Y&R Best Lines Monday, April 15, 2024

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Kyle: You have a good time tonight, bud?

Harrison: But they didn’t have cake.

Kyle: Well, maybe next time.

Harrison: Do you think they liked my present?

Kyle: Great-grandma and grandpa? Are you kidding? They loved it. Nikki said she put it in a place of honor, right?

Harrison: Yeah.


Kyle: Oh, you are the hero of the hour. Harrison will be so relieved to see that, thank you.

Claire: Oh, it was no big deal. I just happened to see Lucky-Bun sitting there.

Kyle: Right, yes, his new name. But you didn’t have to bring it all the way over. You could’ve called and i would’ve picked it up in the morning.

Claire: And risked the bad luck jinx?

Kyle: You got me there. Clearly, I have never had a lucky charm.

Claire: Well, they’re very important things, you know. A friend, a protector, something to count on, no matter what. I know it sounds childish, but–

Kyle: No, no, not at all. What were you about to say?

Claire: I know how important it is to Harrison and I didn’t want my new little friend to go even a single night without it. I know when I got my lucky charm taken away, I… I didn’t sleep for a week.


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