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It was from Clyde Weston.

Thank God you guys are here. So what’s the emergency? Did you get another video? Not a video, a call. From Tripp? If only. It was from Clyde Weston. He said if I ever want to see my son again, I need to break him out of prison. In the next 24 hours.

Oh, God. My neck.

What I wouldn’t give for a nice fluffy pillow. I’m imagining you and I on a road trip to Italy right now. After Paris? Mm hmm. So then our trip continues. Oh, definitely. Right now we’re sitting at the most Wonderful cafe eating the most delicious pasta in Rome. Oh, the sauce is magnificent. Brought Diablo by any chance?

Mm. Topped with tons of grated Parmigiano. Oh. Oof. You have some pretty deliciously vivid dreams. Yeah, well it sure beats reality right now. You mean you don’t like being locked inside a fermenter? I will say the, the one thing that makes this nightmare bearable is having you right beside me.

Same here. I’m so glad that’s not a dream.

What the hell, Stefan? Why did you call me so late?

One sec.

Okay. Here goes.


I need your help.

So you’re sure that no one followed us? Kate, I was a cop most of my life, I promise you. We’re clear. Okay. Well, I think this is it.

Ah, there he is. Good evening, brother.

Very funny, mom.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Honey, I’m so happy to see you. I’m, thank God that you’re safe. Yes, so far I am safe. Are you settling in, Lucas? Well, there’s not much settling in. You know, this is a pretty simple lifestyle here. Yeah, it’s kind of quiet. It’s quiet, yeah. But I hear a lot of stuff, you know. Like I am a humble man of the cloth, lost and confused, taking a vow of silence, renewing my faith in God, but yet no one looks at me or even talks to me ever.

Honey, I guess I was lonely. Mm hmm. What? Better than Statesville. Yes, Roman, it is better than Statesville, I cannot argue with that. But, you know, this is one lifestyle that I’m not cut out for, so, you know. No? No. My darling son, my shy, retiring darling son, my god knows hates attention. This isn’t the kind of lifestyle, I don’t know, that my son the introvert would love.

Look, she’s a riot, isn’t she? Look at you. Yeah, I don’t know, because, you know, like, brother Lucas is kind of, that rings a nice bell, doesn’t it?

You know, when we get out of here, I’m taking you to one of those spas, like the all day job kind of things, where you get the works, you know, massage, manicures, that thing with the crap, like white crap all over your face. They’re called facials. Dr. Dupin’s Charms. And I also wanted my bath. Anything your heart desires.

So then what do you get when we get out of here? Three weeks sitting on the couch watching March Madness. I could have guessed.

I just, I, I, I can’t stand sitting here anymore. I’m going, I’m going, Buggy. Okay. Uh, we can’t have that. So then, pack your imaginary bags, Trip Johnson, because We are going on yet another trip. Okay, well then, I’m psyched, Wendy Shin, because my bags are packed and I’m ready for our next adventure. Yeah. Look, I know you think this is madness.

Well, you got that right. We’re not breaking that murderer out of prison. Hard no for me, too. Okay, but we don’t have any other choice. Don’t you get it? If we don’t break Clyde out, he is going to kill Trip. And Wendy. Okay, see, we have no other option here. I mean, unless you guys have some, some brilliant idea.

I mean, I’m open to suggestions.

What do you got?

You want my help? You can’t be serious. EJ, please, just hear me out. Forget it. Whatever you’ve done now, Stefan, not my problem. EJ, please, I need your help. You are the only family I got left. We’ve been through this all before, Stefan. You scutter around like a brainless roach slipping in and out of the darkness.

And then, somebody turns on the light. Oh no, you panic right before they step on you with a crunch. Please, I tried to avoid the dark path I did, but things got out of control. And EJ, I need your help. Or what? Gabby might suffer another broken neck. I need your help or it’s the end for me.

What are you talking about? I did it. Hey, Jay.

I shot Harris Michaels.

Say something. Anything! What am I supposed to say? I don’t know, maybe start with how? Why? How about What the bloody hell? My brother just confessed to attempted murder of a police officer. What in God’s name were you thinking? E. J., you knew the position I was in. I had no choice. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Stefan.

But don’t try selling that bridge to me. There’s always a choice. Not this time. Clyde ordered me to kill Harris, or Gabby would face the consequences. Oh, Gabby, Gabby, Gabby. Who brings nothing but trouble and misery into our lives, yet you cling to that woman. How in the hell did it come to this, Stefan? I don’t know.

Okay, it just snowballed. And now things are worse, because Harris is alive. How is that worse? Because I didn’t finish the job! And because of that, because I failed, now Clyde is coming from me,

accommodations or queen. Yeah. But, uh, that minimalist look, you know, very trendy. Please judge. Absolutely. Yeah. Your mom suckers me into watching those house design shows with. Oh, come on, you know you love learning about interior design. I do love curling up on the couch with you. I wish we could watch a little baseball, but whatever makes my Katie happy.

Sure. Oh my God, do I have a good husband or what? Yeah. You know, the next time a baseball game is on, I am going to watch a round with you. A round? All right then. What? Why are you smiling? Why are you laughing? Nothing. No, I could just listen to you guys all day. It’s entertaining. Listen to you talk about anything.

Because, you know, I don’t have any TV or radio or music or anything like that. Honey, I’m sure you could wander around the grounds. I mean, the scenery is really quite lovely. I mean, we saw it because the abbot took us for a tour, you know, before he sends us down here to visit you, so. You had a visit with the abbot?

I would have paid money to see that. What? Your mother can’t mind her pees and queues with a man of God? Well, I don’t know. I don’t know. I thought you’d be struck down by lightning as soon as you entered the building. But, good for you. Glass houses, my friend. Glass houses. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, you’re right.

You’re right. You know, when I had my visit with the abbot, you know what he told me? He wanted to discuss possible life changes. And thank God that my, uh, vow of silence kicked in so I could put the kibosh on that for a while. Recruitment into the priesthood. Interesting idea, don’t you think? For me? Really?

Why? Because I’m such an introvert, like Mom said earlier? I don’t like women? Why? What am I missing? I’ve been in jail, now I’m here. What does it matter? Okay, uh, uh, listen. I don’t think you should forget that this monastery and the inhabitants are keeping you safe. So if I were you, I would do everything I possibly could to keep it going that way.

I will. But celibacy. I’m drawing the line there. I’m not doing that. Sorry. But you know what? Anything else, I’m gonna be great. I’m gonna be like a rockstar rookie monk. You should see it. I mean, you just wait and see. Wow. Hey, you’re gonna make your mommy proud.

And now, we are going to take a road trip. To pizza. Mm. Yeah. Ooh, okay. Come on in. And a slick little stick shift speedster, huh? Oh, yeah. With the top down and the wind in our hair. Okay, so pizza. So we’re busy in the tower, right? Uh, of course. Oh, mama mia! There it is! Look at how tall it is. Oh, it’s taller than I expected.

Yeah. Huh. Okay. You ready to climb up to the top? I thought you were afraid of heights. A little, but this is a Leaning Tower of Pisa baby, so I’m gonna brave it. Okay? Okay. Oh, wow. Okay, these, uh, These steps are getting really narrow. Oh, sure are. Eight floors up. This is exhausting. Yeah. Oh. Okay. We’re at the top.

Let’s go out on the balcony and take a look. That is only four feet wide. Seriously? Four feet wide? Yeah.

Alright, let’s, uh, let’s take this from the beginning here. How did Wesson get a hold of you in the first place? Okay, so I had come home from a walk and nobody was here, obviously. I had just, I had called you, I had left a message, and then a second later, the phone rang again. I thought it was mine at first.

But it wasn’t. So, so I was searching around the apartment, and I found a burner phone, and Clyde was on the other end. Someone obviously broke in here. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was planning on it. Right. Yeah, so that video said that she was being monitored. Right, so what did Clyde say? Oh, God. Well, he made it really clear that if I wanted to see my son again, I needed to break him out of prison.

Okay, did, did he, did he reveal Tripp’s location? No. Any clues? No. Does he expect you to break him out of Statesville? He told me I needed to call my family and get reacquainted with them. That’s it, let’s get the mafia involved here, dammit Ava. I can’t think of a more dangerous move than releasing that monster back into the world.

You know what, there is no guarantee that Weston is gonna hold up his end of the deal. You know that, right? Okay, what I know, Steve, is we have to try. Because this could be the only way we see our son again.

Clyde made his instructions very clear, so let me be clear with the two of you. We don’t have time to ponder. The clock is ticking as we speak. We’re making progress on the video. We’re running it through various recognition programs. Okay, but nothing definitive yet, right? No, not yet. Okay, great. So we are no closer to saving Tripp and Wendy than we were before.

And the cops sure as hell haven’t found anything. Come on, Steve. Steve, we need to do this. Okay, we don’t have any other options. I need to break that bastard out of Statesville today. And I need your help. Dammit, Ava, why did you have to get mixed up with Weston in the first place? Okay, you want to blame me?

Go ahead. Go ahead and blame me. That is fine. Alright, I have made some really bad mistakes when it comes to Clyde Weston, okay? But our son? Our son is innocent. So if you don’t help me pull this off and he dies, then you are going to be the one to blame. And I’m not so sure that you can live with yourself if that happens.

Can you? So,

how are you occupying your time here? Oh, it’s been great, actually. Um, I was in charge of the vegetable garden. Oh. Yeah, but I killed all the seedlings. I didn’t know. I guess you’re not supposed to do that. So now I get to hang out in the laundry room and do laundry. You? Laundry? Yeah. Laundry. I’m a pro now.

I can fold like a madman. All four corners meet and everything. Yeah, well, I can only imagine that. Yeah, well, it keeps me busy, you know, because after I’m done with work, I’m very bored. Because I don’t have a phone. Or anything. Or a baby. But we brought you supplies. What’d you bring me? Yeah, well, let’s see.

First, some treats. So there’s chips, there’s cookies, beef jerky. And in here, a razor, toothbrush, toiletries, a lot of other stuff, but here, Doug sent you books. Salvaged, yeah, from his library. And he said that you’re to start with this one.

Ah, the Counts. The Counts of Monte Cristo. Boy, I can’t wait to dive into this with both feet. Come on, Lucas, you can give it a try. Hey, um, Doug thinks you’re back. State’s phone protective custody, by the way. I guess the fewer people know where I am, the better. All right, I’ll give the Count a try for Doug.

I’m only doing this for Doug. Okay, well you know he’s going to really appreciate it. Yeah. I do miss everyone. I miss my life. I miss my family. I know you do. And you’re gonna get it back. You’re gonna get it all back. I promise you that.

At this moment, I am having serious doubts that Al Jean Pooh truly overlaps. Okay, EJ, spare me the insults. Please. I know I made a terrible mistake, and for that, I feel profoundly But Harris is leaning on me now because he knows that I’m the shooter. He wants me to help them take Clyde out. Oh, he knows you’re the shooter.

Wow. The plot certainly does thicken. Okay, it does more than just thicken, Wiseass. It gets me killed. Because if I help the cops take Clyde out, I’m a dead man. Right. Well, that sounds like a you problem. Oh my god, EJ, have a heart, could you? For once?

I came to you because this thing has spun so far out of control. And because you were my brother and I thought maybe, just maybe, you would have an ounce of empathy for me. Not to mention if you would help me out the first time when I came to you. Oh, no, no, no. Don’t you dare try and blame me for this. I’m not.

I’m not trying to blame you for anything. I am simply saying, that with your help, this situation would not have gotten out of control. But stupidly, I pulled that trigger, and this thing began to unravel. And now, I’m out of options. This is life and death. I’ve got nobody left. I’ve got nothing left. I mean, what the hell am I supposed to do?

You’re not going to do anything. I’m going to call the police.

Sure is cold up here. Oh, but just take a look at that view. It’s breathtaking. I’ve never seen a more beautiful sunset.

I really am a total Dr. Doofenshmirtz, aren’t I? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So, where are we going now? Well then, let’s just drive by the coast, find a little feel out we can spend the night in. Yeah, okay. Okay. I’m ready. Oh, I love this car. Uh oh. The car broke down. No, not the roaster. Damn it. I guess we’re just going to have to spend the night. Here, just, uh, gazing up at the stars.

Hey, well, as long as I have you right beside me, it doesn’t matter where I spend the night.

Yeah, I feel the same way.

We’re gonna survive this. Right.

Together, we can survive anything.

Emotional blackmail? Really? That’s where you’re going with this? Okay, where else am I supposed to go with this? I mean, I, I have apologized. I have begged. I know, I will admit to you that I am a bad person. I have made bad choices. I’ve been a damn fool about all Stop. Stop. Berating yourself isn’t gonna help anybody, especially not Tripp.

Now come on, we can’t panic here. I know you’re scared, I’m scared too. But we have to focus on what’s important, and that’s finding Tripp and Wendy. Right. Hey partner

We’re running out of options here

Now we can continue trying to dissect this video Or maybe it’s time that we Consider other options John, if we do this, we have to be all in. I got your back, buddy.

Alright. If breaking Weston out of prison is the only way to bring Tripp and Wendy home safely, then that’s what we’re gonna do.

I’ll call Ray for giving the heads up that you’re headed to the station to turn yourself in. Oh my god. Although, come to think of it He might be open to picking you up right here. Are you out of your mind? You know that going to the cops, EJ, is a surefire way to get me and Gabby killed. I mean, come on!

We’re family! Lower your voice, dammit. Holly and Nicole are asleep.

You know, if father was still alive, he would tell you to stand by me, and to do the right thing. But despite our differences, Despite my mistakes, he would tell you to preserve family at all costs.

All right, I’ll call you almonds, raise you two cashes. Oh, come on, I’m out. Kate? I call. I have what I believe is down as a full house. Damn, I thought you were bluffing. That’s a poker face. Well, I learned from the best. Yeah, what the hell was I thinking teaching you how to be me at poker?

On another note, any news? Any news on Harris? Actually, there’s great news. He came out of his coma. Yeah, it looks like he’s going to recover fully. Right, but what about the investigation? I mean, what about the guy who took a shot at me? What about the fire at the Horton House? Well, we all know who’s behind that.

Clyde Weston is determined to burn Salem and everything in its wake to the ground. I know, but is there any headway on the investigation at all? The police are keeping a tight lip, and under the circumstances, I think that’s a good move. Let’s them do their job without letting everything out for Clyde and the whole world to look at.

But he has got to pay. I mean, he has to. Well, as long as he’s still alive and he’s not paying for what he’s done, there’s gonna be a target on my back. What the hell is going on doing out there? Why haven’t you opened the hatch yet? What if it isn’t Goldman? What if it’s your dad or someone who can help us?

Hey! We’re inside! Open the hatch, please! So you conveniently invoke our father’s name in an effort to coerce me into mopping up

your mess. I believe you’ve employed the same strategy with me from time to time.

I’ll help you, Stefan. But, there is no get out of jail free card with this little game. Just like our father, I believe in quid pro quo. So in exchange for my services, You will sign over all of your Demura shares to me. Along with all land holdings and all your offshore assets. You gotta be kidding me. E. J.

will have nothing left. I’ll be destitute. Destitute, yes, but alive. I believe it’s more than a fair trade. Take your time to consider my offer. You can’t be serious. Oh, I am just as serious as you and Gabby were when you did the exact same to me. Or did that slip your simple mind? You know, you should really rent out that space between your ears, Stefan.

My God, you would net a fortune. So this is your offer? Take it or leave it. No matter to me either way.

And what do I get in return? What, besides your life? I’ll have you transported to a safe and secure location. Arrange you passage out of the country. Care to be specific? Ideally, I’ll drop you in a country that doesn’t hold any extradition treaty with the U. S. I have some other ideas, but I will share them with you in all due time.

Any other questions?

Obviously I need to keep Gabby safe. The only way I can protect her And yourself, don’t you forget. Is to give you everything that’s rightfully mine.

Fine. It’s yours. All my shares, everything you want, it’s all yours. You have my word. Well, your word is worthless. But your signature on a binding contract, ooh, that is pure gold. I’ll write something up that will formalize our arrangement without any risk of misunderstanding.

How’s the Horton rebuild coming? Um, well, not fast enough for Julie and Doug, you know, but Chad is handling the insurance and contractors for the most part, so. Yeah, Julie wants to, uh, restore the house to its original look. Her way of honoring the past, but, uh, I mean, that’s gonna be a challenge, but I think Julie can handle it.

And speaking of challenges I talked your mom into a 5k run next month. How’s she gonna do that? She doesn’t wear sneakers. First time, yeah. Good luck. Stop, stop. I mean, I admit I was slow to commit, but then I heard there was the prize, which is a 5, 000 bottle of wine. So I thought, hell no. Of course I couldn’t throw my hat in the ring.

Your mother is a huge fan of the Margot, plus the winner gets a, uh, winemaker’s dinner to boot, so. How can you beat that? Yeah, right. We are both highly, highly motivated. It’s nice to see. It’s nice to see you guys making plans, living your life to the fullest. Lucas, I know that you’re bored. I mean, I know that you’re lonely, but this isn’t going to last forever.

It’s not. No. Have you been thinking about your future? What you’re going to do next when you’re a free man? I have. Yeah. I’d love to start a new chapter in my life, maybe a new venture of some kind. But, um, you know, it’s gonna be tough if I don’t get my freedom, which I probably won’t get. Lucas, you don’t know that.

I know this is hard on you. I mean, I know it is. Way too much idle time, just like you said. And, uh, you miss your family, and you just I mean, all that time that you’d have spent in prison, all of that. You’ve been so brave through all of it, and I’ve been so, so proud of you. I have. And when you’re a free man, all of your family, including your children who adore you, well, we’re gonna make up for, We’re gonna make up for lost time, honey.

Okay? We’re gonna celebrate your return. And we are going to shower you with so much love and affection. Love and affection. I can handle that.

Alright, now that we’re all on board, how are we gonna pull this off? Well, first of all, we need to get blueprints of the prison. We need to know What kind of security system they have in place? What kind of video system? Yeah, sure. Okay. You know, if we had more time, we could disappear Weston into thin air.

Yeah. Yeah. What if we can’t? What if it’s just that easy? What do you mean? You got a plan? I think I might. No! Let us out of here! Please! Please! Let us out of here! It stopped. I knew it. The vents are closed.

How can you tell?

I don’t feel any air movement.

We’re sealed in. Those

are your disguises? With that hat, you look like Audrey Hepburn, I’m sure. Well, that’s a, that’s a lovely compliment. Are you sure no one followed you guys in here? Okay, look. Roman did at least three 180s on our drive over here. So, to make sure there were no one, no one following us. Trust me, we were not trailed.

I guarantee it. Okay, so you have the supplies, the toiletries, the goodies, the treats, the books, the Count of Monte Cristo, don’t forget that. Also, there’s a note from Julie and I, um, I tucked it into one of the other books. Oh. All right, I’ll look for that. Thank you. Thanks for all my supplies, and thanks for coming to see me.

I really miss you guys. We really miss you, too.


you spend some time with me, Lucas?

Hopefully you’re going to be out of here. You’re gonna be out of here really soon. Yeah, well, I’m kind of nervous about that. Why? What do you mean? Well, this is all over. And Clyde’s out of the way, I mean, what happens? Do I go home, or do I go back to Statesville?

There. This covers all points we agreed upon. Uh, excuse me.

I’ll sign here.

You sign that.

Father would never approve of this. Oh, please. This is straight out of Father’s playbook. You thought you could handle Clyde Weston. You were wrong. You thought you could manage Harris Michaels. Wrong again. My help is the only option you have left, and this is what it costs.

It’s the 11th hour, Stefan. Time to wise up. Sign it.

There is another way. Okay, well, there isn’t. We have no choice. We’ve already established that, Steve. So, John, spill. How are we gonna pull this off? I gotta get back to the office. I need some hardware, huh? Yeah, I have an equipment list in mind. I’m gonna have to hit up some of our vendors. Okay, what can I do?

We are gonna need help from your family members if we’re gonna pull this off. Okay. I’ll make sure they’re at the ready. No, no, no, no,

no, no, no. They can’t, of course. Depends if they close the vents. Then that means we won’t be free. We have time. We have time. Time? How much time? I don’t know. But you do know it’s not that long, right? Okay, maybe it is four minutes. No, no, no. I can’t. We’re gonna be okay. Okay. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Okay. He’s trying to stay calm now, okay? Okay. For God’s Drip, what we have to do, Is get the hell out of here. I know. We’re gonna die. We’re gonna die. We can’t We can’t

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