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Tucker: I’m sorry, Abby. I– I really have no idea what you’re talking about.

Abby: We both know that’s a lie.

Tucker: It’s been pretty clear now for a while that things are over between your mother and me.

Abby: Clear to whom? I mean, it’s clear to me that you’re messing with her head. And that’s disgusting. My mom has honestly loved you. Not just once, but twice. She defended you. My mom saw something in you that, let’s be honest, no one else has ever seen. And what, instead of realizing how lucky you were to have her, you kept pushing her over and over and over again until she lost part of herself. What, was that to make you feel more important, more powerful? And when she finally realized there was nothing to see in you, and she got the courage to leave, you started playing these games to what, punish her? Because you realized you didn’t deserve her?


Claire: Um, at the hospital, there’s this little girl, Nadia, and– and she– did you ever see her? She would come to my room for story time.

Nikki: Uh, uh, Nadia, yeah. Go ahead.

Claire: Well, she’s so smart and she loved the book that Victoria brought me about Greek mythology. Athena is her favorite– favorite goddess. And– and she’s mine too. But you– you probably know all this.

Nikki: It doesn’t matter. Keep going.

Claire: Okay. Um, Athena is Zeus’s favorite daughter. And one day, Nadia told me that she wanted to change her name to Athena so that she could be strong and brave and everyone’s favorite.

Nikki: Smart girl.

Claire: Yeah. And when she said that, I, uh, I cried a little bit, not in a sad way, but in a way that felt like she had explained something in my heart that I didn’t– I didn’t know was there. I realized that my whole life, I– I just wanted to be someone’s favorite.


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