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[ Dramatic music ]

Deacon: Sugar and sheila are one and the same.

Finn: Yeah, I’m not following you, deacon.

Deacon: Sheila convinced sugar to have cosmetic surgery, but sheila was in cahoots with the surgeon. When he was finished with sugar–

Finn: They look alike?

Deacon: No, not alike. Identical.

Finn: So, what, this sugar woman, she’s just been rotting in prison all this time?

Deacon: Yes, yes, except, except, she was recently released. Sugar is a mirror image of sheila, but with ten toes. That’s who I saw in the crematorium. Sugar, not sheila.

Finn: And you’re really buying this?

Deacon: Yes, sheila is out there. I don’t know where she is, but you and me, we gotta go find her.

Steffy: Sure you don’t want any breakfast? Babe? Breakfast. You hungry?

Finn: Oh, um, no, I’m– I’m good. I’ll just– I’ll grab something later.

Steffy: Hey, you were like this last night. Quiet, distracted. Is it a work thing? You wanna bounce ideas off of me?

Finn: Thanks. I, um– right now, I have more questions than answers, but hopefully that’ll change soon, and when it does, you’ll be the first to know.

Steffy: I love you so much. You’re so caring and loyal to your patients, people you care about. It’s really sweet. All right, I’m gonna head to the office.

Finn: I love you too. I mean it. And I know I’ve put you through a lot recently, but never question my love and commitment for you.

Steffy: I don’T. No, we’re doing great. I know how much you love me, how you always put me and the kids first. I know that. I’ll see you tonight.

[ Finn sighs ]

[ Phone pings ]

Deacon: Today’s the day we’re gonna find you, sheila.

Carter: Wow, the contracts with the new distributors have been finalized. You had a productive trip, my friend.

Ridge: I did, and it was a fun trip, too, hanging out with douglas and thomas. Pretty good.

Carter: I’m glad to hear they’re adjusting, that they’re doing well.

Ridge: You and me both. Projections look good.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah, if everything stays on the current trajectory, yeah. Ridge, are you sure you don’t wanna think about reallocating funds to couture–

Ridge: Yeah, I’m sure everything’s good. And hope for the future’s gonna stay the same. They’ve been rattled enough.

Carter: Have you seen any designs?

Ridge: I have. Preliminaries, anyway. Hope for the future’s in really good shape. Even with thomas taking a break, I think that rj and zende, they’re a good team. And, give them enough time, they’re gonna handle anything put in front of them.

Luna: You heard?

Brooke: I did. Oh, luna. Are you okay?

Luna: You’re not upset?

Brooke: No, I am. I’m very upset. I’m upset for you and for rj and for this whole situation. I can’t believe it. Your mother and the mints? And zende? I’m shocked at zende. But really, I’m– I’m here because of you. I wanna make sure that you’re okay, and just to let you know that, woman to woman, this is a safe place.

Luna: Thank you.

Brooke: I was taken advantage of a long time ago.

Luna: That’s– that’s awful, but I wanna be clear, zende did not take advantage of me.

Brooke: Well, I don’t think that he would. But… he still… [ Scoffs ] He knew. He knew that you’re in a serious relationship with my son, and that you went to eric’s with rj. And yet, he thought that he could just sleep with you?

Ridge: Do we have any idea where brooke is?

Carter: No, I haven’t seen her yet.

Ridge: Huh. I really thought she’d be in this meeting, to just keep me from cutting the budget on hope’s line.

Carter: Maybe she didn’t wanna influence you.

Ridge: That is exactly why she would be here. Anyway, I’m not cutting the numbers. I think we’re doing great. We gotta make sure that rj and zende keep working together. It’s good for the line.

Carter: Yeah.

Ridge: Yeah? What is that?

Carter: It’s nothing.

Ridge: No, it’s something. What are you doing? I know. I get it. They’re cousins, and they’re both up-and-coming designers, but you know what? They’re gonna lock horns. That’s what artists do. It’s okay. At the end of the day, they’re gonna talk to each other, and they’re gonna compromise.

Carter: If you say so.

Ridge: If I say– yeah, you know what? Get out. Ye of little faith. Go do something.

Steffy: Oh! You just get back from your business trip and you’re already kicking people out.

Carter: Perfect timing. And for the record, he’s not kicking me out. I was gonna leave on my own.

Ridge: I am kicking you out. That’s why you’re leaving.

Carter: I was gonna leave before you kicked me out.

Ridge: Okay. See ya. Hi.

Steffy: Hi.

Ridge: How you doing?

Steffy: I’m good.

Ridge: Did you miss me?

Steffy: I’m good. Of course I missed you.

Ridge: I missed you more. You look great.

Steffy: Thank you. How was your trip? You did see douglas and thomas, right?

Ridge: I did. Douglas is great. You know, he’s just thriving. And thomas is good. What about you? Is deacon still pulling the same stuff about sheila? Is he still telling stories?

Deacon: Hollis, I’m gonna need you to hold down the fort today. I’ve got something I’ve got to take care of. It’s personal. You can do this. I trust you. All right. Bye.

[ Knocking on door ] Finn, hey. Thanks for coming. How you doing? Yeah, me too. I didn’t sleep all night. Just going over in my head about sugar and sheila and everything we learned.

Finn: Yeah, I’ve, um– I’ve thought about it too.

Deacon: Good. So, you believe me. Sheila’s alive.

Finn: I mean, as farfetched as a story as it is, and as improbable as the whole thing seems, I mean, yeah, you– um, you have me thinking.

Deacon: Well, good, ’cause I’m right. And time’s running out for sheila, and we need to find her right now.

If you’re taking

an antidepressant,

Luna: When did you find out?

Brooke: The other day. But don’t worry. Rj insisted that I don’t tell anybody. He’s very protective of you and your feelings.

Luna: God, I’ve– I’ve hurt him so much.

Brooke: I know this is a complicated situation, but he does love you very much.

Steffy: Sheila carter died that night. Her death was investigated. I was cleared. This should be the end of it.

Ridge: It is the end of it. And whatever story he’s coming up with just make him look like a complete idiot. He went to the crematorium, he saw it, and then a few seconds later, he comes up with this new story.

Steffy: Yeah, that he says he saw ten toes. It should be nine. What?

Ridge: None of this makes sense to me, but that’s deacon, right? He hasn’t played with a full deck for a long time. But this is messed up. Even for him.

Deacon: I was up all night long trying to figure out how the hell we’re gonna find sheila with what we have.

Finn: Okay, which isn’t much, by the way. Well, all we know is that sheila’s arch-nemesis, sugar, was released from prison some time ago.

Deacon: Yeah, with revenge on her mind.

Finn: Okay, but we don’t even know that for sure.

Deacon: Okay, but you’re forgetting about the text that sugar sent sheila. I mean, they were pretty damn menacing.

Finn: That’s true.

Deacon: Plus, we heard from lauren fenmore about how sugar feels about sheila.

Finn: She hated her for what she did to her face, and that she let sugar go to the mental ward for the crimes that sheila committed.

Deacon: Come on, if you were sugar and she did that to you, wouldn’t you feel the same way? You’d be looking for payback.

Finn: Okay, you really think she did something to sheila?

Deacon: All I know is when I start putting all this together, I get a chilling feeling, you know?

Finn: No, I don’t, I’M… okay, I’m trying to wrap my head around this and go there with you, but, like, even if this was true, like, how do you even expect to find sheila? She could be anywhere.

Deacon: Well, like I said, I stayed up all night and came up with an ace in the hole. Sheila’s credit card password is on her tablet. I figure we go through her spending history, we’ll find a clue that leads us to her.

Deacon: Finn, come here. Take a look at this. These are all her purchases in the days and weeks leading up to that night.

Finn: It seems like stuff you’d expect, huh?

Deacon: That’s a lot of pedicures for a lady with nine toes.

Finn: Whoa, wait, deacon, stop.

Deacon: Why?

Finn: Go back, you’re scrolling too fast. What is… what’s that charge? It’s a convenience store.

Deacon: That’s kind of a rough neighborhood.

Finn: Why would sheila go someplace like that?

Deacon: She wouldn’t, at least not voluntarily. Finn, this could be it. This could be the clue that we’re looking for. Let’s go.

Luna: I know I should’ve told rj sooner, but I swear, I wasn’t– I wasn’t trying to lie to him. I mean, keeping this secret was– was killing me. I mean, I– I just– I love him so much, and I wanted to protect his relationship with zende.

Brooke: It’s okay. You have nothing to apologize for.

Luna: Oh, we were so happy at eric’s, and there was so much love and excitement in the air, and I had– I had no idea that I had been taking my mom’s laced mints. So, um, I got tired and I left, and– and then I started getting really thirsty, and there was some water in the guest house, and I don’t know, that’s– that’s the last thing I remember. I must’ve laid down or something. It was supposed to be such a beautiful evening, and… it turned into a nightmare.

Ridge: Well, at least deacon hasn’t gotten into finn’s head with all this garbage.

Steffy: Not yet, anyway. If he keeps chipping away, it’s gonna make it harder and harder for finn to make peace with sheila’s death.

Deacon: Hey. You work here?

Finn: Okay, look, I understand this is extremely random, but we’re looking for someone.

Deacon: Look, a woman made a purchase here in your store a couple weeks ago. Bought a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff.

Michele: You two cops?

Deacon: No. No, but we think this woman could be in danger. Look, you recognize her? You seen her face before?

Michele: I can’t say I have.

Finn: Are you sure? Can you look again?

Michele: Nope. Never seen her.

[ Buzzer sounding ]

Dinn: Okay. Now what?

Deacon: I don’t know. We can’t give up.

Tom: Let me see your friend. I see everyone that comes in and out of this place. If you spit blood when you brush, And I landed this internship, and I didn’t think that my life could get any better. Right? And then, I meet rj and you and ridge and eric. I mean, the whole family, you guys have been so wonderful and welcoming towards me. And the last thing I wanna do is cause any of you pain. I mean, especially rj.

Luna: We know who you are. Sweet and kind and honest.

Luna: I, um… I love your son so much. And the way he’s changed my life and the experiences we’ve shared together, it’s just… it really breaks my heart what happened with zende.

Brooke: I think that he’s trying to be understanding.

Luna: I know. But that’s who he is. He’s just, like, this amazing guy, but I know that this is killing him.

Brooke: And I hate what’s happened to you. It’s really not fair. You know, you’re a beautiful, intelligent, positive young lady that’s brightened our son’s life. All of our lives. You know it’s not your fault, right? I just want you to know that I’m here for you. And I always will be. Always.

Ridge: So wait, every time deacon calls, finn goes over there?

Steffy: You know finn. He’S… okay, it’s hard for him to say no.

Ridge: Okay. Even if it’s not in his best interest.

Steffy: Dad, I’m not gonna let finn get caught up in deacon’s craziness. I’m not gonna let deacon resurrect sheila in finn’s mind.

Finn: You doing all right?

Tom: Been better.

Deacon:: You hang out here a lot?

Tom: Oh, sure. When I’m not vacationing in cabo or cruising the mediterranean in my yacht.

Deacon: Maybe you can help us out.

Tom: What, you want me to take a look at that picture you got there?

Deacon: Yeah.

Tom: Well, a man could use a little money.

Deacon: Yeah, sure. Here. Look, somebody very important to us has been missing for weeks, all right? They bought something in that convenience store right before they disappeared.

Tom: Well, let me see the picture. I may be down on my luck, but I never forget a face.

Deacon: You recognize her, don’t you? You’ve seen this face before.

Tom: Yeah, yeah, I recognize her. Like I said, I never forget a face, especially one as pretty as that.

Finn: Well, tell us more.

Deacon: Anything. Anything is important.

Finn: Look, this is important, all right? Possibly a matter of life or death.

Tom: Well, when I saw her, she walked into that building right over there.

Deacon: Wait a minute, she– she didn’t drive?

Tom: No.

Deacon: You’re sure?

Tom: Yeah. And that’s when the screaming started.

Finn: What– screaming?

Tom: Yeah, and it didn’t stop.

Deacon: What’d you do?

Tom: I didn’t do nothing. Listen, you learn to mind your p’s and q’s when you’re living on the street. It’s survival. It eventually stopped.

Finn: Maybe there’s something in that building that can lead us to sheila. Or is it possible that sheila’s been in that building all along?

Deacon: Let’s just hope we’re not too late.

Announcer: Here’s a look ahead.

Tom: I hear a lot of weird things around here.

[ Shouting ]

Ivy: Oh, my god, it’s so nice seeing you, liam.

Liam: It’s been too long.

Ivy: I think about you a lot.

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