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Billy: Hey.

Lily: Hi.

Billy: You expecting anyone?

Lily: No.

Billy: Do you mind if I join you? I hate eating alone.

Lily: Uh, hold on. Not if you’re gonna talk about me firing daniel and heather.

Billy: I come in peace. I promise I won’t even mention it.

Lily: Okay, fine. But if you break that promise, you’re gonna have to leave.

Devon: So, I read your analysis on the kingston acquisition and I agree 100% that they need to bring that number way down.

Nate: Oh, yeah. Way down.

Devon: Yeah. And you can be the one to tell them. But good job.

Nate: Thanks.

Devon: You’re welcome. Hey, pretty lady.

Abby: Hello. Hi! Well, I like seeing this. You two working so well together.

Devon: Oh, yeah. This is a well-oiled machine right here, right?

Nate: Uh, yeah, the machine can use a little extra oil every now and then, but, uh, it’s coming along.

Abby: Well, as the newest board member, I take full credit for all these good vibes.

Devon: Oh, yeah. That’s 100% ’cause of you.

[ Both chuckling ]

Nate: No argument from me there. Well, I, uh, better go make that phone call.

Devon: Yes, and hey, would you mind coming back here in about a half hour?

Nate: Uh, sure thing.

Devon: Thank you.

Nate: All right.

Abby: Half an hour?

Devon: Yeah.

Abby: Isn’t that when the board meeting’s supposed to start?

Devon: Well, yes, it is.

Abby: Devon?

Devon: Hm?

Abby: What are you up to?

Victoria: Mom, no. No, it is a terrible idea.

Nikki: It’s the only way to get jordan to come out of hiding.

Victoria: By using yourself as bait? And then what? Huh? I mean, we don’t know what kind of weapons jordan might have or what the fallout might be if she senses that it’s a trap. I– harrison and claire are at this woman’s mercy. No, mom, it is too risky for all of you.

Nikki: You don’t understand.

Victoria: I do understand. I do. You want to help. I– I get that. We all do. But the best thing that any of us can do is just let dad and the authorities, let them handle this.

Nikki: I am the one she wants. I am the one that caused this by allowing her to live.

Victoria: No, mom, we all made that choice. You and me and claire, we made a pact that we did not want to become who she is.

Nikki: And because of that, harrison has been kidnapped. And probably claire as well.

Victoria: Probably? Are you saying that you still have doubts about claire’s innocence?

Victor: Hi, my sweetheart. Come here. Come here. Cry all you want, okay? We’re all here for you.

Summer: I’m scared, grandpa. I’m scared.

Victor: I know you’re scared. But we have a plan. We’re gonna bring harrison home safe and sound, right?

Kyle: Thanks for coming by, man.

Chance: Yeah, of course.

Jack: Were you able to get any information from your friends on the force?

Chance: Nothing new so far, but they’re chasing every tip that comes in.

Summer: And my son is still out there with two insane people.

Victor: Sweetheart, I know.

Summer: This is awful. I mean, who does this to a child?

Victor: I know. We’re doing everything we can. I promise you, we’ll bring harrison home. You’ve got to believe that. Come here. The virus that causes shingles is sleeping…

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Billy: Thank you. So, how’s mattie? Is she back in grad school?

Lily: Uh, yes, she is. Um, she’s doing better. I mean, the struggle for her was real, right? But she’s good. She’s a very resilient, strong young woman.

Billy: Just like her mom.

Lily: Yeah, I don’t know about that these days. But, um, no, I’m just happy that she’s back in school and has her life back.

Billy: How’s charlie doing?

Lily: Um, he’s good. He got a job at a production company in L.A.

Billy: Hm.

Lily: So, he loves it. Says it’s like taking a master class in filmmaking.

Billy: That’s cool.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: It’s got to feel good for you, too.

Lily: Mm-hmm. How are katie and johnny?

Billy: They’re good. Yeah, they’re good. My video chats with them from boarding school don’t last long enough. Half of the time they’re insisting they know more than their old man. And they’re right.

Lily: What, that you’re old?

[ Billy laughs ] No, but, um, I’m actually really sorry about what chelsea’s going through with connor.

Billy: Yeah, thank you. It’s been– it’s been tough on her, you know, talking about resilient. But she’s doing everything she can to stay on track. It’s all about helping connor get through this.

Lily: Are you and adam playing nice?

Billy: As nice as someone can play with adam.

Lily: Well, look, I mean, even if you have to fake it, fake it, right? At least for connor’s sake.

Billy: It’s all about the kid.

Lily: Good.

Billy: Look at us. Sitting here, talking. With all the ups and downs over the years. Like we’re friends.

[ Lily laughs ] Means a lot to me.

Lily: Hm.

Billy: You don’t agree?

Lily: Oh, no, personally, I agree. But professionally? I don’t trust you for a second.

Kyle: I can’t believe the police haven’t found anything solid yet.

Jack: Is that true? They have no leads?

Chance: Well, they actually did locate the driver of the floral delivery truck.

Victor: Have they talked to him?

Chance: Yeah, they took him in for questioning.

Kyle: What did he say?

Chance: He said that he stopped by a convenience store early last night to get a coffee and when he came back outside, the cab was gone.

Victor: Now, did they take a look at the security footage?

Chance: They did. A person dressed in all black, baseball cap on, got in the truck and drove off.

Jack: Was it a man or a woman?

Chance: It’s hard to tell. They tried to blow it up as much as they could, but you can’t really see anything.

Victor: We know who it is. It’s that jordan woman.

Jack: Well, it clearly couldn’t have been claire. She was at the party.

Kyle: Okay, did the security footage show the truck being taken? It must have shown jordan arriving, which means she had to have known that there was a delivery scheduled for the house.

Jack: But she couldn’t have known he would be there, could she?

Chance: Well, the driver is claiming that that stop is part of his routine. He makes it all the time.

Jack: Maybe she paid the driver off. Isn’t that possible?

Chance: Yeah, that is, but if that were the case, I think I would’ve heard about it. Now, this investigation is still at the very beginning. And, trust me, the gcpd has its eyes on everybody that could be involved.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Excuse me for a moment. I’ve gotta take this.

Kyle: Okay, well, the one thing we know for sure is that claire wasn’t the driver. She was at the party and she was at the house.

Summer: And that’s all it means. It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t involved in the kidnapping.

Kyle: I’m just laying out the pieces.

Summer: It doesn’t mean that she wasn’t the point person on the inside who made it easy for jordan to come in and take our son and you are the person that invited in the danger. You let claire walk right through the front door and up to harrison’s bedroom and because of that, our son is gone.

Nikki: Of course I don’t want to believe that claire is helping jordan.

Victoria: But you do think it’s possible.

Nikki: I didn’t say that.

Victoria: No, you didn’t have to. But you’ve made it clear that you think that she could be a part of all this.

Nikki: Well, I think we at least have to consider it. I mean, could jordan have pulled this off on her own?

Victoria: That doesn’t mean that claire helped her. Come on, mom. Jordan has managed to slip through everyone’s fingers more than a few times on her own. So, why not this time?

Nikki: So, you’re saying it was a coincidence that claire was in the house at the exact same time that harrison was taken?

Victoria: I don’t know, okay? But until somebody gives me some concrete proof, I am gonna continue to believe that my daughter has been kidnapped and she’s in terrible danger. And it just scares me to death that nobody recognizes this, especially people in her own family. Claire’s own family. She has a target on her back, mom. God knows what could happen.

Nikki: I’m sorry. I– I know you’re terrified. I didn’t mean to make this worse for you.

Victoria: Look, if you have any more doubts about claire, would you do me a favor and keep them to yourself? Because I don’t want to hear it.

Nikki: Duly noted.

Victoria: Why’d you even come by here anyway? Just to tell me about this crazy plan of yours to lure jordan out into the open?

Nikki: I need claire’s phone number so I can send jordan a message.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: Mom. What if she doesn’t respond?

Nikki: Oh, she’ll respond.

Victoria: Look, dad is already working on something. Something that is far more logical and less dangerous than you offering yourself up.

Nikki: Your father’s plan is to give her money and safe passage out of the country.

Victoria: Great. Wonderful. What’s wrong with that?

Nikki: Because it won’t work. Jordan’s need for vengeance is too strong for money and freedom to mean anything.

Victoria: Oh, I see. So, all of the risk just comes right back on you.

Nikki: It could be the only way of saving them, victoria.

[ Victoria sighs ]

Victoria: All right. All right, I’ll give you claire’s number. On one condition.


Nikki: All right. What is your condition?

[ Phone rings ]

Victoria: Oh, I have to get that. It might be news about claire.

Nikki: Of course.

Victoria: Hello. Hi.

Nikki: Any news?

Victoria: Oh, yeah. That was just cole. He’s on his way back from talking to security.

Nikki: Good. Then you can tell me your conditions for giving me claire’s phone number.

Victoria: Look, mom, I understand your reluctance to telling dad what you’re planning to do, given what happened the last time that we confronted jordan. Because he’s gonna do everything that he can to try to stop you.

Nikki: That’s exactly why he can’t know.

Victoria: Fine. Agreed. We leave dad out of the loop. All right? But you cannot do this alone. You need me and cole to help you with whatever it is you’re planning. And possibly nicholas, too.

Nikki: Oh, no, no. No. Not happening.

Victoria: Mom, it’s a deal-breaker. Either you let us help you with this or I’m gonna do everything in my power to stop you.

Nikki: I’m fine with you and cole. But I don’t know that I trust nicholas to not tell your father.

Kyle: Summer, I know you’re scared. And I know you’re angry. And if you wanna take it out on me, that is fine. You’re right. I’m the one that let claire in. I just don’t want to believe she is a part of this.

Summer: Why? Because she batted her sad little eyes at you? She told you horrific stories about her childhood? She conned you, kyle! You were her mark!

Kyle: Okay, why would she go along with the aunt she’s already turned her back on? You’re right. We don’t know enough for certain about claire. But we know everything we need to about jordan.

Summer: Including that claire was her accomplice.

Kyle: That’s true. She was. She did horrible things before, but why was there no mention of claire in the hostage demands? Why wasn’t there talk of safe passage for claire if they are both guilty?

Summer: To make people like you believe that she’s not.

Kyle: What purpose does that serve her now? To give up a life of family and freedom? To be a criminal on the run? You know what? I’ll say it. I’m starting to believe she is a victim too. And not only because I’m the one that let her in and hate thinking that I put our son in danger. I want harrison back more than anything and I’m sure victoria wants the same thing for claire. So, if she is in jeopardy–

Summer: I do not care about claire. I care about our son.

Kyle: And you think I don’t?

Summer: No! I think you’re a fool, wasting time worrying about the wrong person.

Jack: Okay, okay. Let’s calm down here. We need to focus on finding harrison more than fighting. Listen, the guilty parties are going to be found and punished. We just have to find them and soon.

Billy: Thank you. Well, that’s harsh. It’s good to know you can still dish it out. And here I thought we were having a nice, friendly conversation.

Lily: We are.

Billy: Let me ask you a question. Who gets up and walks away now? Because technically you broke the rules by bringing work up.

Lily: I meant I didn’t want to talk about daniel and heather.

Billy: Ah, right. My bad.

Lily: Okay, the termination has happened. We’ll deal with the lawsuit and the outcome will be what it’s gonna be. I’m talking about the bigger picture.

Billy: Bigger picture? Are you talking about my suggestion that we run the company together as partners?

Lily: Yes.

Billy: That’s interesting. I thought you were gonna do everything in your power to kick that can down the road.

Lily: No. I’ve thought about it.

Billy: Then, let me guess. You’re not on board.

Lily: Billy, the truth is is that you and I don’t agree on anything, okay? I make a decision and you have a contrary opinion.

Billy: But isn’t that the beauty of teamwork? An honest exchange of ideas?

Lily: If we were partners, we’d disagree on everything. We would never get anything done.

Billy: I would say that’s a slight exaggeration.

Lily: And that’s not the only reason why I wouldn’t do this.

Billy: Okay, there’s another reason.

Lily: I am not gonna betray my family by pushing them down to give you more power.

Billy: Did I ever ask you to do that?

Lily: You didn’t have to. That’s what would happen. And to be honest, I think that’s your plan. Right? Part of the reason why you want to add abbott to the logo, why you antagonize devon, why jill is pretty much absent from everything and leaving it all in your hands. And I think that’s why you’re trying to tempt me with an offer that you think I can’t refuse. But I mean, I have to wonder how long before you push me down in your relentless drive for power. Kerendia presents the abc’s of ckd.

Billy: Do you honestly think that I would betray you like that?

Lily: I’m just being pragmatic.

Billy: I’ve been nothing but open and honest about what I want and what I want for the company. I’m not playing games, and I’m not some random person that you gotta think the worst of.

Lily: Well, that might be true, but this is where I’m at right now. Okay? I’ve been through a lot. So, I have to exercise caution in my personal and my professional life. Which outweighs hurting anyone’s feelings. Which brings me back to you.

Billy: Yeah, what about me?

Lily: Well, when we have the board meeting this afternoon, I’m going to bring up clarifying your role in the company.

Billy: I’m no longer filling in for you, so an actual title would be a good thing.

Lily: That’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m going to urge the board to limit your power and remove you from being an officer at the company.

Victoria: How can you even say that? Look, nicholas may not like what you’re doing, but that doesn’t mean that he’s gonna go running to dad about it.

Nikki: Listen, the more people we bring into this, the more complicated it will get.

Victoria: Nicholas, he can help us in so many different ways, mom.

Nikki: Victoria, please. I am begging you. Let me do this my way.

Victoria: Hey.

Cole: Hey.

Victoria: Anything new?

Cole: Nothing. And I’m trying not to flip out. Hi, nikki.

Nikki: Hey, cole.

Cole: How are you holding up?

Victoria: Well, do you wanna tell him or should I?

Nikki: I don’t care.

Victoria: Mom thinks it’s a great idea to put herself out there as a target for jordan to lure her out of hiding.

Cole: What? Nikki, that’s not happening.

Victoria: Exactly. That was my reaction, too, but she won’t be swayed. So, I insisted that you and me and nicholas, possibly, need to be a part of whatever it is she’s planning.

Nikki: No, nicholas. End of story. Now, we don’t have time to waste arguing about this.

Cole: Nikki, this is too dangerous. With nick or without.

Nikki: I am aware of the risks, but this could be the only way we get claire and harrison home safely.

Cole: Are– are– are you backing up your mother on this?

Victoria: There is a terrible logic behind it. Jordan’s hatred is mostly directed at my mother. She’s jordan’s weak spot.

Cole: Does victor know all about this?

Nikki: No, and he’s not going to know, because nobody’s gonna tell him, including you.

Cole: Nikki, you have a plan, victor and jack have a plan, and no one is telling the police what they’re up to.

Nikki: I don’t care what anybody else’s plan is. This is what I’m doing.

Cole: Listen, I get it, all right, I know exactly how you feel. I would lay my life on the line to bring claire home, but why not involve the police? Victor, jack, I mean, these– these are the ones with the tools and the experience. This is impulsive and it’s short-sighted and it might trigger jordan into doing something terrible.

Victor: I agree with jack. And I agree with kyle’s suspicion. I do think that claire’s being held hostage by that terrible woman.

Jack: Whoa, I’m not prepared to jump to any conclusions here. I think we have to consider every possibility. What makes you so certain that claire is innocent?

Victor: Because I’ve been around claire for a while, and whenever the name of her aunt has been brought up, her hatred of the woman is absolutely palpable.

Summer: Or that’s just a part of her con. We know how convincing she can be.

Victor: Sweetheart, you’ve got to let go of that anger, okay? Jack is right. Right now, we have to do everything in our power to find those two.

Chance: So, what exactly is the plan here?

Victor: What exactly is the plan? We interrogate the driver, see what he knows.

Chance: Well, hold on. I just– I just said the police already did a preliminary interview.

Victor: They didn’t find diddly, did they?

Chance: Well, maybe there was nothing to tell.

Victor: That remains to be seen.

Chance: Victor, any evidence that you find going rogue, you know you can’t use that in a court case, right?

Victor: Chance, I don’t give a damn about a court case.

Chance: Okay, so what’s your plan here? You’re just gonna wing it?

Victor: We’ll do what we have to.

Chance: Victor, families operate on emotion. That’s when mistakes are made. It usually ends up badly, sometimes even tragically. I would let the police do their job.

Victor: When I ask you for advice, you will know. Right now, I’ll do everything in my power to find my granddaughter and my great-grandson. And you stay the hell out of it.

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particular set of skills.

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Billy: Cutting me off at the knees at chancellor-winters, that’s a bold move.

Lily: It’s just defining your purview.

Billy: It’s tying my hands.

Lily: Look, it’s a conversation we should’ve had when jill first brought you on, okay?

Billy: No, true, but that’s why she brought me on so you didn’t have to think about work, so you could focus on taking care of your daughter. I never tried to replace you. I would never try to crowd you out.

Lily: Yes, I believe you, but not everyone sees it that way, and it’s distraction. So, if we define your role at the company, then we can actually focus on making the company better. Because the stronger the company is, the stronger I am.

Billy: Self-preservation brings out your eyes. We’re good together. You know it.

Lily: Are we good enough for me to give you half my power? I don’t know about that.

Billy: I’m not saying I’m perfect. I shoot from the hip maybe a little bit too much, but that’s something I can work on. But we’re good together. That’s why jill brought us together in the first place. You don’t think she has the same thing in mind this time?

Lily: Did jill actually say the words, “I think you and lily should run chancellor-winters together?”

Billy: With the environment at chancellor-winters? She’s smarter than that.

Lily: Okay, then we’ll bring it up at the board meeting.

Billy: Okay, you want to do this with everyone, not just me and you hashing it out one-on-one.

Lily: Yeah, everything out in the open is the best option.

Billy: So you have your back covered. Lily, I would never betray you.

Lily: Oh, my god. Yeah, famous last words.

Billy: Okay, so clearly, I’m the enemy here, which I’m not, but let’s just say I am. You think your family’s gonna protect you? Mamie’s only out for herself and taking down jill. Devon, I’m not the only one he has a problem working with, okay, ’cause he only thinks about himself, and what he wants to do. He doesn’t give anyone else room and that’s gonna be you next time. When your power gets too much, he’s gonna freak out.

Lily: That wouldn’t happen, but if it did, we’d figure it out.

Billy: I’m the smart bet. I’m the one you should trust. I don’t know why the hell you don’t see that.

Nikki: Victor will not be a part of this call. It’s not up for debate.

Cole: Victor wants to get jordan as badly as you do, so why not let him help?

Nikki: Because then he will want to put me on the sidelines and think I am in too fragile of a state to face jordan again.

Cole: Is he wrong about that?

Nikki: What are you saying?

Cole: You’ve been through a lot, nikki.

Nikki: Yeah, I have, and I am in the best position to know what I can and cannot handle. Thank you.

Victoria: She also believes this is all her fault.

Cole: That’s just not true, all right? You’re not responsible for jordan’s actions.

Victoria: That’s what I said, too.

Nikki: And your continuing to say it does not reduce my guilt or my determination to fix this once and for all. Now, once I make contact with jordan, I will tell your father. And then, he can involve as many security and police officers as he wants.

Cole: All right, listen, listen, by then, it might be too late.

Nikki: You know what? This is what we’re doing! Get it? Now, if my risking my life is the only way to save harrison and claire, I’m willing to take that risk. All right. I’ve met your conditions. So, give me claire’s phone number right now!

Chance: Have you considered that you could be jeopardizing their safety by not working with the police?

Victor: I consider everything.

Summer: Grandpa, chance knows about these things. He has experience.

Victor: The fact that your friend worked for the gcpd doesn’t mean a damn thing to me. Now, you either jump on board, get with it, or you can leave the premises.

Chance: That’s how it’s gonna be, yeah?

Jack: I’m with victor on this one.

Kyle: So am I.

Victor: You find the truck driver, bring him to the ranch. You tell him if he cooperates, he’ll be compensated.

[ Summer sighs ]

Lily: Hello, abby.

Abby: Hi.

Lily: Nice to see you.

Abby: Well, it’s wonderful to be here. I’m happy to contribute however I can. I know how much chancellor-winters means to everyone involved.

Lily: Thank you, I know you do. Um, are we all set for the meeting?

Devon: Yes, jill let us know last minute she’s gonna be joining, uh, via video chat, and then I also asked nate if he would stop by.

Nate: Hey.

Devon: Hey. Thank you for coming.

Nate: Uh, if this is about daniel’s lawsuit, that’s not exactly my turf.

Jill: You are correct. It is a board issue.

Billy: Glad you could join us, mom.

Jill: What’s going on there? Why is nate with you?

Devon: I asked him to come, uh, because before we start the discussion about the daniel situation, I wanted to motion for nate to be reappointed to the board. I would’ve called yesterday.

Lily: Devon, I wish you had talked to me about this first.

Devon: Well, that’s why i brought it up, so we can all discuss it before we take a vote, and I’m sure you’re willing to answer any questions we might have.

Nate: Of course. I’d be happy to.

Lily: So, sorry, did abby know about this?

Abby: Devon and I talked about it earlier.

Lily: Nate?

Nate: Uh, first, I’m hearing about it, but I am humbled and grateful you have such faith in me. I give you my word, I will do my best by the company if elected.

Billy: So, you two were the only ones who knew about this, hm. That’s interesting.

Jill: All right, devon, tell me, how long has that bombshell been percolating in that little brain of yours?

Devon: Well, this actually goes back to what neil wanted, jill, because he put it in his will that nate must be given a seat on the board of hamilton-winters, and I believe that he’s earned that spot.

Billy: But it would have been nice to get a heads up. Seems a little bit shady that you would spring this on us all, especially lily, but then again, that’s probably your idea all along. But hey, we’re here now. So, let’s have a vote.

[ Chance sighs ]

Summer: Chance, wait. Uh, look, I’m sorry about my grandpa.

Chance: No, no, that is exactly what I expected, and you know what I should’ve done? I should’ve reminded your grandpa of all the times he’s gone off without the police and it’s blown up in his face.

Summer: Look, you’ve got to admit, he’s been able to achieve some things that the police haven’t been able to.

Chance: Yeah, illegal things. Dangerous things. Some are things that have put his life in danger. I tell you, this is just one reason why I left law enforcement. People like victor newman think that they can do whatever the hell they want.

Summer: You have to understand, though, that is how he became who he is. He sees a problem, he finds a solution and he doesn’t let anybody get in his way.

Chance: That sounds like you agree with him.

Summer: I’m not saying that. I’m not. Does my grandpa take it too far sometimes? Yes, maybe, but in this circumstance, right now, you have to admit, the police are the ones that keep on losing jordan, and meanwhile, my son is the one that’s out there enduring god knows what. I just want to bring him home. I really don’t care how it happens.

Nikki: Give me the damn phone, victoria! We’re wasting time!

Victoria: Are you all right?

Nikki: What? What are you talking about?

Victoria: You seem really agitated. I mean, you’re almost shaking.

Nikki: Of course I am agitated! Anybody would be agitated having to deal with jordan.

Victoria: I know that–

Nikki: My god, that woman has harrison under her control. She’s got to be stopped. We don’t have a moment to waste.

Victoria: Mom?

Nikki: Why are you making this so difficult for me? I am offering you the best way to get harrison and claire home, and you are fighting me at every turn.

Victoria: Mom, stop!

Nikki: Why are you doing that?

Victoria: Have you been drinking again?

Kyle: Hey. Have a seat.

Driver: Why am I here? I– I already told my story to the cops.

Jack: Now we’d like you to tell it to us. From the beginning. How your truck was stolen.

Driver: The guy said something about compensation?

Jack: Oh, you will be well-rewarded if you help us. Are you aware that your truck was used in the abduction of a seven-year-old boy?

Driver: All they asked me was how my truck ended up empty and abandoned on astor road. And I told them. It was stolen when I was getting snacks for my shift. Security footage backed up my claim and they let me go.

Kyle: So that’s all you know?

Driver: Yeah, that’s all. Why would I lie?

Jack: We never said you lied. We asked if that was everything.

Driver: I told you guys everything that happened.

Jack: To me, you seem like an honest guy. To that man, that is victor newman. And if he thinks you know more than you’re saying, he will turn your life into a living hell. I have seen it happen before. I would hate to see it happen to you. So, when we ask for answers…

Victor: You better answer. Uhhh.

Abby: We don’t have to vote right now. I mean, devon mentioned nate answering any questions we may have.

Billy: I actually have a question, but it’s for devon. This little dance to put nate back on the board, is it payback? Because jill agreed to put abby on the board as long as I got a seat too?

Devon: No, I think I was pretty clear when I explained this is about what neil wanted. And I also believe that nate has earned back this responsibility.

Billy: Right, so nate’s earned it, but mine’s a freebie.

Devon: Those are your words. So, if there are no other questions, we can move on to the voting, and that’s one vote for me to have nate on the board.

Abby: I second that.

Billy: Surprise, surprise.

Devon: Lily? I think with the recent dynamics in the company, this makes a lot of sense for us.

Billy: It does make a lot of sense, stacking the board to vote in line with you. It’s interesting, lily, because we were just talking about undefined purviews, and I’m sitting here wondering, what does this board really do? I mean, what’s the point of voting when you already know the outcome?

Devon: Are you done? Can we move on?

Jill: So, does this mean we get to vote now?

Devon: I would love that.

Billy: Nate, this is not personal at all. You’ve done some really great work since you’ve come back.

Nate: Thank you.

Billy: But for me, it’s a little too soon. The memories of what happened last time are too fresh.

Jill: Yeah, from when you brazenly sold us out.

Nate: I am aware.

Jill: Which is why I think this is premature. I vote no.

Billy: I agree.

Devon: All right. Two yeses, two nos.

Lily: Well… I guess it’s up to me then.

Chance: Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Look at me. I understand you’re scared right now, but I honestly think that the best and the safest way to bring harrison home is to let the police do it. If it were dominic, that’s what I’d do.

Summer: But it’s not dominic. So, you don’t know what you would do, not really.

Chance: Yeah, I– I guess, you’re right, I’m sorry.

Summer: Look, I don’t know what the right plan is, I don’T. I just want my son to come home safely.

Chance: I know, and you know I’m gonna do whatever I have to do to make that happen, right?

Summer: Yeah.

Chance: So have faith. We might not all be pulling in the same direction, but we all want the same thing. Now, I’m gonna go check in with the lead detective, see if I can find out anything new.

Summer: Okay.

Chance: Okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Summer: Call me.

Chance: I will.

Summer: Okay.

Nikki: No, I haven’t been drinking.

Victoria: The behavior, it just seemed familiar to me, that’s all.

Nikki: Oh, is that how it’s going to be now? Whenever we have a disagreement, I get accused of being drunk?

Victoria: I’m not accusing you. I’m asking you, out of concern. I’m asking out of love.

Nikki: I’m sorry. It’s a sensitive subject.

Victoria: I know.

Nikki: But I do appreciate your caring, I really do. But I promise you… I haven’t been drinking again.

Jack: As to your question about compensation…

Victor: What is your name?

Dave: Dave.

Victor: All right, dave. I’ll offer you $100,000 for inside information.

Dave: You don’t think I was involved, do you?

Kyle: Yes, we do. We know the woman paid you to ditch your truck.

Jack: The woman you’ve been doing business with is a murderer, capable of almost anything. You are very lucky you got out alive.

Victor: So, dave, this is your chance to fix your mistake. To save a child’s life. So, why don’t you tell us everything you know?

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