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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina and Johnny took Chanel to the hospital. Chanel told Kayla what was going on with her. Paulina asked if it was radiation poisoning. Leo asked Chad for the reporter job, but he was too late. Chad said Nicole got the job. Leo asked for raise for the work he does. Chad wanted to talk about it during a review. Leo said he needed to make money since Dimitri was getting out. Kayla told Paulina that she wanted to rule out radiation poisoning by running tests on Chanel. She told Paulina and Johnny to leave the room. Eric and Sloan argued over her helping Leo. While they were arguing she said Nicole told her she never felt good enough for him. Sloan said she wasn’t good enough either and left the apartment. She said she needed space. Johnny tried to make Paulina feel better about Chanel. While they were talking, Paulina told Johnny that she would deserve the press going after her. Chad called Eric for an interview. Sloan went to see Leo. She said she wanted to make sure he and Dimitri kept quiet about Jude. Leo said they owed her nothing since she cut him off. She said Eric would be heartbroken if he told the truth. Sloan wanted him to keep quiet for Eric and Jude.

When Nicole went to the Spectator, she and Chad talked about the story on Paulina. Chad wondered where she got the tip about Paulina. Paulina wanted Johnny to blame her for what’s going on with Chanel. Johnny said he didn’t want to yell at her because he cared about her. He said she was doing what she thought was right. Kayla showed up while they were talking about updated them on Chanel. When Johnny went to see Chanel, Paulina asked why Chanel was sick when she was better. Paulina blamed herself for Chanel being in danger. Sloan tried to convince Leo that EJ and Nicole would make terrible parents. Leo said it wouldn’t take much for the truth to come out. Sloan said the only thing telling the truth would do was caused trouble. She advised him and Dimitri to start a new life. Nicole told Chad that she couldn’t reveal her sources. She told him she happened to find the information. Chad told her not to hesitate to give him any information. Leo told Sloan that leaving town sounded interesting. Sloan told him about different places they could go. When Sloan left, Leo wondered what her information meant to EJ. Kayla told Chanel, Johnny, and Paulina that Chanel was pregnant. When Kayla wasn’t happy about the pregnancy, she told Johnny and Chanel that her pregnancy was high risk because of the radiation. Kayla said they were going to continue to monitor the baby.

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