Yeah, but we may not be so lucky the next time someone sees us together. Well, speaking for myself, I can’t imagine being in more trouble with my mom than I already am.

Sounds like you guys really went at it. Yeah, I totally lost it. Tate, I said some really, really horrible things to her. Things that I don’t think she’s ever gonna forgive me for it. I don’t even know if I can forgive myself. Oh, come on. Are you Are you sure you’re not being too hard on yourself? T, I told her that the babies she lost were lucky because they didn’t have to have her as a mom.

I was just, I was so angry and I intentionally said something that would hurt her in the worst way. Why did I do that?

It’s fine.

Nicole had another argument with Holly. I see. Well, she must have really hurt you. As it’s clear, you’ve gone to great lengths to numb the pain. Yeah, I, I did. And, and at the risk of stating the, uh, object. The obvious. The obvious, you know what I mean. I did, I did. I drank too much. Much, much too much. Well, that is obvious.

And you’re here because? Nicole and I were supposed to meet for work. Yeah, and, um, when I didn’t show up, uh, Eric was worried that something happened to me, right? Yeah, yeah, right. So, uh, he was nice enough to call me, and I told him where he was, and he came to me, and then he brought me home. I see. Well, some men would have taken advantage of a situation like that, but we are all so very thankful.

That chivalry is not yet dead. I’ll say goodnight, then. Thank you, Eric, for, for bringing me back here. Yes. Thank you, Eric, for coming to my wife’s rescue.

I’m sorry, EJ. Um, I’m so embarrassed for getting drunk like this, and it was a really dumb move, but I’m just So hurt by what Holly said to me. Of course you were. Hey, don’t worry my love. I’ll take care of you.

As I recall, You were pretty bent out of shape when I relieved you of your duties. You mean when you fired me? That was then. This is now. The D. A. serves at the pleasure of the mayor and, well, I’ve decided that you’re a hell of a lot more pleasant than E. J. DiMera could ever hope to be. Why the change of heart?

Well, I just told you. There was a damn low bar. You’re easier to have around than EJ is. And, well, let’s just say that I’ve come to appreciate the value of having a strong woman in that role. Hear me roar. No one can challenge that you have the experience and the chops to do the job, Miss Trask. And in these somewhat tumultuous times, the good people of Salem would welcome a familiar face who is as tough on crime as yours, truly.

I think I more than made my case now. What else do I need to say to get you to change your no to a yes?

You know, there was this one time where I’d been Awful. Really awful to my mom. It made me really mad at myself. Uh, and my grandma Marlena, she told me that we tend to hurt the people that we are closest to because We know that they’re gonna love us no matter what. So, you know, we could just work it out with them, you know?

Yeah. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. I actually just came from talking to your grandma. Oh, really? Did it help? Not really. I mean, I’m sure Dr. Evans is great at what she does, but I don’t know, I feel a whole lot worse than I did before I saw her. I just wish there was a way that I could make you feel better.

Maybe there is. Dean, I don’t know what I’d do without you. Finally! Sorry, long line of buddies. Two for one chili dogs.

It’s kind of a good thing since we’re on a budget. Thanks to, you know, Stark. Uh, how’s the story coming? It’s coming, it’s just unfortunately I didn’t get the shots I needed, so I gotta go back after dinner. Mm hmm. With Nicole? No, just me. Hey, Sloane, I’m gonna say this one more time. No, Cole and I are just friends.

That’s all. I know. So, yes, Nicole and I have a history. But you, our baby, you’re mine now and forever. Oh, so, you want to tell me what happened tonight? With Holly. Who else?

Well, um, she got angry with me. And she lashed out and said things that she knew would hurt me the most. And what was that? What did she say? She said the babies that, We didn’t have for lucky to be dead. Lucky to not have me as a mother.

Well, that was harsh. To put it mildly, and all of this because you won’t let her go to the prom. Yeah, but EJ, don’t, don’t be angry with her, okay? Because she’s been through a lot lately, lately, and she, she just sees me as this, someone who’s holding her back from having fun and, and, and living her life. I know, I know how she sees you.

I’m just, I’m just upset on your behalf that she hurt you so much.

Maybe it wouldn’t hurt so much if I didn’t think she was right. Don’t, don’t talk like that, Nicole. You are a wonderful mother. Kind, And you’re, you’re only just trying to protect Holly because you love her and you want to keep her safe. I’m sure that in her more rational moments, she knows this.

Maybe. And AJ, I’m, um, I’m sorry I didn’t call you after we got in the fight. I, I Just, I, I started drinking and I really didn’t want anyone to stop me. Alright, I know that. And it is a good thing Eric came when he did. And he was so helpful, because otherwise Otherwise what? If Eric wasn’t helpful, what? You would have done something you regretted?

Well, no, it’s just, you know what happens when you’re wasted, you’re not thinking straight, and It rides. But, did you do anything that you regret? No, I didn’t. That’s good. That’s very good because, uh, I would have been, uh, unfortunate.

Oh, wow, that was, uh, A lot. Yeah. Well, it’s all right here, so we can go back and look at it. Yeah, man, I wish we would have gotten a chance to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Yeah, me too. But, you know, the doctor said it was too early. We can hear next time we come see her. Yeah. She gave us a lot to think about until then.

She was mostly positive. My hormone levels and the baby’s measurements are all where they should be. Yeah, that’s all good. Man, it’s just too bad we can’t do any of the prenatal tests until 11 weeks. And then, you know, 18 to 20 weeks, there’s, there’s the big one. The anatomy scan ultrasound. Yeah. How’s your stomach?

Surprisingly, it’s okay. Good. How’s yours? You want some of these oyster crackers? No, I’m fine. Thank you. I know that was hard to hear. Not that we didn’t already know. You mean that, um, the radiation exposure increases our chances of losing the baby. Right. So even with things looking good, So far, it’s gonna be a lot of waiting.

A lot of wishing. Worrying. Look at me. I’m sitting here telling you how I feel. I’m sorry. I’m being selfish. No, you’re not. Yes, I am. This is your body. Yeah, but this is our baby. And I want you to tell me how you’re feeling about it. Okay, well, how I’m feeling is, I just, I hate that we can’t Control any of this, it’s Yeah.

Yeah, I, I would do anything, give anything, to make sure that our child is okay. Yeah.

Which is why, as mad as I am at my mom for exposing our baby to radiation, there’s a part of me that kind of gets why she did what she did. One thing

you should know about me, Mistress, I don’t give a damn what other people think. I do what I think is right. And you think that I’m the right person for this job. Why else would I offer it to you? Ms. Trask? This is a golden opportunity for you to get back in the game. Now, why would you pass that up? No, no, I haven’t yet.

I just Oh, I can’t say that I’m not tempted. But when you gave that job, when you replaced me with EJ, I No, You don’t need to worry about EJ DiMera, who was using and abusing his office to punish his enemies, to get his family and friends off. That is why I fired his ass and that is why he doesn’t have that power anymore.

And you look skeptical. I admit I am because in my experience EJ Demura doesn’t need to weaponize the office of the district attorney to wreak havoc. He’s got plenty of his own resources. Screw his resources. I’ve got your back mistress and as long as your hands are clean you That man can’t touch you.

Oh, damn, damn, damn, damn. Uh, no, this is not a good time. Hello? Lady Whistleblower. Oh my god, we are so busted.

Babe, those chili dogs are kinda greasy. But tasty though, huh? Sure. You didn’t like? I was just hoping you’d bring something home from, like, Domino, the bistro. Yeah, but we had to cut expenses. Remember that? Well, we’re both working. I mean, you’re making good money at the spectator gig. Right. But, this apartment’s a bit small.

I mean, wouldn’t you like to put a down payment on a house? Oh. Oh, Eric. I love that idea. I want the whole package with you, Sloane. Yeah? Yeah. The house and the white picket fence. Yeah, and a big yard. A tire swing. And a dog. No dog. No. No dog. Two dogs. Two dogs. A golden retriever. Yes. Yes. Baby. You know, aside from the two dogs, which are great, what makes the whole package is usually two kids.

Hmm. Or you want a brother and a sister for two. I mean, not right now, but. Maybe eventually, yeah.

I never wanted any of this. I I would think it’s more accurate to say I, I’m sorry. I never thought I would have any of this, a husband and a baby, just our actual family, a real family. Thank you for giving that to me. I’m really lucky. No, I’m the lucky one. I think we’re going to have to agree to disagree.


Water. Thank God, I thought it was going to be Meemaw’s hangover cure. Oh, that will come tomorrow. Oh. Can’t wait.


I know that you and Eric are close, but I really wish you had come to me when you were hurting. But EJ, I didn’t, I didn’t go to Eric. He? Called me when I didn’t meet up with him and then that’s when he came to me at the small bar Still you could have called me to pick you up I’m sorry that I didn’t

look at you. I’m here now with you But i’m still hurting I know I know And I will be here for you. Always.

Oh, I need to be better, EJ. I need to be a better mother. I mean, I, I know I screwed things up with Holly. But it’s not just Holly. I’ve screwed up so many things.

And I think losing our baby is Losing our little boy is just the world’s way of punishing me for all the pain I’ve caused. Did you

get him down without a fight? No, but I did win this round. Ha ha. I did have to sing itsy bitsy spider about six times, but Well, you have no sympathy for me. I did twelve rounds of hush little baby all night. Oh. You know, I have shot some difficult subjects. You had to shoot your own son. That’s a dream. It is.

Oh my God. Oh. Look at that. It’s nice work. Oh, you even captured his little toothless smile. You did. You’re a natural. Did I? You did. Oh, well, I had a good teacher. Hmm. That is why we need to capture every moment we can in his babyhood. Oh, he’s growing so fast. He is. Look, right there are the three of us. All together.

Now that is a beautiful family. It’s our beautiful family.

You have to admit, it is a dangerous proposition. Taking something that belongs to E. J. DiMera. No, I do not agree. What’s he gonna do, put a horse head in your bed? You never know. Oh, no, no, stop that. Stop, stop. The man is, he’s as smart as he is malicious. He’s not gonna come after the district attorney. He would be giving you an invitation to stick your nose into his family business.

You know, you’re right. Maybe I’d be safer in this job. If he goes after me, I’ll just go after him. Horse head for a horse head. So is that a yes? Yeah, it is.

You won’t be sorry, Miss Trask. This is a win win. And, uh, now that we’re on the same team, I’ve got no problem sharing that I needed this to happen. I saw your bad press, the write up in the Spectator that said you were radioactive commandeering a snowplow. It’s pretty scathing. Just so you know, I did what I needed to do to save my little girl.

You don’t need to defend yourself to me. I would have done the same thing if it was my daughter. I would give anything for the opportunity to do something reckless if it meant that my Haley were still here. I’m sure you would have. And, uh, I know, when your little girl was born, you gave her up to keep her safe.

Just like I did with my Lani. Being a good mom sometimes means doing whatever it takes. Even if your kid ends up hating you for it.

We don’t have to read any of that right now. I know, I know, but I just want to look at this one more time. I know. It just looks like a bean. That’s not a bean. That, that is a baby. That is our baby. You are growing a person inside of you right now. Yeah, I am. And your due date is Christmas. Yeah, that’ll be quite the gift for us, huh?

Yeah. You know what? I want to pick a name. A name. We don’t even, uh, we don’t even know if it’s a boy or a girl yet. Okay, well there’s unisex names, right? And plus, I want to call our child something while he or she or they is growing inside of me. So, how about Noel for a boy? And then if it’s a girl, we’ll just pronounce it Noel.

It’s kind of perfect for a Christmas baby, right? Yeah. Yeah, no, I, I think, I think that it is perfect.

Please, Lady W, you, you cannot show that picture to anyone. Yeah, if our parents find out that we’re sneaking around, they’ll never let us see each other again. Oh, well, I would hate for that to happen. See, I am a fool for romance. I have romance OCD, in fact. Can’t stop thinking about love and all the fun, x rated things that go along with it that you two are far too young to know about.

But also, I can’t stop reading romance novels. I watch Love is Blind, Love Island, Love for the Ages, Stuck on Love. I have to say, the two of you are uber adorable. Obviously crazy about each other. So, does this mean that you will not write about us in your column? Oh, so it makes the story so hot. Star Crossed Lovers, it’s timeless.

It’s Shakespeare, and I’m the nurse. From ancient grudge break, a new mutiny. Civil blood makes civil hands unclean. From forth, the fatal lines of these two foes. A pair of Star Crossed Lovers. And you. Well, okay, we’re not, that’s not us, we’re not lovers. Okay, okay, but judging from that very steamy piss, you’re definitely headed in that direction.

And full disclosure, I was recently dumped by the love of my life and have been feeling bereft and heart sick. And seeing the two of you so lovey dovey, it makes me feel overwhelmed. That means choked up, overcome with emotion, like Linda Richman used to be on SNL. Played hilariously by Mike Myers. Judging by your silence and befuddled expressions, you’ve never seen coffee talk.

Well, I guess that makes sense. It aired in the 90s before you two were even twinkles in anybody’s eyes. Anyway, lovebirds, I am going to be on my way. Um, hey. Can I, can I pay you to keep quiet about this? Please?

I don’t want your money, kid. I can get some cash too. I don’t want yours either. Does this mean that you You’re gonna kill the story? Ugh. I have bupkis for my column this week and this is the hottest thing I have had in months.

But no, this lady is not going to blow your whistle. But why not? You sound disappointed. No, no, no, no, we’re not. We just Don’t trust me? You shouldn’t. Or I should say you shouldn’t have, past tense. See, I am working on becoming a better person reading a lot of self help books. Top of the list is How to Not Be a Dishonest, Awful, Two Faced Schmuck in 10 Days or Less.

That is a joke! There is no such book! Geez, the two of you, so serious. Well, let’s just say you caught me on a good day. Like I said, I am nursing a heartbreak of my own, and like I also said, I’m a sucker for love. Especially young love. And the two of you together, so innocent, it is absolutely life affirming.

It’s also a bit nauseating, but that could be the two for one chili dogs I had for dinner. So no, I am not going to rat you out to your folks. In fact, I am going to take the pictures, the smooch photos I took. Let’s see. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Delete. The secret of your forbidden love is safe with me.

When we met a few years back, you were just an assistant, now you’re running the studio. That’s, that’s, that’s amazing. Yeah, congratulations. Uh, well, like I said, look, I, I’m beyond excited that you even thought of me for this project. I just, I need to talk it over with my wife and, uh, and I’ll get back to you, okay?

Okay. Thank you. There you go. I got you a water, too. Oh, thank you very much. Who was that? Uh, it was a telemarketer. Mm, let me guess. They’re trying to sell you a time share on the Ozarks? No, it wasn’t that one. Well, here, let me block that number. No, that’s okay. We can, uh, we can do it later. Because right now, I wanted to ask Noel.

Or Noelle’s mama out on a dinner date. Well, great, because Noelle or Noelle’s mama accepts the invitation. Let’s go.

I’m sure you were scared to death when you thought Chanel had gone missing. Oh, I was. And it wasn’t just her life that was at risk. It was two lives. I was referring to her husband, Johnny. His life, his life would have been ruined if we didn’t find my baby girl. But you did find her. And you did what you needed to do.

I appreciate your understanding. And you know, I think that you and I are going to work well together. This time around, Ms. Prask. Well, it’s a man’s world, and when two strong women work together on the same side Mmm, that world better look out! What do you say if I take my new D. A. out for dinner and drinks?

You’re on.

Okay. Oh, I think somebody sensed that you were going to leave. You don’t want Daddy to leave, do you? No, Liz. He’s not going to stay up. Neither do you. But I might. Um, but this little one, he’s definitely going to go back down for the count.

No. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain. And the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. This is fine. Hey, be careful. Tonight, please. I will. Okay, keep going.

Okay, there we go. Do you need an extra blanket? Oh, no. No, honey, I’m fine. I just I want to put this day behind me and get a good night’s sleep and hopefully things will look different in the morning. They will.

Honey, are you coming to bed soon? I just have to step out for a moment, I won’t be long. But, you have your phone, give me a call if you need anything. Thank you, E. J., for understanding and for taking care of me. Always.

I’ve caused my mom so much grief recently, so thank you so much. I really appreciate you giving this to yourself. And I do too. Thank you. You have my blessing, young lovers, to go behind the backs of the powers that be whenever it I have to say I’m surprised with myself. Aside from my love and romance OCD, I have become quite a softie since I’ve become fairy godfather to your little baby brother Jude.

Uh, no Jude’s, he’s not my brother, he’s my cousin. Oh, right, of course. It’s so hard to keep Salem’s family trees in a straight line, you know. Anyway, if you two young lovers need anything, a look out, a go between, some fashion advice, please consider me your own personal Friar Lawrence, who imparted these brilliant words of wisdom to Romeo and Juliet.

Let’s see, I have almost that entire play committed to memory. Let’s hope I don’t mess up this quote. For this alliance may so happy prove to turn your household’s rancor To pure love. I like that. Yeah, the bard had a way with words. Yeah, I would say so. I am rooting for you too. Thank you. Thanks. Hi. Hi.

I don’t know if I want the steak or pasta. Well, you are eating for two, so why not have both?

You know what? I just realized that I am actually in the mood for hook food. Do you mind? No, no, not, not at all.


I love you. I always have, and I always will. And if only my baby had been ours, things would have been so different.

Maybe daddy forgot his keys, or maybe he just couldn’t stay away.

EJ, what are you doing here? There’s been a change of plans. Plans? What are you talking about? I’m here to take this baby. So Nicole and I can raise him as our own.

So, a couple of aspirins took care of it. Usually works for me. Is, uh, everything okay? Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. They just wanted some more bread. Uh, which, by the way, we are running low on. Really? Mm hmm. We just got a delivery yesterday. I’ll talk to Adlai. He unloaded the truck. I don’t know. Maybe, uh, maybe a new driver.

They did tell me they’re having a hard time finding competent employees. Speaking of which, You have delivered as promised, Ava.

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