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Huh. What’s this? I don’t know. Oh, it, it says that it is from, um Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealand? It must be from Allie. Let’s see. Yeah, here. Can you help me please? Here you go. Alright. Mr. and Mrs. DiMera Dupree. It is. Wow. It says, Dear Johnny and Chanel, It filled me with such immense joy to hear you two got married.

I wish you a wonderful life together. Love, Allie. Ooh, this is really sweet of her. Yeah, it is. It is sweet. You know, last I, uh, heard from her, she’s still head over heels for her blonde surfer beau. Yeah, well, I hope she’s half as happy as we are. Yeah. Should we, uh, you know? Yeah, why not? Sure. Let’s see.

I wish you had let me take you home. After the ordeal you’ve been through. I am fine, Abraham. May I remind you that I am still the mayor of this fine town, and as mayor, it is incumbent upon me to act mayoral. You can only let things slide for so long, you know that. I’m not arguing that. I want you to know that I am here for you.

I’m willing to help. Thank you. I appreciate that. Now, let me start by checking a few items off that to do list in my head. First order of business, have a little tête à tête with my district attorney.

I’m glad we’ve been dining a bit earlier in the evening. Gives us a little more us time. Yes, it does. We get to relax and spend time together. Oh, honey, how is the DiMera stock doing? Rebounding, I hope. It’s leveled off for now. Just trying not to give the peeps at Wall Street something to be jittery about.

Anything interesting in the Spectator? Uh, well, this may qualify. Um, they published your apology to Tate. Bottom of page one. Truth be told, I’m just waiting for that to be yesterday’s news.

Oh, well now, this is interesting.

Stefan DeMera, from behind bars, to behind the bar. Mr. Stark, where did you fine tune your lacerating wit? That’s an excellent question, I’m glad you asked. I suppose it started when one of the wheels from my mother’s infamous bar cart j Hello. Well, any updates? He’s booked solid through October. What? Who? Dr.

Campbell. The plastic surgeon who said he can make me look just like Timothy Chalamet. I was calling to ask about Eric’s job application as a photographer at The Spectator, you idiot. Oh, that. Need I remind you, Leo, that you will not be seeing a penny of that blackmail money if I don’t have money to pay my bills.

The rent? Need. I remind you, tts, that I voluntarily took a very generous pay. Cut. Alright, fine. For the sake of that adorable little peanut’s. Gorgeous. Daddy. I mean, daddy, I will, you’ll, I’ll work on it. And Lady Whistleblower, thanks you for your tip. Who is that? Chadwick? I cannot reveal my sources. Okay. Is the, uh, column ready to go live?

Almost. Uh, the photos aren’t ready yet. You know, our photographer has been less than reliable as of late. Yeah, I wasn’t aware of that. Yes, well, it is a demanding job. And you know how artistic types can be kind of capricious. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a backup? Yeah, I suppose. Oh, you know who came by yesterday looking for photography work?

Eric Brady. And I have to say, I’ve seen his photography first hand. He’s uber talented. Shall I send you a link to his portfolio? Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll take a look.

Just hold East Salem in charges. There can only be one explanation. As long as I haven’t had a fear.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, my God. This can’t be happening.

Melinda? Hi. Oh, I’m okay. I’m, uh, Actually, no, I’m, I’m, I’m not okay. I, uh, I just got notified that as this attorney of record, inmate 493601, a. k. a. Dimitri Van Leuschener, is set to be released from Maximum Security Damn it, Melinda, he knows about Jude. What if he talks

Brady, B-R-A-D-Y? Eric,

1489. Yes, um, I’m calling to dispute some charges on my wife’s credit card. Sloan Peterson.

No, no, there’s no need for a new credit card, not yet. But I am hoping that you could answer one more question for me.

Hey, thanks for the recommendation. Eric’s work is, uh, is, is great, so I’ll keep him in mind. Oh, so you’re not gonna hire him right away? No, first things first, we have a, uh, a reporter vacancy that needs to be filled. So, uh, I put an ad in the paper and, so far the, uh, applicants have been a little light on qualifications.

You sure you’re not interested? Who, me? Yeah. Come on, you want Lady Whistleblower to let down scores of emotionally untethered lushes to do what? Cover a skirmish in a parking lot? Fender bender in a roundabout? Or God forbid, attend those snoozefest city council meetings, Chadwick? I don’t think so. With our current mayor, the city council meetings aren’t quite a snoozefest.

But I hear you. So, keep up the good work.

So, what is EJ up to now? Where do I start? I know he gave his brother an offer of a sweetheart deal so he could walk. His very guilty brother. And then there’s that mockery of a press conference he held without notifying my office. I’m going to lay down the, I’m going to lay down the law, Abraham. I’m going to stop to these Machiavellian games he’s playing.

Well, we both know what happens when people lock horns with the Damaris, especially E. J. I mean, it never ends well. Yeah, well, when that ruthless bastard locks horns with Mayor Paulina Price, Oh, you’re right, it’s not going to end well. For him. I have an idea. Why don’t we go down to the screening room and put on a film?

What were we, what were we meant to watch? Uh, An Officer and a Gentleman? Oh, yes, I remember watching that movie years ago and having a huge crush on Richard Gere. Um, but maybe another time, okay? Because I have to go out for a bit. Something I need to take care of. Something, huh? There’s a little bit of mystery in that tone of yours.

Yes, and I will tell you when I get back. Well, well, well, bonsoir to the newlyweds. Hi, I hope we’re not interrupting. We just wanted to show you this beautiful wedding gift that just arrived. Oh, that’s lovely. Yeah, it’s from New Zealand, courtesy of my sister. That’s very thoughtful of her. But listen, I would love to stay and schmooze, but I gotta go.

We’ll see you two later. Mm hmm. Okay, have fun. Bye. Oh, actually, I have a wedding gift for the two of you as well. Oh, but, but you and Nicole already gave us that gorgeous porcelain sculpture. This is a different kind of gift. Oh. Open it. Okay.

Uh, wow. Thanks, Dad. That’s a lot of zeroes. Well, you two have a long future ahead of you with plenty of expenses, and I’m more than happy to help. That’s very generous of you. Thanks. Yeah, thank you. This is so, uh, well, um, but, but really we Uh, uh, uh, uh, not another word. I want to help. I also have something else I want to talk about.

What’s that? Son, how would you like to come and work for me at DiMera Enterprises?

Just think about it. We can start you off in sales, get you acclimated, and obviously you can work your way up. Look, Dad, it’s a very generous offer, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way. But as I’ve said to you many times before, the corporate life, the 9 to 5, it’s just, it’s not for me. I know it wasn’t in the past, but priorities tend to change when you become a married man.

And perhaps you want to start a family? EJ, uh, like Johnny said, this is a very generous offer. But I don’t want him doing anything that doesn’t make him feel inspired. Johnny marches to the beat of his own drum, and that is why I fell in love with him. And I, I wouldn’t change that for the world. I understand.

Still, it is a standing office, son. So, if you ever change your mind, please let me know. I will. And, uh, Dad, thank you. Seriously, again, for everything. Of course. Oh, don’t you want to tell your dad what we’re doing later today? Oh, right. Uh, Dad, I, um, I wanted to tell you that Chanel and I are going Tonight to check out a few apartments.

Yeah, we found this one that overlooks the river that we really love. We love it in the pictures. So we’re just hoping that we love it in real life. Of course, and please let me know how it goes. We will. And dad, thank you again for the check. Of course. And good luck.

EJ Demara da Demara. It’s Mayor Price. What can I do for you, mayor? I’d like to see you in my office. ASAP. Okay. Well, uh, let me check my schedule and, uh, see when I have free time. Uh, let’s say next week perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. Oh, I’d like to see you. Oh, let me check my schedule. Now. Now. It’s quite late.

Pastena. It doesn’t sound like I give a damn. I am in my office. I expect to see my district attorney seated across from me post haste.

Hey, Chad. Hey. Hey. Hi, Paul. Is this a bad time, or? Um, no, it’s fine. What can I do for you? Well, I was at home relaxing, reading The Spectator when I came across an ad for a reporter. Um, is the position still open? It is, yeah. Why? Do you want to recommend somebody? Yeah. Me.

Okay, look. I know that there’s a rather glaring gap in my resume. But what’s not on there is that I ran EJ’s campaign for mayor. And that took a lot of know how and chutzpah, if you know what I’m saying. And not to mention that I’m a go getter. And I’m very inquisitive and I love to get to the bottom of the story.

Okay, look. I mean That’s a, that’s a hell of a pitch. Um, do you have any prior experience in print media? Well, um, admittedly, not, not that much. Okay, that’s fine. Um, how about some, uh, writing samples? Not really. Okay, and uh, yeah, off to a great start.

There he is, my oh so loyal district attorney. To the man of war. Um, a query, ma’am. If, if I may, what’s so pressing that you’ve summoned me here on a Friday night, I need, I remind you, Mr. DeMera that as the DA, you are a servant of the people and you damn sure want serving anyone with that dumpster fire of a press conference that you didn’t even bother to tell me you were holding.

Listen, man, you cut a sweetheart deal with your Reprobate brother, after only a few measly weeks served for trafficking narcotics to our children. What the hell, EJ?

Anything else, Mayor Price? Oh, yes, there is. That drug ring has been the bane of my existence from the very beginning. Very moment the gavel was handed to me and you’d be wise to remember this that as the D. A. you work for me and the people of this city and you’re getting far too big for your britches to be thinking that you can make those kinds of decisions unilaterally.

This stops now. Well, kiddo? What you’re about to hear is mommy doing some serious damage control before things really begin to spiral. What does she want now? Sloane! Lovely to hear from you, as always. Where are you? I’m at the Chateau Stark, aka the Shangri Leo. Come on. I’m at the Salem Inn. We need to talk.

ASAP. Don’t move, I’m on my way. Oh, okay. Just invite yourself over. Whatever happened to manners? Boundaries? My therapist says, Leo, you should do something nice for yourself. Get a lavender scented bath bomb. Well, Dr. Mandelbaum, how am I supposed to even take a bath when everyone keeps putting me right in the middle of their drama?

Sloan? Already? I’m sorry. Did she fly over on a broomstick? Shoes off!

Look, I, I don’t want to make things awkward, and I can tell by your body language that you don’t want to hire me, and, and that’s okay, because I really would Whoa, listen, um, I think you need to work on your people reading skills. Oh. Because that’s not what I was thinking. Not at all. Oh, uh, does that mean Nicole, you have more experience than Xander, Leo, and myself.

And the newsroom is a, uh, is a little bit male heavy at the moment. Okay, does that mean you’re willing to take a chance on me? Yes, it is, but under one condition. Uh, yeah, yeah, name it. Okay, look, it’s no secret that the DiMeras make a lot of news in this town. And although my last name is DiMera, I’m not their mouthpiece.

Okay? You’re married to the DA. You live in that house. So for the sake of journalistic integrity and the reputation of this paper Okay, I promise, I promise. I will be fair and balanced. Always. I’m sure you will be. But there still needs to be guardrails. Okay? So if you’re gonna work here, there’s gonna be no covering any stories that involve your husband.

Period. Is that good? Yes. Yeah, sounds fair to me. Okay. Good. Then we’ll give it a shot. For a trial period. And then, uh, you know, we’ll see how it goes. Ha! I promise, Boz, I will not let you down. Oh, what the hell? Oh my gosh! Must I remind you, Mayor Price, that you are also but a humble servant to the good people of this fair city.

Yeah, you threw caution to the wind, violating not only hospital protocol, but that of a decent human being by sneaking out of said hospital, thus creating a grave public risk by exposing others to radiation. While you were supposed to be in isolation, my daughter was missing and I needed to help find her.

These are private matters, private matters. I do believe the good people of Salem would disagree. I’ll have you know, Mayor, that I have already fielded several calls from first responders, and they were none too happy with your reckless shenanigans. In fact, one of them even discussed the possibility of filing criminal charges.

What? No one was hurt. There certainly could have been. You were very lucky. Now, well, luck didn’t save my daughter, so I don’t regre I have no regrets about what I did. And you can save all that hot air for someone who buys into your little intimidation schtick. Because I most certainly do not. You know, I, uh, I like to keep my ears open to the public.

Talk to them, shake their hands, take selfies with them, et cetera, et cetera. And I’ve been hearing quite a few murmurs from the people about how they are wishing for the good old days of the other Mayor Carver. The sane one.

So, what did you think of that last apartment? It was hangry. Great Southern exposure, right? Yeah, yeah. No, I, I loved the view too, but that kitchen, are you kidding me? Oh, yeah. I was small, huh? ? Yeah. Oh, hey, here’s Abe. Hey, hey, hey. Chanel. Johnny. Hey Abe. Yeah. Hey. Why don’t you two join me if, if you’re not in a rush?

No, we’re not. Yeah. We actually just finished looking at apartments and we saw one that we really liked, but the kitchen was too small. Yeah, and uh, the one before that, the master bathroom was a little small as well. You know, coming from the Jumeirah Mansion, everything must seem small. But at least it’ll be ours.

Yeah, and you know, we’ll find something. We’ll find something great. How are you two feeling after your, your snowbound misadventure? Oh, you mean, did, uh, being too close to Mama affect us at all? Actually, no. No, we tested fine. Both of us. Yeah. No harm done. Well, thank God. Yeah. Leo, can I come in now? Uh, oh, actually this isn’t a good time.

My book club is coming over shortly. We’re discussing Fifty Shades of Gay and I’m only halfway through it. This is your room? It is, yeah. And my wife is paying for it. What? Paying? Actually, it’s more like More like what? Um, well, maybe Sloane can better explain it to you. Why don’t you go home and talk to her?

You know, this whole time I thought Sloane was having an affair, but after seeing you now, I realize I was wrong. Oh, you were. Beautiful as she may be, she is not my type.

It’s just housekeeping. No more towels, thank you. Dry as a raisin in here.

Just a second. What are you doing here? Go, go, go! It’s an emergency. Dimitri is about to be released from prison. Dimitri? My Dimitri, the one who’s abs can play hide and seek and does the tick, tick, tick. Yes, that one! Oh,

oh, back. EJ DeMera, so good. Smug, so pompous, so imperious, so, so, so all those adjectives. Oh, I’m just boss for heaven’s sake. To insinuate that folks are secretly pining for the good old days of Mayor Carver. The quote unquote sane one. Oh, no, no, no offense Abraham, you were a wonderful mayor. But he was going for the low blow.

Oh, Rager does not press the buttons, not unlike my beautiful and feisty wife. How dare that woman speak to me that way? Accusing me of flouting the ethical responsibilities of the Office of District Attorney, and of the so called dumpster fire at a press conference. I was so holier than thou, as if she herself My God, I’m so sorry.

I’m so caught up in the mayor and her drama that I forgot to ask you about your mysterious outing and what that was all about. What was that all about? Well, uh, I think we should sit down. Okay, now you have me worried. No, no, it’s nothing to worry about. It’s just that it’s important to me. Okay, then. Well, you now have my undivided attention.

Okay. So, you remember when I told you I wanted to do something meaningful with my time? Yes, I do, though To me, Nicole, everything you do is meaningful. Oh, thank you. But I mean outside of our family and our life. I just, I want to have purpose and a career and, well, today I was offered something that I believe might give me that sense of purpose.

Oh, okay. Okay, so, um, I saw an ad for a reporter in The Spectator, so I went over to the office and I talked to Chad and, I got the job! A reporter? Yeah, yeah, and Chad was eager to hire me. But sweetheart, is that, is that a good idea? Given that I’m the DA, not to mention that you’re also adjacent to the goings on of Demira Enterprises, isn’t that like a conflict of interest?

Okay, well, Chad and I talked about that, and no, it’s not a conflict of interest, because I won’t have anything to do with Demira. Honey, this could be good for you and for me and for our relationship and I will finally bring something to the table, something that I’m proud of. Honey? Come on. Please tell me that you approved

Fine, fine, fine. I’m on board. Really? Mm-Hmm? . . Okay. Oh, I love seeing that fire in your eyes again. So I support you wholeheartedly. Congratulations, my darling. Oh, thank you, ej. Thank you so much. Here’s to your new gig and to having purpose. Mm-Hmm. . Hmm. I actually think I have a great idea for a story that could make a splash.

Oh, let’s hear it. It would require a little bit of investigative journalism and it would need a depth touch. Oh, well, I’ve been known to have one. What’s your idea? I think the spectator should do a story on Mare Price and her unconscionable behavior. During the Smith Island snowstorm.

Sloane, what are you doing here? Hey, I, uh, I came just to tell Leo his boyfriend’s being released from prison. Why are you here? I’m trying to figure out why you’re bankrupting our family to pay for Leo’s room here. What? Babe, what are you talking about? I have no idea what you’re talking about. Then explain this to me.

Why are all these reoccurring charges? On your credit card for the Salem Inn. Honey, I, uh, look. Because I found out that they’ve been happening for the last six months, actually. Wait a second, you opened my mail? You do know that that is a federal offense, Eric, right? And I can’t believe that you’re conducting some kind of amateur investigation behind my back.

Really, Sloan? I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I’m here for the truth.

All right, start talking. Try the truth. All right? All right, I’m really starting to lose my patience. Can we do this fast? Uh, it’s the truth. Eric, Leo was my client. And I felt terrible because I couldn’t get the love of his life out of prison. And the poor guy, he had no job, he had no money. I was just trying to get him back on his feet.

Eric, your wife is a saint. See, I was, I was broken inside. Like she said, I had lost the love of my life, my best friend. I was spending my days eating cookie dough, ice cream, and watching reruns of The Office, which is a very straight person thing to do, right? That’s how depressed I was. And then Sloan, generous, kind hearted Sloan, reached out her hands, lifted me up, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Do you know that Eric thought you were renting this room because you were having an affair? Well, I think it’s pretty evident that that was clearly not what was going on here. Of course not. And who would possibly be sleeping around on Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome here? Well, taller than me anyway. Okay, I can buy that you’re not having an affair.

And understand why you’re helping Leo out, but he has a job now, so why are you still giving him money? I know, I know. I was, I was being too generous. Yes. Rettlick, I spoke with I’m a shopaholic. I can’t help myself. I fly to New York, I walk up and down 5th Avenue, and I come back to my hotel room with bags filled with Pashmina sweaters.

My highly refined fashion sense, it is a gift, and it is a curse. Sloan, I I know that I should not have taken advantage of your generosity, and I promise I will pay you back. If you can please forgive me for leaning on you so hard. Of course, Leo. And I admire you taking responsibility for your behavior, and I accept your apology.

Hug? Sure. Okay, that’s enough. I’m not sure if I should believe you’re telling me the truth or not, but this stops right now, right here. All right, no more excuses, no more generosity. Supplementing Leo’s income, paying for this room. It’s over. Immediately.

So what do you think? An expose on Mayor Price and her most recent and possibly most egregious misappropriation of power. What a coup, right? I don’t, I don’t know, EJ. I don’t even officially have the job yet. And a take off from the starting line with a potentially career threatening accusation against our beloved mayor?

Beloved by whom? Not the everyday citizens I’ve been talking to. Okay, well, Chanel, I mean, she is Paulina’s daughter and married to your son. Yes, I’m aware of that. Which, selfishly, is all the more reason people need to be aware that she is a ticking time bomb. Lest we forget, she put our lives and the lives of others at serious risk by carelessly running off to Smith Island when she was more radioactive than a bloody house cat in Chernobyl.

Okay, don’t you think that’s possibly a bit dramatic? Absolutely not. And I think it is someone’s duty to tell the truth. And even when the truth isn’t pretty, especially when the truth isn’t pretty

Oh, excuse me, I have to take this. I trust the spectator will do the right thing. Do you care?

Spectator, hello? Hey, Chad, it’s Nicole. Hey, Nicole, what’s up? You didn’t change your mind about the job already, did you? No, no, definitely not. Um, actually, I have a story to pitch. Already? Have at it. Truthfully, it may be a little close to home for me to write. I’m not even sure if it’s worth pursuing. I mean, uh, um I’ll leave that for you to decide.

Oh, I love this movie. Oh, I miss the days when you had to go to work. Oh, what’s it called? Oh, yeah, yeah, Blockbuster. You be searching for a movie, and sometimes they didn’t have it, so you just had to make do with watching Lethal Weapon for the umpteenth time. It is good to have you home, Chloe. Home? It’s good to be home.

I just, I just hope the kids and Julie are okay. I’m sure they’re fine. Oh, you know, I meant to tell you that while I was waiting for you to finish up in the office I ran into Chanel and Johnny and they were searching for an apartment

Makes me so happy. Oh, I just hate the idea of her Living in that creepy mansion with that crooked DA. Well, they seemed excited. They’re ready to move on. Can’t blame them. Young newlyweds just, just starting off in life. Well, but, uh, they looked, you know, they looked okay to you, didn’t they? I mean, you know, health wise.

You know, no coughing. You know, lethargy or anything. They didn’t seem ill to you, did they, Abraham? Yeah. They were fine, like I said. You know, I thought that you’d really like that last place with the, uh You know, the minimalistic style, but you didn’t really seem to be too into it. No, no, I did. I just, oh man, I’m suddenly just so, so tired.

And it’s kind of hard to be excited about something when you just, all you want to do is just go to sleep. Well, it is no surprise that you’re tired. Okay. You were at the bakery since before the sun Plus, with everything that we’ve been through, you probably need to catch up on a lot of rest. Yeah, I think you’re right.

Hey, you okay? Yeah. Yeah? Yeah, I just, I really want to crawl into bed right now. That’s a good idea. Let’s get you home, huh?

The Andy Griffith Show. Starring Andy Griffith. With Ronnie Howard. Also starring Don Nutz.

I’ll, I’ll be back on the 415 bus this afternoon. Yeah, yeah. Say, Andy, don’t you think we ought to have a sign made, Barney Fife acting sheriff? Well, now, I don’t hardly see how that’d be worthwhile, seeing as how by the time it’s ready, I’ll be back. Now, don’t forget to cover the school crossing at three o’clock.

Yeah, yeah. Ah, boy. Sure gives an acting sheriff a good feeling to have these babies around. Yeah. Now, if, if you need me, you’ll find me at the courthouse in Centerville. Yeah, sure. Hey, you know, Andy, I’d best break out them tear gas bombs. What for? Well, what if there should be a jailbreak?

Well, I mean Well, an acting sheriff never can tell what he might be needin them for. I better break them out. Well, now, Barney, in the first place, in the whole history of Mayberry, there ain’t never been no need for them, and in the second place, that one bomb they give us four years ago as a sample is probably spot by

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