Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, March 20, 2024

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Claire: Yeah, it’s, um, still strange to me. Meeting all these relatives who I’ve read so much about all these years, but getting to know them as people, not just news stories. Newmans for what they had, but at the same time, I wanted it all. things, but I like to imagine the family and the love. She only wanted me to see the ugly stuff. The fights and the crimes, the divorces. Anything messy or sordid. That’s what I was supposed to pay attention to, but… there’s so much more to you. To all of you


Claire: How long was I asleep for?

Victor: Too long. So, why don’t you get up? I guess the whole family is waiting for you.

Claire: The whole family?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: Why? Why would they be waiting for me?

Victor: Well, do you even have to ask? I mean, you’ve done this hundreds of times, sweetheart.

Claire: Hundreds?

Victor: Yeah. Remember? We used to all have breakfast together and we put you in a little baby seat. There was a pancake on your plate. One little pancake.

Claire: Baby seat?

Victor: I have to go to the office. Stop by before I join you at breakfast, so I’ll see you later. All right, eve?

Claire: Eve?

Victor: See you soon.


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