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Eric gets Jude to sleep while Sloan complains that at least somebody is getting some sleep. Sloan brings up Eric not trusting her and says she’s showing him everything related to her finances and promises to never give Leo another dime. Eric argues that this doesn’t solve the issue and he wants Sloan to tell him the truth.

Leo goes to the Spectator office, bringing in a gift basket to Chad that was delivered from Paulina. Leo tells Chad that he wanted to talk to him about the reporter position. Chad reminds Leo that he said he wasn’t interested. Leo informs him that he thought about it and changed his mind and now he’s ready to write about anything. Chad appreciates his enthusiasm but tells Leo that he’s sorry because he offered the position to Nicole and she accepted it.

EJ and Nicole sit together in the living room of the DiMera Mansion after breakfast. EJ talks about wanting Nicole to have a full meal before her first day at work. Nicole questions what changed his tune about her going to work. EJ says he thought about it and saw the spark in her eye, so he decided that what makes her happy makes him happy as they hug.

Paulina and Johnny get Chanel set up in a hospital room. Kayla enters the room to ask Chanel what’s going on. Chanel informs her that she just feels fatigue. Paulina worries that it’s radiation poisoning.

Leo questions Chad hiring Nicole then says he guesses that makes sense. Chad thinks Nicole will bring a fresh perspective to the paper. Chad adds that if something else comes up, Leo will be the first he asks. Leo then asks Chad for a raise. Chad agrees to talk about it during his review. Leo brings up Dimitri being released from prison and says any extra money would help him provide a better life for Dimitri. Leo talks about Dimitri giving up a lot for him so he deserves it. Chad suggests Dimitri get a job. Leo is sure he’ll try. Leo informs Chad that he will be working from home if he needs him. Leo stuffs his bag with goodies from Paulina’s gift basket to prepare for Dimitri as he exits.

Kayla tells Paulina that Chanel’s symptoms could be any number of illnesses. Paulina wants to rule out radiation poisoning. Kayla says they will do her blood work and then they will have a better idea of what they are dealing with. Kayla asks Johnny and Paulina to step out so she can examine Chanel. Johnny kisses Chanel goodbye and says he’ll see her soon as he exits with Paulina.

EJ finishes a work call, saying he’ll be in later today as soon as he can. EJ then gets another call and says he wants the sales meeting to happen today. EJ says he’ll be in shortly and hangs up. EJ tells Nicole that he’s sorry about that. Nicole understands it comes with the territory as she married a very important man. EJ calls her beautiful and charming as they kiss. EJ says he loves being able to share every part of him with her because he loves her. Nicole jokes that she just might be falling for him too. EJ declares that by each other’s side, there is nothing they can’t do.

Sloan tells Eric that she told him the truth last night. Eric argues that it made zero sense and questions why she would be giving Leo money when she knew their family was struggling financially. Sloan argues that she didn’t think it was that bad and says she’s been working and making money, so she just wanted to help a friend and be generous. Eric questions Sloan trying to make herself feel like a better person. Sloan asks if Eric doesn’t approve of that. Eric complains that this is not what it’s about. Sloan brings up that Nicole once told her that she felt she was never good enough for him. Sloan remarks that it seems like maybe she’s not either and maybe no one is. Sloan declares that she needs space and time alone as she then storms out of the apartment.

Johnny brings Paulina some tea at the hospital. Johnny knows Paulina is upset but encourages her not to be too hard on herself. Paulina worries that she put her daughter in danger. Johnny says they will just wait and see what Kayla has to say. Paulina then gets a call from Chad. Chad hoped to follow up with her for a quote on a story he’s working on. Chad asks if now is a good time but Paulina says it couldn’t be worse and tells Chad to call her assistant as she then hangs up. Paulina tells Johnny that she knows she asked him to put in a good word for her with Chad on his story, but she can’t ask that of him now because if Chanel has radiation poisoning because of her, then she deserves whatever scathing criticism she gets for it.

Eric plays with Jude at home as he gets a call from Chad. Chad hoped Eric could come by the office to talk about him getting some work with the paper. Chad asks what his schedule looks like. Eric says he can be there in 20 minutes. Chad says he’s looking forward to it. Eric thanks him and they hang up. Eric wonders what to do now that Sloan is gone. Eric decides that he will take Jude with him on his first big interview.

EJ goes to work in his office at DiMera Enterprises. His assistant Rita comes in and EJ jokes with her about bringing him coffee. They go over various work plans. She comments on all DiMera CEOs being the same. EJ says he needs her to stop by his other office. She asks how Paulina feels about EJ taking on a second job. EJ says he hasn’t told her yet because she has a lot going on lately. EJ thinks it’s none of Paulina’s concern if everything is going well. EJ asks Rita to stop by his office and pick up the two case folders from his desk. Rita jokes about how much EJ pays her as she then exits.

Leo returns to his room at the Salem Inn and talks about Dimitri getting out in three days. Sloan shows up at his door. Leo tells him that it’s not a good time unless she came to plan a welcome home party for Dimitri. Sloan says she came to make sure they keep quiet about Jude. Leo argues that he and Dimitri owe her nothing since she cut him off. Sloan talks about Eric being crazy about his son and his heart would break in a million pieces if Jude was taken away from him. Sloan asks Leo to do it for Jude because he needs a family.

Nicole goes to the Spectator office and tells Chad that she’s reporting for duty. Chad welcomes her to the team. Nicole says she’s nervous and excited. Chad encourages that she will do amazing with her experience. Nicole asks what he’s working on. Chad says he’s working on the piece about Paulina’s radioactive misadventures. Chad thanks her for the tip and thinks there’s a real potential story there about Paulina’s future in regards to her mayoral campaign. Chad states that good or bad, the public need to know. Nicole agrees since Paulina is an elected official. Chad admits it did make him wonder how Nicole came across the information. Nicole thinks back to EJ suggesting an expose on Paulina.

Rita returns to EJ with his coffee. EJ thanks her but complains that he was sure the Spectator’s expose on Paulina would be published by now. Rita asks why he would expect that while she’s dealing with health issues. EJ mentions hearing from his sources. Rita notes that an expose suggests some kind of dirty little secret and questions what skin EJ has in the game. EJ responds that the dynamic between he and Paulina has been less than ideal, so if she would happen to land in the mud, it would be unfortunate but he would continue to carry on his duties. Rita guesses that EJ doesn’t like Paulina. EJ complains that Paulina micromanages and is insufferable. Rita suggests he kill them with kindness.

Paulina tells Johnny to go ahead and say it’s all her fault. Paulina encourages Johnny to yell at her and release his pent up frustration. Johnny says yelling at her is the last thing he wants to do. Johnny tells Paulina that he cares about her and understands she was just doing what she thought was right in coming to rescue Chanel. Kayla comes out and informs them that Chanel’s vitals are really good, so they are just going to wait for her blood work results. Kayla allows Johnny to return to Chanel’s room. Paulina then questions Kayla as to why she is okay and Chanel is sick when she is the one who was radioactive. Kayla wishes she had the answers but she doesn’t and tells her to just be patient. Paulina questions how she can be patient when her daughter is sick because of her. Paulina says she thought she was trying to save Chanel, but instead she put her life in jeopardy. Paulina breaks down crying, questioning how she can be patient as Kayla hugs her.

Leo remarks that Sloan is really going all out to pull on the heart strings. Sloan argues that EJ and Nicole would be terrible parents to Jude. Sloan remarks that Holly and EJ’s kids are all screwed up, so Jude’s best chance is with her and Eric. Leo admits that the baptism gave him all the feels, but points out that Eric is onto her and is suspicious as hell. Leo asks how long until it all blows up in her face. Sloan argues that Leo gains nothing by telling anyone anything and he’d just be opening up a whole new can of misery. Sloan suggests the best thing Leo could do when Dimitri gets out of prison is to leave town and start a new life with Salem in the rear view.

Johnny returns to Chanel’s hospital room. Chanel says she’s going crazy having to wait like this and worries about the damage that radiation can cause to the body. Chanel admits that she’s really freaked out. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her and promises they are going to have the best life together as he hugs her.

EJ tells Rita that she might be onto something in that extending an olive branch to Paulina can only help their relationship move in a productive direction. Rita asks what they know about Paulina. EJ talks her up and suggests reaching out to her now and they will all be stronger because of it.

Nicole jokes with Chad about never giving up her sources but Chad says that doesn’t apply to her editor. Nicole claims it’s just something she heard in passing and it concerned her. Nicole adds that she also lives with Johnny, who was a witness to all of it. Chad tells Nicole not to hesitate to reach out if she has anything else. Nicole says she hopes the piece will be fair since Abe is one of her closest friends. Chad feels the same and assures that this platform is for awareness and not to be destructive or vindictive. Chad gives her his word that the article won’t be a hit piece. Chad tells Nicole that he will get her set up in the system so she can start telling her stories.

Leo tells Sloan that leaving town is an interesting idea and admits he hadn’t thought much of what he and Dimitri will do. Sloan encourages him and asks what’s tying him down to Salem. Leo admits it is tempting and he likes the idea of living in LA or New York. Sloan gets a text and says she has to go. Sloan wishes Leo and Dimitri all the happiness in the world in LA or New York. Sloan then exits. Leo says to himself that he will first need some money to achieve that happiness and tries to come up with ideas of how to make money. Leo then brings up EJ’s name and wonders what the information he has would be worth to him.

Eric arrives at the Spectator with Jude and says he normally wouldn’t bring his son to a job interview but it was last minute. Chad says it’s no problem and calls Jude their honorary guest. Eric notes that Jude fell asleep on the way, so they can get started now. Chad tells Eric that he took a look at his portfolio and was very impressed, so they would love to have him do some work at the paper. Chad notes that it would be freelance to start for the first few assignments which Eric agrees to. Chad hands Eric the employee handbook to read over and says he will go talk to HR to get his paperwork started. Chad then welcomes Eric to the team and exits. Eric calls it good news for their family. Nicole then returns and asks what Eric is doing there.

Leo goes over to himself the pros and cons of spilling the beans to EJ. Leo notes that he and Dimitri could be set for life but asks if it’s worth it to tangle with a DiMera. Leo adds that taking Jude from Eric would be so hurtful. Leo wishes he could remove his conscience. Leo decides he will go for a walk to clear his head and exits his room.

Paulina joins Johnny in Chanel’s hospital room and tells them that she texted Abe, who said he is praying for Chanel. Kayla returns with Chanel’s test results. Paulina gets a call from EJ, who asks if they can meet up to discuss their current, unfortunate situation to try and clear the air. Paulina says not now and she will have to get back to him, so she hangs up. Paulina tells Kayla to continue. Kayla reveals that Chanel’s tests came back normal with one exception. Kayla then announces that Chanel is pregnant!

Sloan walks through the town square and calls Melinda, telling her that she finally got through to Leo. Sloan notes that Dimitri should be returning very soon and Leo is just happy to have him back and wants to celebrate with a fresh start, so she thinks they’d be open to leaving Salem and never coming back. Sloan thinks it’s going to be okay.

Leo returns to his room with his mail and finds a letter from Dimitri. Leo excitedly opens the letter and is shocked to read that Dimitri says he is off on a new adventure with someone new that he met during his time on the inside. Dimitri writes that he cared deeply about Leo but he realizes now they weren’t right for each other while the man he met is perfect for him. Dimitri hopes Leo can someday be happy for him and find this kind of love. Leo cries as he finishes reading Dimitri’s letter.

Nicole questions Eric getting a job at the Spectator too which he confirms. Nicole calls it kind of spooky as it’s her first day as the Spectator’s new reporter. Nicole can’t believe Eric will be working there too. Eric comments on the mysterious ways. Chad comes back and says he’s glad they are both there and they will both get to working as he already has an idea for an assignment. Chad reveals they will be working together and he thinks it will be a good solid way to get them started.

EJ complains to Rita about Paulina hanging up on him. EJ declares this disrespect will not stand, so if Paulina wants a war, she’s got one.

Chanel questions being pregnant when they used protection. Johnny can’t believe it but calls it amazing news. They then note Kayla’s expression and Johnny asks what it is. Kayla explains that based on the results, Chanel is about 4-5 weeks along and it seems as though Chanel does not have radiation poisoning, those first weeks are crucial to the baby’s development. Chanel asks if something could be wrong with their baby. Kayla declares that they will consider it a high risk pregnancy. Kayla wants Chanel to make an appointment with her OB-GYN immediately and says they will continue to monitor her pregnancy. Paulina asks how long until they know the baby is okay. Kayla responds that it could be a few weeks or it could be after the baby is born and notes that everything could be perfectly fine, but they have no way of knowing at this point, leaving Chanel worried in tears.

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