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Thank you both. Thank you both for taking me in.

Yeah, well, even though it was a little weird remembering us overall, you were a great house guest.

Well, now that I remember you both, thank you for being incredibly kind of hosts.

Well, you made it easy.

Sure. That And even though we’re happy you’re moving back in with your wonderful wife, we’re gonna miss you.

Ah, speaking of your wonderful wife, we need to get to the hospital because I need to discharge her.

Okay, you two better get going.

Uh, I’ll take everything over to your apartment, we’ll meet up there. Just, uh, grab a box on your way out and put it in my car, will you?

Alright, we’ll see you.

Alright. You ready, my friend?

Yes, yes. Do it. Thank you.

Thank you both very, very much.

Go, go, go. See you at your apartment.

Yes, yes, yes, at my House. That’s great. That’s great. Okay. I got it. I got it.

Hey. Well, look at you. Somebody is anxious to get home. You think? And you look just beautiful. Really? Mm hmm. Makeup okay here? Yes, perfect. Okay, now you just relax and savor this miraculous second chance at life that you’ve been given. Oh, I am doing that, my darling. Oh, I’m just, I’m just sorry for what I put all of you through before I got this miraculous second chance.

All that worry. Okay, no need to apologize. Okay? And all that worrying is behind us now, thank God. You just promise me that you won’t do it again, okay? Okay. Cross my healthy heart. Alright, I’m gonna hold you to it. Oh man, you really do have guardian angels looking out for you. Abraham has someone taking care of him too.

Okay, I know that look. What aren’t you telling me? It just amazes me how our universe works sometimes. Soon, as we think our lives on this plane of existence might be over, turns out the exact opposite is true. Looking

for someone? Matter of fact, I am. Rafe. Is he around? No, he isn’t. But you know that. He went to Statesville. Trying to figure out how the hell Clyde Weston escaped. That’s the million dollar question, right? And aren’t you supposed to be at home? Recuperating? You know, taking it slow. Yeah, well, with that monster on the loose, sitting at home is driving me up a wall.

I get that. Or I would get that. But the problem is, you haven’t been sitting at home.

Escape from Alcatraz Part 2. No, that’s too generic. Escape from Alcatraz the sequel. Hmm. Is Clyde Weston’s Escape from Statesville the new Escape from Alcatraz? Yeah. Beware, citizens of Salem. Clyde Weston’s escape from Statesville rocks the country. Will he ever be caught? Oh. Oh, let’s see. Corruption. Money laundering scandal rocks City Hall.

Millions embezzled. No. Ah, caught. Mystery bluesy seen slipping out of the bistro with the governor.

Hey, Leo, you’re up bright and early. Chadwick, I couldn’t sleep. Not that I didn’t try, and try, and try again. But rather than fight insomnia’s relentless tide, I thought I would come here and get a head start on Lady Whistleblower’s latest column. You I was thinking of running a story on the governor’s latest inflagrante delicto.

That, or covering the crazy prison break with the mysterious unknown accomplices. So you’re joking, right? You’re not seriously going to give oxygen to that bastard, are you? Well, I mean, it’s a pretty newsworthy story, no? Leo, the, the person who escaped prison, Clyde Weston, is also the person who brutally murdered my wife.

The love of my life. The mother of my children. Yeah? Now those children had to be taken out of school because all of their friends keep talking about the bad man who escaped. And now they’re scared out of their minds. That make sense? Chadwick, I That was so callous and insensitive. I am so sorry. I know this must be a very difficult day for you and your family.

Yeah, it’s more than difficult, Leo. You know, they, um My kids and I, we’re, we’re, we’re still grieving. We’re probably always going to grieve. But the, the image of finding my wife that way, in bed, is going to haunt me forever. So yeah, so the idea of this monster roaming free. So the only thing that, uh, that I can pray for is that, uh, that they catch him before he kills someone else.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Chadwick, again, I am so sorry that I even brought up the prison break. I know that the mere mention of Clyde Weston’s name is painful and I just mentioned his name! Leo, it’s fine. It’s all good. Um, there is something that you can do. That doesn’t involve the prison break. Name it. Okay. Okay, well, uh, since Everett is out on personal issues, and because you did such an amazing job with the MLK Day piece and the piece about the Wharton House, I was, uh, hoping that you could take your lady whistleblower hat off and do some real reporting.

Are you kidding? I will take off her itchy feather boa, too. Uh, okay. Um, I’m sure you’ve heard that the mayor’s being released from the hospital. Uh, I had heard that, yes. But just so you know, Mayor Price is not exactly the president of my fan club. Nor is she a member, truth be told. Yeah, I vaguely remember something about, uh, her firing your ass.

Yes, for slipping secrets. But, you know what? That happened a million years ago. She has probably forgotten about it, which is why I will cover her release, along with what is being called her miracle recovery, and I will do so with confidence and panache. All right, but we’ll tone down the panache just a little bit.

Yeah. Yeah, it’ll be like mostly confidence. Just a soup. So I’m panache And thank you chadwick for having faith in me I promise you I will not let you down I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we lost you And it seems like yesterday we were together Happy raising thomas and charlotte

I was thinking about having a new baby.

I think about it all the time.

We would have been successful. We would have had a boy, a girl. We would have been crazed. Trying to juggle two kids and a newborn baby.

Loved every minute of it though.

What did you forget? Stefan. What are you doing here? I, um, was passing by, and I saw your car. So I thought, I am gonna go in there and have a drink with my brother. Stefan, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning, man. Ah, now what’s that saying? It’s, it’s, um, it’s always five, hap, happy hour somewhere? Hmm. So what’s it gonna be?

Rocks? Or straight from the bottle?

So, you were, you were checking on me? Actually, yes, I was. Look, I just got off the late shift, so I decided to pop in and to see if you were okay. As a colleague and a friend. Well, thank you. Um, I’m good. Harris, you’re still convalescing. You checked yourself out early against medical advice from the hospital.

That doesn’t seem like a very wise decision to me. So, what, what exactly was your plan? Adding, uh, espionage to your resume? Look, I knocked on your door a few times. You didn’t answer, and I just You know, I just kept picturing you passed out on the floor. And Roman and Katie had just got back from visiting Abe and Paulina.

Well So I told him what was going on. And Roman let you in my room? Well, he said he hadn’t seen you around the pub either. So yes, Roman wanted to check on you too. Okay, and call me sentimental, but I was pretty stoked when I saw that you weren’t dead on the floor. But it was weird, because it looked like you hadn’t been there at all.

Incoming. Best place to put this? Uh, you can just roam right there. Should’ve rented a forklift for the boxes. Yeah, well, we didn’t realize just how much of Ed’s stuff was at our place. So, how are things shaping up here? Ah, well, with Paulina being out the last few weeks, the fridge was a bit of a dumpster fire.

So I just, uh, tossed out everything that was expired and replaced it. Well, you sure do know the way to your mother in law’s heart, don’t you? Yeah. Which, by the way, I do. Is going to be studied in medical journals till the end of time, apparently. Kayla said that Pauline’s miraculous recovery blew all the doctors away.

They had, they’d never seen anything like that. I know. I know, man. I mean, and speaking of amazing things that happened last night, Abe’s amnesia? Gone. How about that? Gone. I mean, I, I, I, I really, I, I don’t know how, I don’t know, but Whatever the reason, however it happened, I’m just I don’t know. I’m just happy they’re back to their old selves.

Amen to that. Hey, man. I got some more boxes in the car. Would you help me get those? Let’s do it. Well, My beautiful wife. Mm, Abraham Carver, what took you so long? I had to tie up some loose ends. Okay, well thank goodness you’re here now, because Mama was about to run out of here on her own. Oh, I think a few of my nurses might have tackled you if you tried.

Oh, wouldn’t want that. Now, listen, I’m sure you could run out of here on your own, and you’re so fine. Full of energy now and healthy, but we have a hospital policy that everybody has to go out in a wheelchair, okay? Fine with me. Whatever it takes to get out of this hospital. No offense. I take it. Well, right now, how many patients are going to have the chief of staff deliver a wheelchair for you?

But, don’t you forget, I am the mayor. Well, more importantly, you are a good friend, Paulina. Oh, I love you, Kayla. And I’m beyond grateful for all the wonderful care, you know, that I got here, but I can’t wait to get out of this place. Come on, husband, please, take me home. I’ll get to you straight there. That’s gonna make me a very happy wife.


got any highballs over there? That stuff’s imported from Minsk. Hate to waste it on a Dixie cup. Tomato juice. Tomato juice, too, considering the time of day. I think Bloody Mary’s would be the best choice, don’t you think? Yeah, no, we don’t have any highballs, Stefan. And, uh, there’s no tomato juice. And I’m not going to drink with you, and I’m not going to I’m not going to enable whatever it is you’re doing.

To yourself, so You want to tell me what’s really going on?

You ever, uh, you ever have any regrets? Chad, of course. Yeah. We all do. I mean, deep regrets. Regrets that she, which your soul,

is that why you’re here to talk about deep regrets.

Maybe I am. Yeah. Okay,

last couple of boxes. Okay. Oh, this is family mementos. Betcha Abe’s gonna be eager to get into that one. Hey, uh, speaking of family, you and Grandpa John finding Tripp and Wendy, must have been a relief, right? Yes. We’re just so thankful we found them in time. And uh, Clyde Weston, he was behind the kidnapping, and then, and then he just, he escapes from prison?

Yeah. I suppose he had any help? Well, stands to reason. Yeah. That was a warm place in hell for whoever that was, right? Yeah, yeah. Listen, uh, we better get this place together. Uh, Abe and Paulina will be here any minute. Uh, how’s the kitchen looking? Uh, good. I, uh, I got a bunch of groceries. You know, fruit, cereal, canned goods.

I, although I, I haven’t put them away yet. Oh, well how about you take care of that now, and I’ll Maybe I’ll get to the balloons. Sure, sure thing. Right. Alright.

Madam Mayor, Madam Mayor, is it true that you were scheduled for a heart transplant and then flatlined before being resuscitated by your husband? Yes, yes, and no. Do you think you could give her some space, please? Our sources say that even the medical team doesn’t know how you were brought back from the brink of death, Mayor Prescott.

It was some kind of miracle. Is that true? We appreciate your concern. And all your questions will be answered in due time. But right now, we’re going home. Mr. Carver, is it true that you were there? All we’re looking for are the facts. Inquiring minds want to know what brought our glorious mayor back from the precipice.

And how do you respond, Mayor Price, to even seasoned medical professionals calling your recovery an actual miracle? Dr. Johnson, would you care to weigh in on the rumors? I don’t make comments about my patients cases. But I will say we are thrilled with Mayor Price’s speedy and thorough recovery. Dr.

Johnson. No more questions. Thank you. Well, you’re a doctor. Surely you must have something to Mayor Price, what about the chaos that’s been plaguing Salem? In the last 48 hours alone, there’s been a prison break, a kidnapping. The Deputy Mayor has done a brilliant job of handling all of those issues, as has the Police Commissioner.

And now I’d like to express my profound gratitude for the love and prayers, uh, that I’ve That we’ve received, which has greatly contributed to my healing. Madam Mayor. Leo, you’ve heard my statement. Now we’re done here. We’re going home. Just one last question, Madam Mayor, would you Excuse us. Go ahead. It’s over.

We’re done.

Not for me it’s not. A promise is a promise. Why don’t you just come clean and tell me where you’ve been, Harris? Yeah,

I’m pretty sure that this was not what the doctor meant when he said bed rest. No, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Well,

you tell me what you think you know. Okay, I know you have not been back to your place since you left the hospital. Or maybe I’m just a neat freak. I’m serious, Harris. You shouldn’t be walking out on the street by yourself alone. But you haven’t been alone, have you? Alright, if you want to take a guess as to where I’ve been, go for it.

You’re right, Ava’s. Yeah, not that it’s any of your business, but yes, I have been. I didn’t think it would be a good idea for me to be alone. You could have hired a nurse. On a cop salary? I mean, Ava offered up her place, I took her up on it, she’s been taking good care of me. Do you have a problem with that?

You know I do. With her, and with you.

Look, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I’m sorry. About what went down between me and Abigail. And, uh, I don’t know,

I can’t remember if I ever apologized to you for that or if I apologized enough. And so what I want, what I need to say to you,

You didn’t deserve that.

You linted Abby.

She was a beautiful soul who So kind, smart, heart of gold. And me,

was a selfish, arrogant, bastard.

Look, Abby and I, we, um,

We threw all that together because we loved each other.

We were meant for each other. I don’t know.

And now, the son of a bitch who took her life is on the streets and I can’t imagine how that makes you feel.

I need you to know,

I had nothing to do with Weston escaping, nothing at all. Wait a minute, why would I think that you had anything to do with Clyde escaping? Stefan,

answer me.

Look, Chad, I, uh,

I don’t know who’s responsible for Weston escaping, but like I said, I, I can’t imagine how you must feel knowing that, that monster’s on the streets.

And I know things haven’t always been great. Between us, but uh,

I love you, man.

Well, you know what, why don’t, um, Why don’t we, uh, finish this conversation another time, yeah? Why don’t you, uh, sober up, get your head on straight. No, no, no, I am sobering up as we speak. I have to, you know, face the music. What does that mean, face the music? You know, you gotta, uh, You gotta figure out all the right moves, you know?

Chess moves. Okay,

uh, what do you think? I mean, I don’t know anything about flowers, but I think they look really nice. I mean, matter of fact, I think this whole spread came together really well, don’t you? Sorry, what was that? Oh, nothing. I was just, uh, you know, admiring our handiwork. Okay. Yeah, yeah. Hey, it looks good. Looks good.

You know, if you ever have a falling out with your family, you could start a catering business. Well, you know what? With my family, it might not be a bad idea to have a contingency plan. There you go. All right. Oh!

Oh, this was such a Such a wonderful welcome! And a very special welcome home to you, buddy. Well, I am very, very grateful because Abraham Washington Garvers Finally home! After too long, too long. So, welcome home, ladies and gentlemen.

Wow, you guys did a great job. Well, you know, most of it to this dude. He went the extra mile. A man of many talents. Well, it’s lovely, really. I tell you, what’s lovely is having so so. Very, very much to be thankful for, and also for each other.

Because I don’t want to have this discussion in front of the rest of the crew. I don’t want to have it at all. Well, too bad. See, I am not only your colleague, I am your friend. Okay, and I am not just going to stand around while you throw away your career on a woman. Okay, the woman has a name. Right, Ava Vitale.

Ava Vitale. Not only is she the daughter of a mob boss, but she has a history of multiple crimes. That she has not been convicted of. Only because she got a plea deal to go to Bayview. Okay, alright, so Ava’s past is far from clean, but whose is? Okay, not mine, is yours? Seriously, is it? Oh, so we’re flipping the script now.

Even though you know very well that I am coming at you at a true place of concern. For your health! For your career, for God’s sake. Jada, I, I do appreciate your concern. Okay, but I know what I’m getting into. And whatever it is, whatever the challenge is, I’m ready for it. Because I know underneath it all, Ava is a good and decent woman.

Right, right. A good and decent woman. Who is a suspect in a drug investigation. So, this whole affair, or whatever you, you know, Want to call it this flies right in the face of our code of conduct if anybody knows about ignoring code of conduct Jada, it’s you

There you go flipping the script again, okay, it’s not flipping the script It’s just you and me discussing the code of conduct for cops and you don’t you don’t see the hypocrisy and you going after me about that Okay in regards to the hypocrisy that you’re accusing me of I Arrested my own sister I put the law above my personal loyalties, and the closest I’ve been to bending the rules was when I kept Theresa Donovan from going to jail when she was high.

So yeah, I bended the rules, but Harris, you are breaking them. Okay, you made your point. Have I? Look, please don’t sacrifice yourself, Harris. All the hard work you put in, all the dues you paid, You know, maybe it’s time for Ava to finally pay her dues, and for you to stop protecting her.

Excuse me. Steve? Hey, baby. Hey. Nice celebration, huh? Well, yeah, it is, but you look like you just lost your best friend. No, come on. I think it’s just fatigue. That rescuing trip with Wendy was, uh, took a lot out of me. I know. Physically and emotionally. I know, but I just feel like it’s It’s something else.

Nothing else, sweetness. Really. Really. Oh, okay.

Floral delivery for the most dynamic woman in all of Salem, our fearless leader Mayor Price. Leo Stuck. I just need a quick interview, Madam Mayor. Please, and this is not for that gossipy old yenta lady whistleblower. No, no, no. This is for a feature article. Front page of The Spectator. And might I add, you are looking especially beautiful today, and you are off the charts.

Charming and charismatic, and thank God, you have healed from all that was ailing you, because you are a true treasure. And we are so eternally grateful to you for your dedicated leadership. Okay, okay, okay, Leo. I’ll give you ten minutes. He’s a heck of a writer, you know, even if he was a lousy assistant. Oh, assisting was not my strong suit.

Oh, no, that piece you did on the hoard in the house, that was very, very moving, Leo. And the one on MLK Day, even more impressive. Well, thank you, Madam Mayor. Okay, so, you’re here. Let’s start the interview. Well, before I do, I just want to say, having heard of your recent miraculous recovery, your heart virtually healing itself, I was absolutely verklempt.

I was elated because you are a treasure. And we are so lucky to have you inspire us to, to dream more, to learn more, to do more, and to become more. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That, that is a quote attributable to the great John Quincy Adams, who in his battle against slavery redeemed himself in the eyes of history for his failure as president.

Uh, okay. Although not that you need any redemption at all, Madam Mayor, you are the real deal, and I stand here in awe of your brilliance. Okay, Leo, take it down a notch. Oh, yeah, okay. Uh, you are very cool, bee’s knees, cat’s meow. Mm hmm. Better.

What are you talking about, Stefan? What’s chess moves? Chess, man. You know, it’s a metaphor for life. When things don’t go your way, when you have unforeseen challenges, you, you, you need a, uh, a fallback plan, alternate strategies.

Thank you for listening. Yeah. Yeah. You’re good. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No talking to you. It’s, it’s giving me some clarity. So thank you. Oh, I don’t think I did anything, but glad it helped make me proud. You know that. The good DiMera. Really, watching you, it, uh, inspires me to be a better man myself. I, I think you’re giving me too much credit, but yeah, I’m okay with, uh, with inspiring someone to be, uh, uh, better, yeah.

Uh, I inspire to that myself.

Take care, bro. Yeah.

Um, yeah. Uh, YouTube. I don’t know. Are you sure you’re good to drive? Yeah, yeah, I’m sobered up, clear headed. As clear headed as I can be, at least. Besides, I walked here so I can just walk back. But, um, thank you for being there for me, really. Being you.

Bubbly for all. One, one little drink would be okay, right? I think a splash would be okay. We just don’t want any alcohol to impede your healing, but your numbers are so remarkable. Which is amazing and wonderful news. And Dr. Johnstein, I know you said at the hospital no comment, but perhaps now? Oh, well, come on, Leo.

Don’t put her on the spot. No, no, it’s fine. You know what? I will say is that Paulina’s astounding recovery is something that we have never seen before. People have been calling that miraculous. Is that a fair characterization? Oh, it was definitely a miracle. Truly one born of faith and love. And a lifetime of good karma.

Amen. Oh, the way I see it, a miracle is a seven letter word. Like, um, Mystery. Victory. Fortune. Believe. Bottom line, I got a second chance. And I plan to make the most of it. I got a victory because of this mysterious miracle. And with the aforementioned love and faith, I believe. We could overcome any to the amazing and formidable Paulina Price, who I am lucky enough to call my mother in law and I am blessed enough to call my wonderful and loving mother.

And I am so proud of that. You’re my wife. And my own personal mirror. We love you, Paulina. Love you, Paulina. Yes, we do. Um, does anybody have a tissue?

Oh, thank you, Chanel. And Mayor Price, may I just say that it is such an honor to be in your presence for this important occasion, to feel the love and respect that surrounds you. And I know I am normally the comic relief that is my M. O. to make people laugh, but for now, I will backburner my amazing sense of humor to say in earnest that you are not only a brilliant mayor, but you are a gem of a human being.

Hey, Leo, you know when you put that, uh, sense of humor on the back burner, you’re actually kind of a sweet guy. Oh, well, thank you, Chanel. But to direct the attention back to the person we are here to honor, you are a hero, Mayor Price. Yes, you are. Yes, you are. And Our light. I

miss you.

Okay, I gotta get back to work.

Murderer. Drug lord Clyde Weston escapes from prison. I

worked so hard to purge that son of a bitch from my brain, and I

hope he rots in hell.

At least think about what I said. Okay, how about we just table this discussion for now and get back to work? Meaning you are not going to think about what I said. We gotta make a call.

Stephan DiMera. Wow, there he is, the man himself. Thought you skipped town. I look like I’m on the run. I’m here to turn myself in. For drug trafficking and money laundering. Clyde Weston made me push drugs through the bistro. And then, launder his dirty money, blood money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth.

You mean Clyde Weston made you and Ava Vitale move drugs to the Bistro? No, no. I acted alone. And when Ava found out what I was up to, I ordered her to keep her mouth shut. Or consequences would be dire. So Ava had no part in any of this? The illegal stuff? None whatsoever.

So, wanna get my brother, the DA, on the phone? I’m ready to cut a deal.

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