Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Audra makes Tucker think she and Nate slept together when the truth is she and Nate talked all night in her hotel room. Tucker tells Audra she doesn’t have a job at Glissade. Audra tells Tucker their relationship is over because he never considered what she wanted for her life. Audra assures Nate that she will find a job because she always land on her feet.

Adam and Chelsea have a video call with Connor and he tells them that his OCD is making him think that he is a burden to them and it would have been better if he never would have been born. Chelsea and Adam tell Connor they love him very much and nothing will change how much they love him. Connor tells Adam and Chelsea that this conversation is making things worse so he ends the video call. Adam calls Connor’s doctors and they tell him they will watch him more closely. Adam and Chelsea look at family photos and wonder if they should find new doctors for Connor because his OCD is getting worse.

Ashley’s Ms. Abbot personality tells Tucker she wants to be with him again but Tucker tells her he wants to be with Audra. Ashley tells Tucker she knows he doesn’t love Audra because he still loves her.

Cole sees Victor taking a plate of Brussell sprouts to the wine cellar. Once Victor has finished torturing Jordan and watched her beg to get out of her cell, he leaves and goes back upstairs. Cole is hiding so Victor doesn’t see him. Cole makes sure Victor is gone then he takes the key that is hanging by the door and opens the wine cellar. Cole is shocked to see his Aunt Jordan asleep in the cell Victor had built there years ago.

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