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Are you waiting for someone? Nina, but it looks like she’s been held up. Well, I know how busy crimson can get. I hope you’re not waiting too long. No worries. The longer she takes, the more time I have to look for a new place. Moving? My rent is way too high. I really need to downsize. Yeah, I heard. You left deception. Wow. I mean, I’m sorry I didn’t text you about it. Not such a good friend, huh? It’s totally fine. I am doing great. Oh. Really? I mean — I mean, I know how much you put into that company. Yeah, with the — all the changes that were happening, it was time to go. And I’m really glad that I did. Okay. Well, the appearance on “home & heart”…? One-time thing. I don’t miss the job at all. I just haven’t quite figured out what to do next. Well, since you’re looking, would you be interested in working here at the metro court? Oof. Why are you putting that processed garbage in your body? I like it, and I’m hungry. I didn’t eat lunch. Why not? It’s not like you to forget your lunch. It’s not like you to forget anything. I gave it away. Why? It was a peanut butter sandwich. Yeah. I thought you liked those. I did. But that was all yuri ever makes, so now I’m tired of them. Leo, honey, are you ready to go? We got to pick up your friend teddy and get over to the aquarium pronto. I’ll get my backpack! Oh, my god. I am so starving. I have not had a chance to eat. Do tell. Tracy, I realize that dinners have been a little hit or miss lately, but if I make a couple of lasagnas today, it should last for the next couple dinners. Olivia, no. What? You don’t like my lasagna? I love your lasagna. Everybody here loves your lasagna, but this situation is madness. You are running yourself ragged at the hotel, and then you are condemning everybody in this house to life in leftover manor. Clearly, it is time to hire a cook. Bite your tongue. Told you I was fine. I know. You keep saying that. And my doctor agrees. Last night’s little episode — the temporary paralysis. Temporary. Yes. I’ve made a full recovery. Is — is violet here? I don’t want to argue in front of her. No, no, she’s still at school. We’re not arguing, dad. I’m just looking out for you. You, uh — you need to lie down? No, the couch is fine. And — and don’t worry. I’ll take it easy the rest of the day. Now, aren’t you needed at the hospital? Dad. I think we’ve reached a point where you shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time. What exactly are you saying? I think we should consider an in-home caregiver. Just in case anything like last night happens again. Mom. Got a minute? For you, always. Aren’t you supposed to be in court? Court’s in recess for lunch. Interested? I don’t know. Depends. What you got? Turkey club with avocado. Oh. Yes. Not that you need an ulterior motive to come see your mommy. I need your help. I knew it. Legal advice? Kristina.

[ Sighs ] Okay. Well, I will be in soon. Thank you. Bye. I’m sorry about that, ava. City business. Ah, of course. I certainly don’t want to keep you from your mayor duties. Yeah, so I gathered, because you never answered my question. Which was?

[ Chuckles ] How do you feel about living with sonny? Did I hear my name?

[ Chuckling ] Oh, yes. Hi, sonny. What’s up? Uh, I need your help. B-both of you. Really? With what? Yeah, I-I want to commission one of your artists to, uh, create a piece so I can donate it — you ready for this? — To the city. What makes you think the city would be interested in that?

I appreciate your perspective. I realize that I have been a little overbooked lately. A little? I can feed my family. You need to face facts, olivia. You are spreading yourself too thin. You have reduced your son to eating “snackeroos” and peanut butter a la yuri. Okay. Carly’s back at the metro court, and — you’re missing the point! The quartermaine family has always had a cook. We need one. You trying to kick me out of my own kitchen?

[ Chuckles ] It’s “monica’s kitchen. Ugh. Alan gave it to her.” And you are not staff. You are a quartermaine. You live here, you don’t work here. And while I definitely admire your concerted effort, you cannot be responsible for feeding this family. I’m calling an agency. I’m getting referrals. No! I will agree to a cook… but only if I hire the cook. I’m co-owner of the metro court again. How did that happen? Nina sold her half. Wow. Well, congratulations. Thank you. I’m really happy for you. I-I’m just caught off-guard. Nina never told me anything about selling. Well, I think it happened pretty quickly. So…does that mean you would consider working for me? Of course I would consider it. I really appreciate the offer. But it’s not what you’re looking for, is it? I don’t know. I’m — I’m trying to look around and see what feels right. Yeah. I’ve been there. But you know what does feel right? You back here at the metro court.

[ Laughs ] Yes. And nina at crimson. Better there than here, yes.

[ Laughs ] I’m going to take these to a customer. Please, if you need anything, let me know. I’m happy to help. Thank you. I will. And I will definitely keep this place in mind. Thanks. Josslyn and krissy had another blow-up, and this time, josslyn had some very specific things to say about sonny. Kristina has very big feelings about her father. He’s her hero. Nobody knows that better than I do. I think that’s really why kristina was so upset, because deep down, she knows that the things josslyn was saying are true. And we talked, and she was calmer by the time she left. But then when tj found out that she’d come over so late and how wound up she’d gotten, now tj’s worried that all the stress is going to hurt our baby. And what did you say? I tried to defend kristina’s feelings. I mean, it is upsetting. I can’t even imagine, but there are other things to consider. The stress can’t be good for kristina or the baby. It certainly isn’t good for tj. Or you. It’s gotten to the point where prosecuting criminals is how I relax.

[ Chuckles ] Been there. So, I was hoping… could you talk to kristina? There are caregivers out there that can keep a low profile. There should be a babysitter when I’m alone with violet — for violet. Not for me. What if violet hadn’t been here last night? What if she hadn’t gotten you your ventilator? I knew something was wrong, and I asked violet to get the ventilator for me. If I had been alone, I would have called 911. And if that same paralysis had hit, and you were unable to dial? Well, fortunately, I’m not quite there yet. No, not — not this time. What about the next time? Because you and I both know it will happen again. And the time after that and the time after that. I don’t need to think about the time after that yet. I just need to be ready for the next time, and I will be, son. I promise. Dad? You know that’s not good enough. You know, I know we’re in your gallery, but couldn’t I have a moment alone with sonny? Yeah. By all means. It’s just you and me, laura. What’s on your mind?

Understand if you can’t seemy point of view, but… maybe you can see violet’S. I’ve never seen her more scared than what she was last night. Think about that. Put yourself in her shoes, watching her grandfather collapse. Running to get his ventilator. Watching him lie on the sofa unable to move. What do you think that did to her? So is violet afraid to be alone with me now? No. She’s not. She probably never will be. She loves you. She — she wants to spend all the time with you that she possibly can. What if things had been worse? But they weren’T. No. No, not this time. What about next time? What happens if you start to aspirate or collapse or convulse or pass out completely? Knowing violet, she’d probably try to save you. And if she couldn’t, she’d blame herself. I would never allow that to happen. At the risk of being the devil’s advocate, how would you stop it, dad? Look, we have a responsibility to make sure violet feels safe in her own home, right? That’s emotional blackmail. I know! It’s also the reality. It’s the reality that we have to accept. The bottom line, dad, is you need help. And when I’m not here, you need a caregiver. Period. Or what? Oh. Sasha.

[ Gasps ] Olivia, hi. This is perfect. Uh, you got a second? I do, yeah. What’s up? Okay. Well, first of all, I want to thank you for saving my neck the other day with the shepherd’s pie. Oh. It was absolutely delicious. Dante won’t stop talking about it. Frankly, I’m getting a little bit jealous. Well, I am very happy to give you the recipe. It’s one of those dishes that once you make it a couple of times, you can start to play around with it and add your own touches. Right. Right, right. Well, I do want the recipe. I can’t wait to make it. Uh, and that leads me to what I actually want to talk to you about. Um, ever since the last cook left at the quartermaines, I have been doing all the cooking. And when I get very busy, which does happen sometimes, the family’s sort of left to fend for themselves. So I’ve had to accept that — okay, it’s been pointed out to me that it’s time for the quartermaines to hire a new chef. You know, fend for themselves means different things to different people, like for — for leo and monica, it means that yuri makes eggs for breakfast and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. Carly. May I have a moment?

[ Exhales slowly ] That depends. What’s it about? I got to find someone that I can work with, you know? I won’t go back — I cannot go back to the days when the quartermaines were banned from the kitchen, you know? I mean, b-before cook three left, I don’t think tracy knew where the kitchen was.

[ Laughs ] Well, that tracks. Yeah, I-I love cooking for my family. You know that. You know, I actually find it very, uh, therapeutic almost, you know? I feel the same way. There are people who find joy in life because of the labor intensity of my lasagna. Okay? Cooking to me has always been, I don’t know, peaceful. Grounding. Yeah. Yes. Uh, maybe it’s because I always cooked with my grandmother. Oh. The times that I spent in the kitchen with her, it’s — it’s definitely what I miss the most about her. Aww. You really loved her. Still do. And you love cooking through her, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. I guess I do. And you’re good at it. So what do you say? Women have earthquake hormones during pregnancy. Right? So they live through it. Babies ride through it. I know that intellectually. It’s just — I know you’re worried. I know you’re terrified. Pretty much. But on bright side, you know how thrilled your sister is to do this for you. And she is oddly thrilled about the ups and downs of the pregnancy. I am so grateful to kristina for doing this, and I love how excited she is about it. I really do. But there’s something more. So what is it besides josslyn’s crusade? Well, this would just all be a lot easier if tj could relax a little. I mean, kristina’s emotions go to 11 over sonny, and then tj’s go to 11 over kristina. And I can imagine tj’s 11 is a lot different than your sister’S. Well, yeah, ’cause he’s always been so even-keeled. Whatever that means. I think it has something to do with boats. Never mind. Go on. So when he’s this upset, it doesn’t look like a lot, but if you know him… it’s seismic. Yeah, and when he’s upset, I get upset. And then I start to maybe think that this is actually all my fault, because tj has spent years and years listening to my side of my arguments and disagreements with my sister. And so maybe because of that, tj doesn’t trust kristina. Sonny, what’s behind this latest burst of philanthropy? It’s for my kids. I mean, you know, port charles has always been their home, and if they visit, um, city hall and they see something beautiful that I donated, then they could feel as proud of the city as I do. And proud of you? And what if, one day, your little girls find out that you nearly beat a man to death with your bare hands, do you think it’s all going to be okay because you donated art? Why — why — why would you ask me that? Laura, w-we’ve been friends for how many years? And you’re gonna — you’re gonna turn on me?

I don’t think that tj thinks krissy is a bad person or that she would ever do anything to intentionally harm the baby. Molly, of course not. But she is who she is. And he is who he is. And the two of them, they are emotional opposites. That they are. Tj and i are both just so excited and nervous to be parents, and we’re just treating every bump in the road like it’s this huge mountain to overcome, but there are bound to be bumps. Oh, there are, and there will be. And kristina has every right to be worried about her father. But I just — I don’t know how she’s gonna handle it if things get worse for sonny. What did he do now?

[ Sighs ] Will you just check in with kristina? Do I have to? Please? Okay. Thank you. I got to get back to work. You want me to take that down? No, no, no, no, I got it. You go. Okay. I love you, mom.

[ Chuckles ] That’s so good, ’cause I love you, too. Ah. I see finn called in reinforcements. No, not this time. Should he have? Well, am I expected to believe you’re not here to check on me?

[ Chuckles ] That’s a ridiculous question. Of course I’m here to check on you. That’s what friends do. Are you trying to pick a fight with me? No. I’m not. You sure? I’m sorry, I just — I saw my doctor today. What’d he say? That I’m back to what passes for normal for me these days. Huh. No expert, but that sounds like good news. It is. But it’s not good enough for my son. No, no, finn is insisting that I hire an in-home caregiver to monitor me. That sounds sensible to me. It’s not sensible. It’s overreacting. And it’s not gonna happen. How about what? You — you want me to help you interview potential cooks? No! I want you to be the new cook. Me? Yes! Wow, that’s the second job offer today. What? Uh, never mind. Okay, okay, here’s what I need. I need someone to do breakfasts, lunches, including school lunches for the endless parade of kids going through that house, and dinners on weeknights. I will do dinners on weekends and any other time that I want, but I promise I will give you a proper heads-up. And, honey, I know. I know that cooking for the quartermaines is not the same as, you know, cooking for yourself, but I promise you that everyone will be very patient with you while you get used to the job. So what do you think? Wow. I mean, I know it’s a lot to take in. I know. Yeah, it is. I never thought I would end up in a kitchen again. Again? There’s a electrical problem in my office. Really? We can’t have that. What kind of electrical problem? We’ve been experiencing random surges. Have you? That’s terrible. And it’s been happening more and more frequently. Funny. That never used to happen until the “emergency maintenance” the previous co-owner ordered for no apparent reason. The reason was flooding. And yet nothing was wet. But you’re having an electrical issue. So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna hire the contractors you used since you liked their workmanship so much. Great. As long as the problem is addressed. Oh, one more thing, carly. Jason may have bought the metro court back for you, but the person you should really be thanking is… ava. I don’t see how trying to tell you the truth means that I’ve turned against you. Okay. Fine. You want the truth? I’m just saying I think that’s the least you’re going to owe your kids. Okay, do you tell your kids the truth about everything? Well, the important things, I really try. Alright. Let’s say donna and avery come to me one day and they say, “dad, hey, look, why’d you beat that guy up?” I’m going to say that I lost my temper. I had my reasons, but I regret my actions. Is that okay? You know, it’s just that I haven’t really seen any evidence of that regret, sonny. Well, you and I both know that cyrus is not a victim. Yeah, I know what he’s capable of. I do. That’s the thing. I-I don’t think you do. He belongs in prison till the day he meets his maker. Do you really think you’re in a position to judge, to judge who deserves to be behind bars and who doesn’t? Since when do you care about cyrus? He’s been your brother, what, five minutes? It’s because of what you did to him. You and I are family. We’re blood. Connected through spencer and rocco. Yes, I know. That’s true, but that has nothing to do with this, sonny. I don’t even know why we’re talking about this. What we’re talking about is — sonny, what we’re talking about is a lifetime of crime and violence that I have looked past time and again, and I can’t do it anymore. I just can’T. Okay? And… I can’t turn a blind eye anymore to your business. The things that you’ve done, the crimes, the people you’ve hurt… people that you’ve killed. And putting a wing on the hospital and donating art to the city, it doesn’t just make all of that go away. Okay? They still happened. They’re still there. They matter. They matter. It doesn’t just disappear because you did your daily good deed.

Okay, what does ava have to do with jason buying the metro court? I didn’t accept the offer right away. I talked it over with ava first, and she led me to believe that sonny would like it if I sold the metro court to his best friend. Well, she sandbagged you. Ava was standing right there when sonny called jason a traitor and threw us both out of the penthouse. Yeah, I figured that, after the deal was done — too late to change my mind. Well, it’s a pattern with ava. She uses people until they’re no longer useful. That’s what she did with my son. In the end, all ava cares about is getting what she wants. Well, in ava’s defense, not everyone has a jason to get her what she wants. Like losing a hotel fair and square. So much for you earning the metro court back on your own. Hello? Yeah, come on in. Oh, hi. This a bad time? I hope so. If not, I’d have nothing to report. Hey, look, I’m really sorry to bother you at work. I just, I was on my way to a meeting, and I — just, uh — what — uh — what’s going on? My father had a seizure last night. No. Resulted in a sort of temporary paralysis. Oh, god. He’s okay. My dad’s okay. Sit, please. Alexis, when I walked in, and I saw him lying there unable to move, and violet beside him, terrified, not knowing what was going on — is she okay? I think seeing her grandfather collapse and just lying there, and she had to run and get his ventilator, I think it’s something she’ll never forget. But right now, she’s as good as can be expected. How is gregory? His als is… progressing rapidly, but my dad — you know, I get it. He wants to be — he wants to be independent. He wants to make up for all those risks he never got to take in life, jumping out of airplanes and whatever it is that makes him feel alive, but — but. I, uh… I talked to him today, and I told him that I — I think we need to get some sort of in-home help when I’m not there, and he just flat-out refused, and we had this big argument. I’m sorry. I’m not shocked, but I am sorry. Yeah, me, too. You know, and I get it, and I’m trying to do — I am. I’m trying to do everything I can to support him. But at some point, I have to put my daughter first. The day is coming when I will be completely helpless, when I’ll need people taking care of my every need, my every bodily function, watching over me all the time, every single moment, but I am not there yet. You’re not. Far from it. Thank you. So why is it such a sin for me to hold on to what little autonomy I can for as long as I can? It’s not. Okay. You’re being very agreeable. I find it suspect.

[ Laughs ] You have every right to hold on to your autonomy as long as you possibly can. Thank you. Just as finn has every right to have a safe emotional environment for his daughter. He can’t risk violet finding you unable to move or worse. You’re not telling me anything that finn hasn’t told me already. Good. Then I assume he’s already asked you the obvious question. And what question is that? What is more important to you? Your pride, or your granddaughter’s well-being? What am I supposed to do, laura? Confess to everything I’ve been accused of? Well, that depends. How many of the things you’ve been accused of are true? Well, I’ve done far less than cyrus. I can tell you that right now. Yeah, but cyrus’ crimes don’t absolve yours. He held you at gunpoint. Wha– and I’m the bad guy? I —

[ Sighs ] I think there are two bad guys. I’m sorry. You know, you showed me that by what you did to him. What I do is I do everything I can to protect my business, my family, and everybody that I care about. And guess what, laura? That includes you. You know why? Why? Because — so the bad guys don’t come after you. Yeah. Well, being a-a good man when you’re not committing a crime doesn’t absolve you from the times that you do commit a crime. And being really good at covering up your tracks does not make you less guilty. At some point, sonny, at some point, you have to be held accountable. By who, laura? Think of your children. Okay? Your little girls, donna and avery. What’s going to happen when they get old enough to figure out what their father does for a living? And they will. You’re not going to be able to keep that from him. What are you going to say, sonny? I’m going to do what I always do. Do everything in my power… …to protect them. Yeah, I know you will. But who’s going to protect them from you?

I worked as a line cook and a part-time chef a few summers in the hamptons. I’m telling you. Sasha, this was meant to be! I was never, never the head chef. I was the substitute sous chef when the real sous was out. But you worked in a busy restaurant. So cooking for the quartermaines is gonna be a piece of cake. I mean, you know, an overly ornate, five-tier pain in the butt kind of piece of cake. But still, it’s a piece of cake.

[ Chuckles ] Olivia, this is really, really flattering. But are you sure that you want to offer me a job based on one shepherd’s pie? Honey, you love to cook. You’re a great cook. We need a cook. It’s a match made in heaven. Or a opening in the universe, depending on your spiritual beliefs. Not to mention the fact that cody shows up for dinner several nights a week, and I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having you around. Tell me that I’m wrong. Tell me that I shouldn’t just give in to him and give him everything that he wants. I can’t tell you that. And I want to give him everything he wants. I do. I mean, listen. Go parasailing, you know? Go get shot out of a cannon. Go into space and see earth from orbit, alright? Let’s do all of these things. I’ll do them with you. But I don’t think my dad can do those things right now. So shouldn’t I just grant him this, give in to him, give him this one thing? Maybe. I mean, it’s certainly worth trying again to talk to him, but I don’t know that you’re going to end up with different results. You’re right. I’m — I’m going to go back and talk to him. Well, I-I thought you were going to a meeting. Yeah. Yeah. I-I can do that later. Okay, so when the oxygen mask drops from a plane, what do you do?

[ Sighs ] You — you put your mask on first, but this is — it is the same thing. This is as challenging as it gets, and in order for you to navigate through this, you’re going to have to take care of yourself, which means taking care of your sobriety. I-I know what you’re saying. I do. I get it, but in this moment, that just feels so selfish. Then be selfish. Can your dad wait for an hour for you to go to a meeting? I’m not sure. What do the doctors think? Probably. I don’t know. Listen. I understand your father’s need to hold on to his autonomy for as long as he can. But I also know that nothing is more important to him than violet. I never want violet to be afraid the way she was last night. I was scared, too. When something like that happens, you never know when it’s going to end, if ever. But even while I was trying to stay calm, the worst part was knowing that I couldn’t comfort my granddaughter. How do you think she felt, not able to comfort you? I understand what you’re saying. I do. But you and finn need to understand what I’m saying. Okay. There is another solution. Great. I’m all ears. First, you have to decide what’s most important to you. If it is, in fact, spending the time that you have left with finn and violet here in their home, then you have to abide by finn’s wishes. But if your independence is your top priority, then you simply move into an assisted living facility. Turning woods is supposed to be really nice, and you can have violet visit you there. Look, I didn’t intend for us to have this conversation here today, and I really didn’t mean for it to go like this, either. I hope you’ll take some of what I said to heart, sonny, please. Just think about it. Just think about doing the right thing. Okay. At any rate, uh, the city of port charles will not be accepting your donation of art. Not while I’m the mayor. What happened to laura?

[Panting] E the time at your meetingto give your dad some time to think things through. And then talk to him again, tell him that you and chase and violet are worried about him and want him to have someone to take care of him when you can’t be there. And I think sooner rather than later, he will see your wisdom. Here’s hoping. And whether he does or not, you cannot take care of your family until you take care of yourself first. Yeah. That’s good advice. Yeah, I’m good. I’m good.

[ Laughs ] You are. In fact, I’m so good, I’m gonna follow my own advice. Hmm? Would you like company at your meeting? I’d love it. Gregory: You’re good. Oh, you’re going to have to narrow that down a little bit. The art of persuasion. Oh, that. Obviously, if I have to choose between turning woods and here, even with a caregiver, of course I choose here. Gregory, that’s not persuasion. That’s just common sense. And by the way, if I were in your shoes, I would be handling this much, much worse. I wouldn’t sit for it. I wouldn’t stay. I’d run away to the far corners of the earth where my family can’t find me, to help me, to care for me. And no matter how miserable and lonely I got, I’d still have my dignity and my freedom. And no one to share it with. But luckily, you, my friend, are so much smarter than I am. You, tracy quartermaine, are the smartest woman I know. I can’t say it isn’t tempting. I left deception because i wasn’t satisfied there anymore. I want something completely different from what I’ve been doing. And working as a chef for the quartermaines would definitely be different. Honey, look, I don’t want to pressure you. Of course not. But I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that this was a live-in position, which means that you would get free room and board in a beautiful mansion with all meals included. So I’ll get to eat what I make. Better. You get to eat what i make. And get paid for it. Come on, sasha. What do you say? I say… it’s exactly what I need right now.

[ Both laugh ] Other than fixing electrical issues that you brought on yourself, is there anything else I can do for you? I might as well just tell you. I signed the divorce papers. Sonny and i are no longer married. But ava is closer to him than ever. And from one ex-wife to another, I don’t think ava is good for sonny. In fact… I think that she could be toxic for him. I don’t agree with you on much, but I do agree with you there. She doesn’t want my gift to the city. Oh. Yeah. Well, I was surprised by laura’s reaction at first, but I thought you could talk her into it. Public art benefits everybody. Not when it comes from the wrong person, I guess. Since when are you the wrong person? You have been unfailingly generous to the city of port charles. There are wings at the hospital and playgrounds in the park because of you. Doesn’t matter to laura. She can’t get past what I did to cyrus. Does she know that he provoked you? That he orchestrated his own beating? It wasn’t your fault, sonny. She thinks it was. I owned up to it, and now she wants to punish me. I’ve been good to laura. I’ve been good to laura for — for so many years. And she’s, you know, I thought she was loyal to me, but… guess not.

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