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Abe packs his things at Steve and Kayla’s. Abe thanks them for taking him in. Steve says overall, he was a great houseguest. Abe thanks them for being incredibly kind hosts. Kayla says he made it easy. Steve adds that they are happy he’s moving back in with his wonderful wife but they will miss him. Kayla says speaking of Paulina, she has to get to the hospital to discharge her. Steve tells them to go ahead and he’ll take everything over to the apartment to meet them there. Abe thanks them again and says he’ll see them at his house as he and Kayla exit.

Chanel joins Paulina in her hospital room as she waits to be released. Chanel encourages that she looks beautiful and tells her to relax and savor her second chance at life. Paulina says she’s just sorry for what she put them all through with worrying. Chanel says there’s no need to apologize as that’s all behind them now. Chanel remarks that Paulina really does have guardian angels looking out for her. Paulina respond that Abe has someone looking out for him too. Chanel questions what she isn’t telling her. Paulina says it just amazes her how the universe works sometimes since as soon as they think their existence might be over, it turns out the exact opposite is true.

At the police station, Harris asks Jada if Rafe is around. Jada reminds Harris that Rafe went to the prison to try and figure out how Clyde Weston escaped. Harris says that’s the million dollar question. Jada questions Harris not being at home recuperating and taking it slow. Harris says that with Clyde on the loose, sitting at home is driving him up a wall. Jada says she would get that but Harris hasn’t been sitting at home.

Leo paces at the Spectator office, trying to come up with what to write about in his column. Chad arrives and notes Leo being there early. Leo talks about being unable to sleep, so he came to get a head start on his latest column. Leo informs Chad that he thought about writing a story about the Governor or about the prison escape. Chad questions giving any oxygen to Clyde. Leo calls it a big story but Chad reminds him that Clyde brutally murdered his wife. Chad talks about his kids having to be taken out of school because all the kids keep talking about the bad man who escaped and now they are scared out of their minds. Leo apologizes for being insensitive as he knows this must be difficult for he and his family. Chad calls it more than difficult since he and his kids will probably always be grieving, but the image of finding his wife in bed that way will haunt him forever. Chad declares that he can only pray they catch Clyde before he kills someone else. Leo apologizes again for bringing up the prison break since he knows the mention of Clyde’s name is painful. Chad tells him it’s fine but says there is something he can do that doesn’t involve the prison break. Chad says that Everett is out on personal issues, so he was hoping Leo could do some rogue reporting which excites Leo. Chad brings up Paulina being released from the hospital. Leo points out that Paulina is not a fan of him. Chad remembers Paulina firing him. Leo calls that a million years ago and says he will cover Paulina’s release along with her miracle recovery with confidence. Leo thanks Chad for having faith in him and promises that he won’t let him down. Leo then exits the office. Chad then thinks back to visiting Abigail’s grave on the anniversary of her death. Stefan then shows up drunk. Chad questions what he’s doing here. Stefan says he was passing by and saw his car, so he decided he would come in and have a drink with his brother. Chad points out that it’s 8 AM. Stefan remarks that it’s always happy hour somewhere and asks Chad if he wants it on the rocks or straight from the bottle.

Harris asks if Jada was checking on him. Jada confirms that she got off the late shift and decided to pop in to see if he was okay as a colleague and friend. Harris thanks her but says he’s good. Jada questions Harris checking himself out of the hospital early. Harris asks what her plan was. Jada says she knocked on his door and he didn’t answer, so she kept picturing him being passed out on the floor and she let Roman and Kate know what was going on. Harris questions Roman letting her in to his room. Jada notes that Roman said he hadn’t seen him around the Pub either, so he wanted to check on him too. Jada admits she was stoked when she saw Harris wasn’t dead on the floor, but calls it weird because it looked like he hadn’t been there at all.

Steve brings Abe’s boxes to his apartment where Johnny answers the door. Steve brings up that Kayla said Paulina’s miraculous recovery blew all the doctors away as they’ve never seen anything like that. Johnny talks about Abe’s amnesia being gone too. Johnny doesn’t know how or why but he’s just happy they are back to their old selves. Steve agrees and asks Johnny to help him get the rest of Abe’s boxes so they head back out.

Abe and Kayla go to Paulina’s hospital room. Kayla reminds Paulina that it’s hospital policy to leave in a wheelchair. Paulina agrees to whatever it takes to get out. Abe comments on the chief of staff delivering her wheelchair. Paulina jokes about reminding them that she is the Mayor. Kayla calls her a great friend as well. Paulina is grateful for all the wonderful care but says she can’t wait to get out. Paulina tells Abe to take her home.

Chad tells Stefan that he’s not going to drink with him and he’s not going to enable whatever he’s doing himself. Chad asks Stefan what’s really going on. Stefan asks if Chad ever had any regrets. Chad says of course as they all do. Stefan says he means deep regrets that chew at your soul. Chad asks if that’s why he’s here to talk about deep regrets. Stefan decides maybe he is.

Steve and Johnny bring the last of Abe’s boxes into the apartment. Johnny comments on Steve and John finding Tripp and Wendy. Steve says they are just thankful they found them in time. Johnny asks if Clyde was behind the kidnapping and then just escaped from prison which Steve confirms. Johnny asks if he thinks he had help. Steve says it stands to reason. Johnny remarks that there’s a warm place in Hell for whoever helped Clyde. Steve changes the subject by reminding Johnny that they have to get everything set up for Abe and Paulina’s arrival.

Abe wheels Paulina out of her hospital room alongside Kayla and Chanel as Leo and several reporters are waiting at the hospital. One reporter approaches and asks Paulina if it’s true that she flatlined and was then resuscitated by her husband. Kayla asks for space. Leo brings up even the medical team not knowing how Paulina was brought back from the brink of death. Abe says that all the questions will be answered in time but right now they are going home. Leo asks Abe if it’s true that he was there and says that inquiring minds want to know what brought their Mayor back. Leo asks how Paulina responds to medical professionals calling her recovery a miracle. Another reporter asks Kayla for comment but Kayla says she doesn’t comment on her patients but they are thrilled with her recovery. Leo tries to ask but Kayla says no more questions. The other reporter asks Paulina about all the chaos including a prison break and a kidnapping. Paulina responds that the deputy mayor and police commissioner have done a great job handling that and she would like to express gratitude for all the prayers they received which greatly contributed to her healing. Paulina declares that’s her statement so they are done and going home. The reporter says it’s over and they are done so he walks away. Leo stops and declares it’s not for him because a promise is a promise.

Jada asks Harris where he’s been. Harris thinks back to kissing Ava. Harris then asks Jada what she thinks she knows. Jada knows he hasn’t been back to his place since leaving the hospital. Jada argues that he shouldn’t be walking the streets by himself alone but guesses he hasn’t been alone. Harris tells Jada to go ahead and take a guess as to where he’s been. Jada guesses he was with Ava. Harris says it’s none of her business but admits that she was right and that he didn’t think he should be alone. Jada says he could’ve hired a nurse but Harris says not on a cop’s salary. Harris explains that Ava offered her place so he took her up on it and she’s been taking good care of him. Harris asks if Jada has a problem with that. Jada responds that he knows she does, with Ava and with Harris.

Stefan tells Chad that he’s been doing a lot of thinking about what went down between he and Abigail. Stefan can’t remember if he ever apologized to Chad for that or if he apologized enough, so he needs to tell Chad that he didn’t deserve that and neither did Abigail. Stefan calls Abigail a beautiful soul who was so kind and smart with a heart of gold. Stefan admits that he was a selfish, arrogant bastard. Chad tells him that he and Abigail made it through all that together because they loved each other and were meant for each other. Stefan states that now the son of a bitch who took her life is on the streets and he can’t imagine how that makes Chad feel. Stefan needs him to know that he had nothing to do with Clyde escaping at all. Chad questions why he would think he had anything to do with it. Chad demands an answer from Stefan. Stefan tells Chad that he doesn’t know who is responsible for Clyde escaping but he can’t imagine how Chad must feel knowing that he’s on the streets. Stefan knows things haven’t always been great between them but tells Chad that he loves him. Chad suggests they finish this conversation another time and tells Stefan to go sober up. Stefan insists that he is sobering up as they speak. Stefan declares that he has to face the music which Chad questions. Stefan says he has to figure out all the right chess moves.

Johnny and Steve finish decorating for Paulina and Abe’s homecoming. Johnny thinks it came together well and asks Steve for his thoughts. Steve was distracted but praises Johnny for his work. Abe and Paulina then come home with Chanel and Kayla. Paulina thanks them for the wonderful welcome. Abe says he’s really grateful to finally be home. Kayla tells Johnny and Steve that they did a great job. Steve credits Johnny for going the extra mile. Paulina calls it lovely to have so much to be thankful for.

Jada and Harris go in to the interrogation room. Jada says she doesn’t want to have this discussion in front of the rest of the crew but she’s not just his colleague, she’s his friend. Jada doesn’t want to stand around while Harris throws away his career for a woman. Jada brings up Ava’s history of multiple crimes. Harris argues that none of their pasts are clean. Jada says she’s coming at him from a true place of concern for his health and his career. Harris assures that he knows what he’s getting in to and he’s ready for any challenges because he knows that Ava is a good and decent woman. Jada points out that Ava is a suspect in the drug operation and argues that this whole affair flies in the face of the code of conduct. Harris then remarks that if anyone knows about breaking the code of conduct, it’s Jada. Jada complains that he’s flipping the script again. Harris thinks it’s hypocritical for her to be going after him for code of conduct. Jada argues that she arrested her own sister and the closest she came to bending the rules was not arresting Theresa when she was high. Jada states that she bent the rules but Harris is breaking them. Harris says she made her point. Jada questions if she has. Jada asks Harris not to sacrifice himself and all the hard work he’s put in. Jada thinks maybe it’s time for Ava to finally pay her dues and for Harris to stop protecting her.

Kayla notes Steve being distracted and looking like he just lost his best friend. Steve claims it’s just fatigue as rescuing Tripp and Wendy took a lot out of him. Kayla feels there is something else but Steve insists there’s nothing else. Leo arrives, delivering flowers to Paulina. Leo tells Paulina that he just needs a quick interview as it’s for a feature article on the front page of the Spectator. Leo praises her until she gives in and agrees to ten minutes. Paulina admits that Leo is a heck of a writer even if he was a lousy assistant. Paulina compliments Leo’s article on the Horton house and on MLK day. Leo thanks her. Paulina tells him to start the interview. Leo talks about her miraculous recovery and says he was elated because she is a treasure and they are so lucky to have her inspire them to do more. Leo quotes John Quincy Adams and talks about his battle against slavery. Leo tells Paulina that he stands in awe of her brilliance. Paulina tells him to take it down a notch.

Chad questions what chess moves Stefan is talking about. Stefan calls it a metaphor for life when things don’t go your way and there are unforeseen challenges so you need an alternate strategy. Stefan takes another drink and thanks Chad for listening. Chad asks if he’s good. Stefan says that talking to him gave him some clarity so he thanks him. Chad doesn’t think he did anything but he’s glad he helped. Stefan remarks that Chad makes him proud as the good DiMera and says watching him inspires him to be a better man. Chad thinks he’s giving him too much credit but says he’s okay with inspiring someone to be better. Stefan tells Chad to take care as they shake hands and hug. Chad asks if he’s sure he’s good to drive. Stefan claims he’s sobered up and as clear-headed as he can be. Stefan says he walked anyway but thanks Chad for being there for him. Stefan then exits the office, leaving Chad confused.

Chanel gets drinks for everyone while Leo asks Kayla for comment. Kayla states that Paulina’s recovery is something they’ve never seen before. Leo asks if it’s fair to call it miraculous. Paulina calls it definitely a miracle. Paulina declares that she got a second chance and she plans to make the most of it. Paulina says she got a victory because of this mysterious miracle. Paulina believes that with love and faith, they can overcome anything. Johnny, Chanel, Abe, Steve, and Kayla toast to Paulina. Leo gets emotional and tells Paulina that it was an honor to be in her presence for this important occasion. Leo knows he’s usually the comic relief but calls her a gem of a human being. Chanel calls Leo kind of a sweet guy when he puts the comedy on the backburner. Leo thanks her and calls Paulina a hero. Abe agrees and calls Paulina their light.

Chad sits down at his desk and looks at a photo of he and Abigail with the kids. Chad says he misses her, then decides he has to get back to work. Chad opens his laptop and reads about Clyde’s escape from prison so he shuts it back down. Chad remarks that he worked so hard to purge Clyde from his brain and he hopes that Clyde rots in Hell.

Jada asks Harris to think about what she said. Harris suggests they get back to work and says he’s got to make a call. Stefan arrives. Harris is surprised as he thought Stefan skipped town. Stefan announces that he’s there to turn himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering as Clyde Weston made him push drugs through the Bistro and then launder his blood money which was $100,000 worth. Jada asks if Stefan means Clyde made he and Ava push drugs through the Bistro. Stefan says no and claims that he acted alone and that when Ava found out, he ordered her to keep quiet or consequences would be dire. Jada questions Stefan saying that Ava had no part in any of this. Stefan claims she had none whatsoever with the illegal stuff. Stefan asks if they want to get EJ on the phone because he’s ready to cut a deal.

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