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[ Sentimental music ]

Luna: My mom doesn’t understand how hard it’s been. I mean, my whole life, not knowing who my father is. I just– I’m so sorry you came here looking for her and you got all this.

Bill: No, no, no, it’s okay. I– I just hate seeing you so upset.

Luna: We never fight. Never. But I just– I couldn’t pretend like it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Bill: Your mom loves you. You’re gonna work this out.

Luna: I just wish I could talk to my father.

Poppy: Finn.

Finn: Hey, aunt poppy.

Poppy: Hi.

Finn: I– come in, I… it’s all right. I didn’t know you were coming by.

Poppy: Oh. You didn’t get my text?

Finn: Uh, no, I went out for a surf. I haven’t checked my phone. Damn. It’s good to see you.

Poppy: Yeah, it’s great to see you. Did you catch any waves?

Finn: Uh, yeah, yeah. I was just, um, yeah, just trying to– trying to clear my head.

Poppy: Yeah, I can’t imagine. I’m sorry.

Finn: If you’re looking for my mom, I think she’s at work.

Poppy: Um, no. I actually needed someone who would listen and be understanding, which unfortunately is not my sister.

Finn: Hey, what’s going on? What’s wrong?

Poppy: It’s luna.

Ridge: Wow. You must’ve been thinking about someone very special when you designed this one.

Thomas: Hope. Always hope. You know, when I’m not seeing her and she’s not around me, I’m just waiting until I can see her again, you know?

Ridge: You really are smitten, aren’t you?

Thomas: A bit. I think she feels the same. I’ve never had a woman care about me the way that hope does.

Ridge: Well, I’m pulling for both of you.

Thomas: Thanks.

Hope: Have you ever seen me like this?

Brooke: Not in a long time.

Hope: It’s because I haven’t been this happy in a long time, and that’s because of thomas. Look, mom, I know you don’t wanna hear this, but it’s the truth. He’s good for me. We’re– we’re good for each other. So please, can you stop fighting it? Can you support my relationship with thomas?

Thomas: You know, you were one of the first people to jump on board. Wish us well.

Ridge: You’re my boy. I believe in you. Always have your back.

Thomas: Well, your encouragement means the world, and I don’t know where I’d be without it.

Ridge: You know what I learned over the years? Life is short. Find your future. Grab it. Hold on to it.

Thomas: That’s exactly what I intend to do today.

Brooke: I can’t deny what a great place you’re in, and beth and douglas seem to be thriving too.

Hope: Thomas is wonderful with the kids.

Brooke: And thomas seems to be in a better place as well.

Hope: What is this I’m hearing? Is this progress?

Brooke: I’m trying. I’m trying. As surprised as I am, I can’t deny the positive impact that he’s had on your life.

Hope: Honestly, mom, thank you. I can tell you’re making an effort, and this really has been a wonderful time in my life, and I want to be able to share that with you.

Brooke: Honey, I just love you so much. I want you to be happy.

Hope: And I am happy. I’m so, so happy, and in large part that is because of thomas.

Finn: Is everything okay with luna? She’s not– she’s not sick or anything?

Poppy: No, but she is hurt and disappointed.

Finn: What, by rj?

Poppy: No… by me. I’ve let my daughter down, finn, and for the first time in her life, it’s not me she wants to talk to. It’s her father.

Bill: Your father.

Luna: I’ve always been able to turn to my mom, you know, share anything and everything with her, but this time it’s different.

Bill: Because you and poppy had a fight. I know you wish you could talk to your dad. I’m not your dad, but if I concentrate really hard, I think I could be a good listener. Moving forward with node-positive

Ridge: Wow, look at you. Look how gorgeous you are.

Brooke: Oh, thank you. You’re as handsome as ever.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah. Hmm. So how’s your day going?

Ridge: It’s, uh, pretty good.

Brooke: Yeah?

Ridge: How do you get better looking every time I see you?

Brooke: I need to come back in here more often in between meetings.

Ridge: Yeah, you should.

Brooke: It’s very special.

Ridge: Mm-hmm.

Brooke: So, uh, I had an interesting conversation with hope.

Ridge: About what?

Brooke: About her and thomas.

Ridge: That’s funny. I had that same conversation with my son.

Brooke: Oh?

Ridge: I’m convinced that he’s completely devoted to her.

Brooke: You might be right.

Thomas: Good, you’re here.

Hope: Promise me you will always be this excited to see me.

Thomas: I promise.

[ Hope squeals ] Hmm…

Hope: What’s got you in such a good mood today? And, um, excuse me, what is this?

Thomas: Oh, well, this is, um, a little something I wanted you to try on.

Hope: It is beautiful.

Thomas: Yeah, not as beautiful as it’ll look once it’s on you.

Hope: When did you find the time?

Thomas: I stayed up late a few extra nights. Wanted it to be a surprise.

Hope: Oh, well, aren’t I just the luckiest woman in the world to be dating such a sexy, talented artiste?

Thomas: What can I say? You’re my muse.

Hope: Hmm. I do humbly accept the title, but I, uh, your muse was kind of in the middle of something. So can it– can it wait?

Thomas: No.

Hope: No.

Thomas: No.

Hope: Oh, so it’s important.

Thomas: Very important.

Hope: Oh, gosh, when you say it like that, it sounds like your future depends on it.

Thomas: It kind of does.

Hope: Oh, well, then, in that case, um, I guess help me take my clothes off.

Thomas: Okay.

Bill: Look, uh, I tend to talk a lot, take up a room, but for you, I’m gonna work very hard on just shutting up. I will zip it, zipped. Seriously, I’ll just listen.

Luna: Thank you, bill, that’s– that’s really kind of you to offer, but, um, I probably shouldn’t get into it.

Bill: Fair enough.

Luna: Oh, my god. I’m sorry. Uh, where are my manners? Uh, did you want something to drink, or?

Bill: I really do. I don’t suppose you have scotch.

Luna: No, my mom doesn’t drink alcohol.

Bill: Yeah, right. I– I know. I mean, she won’t even have a glass of the finest bottle of wine. She’s just all about relaxing with her happy mints. What? What? Did I say something wrong?

Luna: No, I was just thinking about some other thing.

Bill: See, I told you I talk too much.

Luna: Can I ask you something, bill?

Bill: Shoot.

Luna: Has my mom ever talked to you about my father? If advanced lung cancer

Ridge: Hang on a second. Did I hear you right? Did you say that thomas might be good for hope?

Brooke: I might be changing my mind just a little bit.

Ridge: All right, that’s– that– that is fantastic, but why, why?

Ridge: Why would you see him differently now?

Brooke: Okay, just don’t read too much into it. But I have seen changes in my daughter. She seems very light and joyful and, uh, a lot of trust and confidence, and I do believe that one of the reasons is because of thomas.

[ Hope clears throat ]

Thomas: Wow.

Hope: It’s, uh… thomas, it’s stunning.

Thomas: It’s not the dress. It’s you. You are on my mind every moment I put pen to paper.

Hope: Hmm. Well, it is perfect, and there is nothing that I would change about it.

Thomas: That’s high praise.

Hope: Well, it feels spectacular on, and it hits– hmm… it hits all the right places.

Thomas: Well, it sure does.

Hope: All right, this was fun while it lasted, uh, but I know it’s probably already spoken for, so I should–

Thomas: Uh, no, no, I want you to keep it on.

Hope: What are you saying, that I can have it?

Thomas: You can have anything you want. I would give you the world.

Hope: You already have.

Thomas: No, no, don’T.

Hope: No?

Thomas: No– no I have, uh, I have something planned, and I think you should wear it.

Hope: Oh, oh. Oh, there are plans?

Thomas: There are. We’re going somewhere. It’s not too far, so don’t worry. Come on, let’s go.

Hope: What, right now?

Thomas: Yes, right now. Come on.

Hope: Okay.

Finn: Luna’s upset she can’t speak with her dad?

Poppy: Yeah, I’ve been giving her the run-around since she was born, but… she’s finally fed up with me.

Finn: Do you, um, do you know who luna’s father is? Like, would you– would you consider opening up to her?

Poppy: It seems like more and more like I have no choice.

Finn: Well, that’s– that’s your call, but what I don’t understand is what do I have to do with this?

Luna: Well, my mom’s told you that I don’t know who my father is.

Bill: It’s come up a few times.

Luna: Well, has she ever mentioned anything or any ideas on who it could be?

Bill: We discussed it, and for a while I thought, maybe hoped, that it could be me. Schwarzkopf

Finn: The reason you’re here to see me is about luna’s father?

Poppy: Yes. I need to talk to you about that.

Bill: Crazy, huh?

Luna: Um, well, actually, rj thought the same thing when i first told him how you and my mom met, you know, all those years ago, and the timeline matches up.

Bill: It does. That’s why I had to ask poppy if I could be your father.

Luna: And let me guess, she said no.

Bill: She said it wasn’t me.

Luna: I mean, I’m not surprised. Anytime I mention my father or ask her if maybe it could be someone from her past that I’ve met before, she always just shuts down and says that she’s not sure.

Bill: Did you ever think she has a good reason for keeping it from you?

Luna: I mean, what legitimate reason could there be? You know, the older I get, the more I wonder, and I don’t think it’s fair for her to keep this from me. You know, like it’s some deep, dark, dirty secret. You know, this is my life. It’s– it’s my identity. I mean, is it so wrong for me to wanna know who my father is?

Bill: No, no, not at all. You have every right to that information. And like I told poppy, any man would be proud to call you his daughter.

Ridge: So you’re seeing thomas differently. Thank you. That’s all I can ask.

Brooke: Do I believe that thomas adds to hope’s life? Yes, I do. She seems happier and she’s laughing more. What mother doesn’t want that for her daughter?

Ridge: Absolutely. And she must be thrilled, right?

Brooke: Yeah, you could say that.

Ridge: Look at us. We– we do things together all the time. It’s all we do, and now maybe the two of them, they could move this company forward, this family.

Brooke: Okay, okay. I think they should take it slow, but I am giving thomas the benefit of the doubt. But only hope knows what’s best for her.

Hope: Ah, ah. Wow. Um, is there a hope for the future event that I wasn’t aware we were planning?

Thomas: Well, this does have to do with hope for the future.

Hope: Uh-huh. And, uh, where’s the rest of the team, then? Where’s everyone?

Thomas: Right here.

Hope: So it’s just the two of us.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: Well then, I, uh, I call this meeting to order.

Thomas: Oh, okay. Well, actually, I have a little speech that I wanted to try out. Do you mind if I practice it on you?

Hope: Okay. I’d love to hear it.

Thomas: Okay, um… here it goes. The future is full of uncertainty, and how do you get past that uncertainty? We, take risks. It’s trial and error, and then you find successes. And we have found successes in our relationship, working for hope for the future, but also in our relationship as a couple, building a wonderful family. And through those risks, you trust your instincts. You take second chances, and you have given me more second chances than I probably deserve. But… you kept giving me more chances, and for that, I am so grateful. I will always be grateful to you for that. And speaking of second chances, um… you said you needed more time. But I think we’re ready. I think we’re very, very ready. It’s time for you to take this ring and put it on your finger. I don’t wanna wait anymore. So, hope… say you’ll make me the happiest man in the world. Say you’ll be my wife. Say you’ll marry me.

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